“Horse & Symphony” Concert: Not just a show, it is also for a good cause

This year the donations are going in aid of the “Schwerkranke Kinder e.V.” Foundation in the region of Aachen (“Seriously Ill Children).

Social commitment is a high priority for the CHIO Aachen. One example: The “Horse & Symphony” concert“, where the top music of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra comes together with top sport in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Traditionally a donation is handed over to a charity every year in the scope of the event, which enables concrete projects to be supported. The entire donations in 2017 are going in aid of the “Schwerkranke Kinder e.V.” Foundation in the region of Aachen (FSK). The cheque will be presented during the “Horse & Symphony” concert in the Deutsche Bank Stadium on Saturday, July 15th. The organisers of the CHIO, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V., have been supporting the German Curatorship for Therapeutic Riding e.V. (DKThR) as well as the DKThR-approved therapy centres in the region for many years with the “Moments of Luck” donation campaign. The FSK will also be specifically implementing these donations for therapeutic riding. It is proven that horses are not only able to put in top sporting performances, they also make extremely successful four-legged therapists. Therapeutic riding helps many children and youths with a wide range of illnesses and behaviour disorders. “The contact with horses helps many of the small patients flourish. Which is why we are delighted to be able to support many families in the region with these donations,” explained Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. The FSK currently partly or totally bears the riding therapy costs of 20 children from families, three groups for children with fewer opportunities and two groups from integrative children’s day care centres. In this connection, the foundation works together with the DKThR-approved therapy centres in the region of Aachen.


About the “Schwerkranke Kinder e.V.“ Foundation (FSK)
The foundation was established in the year 1994. Its aim is to provide families in the region of Aachen, who have a child that is seriously ill or disabled, as quickly and with as little red tape involved as possible. The work of the foundation is based on three pillars: Financial aid, the free supervision of the child for several hours and advice from other parents. All offers are exclusively made possible by the donations and membership fees of the 420 members and by the voluntary work of the board members and contact partners of the foundation.



CHIO Aachen 2016 Horse & Symphony (Photo: Andreas Steindl)

CHIO Aachen 2016 Horse & Symphony (Photo: Andreas Steindl)download