25 years of partnership with NetAachen: Jointly making the CHIO Aachen more experienceable

NetAachen has been at the disposal of the CHIO Aachen as a service provider of information and communication technology and as a sponsor for a quarter of a century. The work has undergone enormous further development in the course of the digitalisation, but the fundamental values haven’t changed throughout the years: As in the past, as a regional company, NetAachen is still striving to ensure a more efficient user experience.

We spoke to their Managing Director, Andreas Schneider, about the development since 1999, the significance of the characteristic NetAachen Stand and his personal relationship to the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen.


Mr. Schneider, what connects you with the CHIO Aachen?

Andreas Schneider: Contacts with lots of people. Every year it is a combination between a reunion, because many people have been closely associated with the CHIO Aachen for a very long time, and getting to know new people – and from many different areas too. Everyone enjoys being there and one only sees happy faces. The CHIO Aachen is simply a meeting point.


When one walks past the Judges’ Tower into the Main Stadium one directly sees the characteristic NetAachen Stand.

Schneider: The most beautiful sports grandstand in the world! We are really proud of it. We are indeed still a manageably sized company, so to have one’s own stand at such a world-famous event is something very special. It actually is extremely characteristic and furthermore brings the nations together because the flags also hang over our stand.


You just mentioned the internationality of the show, but the CHIO Aachen also has regional ties with partners like NetAachen. What is the attraction for you as a sponsor?

Schneider: Of course, initially we are involved as a service provider. But we also sponsor a class for youngster, namely the NetAachen-Prize, and this is a conscious decision. When we occupy ourselves with digital infrastructure, we are at the same time always talking about the future. And since the youth serves as a symbol for the future, they are extremely important to us. We want the event to carry on eternally, and to be able to do so it needs a foundation to build on for future generations.


Let us also take a look back at the past, to the start of the partnership between NetAachen and the CHIO Aachen. What work did you carry out back then and what has changed since?

Schneider: In the year 2000, we took over the technical services and recabled the entire grounds. It was totally different back then with different buildings and a different infrastructure. During the event we were above all responsible for the results service. We wanted turn the CHIO Aachen digital as soon as possible, which is why we posted the live results on the internet very early on. At the time one was sat in front of a computer and typed the results in by hand, so that they appeared on the world wide web immediately. Then in 2001, there was the first livestream. It was about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and was still unstable here and there, but one could watch the CHIO Aachen via a live TV broadcast from all over the globe. Something that is absolutely matter of course today, was still really exceptional for the equestrian sport in those days.


What is your outlook for the future?

Schneider: The partnership between NetAachen and the CHIO Aachen was always very fruitful for both parties. Always discussing what is possible and the mutual challenge – is what has characterised the cooperation for 25 years already. And I assume that this will continually lead to improvements in future as well. Because what has always driven us is making the event more experienceable for the visitors and the athletes, but also for the guests, who are not able to attend.

The photo shows NetAachen's Managing Director Andreas Schneider on his pride and joy, the NetAachen grandstand in the main stadium of the CHIO Aachen. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/Andreas Steindl).

The photo shows NetAachen's Managing Director Andreas Schneider on his pride and joy, the NetAachen grandstand in the main stadium of the CHIO Aachen. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/Andreas Steindl).