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CHIO Aachen takes action against non-authorised ticket trading

As organisers of the World Equestrian Festival, the CHIO Aachen, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) is stepping up its battle against the non-authorised trading with admission tickets. In order to be able to proceed against the dealers more efficiently in future, the CHIO Aachen is working together with the renowned Munich-based law office, Lentze Stopper.

“With the aid of the law office we will take comprehensive action against the ticket black market and admonish the peddlers. If necessary, we will file an official complaint and initiate strict legal proceedings,” said Frank Kemperman, ALRV Chairman. “Our loyal visitors suffer the most under the often significantly inflated prices on the ticket black market and we intend to change this.” This will take place in particular by closely observing the secondary ticket market on the web. Tickets are offered on platforms such as eBay, eBay small advertisements or Viagogo, frequently for much more than the regular price – which constitutes a clear violation of the general terms and conditions of the ALRV. “Our terms and conditions clearly forbid the resale of CHIO Aachen tickets,” underlined Frank Kemperman. The sellers run the risk of receiving a warning for violating the terms and conditions of the ALRV and buyers the risk of paying far too much money for invalid tickets, which don’t authorise them access to the CHIO Aachen.

Should you become aware of any irregularities when purchasing a ticket, please contact the organisers at or by phone on +49(0)241-917-1111.