Yuri Mansur at the CHIO Aachen 2023: “That was the best victory in my career”

Yuri Mansur fulfilled a lifelong dream by winning the Turkish Airlines-Prize of Europe on Wednesday evening. A conversation with the Brazilian about his emotions, his sporting partner Miss Blue-Saint Blue Farm and the CHIO Aachen.


Congratulations on your victory. What was Wednesday evening like for you?

Yes, it was a really, really special day. It is every rider’s dream to win in Aachen. And now I have actually succeeded in doing so. That is simply fantastic and the best victory in my career to-date.


You were very emotional on that evening…

…yes, that’s right. I kept thinking about 2018, that was the last time I competed here in Aachen and my horse Vitiki injured himself in the jump-off in precisely this class. It took a long time before I was motivated and confident again in my sport. Today, the horse is top fit again and I have won exactly that class we had the accident in back then. That was a very emotional moment, which showed me how important it is to keep on going and carry on fighting. This victory is the proof for me, that if you don’t give up you can achieve all of your dreams.


Your sports partner in the Turkish Airlines-Prize of Europe was Miss Blue-Saint Blue Farm. What makes this mare so special for you?

She is phenomenal and the most talented horse I have ever ridden. In spite of her young age, she simply puts in unbelievable performances. She is actually only nine, she doesn’t turn ten until September.


You have been coming here several years already, can you describe what makes the CHIO Aachen so special?

There are so many things. You simply sense the fantastic history of the show here. A fabulous team spends the whole year making this event better and better. We riders notice this and that is one of the reasons we all enjoy coming to Aachen.


Do you have a favourite place here on the grounds?

For me the best feeling in the world is when I ride from the warm-up area into the stadium. When you set off the crowd is really small and then you get closer and closer and are ultimately greeted by 40,000 cheering spectators. That is simply incredibly nice.


On the way you also pass by the legendary winners’ board. Is it a dream of yours to read your name on the board one day?

On Wednesday I fulfilled my dream of winning a class here in Aachen one day. Now I need a new dream (laughs). So I will do all I possibly can to make this dream come true one day.


The photo shows Yuri Mansur in the Turkish Airlines-Prize of Europe at the CHIO Aachen 2023. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/Arnd Bronkhorst).

The photo shows Yuri Mansur in the Turkish Airlines-Prize of Europe at the CHIO Aachen 2023. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/Arnd Bronkhorst).