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At the CHIO Aachen: Isabell Werth to retire her soul horse, Bella Rose

“Where else?” The most successful rider in the world is retiring her “soul horse”, Bella Rose, from the sport at the CHIO Aachen 2021. An exceptional journey will come to an end forboth of them at the showgrounds at the Aachen Soers.

And it is going to be a sporting farewell, “of course, we will be competing again, want to demonstrate our abilities in our last appearance on the big, international circuit,” Isabell Werth stated. The fact that the 17-year-old mare is talented, was clear to the 13-time winner of the Deutsche Bank Prize at the CHIO Aachen straight away. Isabell and Bella Rose met for the first time 14 years ago and the rider knew immediately: This is a special moment. And so, the two of them set off on a very special journey that repeatedly led them back to Aachen where they experienced exceptional moments. This is where the pair danced to victory in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, not only in 2019, the year before that they also celebrated their comeback after a long period of injury. The chestnut mare was injured for three and a half years before returning to the international scene with victories in the Havens Pferdefutter Prize and in the Lindt Prize at the CHIO Aachen in 2018. What followed is equestrian sport history: Two gold medals at the World Championships in the USA and the victory in the Deutsche Bank Prize in 2019. And after claiming team gold and individual silver at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Isabell Werth decided this is the right point in time to retire Bella Rose from the sport.


Exceptional temperament, exceptional talent, exceptional movements, on top of that the will to perform and all of this paired with incredible power, this is what distinguishes the horse, according to her rider. From the very onset, indeed. Relaxed rounds on the race track even proved to be a challenge, first of all the horse’s power had to channelled. Isabell Werth laughs a lot when she recalls those days. She reported that she once brought the four-year-old Bella Rose along to a clinic: “She just got a few drops of rain on her hindquarters and immediately started doing the piaffe.” Learning to be patient was a great challenge for the horse. “And so, the right two met up there, but finally we mutually taught ourselves to be patient,” said Werth grinning at the memory. Aachen, the Soers, the Deutsche Bank Stadium is a very special venue for the two of them: “We always feel obliged to a special extent to put in a top performance and give this outstanding crowd as much as back as possible.” By the way, Bella Rose doesn’t care if she performs in front of 50, 500 or as is the case in Aachen well over 6000 spectators, “she only needs herself” commented Werth.


Now the pair want to make it onto the legendary winners’ board at the CHIO Aachen one more time before Bella Rose retires from top sport. The Show Director, Frank Kemperman, is not yet revealing what form the farewell ceremony will take on, “it is to remain a secret.” But not only Isabell Werth is certain about one thing: “It is going to be very, very emotional again.” Tickets for the dressage are available from the online ticket shop.

Isabell Werth and Bella Rose at the CHIO Aachen

Isabell Werth and Bella Rose at the CHIO Aachen