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    By Car

    Navigation: "Krefelder Straße"

    From Köln (Cologne)/Düsseldorf/Lüttich:

    A4 motorway; Take the exit at Aachen Zentrum (Centre); Turn right towards the Zentrum (Centre).

    From the Netherlands:

    A4 motorway; Take the exit at Aachen Zentrum (Centre); Turn right towards the Zentrum (Centre).

    Soerser Weg: Please note that the Soerser Weg will be a one-way-street for the time of the tournament and can only be taken in the direction Merowingerstraße to Eulersweg.

    Attention: The show grounds are located in the environment zone of the city of Aachen.

    By Bus

    Your ticket (except Print@Home Tickets) is valid for your trip to and from the equestrian stadium on all buses and trains of the Aachen traffic network AVV (2nd class) on the day for which your ticket is valid.

    By Train

    Arrival at Aachen Central Station, Lagerhausstraße: Take an ASEAG bus, either No. 1, 11, 14, 21, 44 or 46 to Aachen main bus station "Bushof", go on from there with the ASEAG bus line No. 51 (during the CHIO Aachen, also the "Shuttle C" departs from there) from "Bushof" to the stop „Sportpark Soers“.


    Here you will find all information on the subject of "Parking" at the CHIO Aachen 2016.

    General Information

    There are numerous Park&Ride park areas available near the show grounds. Shuttle buses take you to the main entrance fast and easily - and of course back to your car after the event.

    The public APAG parking is available in the tournament week. The "APAG-Shuttle" goes directly to the tournament grounds, entrance Albert-Servais-Allee. If you park on one of the APAG parking areas, the use of the shuttle buses from and to the parking areas "Grüner Weg" (APAG-Shuttle) is free of charge. Further information about the current parking areas can be found contemporary at: www.apag.de

    Attention: The show grounds are located in the environment zone of the city of Aachen.

    Please note that from Thuesday, 12th of July till Sunday Evening after the end of the event Soerser Weg will be a one-way street from the corner of Merowinger Straße onwards heading in the direction of Eulersweg. On Saturday, July 16 the Soerser Weg will be closed for traffic from 8 am till 6 pm due to the Eventing.

    During the concert „Horse & Symphony“ on Saturday 9th of July 2016 there is public parking at the Eissporthalle/Ice Pavillion Hubert-Wienen-Straße.

    Car parks for wheelchair users (with valid pass) are available only after registration (please contact us under Tel. +49-241-9171119 to register for wheelchair user-parking) on a parking space nearby the show grounds.

    Bicycle parking is possible on the main forecourt and alongside the Soerser Weg.

    Navigation: "Krefelder Straße". You can book parking space in advance here: www.apag.de

    Venue Map

    Download Venue CHIO Aachen 2016 (PDF)


    You can find information on where to stay during your visit at the CHIO in Aachen here.

    Off. Hotel Reservation Partner

    aachen tourist service e.v.
    P.O. Box 102251
    D-52022 Aachen
    Tel: +49-241-1802950
    Fax: +49-241-1802930
    E-Mail: chio@aachen-tourist.de
    Web: www.aachen-tourist.de

    Direct online Link to the hotel reservation

    Tourist Offices

    aachen tourist service
    Postfach 102251
    D-52022 Aachen
    Tel: +49- (0) 241-1802950
    Fax: +49- (0) 241-1802930
    E-Mail: chio@aachen-tourist.de
    Web: www.aachen-tourist.de

    Verkehrsverein Eupen
    Marktplatz 7
    4700 Eupen
    Telefon: +32-87 553450
    Telefax: +32-87 556639
    Web: www.eupen.be

    Verkehrsverein Kerkrade
    Kapellaan 13a
    NL-6461 EH Kerkrade
    Phone: +31-45-5354845
    Fax: +31-45-5355191
    E-Mail: info@vvvzuidlimburg.nl
    Web: www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl

    Verkehrsverein Maastricht
    Het Dinghuis
    Kleine Straat 1
    NL-6211 ED Maastricht
    Phone: +31-43-3515300
    Web: www.vvvmaastricht.nl

    Verkehrsverein Landgraaf
    Rossinipassage 21
    NL-6371 LK Landgraf
    Fax: +31-45-5695997
    E-Mail: info@vvvzuidlimburg.nl
    Web: www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl

