CHIO Aachen-Museum

Journey through the history of equestrian sport in Aachen

When the CHIO museum was inaugurated in the year 2007, nobody could have guessed how popular this museum was going to be only some years later. This is due to the museum’s special concept, which combines facts and emotional experiences spiced up with absolute passion for the equestrian sport.

On an exhibition surface measuring 130 square metres, the visitors can discover a great deal, in many cases in the form of very personal objects from the eventful CHIO history, such as for instance the old riding boots of the legendary show-jumper, Hans Günter Winkler, or Nicole Uphoff’s saddle from her famous horse, Rembrandt. In addition, trophies and medals, documents, photos, rarities including an original World Championship winners‘ podium as well as the odd surprise or two ensure that visiting the museum is an entertaining experience.


Opening hours CHIO Aachen-Museum:

The museum will be open again on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12.00 – 17.00.

Admission is free of charge. Access is barrier-free.

We also offer guided tours for blind and visually impaired men and women. Guided tours only on work days. For further information please write an email to


Location / Contact:
Albert-Servais-Allee 50, D-52070 Aachen
Museum: ALRV offices / Riders Stand Main Stadium, 2nd Floor
Tel: +49-(0)241-9171-105