An interview with Hermann Bühlbecker

The entrepreneur is co-host of the Media Night and a big friend of the CHIO Aachen

The traditional company “Aachener Printen & Schokoladenfabrik Henry Lambertz” has been a partner of the CHIO Aachen for almost 25 years. Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker is the sole proprietor of the Lambertz Group. We spoke to the entrepreneur about the CHIO Aachen, the Media Night and how one stays slim as a bon viveur.

Question: You have had close ties with the CHIO Aachen and the Media Night for a long time. Do you recall how it all started?
Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker: Our origin is stated in our company’s name. When at the time, Michael Mronz (General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH) approached me with the idea that we should become partners of the CHIO Aachen, we were glad to do so. After all, as a company from the region we felt a close connection to an event of this magnitude. And, the CHIO Aachen is simply also the best and largest equestrian show in the world. And then we decided that we wanted to also create a social highlight in addition to the world-class sport. And that was when the idea of the Media Night was born.


Question: What standing does the Media Night have in your eyes?
Bühlbecker: A very significant one. The CHIO in Aachen impresses 350,000 spectators and shows that equestrian sport is not an elitist affair, but indeed an event for all people. Regarding the Media Night it was always very important to us that we not only integrated the equestrian sport and business circles, but also representatives from further sectors of society, who all celebrate a huge festival focusing on horses. This includes athletes from other disciplines as well as people from musical, artistical and cultural circles.


Question: What were the highlights of the Media Night so far for you?
Bühlbecker: There have been several. For example, we have been able to welcome the Hollywood star Alain Delon, Isabelle Huppert, Boris Becker and even the Queen of Sweden on the red carpet. That underlines the international appeal this event radiates in the meantime. And when the media does coverage on our guests, this arouses interest in the whole show and continually creates new friends for this event that is unique worldwide.


Question: What is the guests’ reaction to the evening and the event, especially those who are visiting Aachen for the first time?
Bühlbecker: The prerequisites that the CHIO Aachen offers for such an evening, really are fantastic. I often experience the fact that people who are visiting the Soers for the first time are amazed at how big everything is. The huge stadium, the unique atmosphere, the special flair. These reactions prove to me again and again that the CHIO Aachen is much more than merely an equestrian show.


Question: The past two years weren’t easy…?
Bühlbecker: After two very restricted years, I am immensely looking forward to the event taking place again. Encounters, seeing the beaming faces, being able to experience equestrian sport live, there is nothing to replace that.


Question: When do you consider the event to be a success?
Bühlbecker: When my guests are happy, so am I. It is thus for me matter of course that I greet each guest personally together with the President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein, Stefanie Peters.


Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole proprietor of the Lambertz Group.  (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Franziska Sack

Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole proprietor of the Lambertz Group. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Franziska Sack