    Verkehrsverein Vaals
    Maastrichterlaan 73a
    NL-6291 EL Vaals
    Fax: +31-43-3064400
    E-Mail: info@vvvzuidlimburg.nl
    Web: www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl

    Verkehrsverein Valkenburg
    Th. Dorrenplein 5
    NL-6301 DV Valkenburg a/d Geul
    Fax: +31-43-6098608
    E-Mail: info@vvvzuidlimburg.nl
    Web: www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl


    We would like to inform you that neither the aachen tourist service e.v. nor the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. are responsible for the listed camping grounds and they assume no liability.


    Youth Camping Ground Aachen
    Hergenrather Weg 60
    52074 Aachen
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 241/ 72604
    Fax: ++49-(0) 241/ 1899 452
    E-Mail: zeltplatz@aachener-jugendring.de
    Web: www.jugendzelten-aachen.de
    ca. 7,5 kilometres to the show grounds

    Camping Ground Aachen
    Branderhofer Weg 11, 52066 Aachen
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 241-60880-57
    Fax: ++49-(0) 241-60880-58
    E-Mail: mail@aachen-camping.de
    Web: www.aachen-camping.de
    ca. 4 kilometres to the show grounds

    Private Camping Ground Schleibacher Hof
    Schleibacher Hof 71, 52477 Alsdorf
    Telefon: ++49 (0)2404-4825
    Fax: ++49-(0) 2404-678050
    E-Mail: Emily.taylor@gmx.de
    Direct bus connection to the show grounds
    ca. 10 kilometres

    Camping Perlenau
    52156 Monschau
    Tel.: ++49 (0)24 72/41 36
    Fax: ++49 (0)24 72/44 93"
    ca. 30 kilometres

    Campingplatz Hetzingen****
    Tel.: ++49 (0) 24 27/508
    Fax: ++ 49 (0)24 27/12 94
    Web: info@campingplatz-hetzingen.de
    ca. 50 kilometres

    Camping Grounds of the community Simmerath/Rursee and Woffelsbach
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 24 73/27 04 or 29 45

    Tel.: ++49-(0) 24 73/23 65
    Web: www.weidenbachtal.de
    ca. 50 kilometres

    Heimbacher Camping Ground
    Gut Habersauel, 52396 Heimbach
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 24 46/437 & 1033
    Fax: ++49-(0) 24 46/559
    E-Mail: info@heimbacher-campingplatz.de
    Web: www.Heimbacher-campingplatz.de
    ca. 60 kilometres

    Youth Camping Ground Nettersheim
    Rosentalstraße, 53947 Nettersheim
    Bookings via Naturzentrum, Eifel
    Tel.: ++49 (0) 2486/1246
    Fax:++49 (0) 2486/203048
    E-Mail: naturzentrum@nettersheim.de
    Web: www.jugendzeltplatz-eifel.de
    ca. 60 kilometres

    Nature-Camping Schafbachmühle
    53937 Schleiden
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 24 85/268
    Fax: ++49-(0) 24 85/91 28 31
    E-Mail: jw-schafbachmuehle@t-online.de
    ca. 60 kilometres

    Motor home harbour Nettersheim
    Urftstraße, 53947 Nettersheim
    Bookings via Naturzentrum, Eifel
    Tel.: ++49-(0) 2486/1246
    Fax: ++49-(0) 2486/203048
    E-Mail: naturzentrum@nettersheim.de
    Web: www.wohnmobilstellplatz.de
    ca. 60 kilometres



    Camping l´Etoile
    Rue du Bois 31
    4720 Neu-Moresnet
    ca. 10 kilometres to the show grounds

    Camping Hammerbrücke
    Fossei 100, 4730 Hauset
    Tel.: +32-87/65 70 78
    Fax: +32-87/65 70 78"
    ca. 15 kilometres

    Camping Kon Tiki***
    Rue de Terstraeten 141, 4851 Gemmenich
    Tel.: +32-87/78 59 73
    ca. 15 kilometres

    Camping Waldesruh
    Roetgener Straße, 4730 Raeren
    ca. 18 kilometres

    Camping An der Hill
    Hütte 46, 4700 Eupen
    Tel.: +32-87/74 46 17 - 55 72 32
    Fax: +32-87/55 72 32
    ca. 30 kilometres

