ALRV General Meeting 2015

The President of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) Alfons Hörmann has been appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV). The ALRV members elected him onto the board during the General Meeting on Tuesday evening.



Previous to this, the President of the ALRV, Carl Meulenbergh, looked back on an extremely successful CHIO Aachen 2014: “We were once again able to experience how the CHIO Aachen has long since evolved into becoming a major event rather than a pure equestrian sports show,” and that many of the visitors consider it important to be present,” explained Meulenbergh. Over 355,000 visitors travelled to the traditional showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen last year. This figure will be topped in 2015, this “very special year for equestrian sports” (Meulenbergh). Because two exceptional events are planned this year: the World Equestrian Festival from May 29th-31st and the FEI European Championships Aachen from August 11th-23rd.



The Chairman, Frank Kemperman, also commented about this year that is going to be so special for the ALRV: “There can’t be enough equestrian sport in Aachen,” the Dutchman stated with a grin. He once again presented the European Championships concept of five disciplines being staged in one location to the members and made particular reference to the Opening Ceremony of the European Championships: “We have never experienced anything like it here yet. It is going to be a spectacular event with plenty of colourful show performances.” Kemperman couldn’t conceal his pleasant anticipation for the World Equestrian Festival at the end of May either: “The top riders and drivers in the three classic Aachen disciplines jumping, dressage and driving – it is going to be fantastic.” This is also being confirmed by the ticket sales, which according to Kemperman are “running very well” for both events. “I am looking forward to a full house in August,” the Chairman reported and he went on to explain the extensive building measures that are being carried out prior to the two events.



Carl Meulenbergh paid tribute to the following members for their long-standing ALRV membership: Werner Leuchter (60 years), Peter Ackermann, Achim Bourseaux, Ruth Crumbach-Trommler (50 years respectively), Dieter Berg, Günther Diefenthal, Ilkegret Haake, Juliane Hakverdi, Ural Hakverdi, Yasemin Hakverdi-Schulte, Wilma Heck, Ernst Höhler, Resi Krings, Erich Lantin, Jürgen Linden, Bert Naeven, Brigitte Naeven, Richard Nagelschmitz, Klaus J. Rudhardt, Hans Rueben, Ingrid Schmitz, Hubert Schoenen and Günter Strauch (25 years respectively).