ZOOM CONSULTATION on the topic of mental training

Germany’s most famous motivation trainer, Antje Heimsoeth, will explain how we can call up the best possible performance at the specified point of time in an online consultation and will also answer all questions on the topic.

We ourselves, the riders, are quite frequently responsible for hindering our own progress: Fear, stress, pressurising expectations or mental blocks prevent us from achieving our equestrian goals. Whereby self-confidence in one’s own capabilities is of elementary significance if one wants to be successful in the equestrian sport. “A horse can only trust us if we trust ourselves,” explained the mental coach, Antje Heimsoeth, whose books “Sport mental training” or “The head wins!” have become bestsellers. The 56-year-old knows what she is talking about. She coaches athletes in individual and team sports – through to that coveted Olympic golden medal. And the founder and Managing Director of the Institute for Business and Sport Coaching, the Heimsoeth Academy, also has close ties to the equestrian sport. Not least because of her book “Mental Training for Riders” (3rd edition), in which she graphically explains how personal drawbacks can be turned into personal strengths. This not only increases one’s enjoyment in riding, but also the success – both in everyday equine life and when competing at shows.


You would like to profit from our expert’s know-how? Are you asking yourself perhaps where you can get the drive to give all you have got at the stables after finishing work? Or how you can manage a relaxed approach to the treble combination in the ring? Antje Heimsoeth will address your theme. It is quite simple to participate. Send your question to: campus@chioaachen.de by 05.05.2021 or pose it live during our ZOOM consultation. You can participate free of charge here.