    Camping Hertogenwald
    Oestraße 78, 4700 Eupen
    Tel.: +32-87/74 32 22
    Fax: +32-87/55 69 14
    ca. 30 kilometres

    Camping Wesertal
    Rue de l´Invasion 66-68, 4837 Baelen-Membach
    Tel.: +32-87/55 59 61-55 50 76
    Fax: +32-87/55 65 55
    ca. 30 kilometres

    Camping Grotte des Nains
    Village 10A, 4960 Beverce
    Tel.: +32-80/33 81 97
    ca. 54 kilometres

    Camping Du Moulin
    Village 26, 4960 Beverce
    Tel.: +32-80/79 90 20
    ca. 55 kilometres



    Camping Oriëntal ****
    Rijksweg 6 6325 PE Valkenburg a/d Geul
    Tel: +31-43-6040075
    Fax.: +31-43-6042912
    E-Mail: info@campingoriental.nl
    Web: www.campingoriental.nl
    ca. 26 kilometres to the show grounds

    Hoeve de Gastmolen
    Lemierserberg 23, 6291 NM Vaals
    Tel.: +31(0)43/306 57 55
    Fax: +31(0)43/306 60 15
    Web: www.gastmolen.nl
    ca. 10 kilometres

    ´t Bovenste Bos
    Terzieterweg 48, 6285 NE Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 13 42
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 16 96
    E-Mail: info@tergracht.nl
    Fax: www.tergracht.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Boerderijcamping Hoeve Dörenberg
    Groenstrergracht 10, 6374 KA Landgraaf
    Tel.: +31(0)45/531 25 79
    Fax: +31(0)45/5322396
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Camping de Watertoren****
    Kerkveldweg 1, 6374LE Landgraaf
    Tel.: +31(0)45/532 17 47
    Fax: +31(0)45/533 01 93
    E-Mail: info@campingdewatertoren.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Camping en Bungalowpark de Bousberg****
    Boomweg 10, 6371 CZ Landgraaf
    Tel.: +31(0)45/531 12 13
    Fax: +31(0)45/532 31 43
    E-Mail: info@debousberg.nl
    Web: www.debousberg.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Camping Gulperberg Panorama****
    Berhem 1, 6271 NP Gulpen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/450 23 30
    Fax: +31(0)43/450 46 09
    E-Mail: info@gulperberg.nl
    Web: www.gulperberg.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Camping In den Hof
    Musschenbroek 27, 6414 AB Heerlen
    Tel.: +31(0)45/570 82 34
    Fax: +31(0)45/572 99 72
    E-Mail: hofcamp@hetnet.nl
    Web: www.indenhof.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    K.b.d.b. Alleleijn
    Terzieterweg 17, 6285 ND Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)45/455 15 53
    Fax: +31(0)45/455 34 75
    ca. 20 kilometres

    K.b.d.b. Fam. Gulikers
    Kuttingerweg 2, 6285 NL Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 13 85
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 32 00
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Klein Kullen
    Terzieterweg 15, 6285 ND Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 12 71
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 12 71
    E-Mail: fam.vanderheyden@comveeweb.nl
    ca. 20 kilometres

    Camerig 12, 6294 NB Vijlen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 16 11
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 27 25
    Web: www.campingrozenhof.nl
    ca. 22 kilometres

    Camping Cottesserhoeve
    Cottessen 6, 6294 NE Vijlen
    Te.: +31 (0)43/ 455 13 52
    ca. 22 kilometres

    Camping ´t Geet Good
    Haanweg 12, 6374 XX Landgraaf
    Tel.: +31(0)45/531 76 98
    Fax: +31(0)45/533 15 15
    c a. 23 kilometres

    Camping Oosterberg
    Oosterberg 2, 6285 AD Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 13 77
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 13 77
    E-Mail: info@camping-oosterberg.nl
    ca. 23 kilometres

    Camping Osebos****
    Osebos 1, 6271 PP Gulpen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/450 16 11
    Fax: +31(0)43/450 60 20
    E-Mail: info@osebos.nl
    Web: www.osebos.nl
    ca. 23 kilometres

