Zoom interview

In discussion with Raphael Netz

Raphael Netz is the youngest participant in our CHIO Aachen Digital Dressage Challenge. He completely dedicates his life to horses. His big dream is to grow within the professional sport. In 2019, he was appointed to the German U25 squad and won his first gold medal at the U25 European Championships. Furthermore, he was a finalist in the Piaff Prize in 2019. He has also turned the equestrian sport into his job. Raphael namely works for the Werndl family in Aubenhausen as a professional rider. This turns it into an unusual situation because he will be competing against his boss in this challenge. Raphael is a member of the Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy, which has set itself the goal of promoting aspiring young riders and accompanying them on their way into the professional sport.

Already in 2018 we were guests in Aubenhausen and visited Raphael Netz.

Visit to Raphael Netz (2018).