“Action, please”: Superstars are taking part in the CHIO Cup

The field of competitors is more famous than ever before, the mood is guaranteed to be fantastic as always: On Saturday evening, July 2nd, it will once again be time for the CHIO Cup at the CHIO Aachen 2022, the triathlon comprising of eventing, show jumping and driving.

Polite reservation is out of place when the CHIO Cup gets started. Here, the crowd is allowed to cheer the competitors on as loudly as they please! And as far as that is concerned, the spectators certainly don’t need to be asked twice. When in the evening of July 2nd, the floodlight goes on the Main Stadium and the protagonists pace round the ring as a team to fast songs, the Soers rages. This unique mood is no doubt one of reasons why traditionally some of the best athletes in the world from the three disciplines sign up for the relay race against the clock.


The list of eventers taking part reads like the who’s who of the industry: Among others, the SAP Cup winner of 2021, William Coleman (GBR); the world champion Rosalind Canter (GBR); the three-time SAP Cup winner, Ingrid Klimke (GER); the Olympic Champion Julia Krajewski and the Australian rider, Andrew Hoy, who returned home from the Olympic Games in Tokyo with two medals in his pocket. The four-in-hand drivers will be represented among others by the five-time world champion, Boyd Exell (AUS), the current World Cup winner Bram Chardon from the Netherlands and the most successful driver from the USA, Chester Weber.


A star-studded cast and a simple principle: All three team members enter the Main Stadium together. The eventer kicks off first, jumping over a course of solid obstacles. As soon as his horse has cleared the last fence, the show jumper sets off and speeds over his course as fast as possible. Whilst he is in action, the eventer hands over his horse to a groom and positions himself on a podium waiting for the show jumper to finish the last obstacle. Then, it is time for the ultimate fitness test for riders: A sprint to the waiting four-in-hand driving team, jump on and the third part of this special jump and run game à la CHIO gets underway, which is once again in 2022 guaranteed to cause more of a whirlwind at the Soers than any storm possibly could. Tickets for the Saturday evening are available from the CHIO Aachen website or from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111.


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Spectacular: The CHIO Cup on Saturday evening in the main stadium.  Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Arnd Bronkhorst

Spectacular: The CHIO Cup on Saturday evening in the main stadium. Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Arnd Bronkhorst