    Recreatieboerderij Tergracht
    Plaatweg 6, 6285 NK Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 27 62
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 34 28
    E-Mail: info@tergracht.nl
    Web: www.tergracht.nl
    ca. 23 kilometres

    Hoeve Helberg
    Helberg 4, 6285 ND Epen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/455 13 78
    Fax: +31(0)43/455 13 78
    ca. 23,5 kilometres

    Camping Hitjesvijver***
    W. Barentszweg 101, 6413 TC Heerlen
    Tel.: +31(0)45/521 13 53
    Fax: +31(0)45/522 35 53
    E-Mail: info@hitjesvijver.nl
    ca. 24 kilometres

    Boerderij Camping Berghem
    Berghem 9, 6271 NP Gulpen
    Tel.: +31(0)43/450 13 66
    Fax: +31(0)43/450 13 66
    ca. 25 kilometres

    Boerderijcamping Ransdalerveld
    Sint Gillisstraat 30, 6312 Ransdaal
    Tel.: +31(0)43/459 14 74
    Fax: +31(0)43/459 22 27
    ca. 25 kilometres

    Camping De Bron****
    Stoepertweg 5, 6301 WP Valkenburg
    Tel.: +31(0)45/405 92 92
    Fax: +31(0)45/405 42 81
    E-Mail: rob@camping-debron.nl
    ca. 26 kilometres

    Camping Den Dries
    Heunsbergerweg 1, 6301 BN Valkenburg
    Tel.: + 31(0)43/601 61 39
    E-Mail: info@campingdendriesch.nl
    Web: www.campingdendriesch.nl
    ca. 26 kilometres

    CHIO Aachen Kids Club

    Fun, action and professional care for our youngest CHIO Aachen-visitors

    The World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016 once again offers an attractive child care service. During the event the Child Care behind the AachenMünchener Grand Stand is open on the event days Tuesday to Sunday.

    Tuesday, July 12th, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 
    Wednesday,  July 13th, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 
    Thursday,  July 14th, 12.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
    Friday,  July 15th, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
    Saturday,  July 16th, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
    Sunday,  July 17th, 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

    Here children aged between four and twelve are supervised free of charge and provided with beverages. A team of about 20 persons will be standing-by in the Child Care, all of whom have pedagogic training. The comprehensive service offers game shows that the children can participate in a creative children’s studio, face painting as well as other exciting activities. Furthermore, the children can test their knowledge in a quiz on the subject of riding. For the very young children from 4-6 years of age, there will be a special play area.

    Experience the virtual CHIO Aachen

  • Marketing


    Partners des CHIO Aachen

    Media Partners

    Hospitality for the CHIO Aachen

    We are happy to inform you about all our offers. Please contact:

    Aachener Reitturnier GmbH
    Conny Mütze
    Albert-Servais-Allee 50
    52070 Aachen
    +49 (0) 241 88927-151

    As a guest of our VIP area you will experience the World Equestrian Festival in its best light.

    Enjoy the top-class equestrian festival in an exclusive environment: We guarantee you best views in the stadiums in connection with gourmet entertainment of the international top caterer DO & CO. The excellent cuisine of the famous Viennese Caterers offers high class culinary delights, which impressed every gourmet so far.  In combination with first-class service this will create an unforgettable experience for our customers.

    We want you to feel comfortable at our event: Feel free to receive your own impression and enter the fascinating atmosphere of the table-stand and the Champions' Circle. We are looking forward to give you a very warm welcome!



    Aachener Reitturnier GmbH
    Ulrich Fischer
    Albert-Servais-Allee 50
    52070 Aachen

    Your event on the CHIO Aachen show grounds

    The perfect venue for your event: Aachen's Soers

    World class sport, enthusiastic spectators and an unforgettable flair - this is what most people connect with Aachen's Soers. You too can use the show grounds of the FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006, the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 and the annual CHIO for your own event.

    The grounds of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV) provide everything that you might need for a successful event. Open air or indoor events, concerts and business meetings, parties, company events, trade fairs, (equestrian) sport events, training sessions - we are looking forward to work with you on any ideas that you might have concerning a possible event.

    On our grounds, for example the Deutsche Bank Stadium or the Albert-Vahle-Arena are available for your events. But also our stable buildings may provide an extraordinary location for your event.

