Fastest round for Sergio Alvarez Moya again in the Sparkassen-Youngsters Cup

The second qualifier, the second victory for Sergio Alvarez Moya with Unicstar de l’Aumone in the Sparkassen Youngsters-Cup, the three-part jumping competition for young horses at the CHIO Aachen, the show that Alvarez Moya described as “The best show in the world!“ The Spanish rider had every reason to be happy after his mare flew over the course more than four seconds faster than the result of the field in spite of adverse weather conditions and difficult obstacle combinations. After their first victory on Tuesday, the pair are in the lead before the final round of the Sparkassen Youngster Cup.


Second place went to the current number one in the world ranking list, Simon Delestre (FRA), with the eight-year-old mare Utah d’Aiguilly. Ireland’s wonder child, Bertram Allen, who at the tender age of 21 year has already made it under the top ten in the world rankings, came third. Today, he presented the eight-year-old Holstein-bred stallion, Caspar, who headed the field for a long time, before ultimately having to make way for the young ladies.


Questioned about his horse, the winner Sergio Alvarez Moya joked after his ride: “Obviously, Unicstar likes the stadium here – she has won twice!” Whereby, Aachen is certainly no exception here: “No, seriously, she always jumps great, whatever the conditions. She is a fighter.” A fighter that Sergio Alvarez Moya’s brother discovered and bought just over two years ago at a regional show in France. In the meantime, the number 30 in the world rankings has high hopes for her. Alvarez Moya said the mare will only compete at one of two more shows this year and then she will be given time to mature slowly. Then, next year, he wants to ride her in the big tour.