Spectacular “Horse & Symphony” programme

World champion and british cool!

“Horse & Symphony”: Horses, live music and magical moments are the ingredients for this thrilling concern! The unique event will transform the Deutsche Bank Stadium into an exceptional stage again during the CHIO Aachen 2023.

The motto “All you need is love” pays homage to this year’s CHIO partner country, Great Britain. “We are totally looking forward to experiencing the unique charm of Great Britain in the Deutsche Bank Stadium,” stated Birgit Rosenberg, who in her capacity as Head of Sport at CHIO Aachen is also responsible for the show programme. “A magical evening full of typically, British highlights awaits us.” These also include traditional, British carriages, of course and – it goes without saying – plenty of music, which will be played live by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. The conductor, Christopher Ward – who is British himself – revealed that he will be treading totally new paths this year: “Well-known British classic composers can’t be missing from the agenda, but also hits from other genres, like pop, musicals and film music.“ Such as the Beatles, Queen or famous melodies from Harry Potter and James Bond, for instance.


Sheep, eventing and stunts

The spectators and listeners can look forward to exciting live acts in the open air in the dressage arena on both evenings. The programme includes among others: An old acquaintance. The shepherdess and animal trainer, Anne Krüger-Degener, has already impressed the audiences of the “Horse & Symphony” in past years. This time she isn’t bringing any ducks or goats with her to the imperial city. Instead, she will present a unique show with horses and Scottish Blackface sheep. Greetings from Great Britain!

The show star and horse trainer Lisa Röckener is making her debut appearance. In her new show “A different side of eventing” she will show this discipline from a totally different perspective. The focus here is on horsemanship, riding with a neck ring and liberty training. “I have already enjoyed “Horse & Symphony” as a spectator. It is an incredible feeling being able to actually take part in this wonderful show myself now!” the 27-year-old explained.

The appearance of Yvonne Gutsch is going to be no less spectacular. She will be presenting many special, breath-taking tricks with her horses. The horse trainer will demonstrate how far the trust between an animal and a human can go with her mare Bailey in a unique show with stunt elements. Even “traffic junctions” in London aren’t an obstacle for the well-versed team!


World Champions close-up

What’s more, “Horse & Symphony” is trumping with world champions this year. As an absolute top highlight, the reigning double World Champion, Charlotte Fry, has also confirmed her participation. The young, British dressage rider will perform a wonderful freestyle routine with her horse to the live music of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. Also on board: The vaulters Justin van Gerven and Chiara Congia. They have already claimed every single international Pas de Deux title possible. They recently ended their sporting careers at the peak of their success. However, they are now going to demonstrate their dynamics, elegance and harmony with the partner, the horse, once last time at “Horse & Symphony”.


Tickets for “Horse & Symphony” 2023 are available here or from the hotline on +49-241-9171111.


The photo shows the shepherdess and animal trainer Anne Krüger-Degener during her performance at the “Horse & Symphony” in the Deutsche Bank Stadium in 2017. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Andreas Steindl).

The photo shows the shepherdess and animal trainer Anne Krüger-Degener during her performance at the “Horse & Symphony” in the Deutsche Bank Stadium in 2017. (Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Andreas Steindl).