Deep sorrow for Hans Kauhsen

The team of the CHIO Aachen is mourning Hans Kauhsen. The long-standing Treasurer of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) passed away on May 8th, at the age of 85 years.

The former Chairman of the Sparkasse Aachen was a member of the ALRV Supervisory Board for 17 years. As the “man of the figures” he was particularly responsible for the finance side. During his term of office (2000 to 2017) pioneering experiences happened and decisions were taken for the CHIO Aachen. The ALRV Honorary Member played a decisive role particularly in the new construction and renovation of the showgrounds for the FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen in 2006.


Competence, personal modesty and practicality were what distinguished the “financial conscience” of the association. The big stage, the first row wasn’t him, he much preferred to see things from the view of a CHIO visitor. His creed was that the CHIO Aachen had to always remain a folk festival in spite of its internationalisation. He always placed great importance on the well-being of the association and its finances, he always kept a strict eye on the accounts, wasn’t shy to talk openly or if unavoidable dispute matters. Always honest, always straight forward, always out in the open. Thanks to Hans Kauhsen, one always joked at the ALRV that one knew why the Sparkasse was called the savings bank. “Hans Kauhsen was a clever and prudent facilitator, driven by the desire to constantly further develop the CHIO Aachen and give as much back as possible to his beloved home city Aachen,” stated Stefanie Peters. The ALRV President added that he also had a wonderful sense of dry and subtle humour, “even after he had retired I often asked myself: What would Hans Kauhsen have said to that?“, Peters continued: “In Hans Kauhsen we have lost a long-standing companion and comrade. We are all very sad.”

Hans Kauhsen. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Andreas Steindl)

Hans Kauhsen. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Andreas Steindl)