Isabell Werth wins

A successful opening performance for Isabell Werth at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015: The German dressage rider won the “PHILIPS Prize” with the 14-year-old Hanoverian-bred Don Johnson FRH. The 45-year-old rider took the lead in the Deutsche Bank Stadium after being awarded a score of 76.300 percent. The Swedish dressage rider, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, finished second with Don Auriello on a score of 75.920 percent, followed closely in third place by Steffen Peters (USA) with his horse Legolas 92. (75.780 percent).

Werth initially had reservations about competing at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015 with Don Johnson FRH. “This is his third competition within a very short space of time. On the other hand, he needs this challenge, so that he can learn to perform consistently.” This is why the experienced German dressage rider didn’t take any risks in the PHILIPS Prize with “Johnny“, which is how she affectionately refers to him. “We put in a solid performance. The piaffes and passage were very good. And ultimately it sufficed for the victory,” said Werth overjoyed. She will also be saddling Don Johnson FRH tomorrow for the Deutsche Bank Prize.