Sandra Auffarth wins the individual classification of the SAP Cup, Great Britain is the best team

Decision day in the star-studded SAP Cup 2022. As in the previous year, the Nations Cup went to the British team. Sandra Auffarth wins the individual classification.

It was a start-finish victory for the British team this year. They took the lead after the dressage and kept hold of it until the end. The team comprising of the Olympic silver medallists Tom McEwen and Toledo de Kerser, William Fox-Pitt with Little Fire, the two Aachen debutants Yasmin Ingham with Rehy DJ and the World Champion, Rosalind Canter with Allstar B.

Germany finished second with their team represented by Sandra Auffarth and Viamant du Matz, Julia Krajewski with Amande de B’Neville, Michael Jung with Kilcandra Ocean Power and Ingrid Klimke with Siena just do it. Sandra Auffarth and Viamant du Matz reached the finish line of the cross with just 1.2 time faults. Julia Krajewski and Amande de B’Néville picked up 5.6 faults for the time. Michael Jung had a run-out with Kilcandra Ocean Power. Ingrid Klimke and Siena just do it had two refusals.

Third place went to France with Stephane Landois and Chaman Dumontceau, Gaspard Maksud with Zaragoza (who was eliminated after a fall in the cross-country), Camille Lejeune with Good Size des Quatre Chenes and Benjamin Massie with Climaine de Cacao.


Individual classification

It initially looked like Michael Jung and Chipmunk were able to defend their title in the individual classification. However, after the Ground Jury and the Technical Delegate had examined the videos of fence number 14 several times, it became clear that Chipmunk had missed a flag. That meant 15 penalty points, which relegated the pair into eighth place.

The winners in the SAP Cup are thus Sandra Auffarth and Viamant du Matz. This is Auffarth’s second triumph after 2014. After that she was crowned World Champion a few months later… Second place went to Andrew Hoy (AUS) and Vassily de Lassos, followed by Tom McEwen (GBR) and Telodo de Kerser. Remarkable: All three individual medal winners from the Olympic Games in Tokyo competed here in Aachen: Julia Krajewski with Amande de B’Neville, Hoy and Vassily de Lassos and McEwen with Toledo de Kerser.

The successful riders all praised Rüdiger Schwarz for his course design. He stated that he had intentionally made the course slightly more difficult than last year and that the course demanded a high level of concentration from start to finish. Andrew Hoy, aged 63, who having competed in the Olympic Games eight times is one of the most experience riders who took part in the competition said later: “I rate Rüdiger as the best cross designer, he is fair to the horses, he tests the riders and their skills, creates very good sport until the very last horse has crossed the finish line.”


Allstar B

Unfortunately, the British team had a tragic accident. Allstar B, the horse from the British team rider, Rosalind Canter, knocked fence 16d after a refusal and sustained a serious injury. With deep regret, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) has to announce that Allstar B, who is co-owned by his rider and Caroline Moore, had a serious accident. Upon the advice of the vet, the owners decided to have the horse put down this afternoon. Rosalind Canter said: “There are no words for the love and respect I have for Alby. Time after time, he has shown his generosity, kindness and love of our sport. He has been such a huge part in building my career, and he will be missed by many.” Allstar B was a very experienced horse and as well as winning individual and team gold at the World Championships in Tryon was also a member of further victorious championships teams.

Sven Mulders, Managing Director of SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, is congratulating the winner. (Foto: CHIO Aachen/ Michael Strauch)

Sven Mulders, Managing Director of SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, is congratulating the winner. (Foto: CHIO Aachen/ Michael Strauch)