The witnesses of CHIO

The history of the CHIO Aachen is the history of unique horses, extraordinary athletes and unforgettable moments. But it is also the story of the people at the CHIO. Athletes and visitors, journalists, organizers, employees, fans and freaks – we have already visited some of these long-time companions, they are “The CHIO’s Witnesses”. In the future we will continue to tell their story(s) – sometimes it is closely linked to the CHIO Aachen, but sometimes it will not have so much to do with CHIO events, but rather tell the story of the people at the CHIO. Klaus Pavel, long-time President of the organising Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V., and Dieter Ludwig will be kicking things off. With his website ludwigs-pferdewelten.de, the journalist is still one of the strong voices in equestrian sport.


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