SAP and CHIO Aachen: Further exciting pilot project in the dressage

Even faster, even more transparent, even more interactive – what’s more using the latest technology: And thanks to its official technology partner, SAP, the CHIO Aachen is a pioneer on the digitalisation front.

SAP has been the official technology partner since 2013. Much has happened since then. For example, SAP supports the CHIO Aachen with the mobile event app including a quiz, technical prototypes and ultra-modern analyses. SAP is also partnering the eventing again this year, the SAP-Cup. The names on the list of winners of this class include the best riders in the world, starting with the Olympic gold medallist, Michael Jung (GER), the World Champion Yasmin Ingham (GBR), the Master of Riding, Ingrid Klimke (GER), to mention but a few. In the decisive cross-country competition, which is on the agenda on July 6th, this year, SAP traditionally equips all of the participants with sensors and presents the data live in the CHIO Aachen app as well as displaying it on the screens in the stadium and along the cross-country track at regular intervals, so that the spectators don’t miss a moment of their favourite riders on track. On top of that, some of the riders take to the course with helmet cameras. The videos contain exclusive data and commentaries enabling the spectators to experience the rides as if they were sitting in the saddle.


The digital revolution of the CHIO Aachen was heralded in together with SAP in the year 2013 with the spectator judging: The fans have the opportunity to get even closer to the happenings again this year thanks to the spectator judging app. Each fan can award his own score for the tests and thus slip into the role of a judge. But not only the fans assess the tests digitally. Thanks to the eDressage app of Black Horse One and SAP, the judges have been implementing a totally digitally process for years already too, which enables a faster evaluation of the test and presentation of the results in real-time. One couldn’t imagine the dressage or vaulting sport without these digital processes today. A further highlight of the digital CHIO Aachen is the EquiRatings Prediction Centre, powered by SAP. In this way, a statistic model was developed that works out the probable results and riders’ chances of winning before and during the competition – the basis for the “CHIO Aachen Eventing Manager”, a manager game for the smartphone, based on real values. New this year: A pilot project in the dressage that addresses the theme “Precision marks”. This entails the objective evaluation of the execution of individual exercises such as for example half-passes, piaffes or pirouettes based on ideal values during the CHIO Aachen 2024. This innovative technology is currently in the test phase and does not currently influence the results of the panel of judges.


The strong partnership between SAP and the CHIO Aachen not only constantly comes up with new features, in the meantime it also goes further than the World Equestrian Festival. For instance, SAP is presenting the training format on the equestrian sport simulator of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, where riders can have their seat monitored and analysed by a professional simulator coach. The visitors can find out exactly how this works live on-site at the CHIO Aachen 2024.

The photo shows the winner of the SAP-Cup at the CHIO Aachen 2023, the British rider Yasmin Ingham on "Banzai du Loir". Photo: CHIO Aachen/Arnd Bronkhorst

The photo shows the winner of the SAP-Cup at the CHIO Aachen 2023, the British rider Yasmin Ingham on "Banzai du Loir". Photo: CHIO Aachen/Arnd Bronkhorst