Manfred Kutsch

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Manfred Kutsch was allowed to do what nobody else was allowed to. And what nobody knew either: Live in a motorhome during the days of the CHIO. In the stable area. The Show Director, Frank Kemperman, had given his personal approval. So, it is no wonder that hardly anyone else was able to take such a close look behind the scenes of the CHIO as Kutsch. He accompanied the CHIO Aachen meticulously, the man from Aachen has been coming to the Soers during the show week – and also at other times – for decades. Whether in his capacity as a journalist from the Medienhaus Aachen, as the host of countless interviews in the Main Stadium or simply as a fan: Manfred Kutsch has experienced a great deal; he knows the show and its players inside out. Many famous CHIO guests have talked into his microphone such as Angela Merkel, Mario Adorf or Helmut Kohl, but primarily of course the stars of the equestrian scene: Hans Günter Winkler, Ludger Beerbaum and Fritz Thiedemann – they all had an audience with Manfred Kutsch. Only one Swiss rider got scared, “Manni” tells that story in the video. He revealed many of his tales from over the years to us, told us among others about when the “long manes took Aachen by storm” in the year 1970 , about the crisis years of the ALRV, about a missing national anthem. He also recalled how Paul Schockemöhle once saved him and much more. And he also remembered his very personal highlight: Saying farewell to the Aachen crowd – on a carriage ride through the Main Stadium.


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