Philip Erbers joins the Executive Board of the ALRV

The organisers of the CHIO Aachen, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) are gearing themselves up for the future. When Frank Kemperman (66) steps down from the board at the end of September 2022, he will be succeeded by Philip Erbers.

“Philip Erbers is our ideal solution. He is very familiar with the show, knows the structures and is the right person to lead the CHIO Aachen into the future together with Helen Rombach-Schwartz and Birgit Rosenberg,” Stefanie Peter, President of the ALRV, stated. From January onwards in his capacity as Division Manager and from 01.10.2022 as a member of the board, Erbers will be responsible for the sections Innovation, Infrastructure and Sustainability. Helen Rombach-Schwartz (Finances, Human Resources, Administration) and Birgit Rosenberg (Sport, CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, Events) are the remaining board members. Rosenberg is additionally spokeswoman of the Executive Board.


Among others, Philip Erbers (38), has been responsible for the ticket sales and international media rights marketing at CHIO Aachen’s marketing company, Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, since 2015. “I am delighted to carry on being part of this fantastic CHIO Aachen team in my new function,” Erbers commented. “I am very grateful for the trust that the responsible persons are placing in me.” After serving the company as Executive Director and Chairman for 29 years, Frank Kemperman is due to retire at the end of September 2022. “It was and still is a wonderful time with the CHIO. Aachen is my heart, my life and I am convinced that Philip will complement the Executive Board of the ALRV excellently,” said Kemperman.

Stefanie Peters, President of the ALRV, and Philip Erbers

Stefanie Peters, President of the ALRV, and Philip Erbers