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They are currently one of the most successful family teams on the showgrounds of the world: The Olympic gold medallist, World and European Champion, Lars Nieberg, and his son Gerrit, who took the equestrian world by storm with his surprise victory in the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen in 2022. On December 11th, the pair will be giving valuable insights into their joint everyday training routine in the scope of a hosted, live training at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

Lars and Gerrit Nieberg are a successful duo. The father and son can always be encountered together as a team at shows all over the globe. Every round is planned precisely on-site. Afterwards, each performance is analysed. And they also spend most of the day together at home, namely when they train the horses kept at Gut Berl in Sendenhorst, Westphalia, which is run by the Nieberg family, together. A family concept that reaps rewards. The video clips from the CHIO Aachen 2022 remain unforgettable, when the crowd in the Main Stadium went ecstatic after Gerrit Nieberg’s sensational victory in the Rolex Grand Prix and his father Lars wiped the tears of joy from his eyes, bursting with pride. Because the Niebergs discovered Gerrit’s Westphalian-bred, soulmate horse, Ben, as a youngster and brought him on slowly in preparation for top competition sport – until that unforgettable moment at the Aachen Soers, when not only Gerrit’s dream, but that of a whole family, came true.


For the Niebergs “Ben” is far more than a horse. He is a friend. A friend, whose peculiarities are accommodated, rather than being suppressed. “He always requires a little bit more attention than the other horses,” Gerrit Nieberg said about the 12-year-old gelding. This also includes the two of them sometimes taking a stroll round the grounds after 10 pm: “He repays me for the extra time I invest in him with top performances.” Because the Niebergs are convinced, a horse and rider only become a successful team if the horses are handled respectfully and in a partnership-like manner and if their training concept is aligned to match their respective, current performance capacity.


The pair will demonstrate how this is done at the traditional grounds of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS on December 11th.  In the scope of a hosted, live training, which will also involve Gerrit Nieberg taking an active role in the saddle, the Niebergs will show where they place the emphasis during the daily training and which fine techniques they apply to prepare horses of different performance levels for the demands of show jumping courses. Divided up into the three theme blocks “Young Horses”, “Amateur Riders” and “On the way to top competition sport”, the spectators, who will have several opportunities to ask the two experts personal questions, will benefit from valuable tips for their own imminent winter training with their horse back home. “I am really looking forward to the evening,” Gerrit Nieberg stated glancing ahead to December 11. “I hope everyone, whether they are spectators, riders, trainers or interested fans, will have a great time and will profit from the evening.” In addition to the different training sessions, this evening will also offer the perfect chance to get to know Lars and Gerrit Nieberg better – with an autograph session all-included. And as a special “treat”, ticket holders have the unique opportunity to apply for a place in one of the training sessions together with their horse.


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Gerrit and Lars Nieberg at the CHIO Aachen 2022.

Gerrit and Lars Nieberg at the CHIO Aachen 2022.