    Have we aroused your interest?
    Then please do not hesitate to contact. We would be glad to counsel you regarding the organisation of your event:

    Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.
    Albert-Servais-Allee 50
    52070 Aachen
    ++49 (0)241-9171105

    Event Calendar 2016

    Overview Events 2016
  • Media


    Interactive Picture

    The unique interactive picture for the World Equestrian Festival!

    Simply click on the point in the graphics and learn exciting information: From the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping through to the precise structure of the grass footing in the Main Stadium.

    Pictures for Download

    The footage is allowed to be used for editorial contribution. Please indicate (ALRV/ Photographer) as source of the information at every publishing. If you need the footage in high quality please let us know at presse@chioaachen.de. The pictures cannot be used for commercial purposes.


    Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.
    Office for Press & Public Relations
    Albert-Servais-Allee 50
    52070 Aachen
    Tel.: +49 (0)241 - 9171- 189
    Fax: +49 (0)241 - 9171- 181
    E-mail: press@chioaachen.de

    Application for Press Accreditation


    I have been accreditated at past events.
    I apply for the first time.


    Where can I apply for accreditation?

    You can apply for accreditation only online. Please fill in our online accreditation form. Please note the deadline for accreditation (soon available).  Accreditation inquiries after this date cannot be accepted.

    What do I need to apply for accreditation?

    Please fill in the online form completely. It will facilitate the accreditation process for you and for us if you can also upload a portrait photograph of yourself (ideally in 120px X 150px).

    Freelancers and photographers should fax, besides a copy of their Press ID, also a confirmation of the editorial office of the magazine / newspaper they will be working for in Aachen. Accreditation without work order cannot be accepted. Each medium can accredit one journalist for the CHIO.

    Will I be informed if my accreditation request has been accepted?

    We will contact you after having received your request. Please desist from any enquiries until then. You will receive an E-Mail confirmation after your request has been approved or refused. Unfortunately, the steadily growing number of accreditation inquiries forces us to limit the number of media representatives allowed at the CHIO. If delays in the accreditation procedure may occur thereby, we will kindly ask you for your understanding.

    How can I find accomodation in Aachen?

    The CHIO Aachens official hotel reservation partner is looking forward to assist you in finding an accomodation:

    aachen tourist service
    P.O. Box 102251
    D-52022 Aachen
    Tel: +49-241-1802950
    Fax: +49-241-1802930
    E-Mail: incoming@aachen-tourist.de
    Web: www.aachen-tourist.de

    Where do I receive my show pass?

    You will receive your show pass in the accreditation centre at the main entrance Albert-Servais-Allee/Krefelder Straße.

    When is the Accreditation Center open?

    Opening Hours Accreditation Center
    (main entrance Albert-Servais-Allee/Krefelder Straße)

    More information are soon available here.


    Is there a possibility to park the car while picking up the show pass at the accreditation centre?

    There is a limited number of short-time parking spaces near the accreditation centre (enter the roundabout from Krefelder Straße and take the first exit). Please follow the orders of the security personnel.

    Are there parking spaces for journalists near the tournament grounds?

    There are parking spaces for journalists which are connected to the tournament grounds with shuttles.


    When is the Press Centre open?

    Opening Hours Main Press Centre

    More information are soon available.

    Which technical equipment do I find in the press centre?

    The press working room is equipped with 300 ISDN/Modem lines, Wireless LAN and a 100Mbit Internet connection. Internet working computers are available. The use of all lines/W-LAN in the press working room is free of charge.

    For the press tribunes you can reserve -on your own expense- ISDN, an analog line or LAN.

    Through the Press Intranet, information is displayed in real time. After signing up
    online at your working desk in the press centres, journalists are able to receive all press releases, TV pictures, background information and breaking news directly on their notebooks. A new feature this year: Flash quotes of the athletes will be made available exclusively via the press intranet.

    Are there lockers?

    Lockers are available in limited numbers in the Press Center, further information at the counter. Unfortunately, pre-reservations are not possible.


    Is there a guarantee for seating places on the press tribunes?

    There is no guarantee for seating places on the press tribunes, especially in the Main Stadium. We reserve ourselves the right to save seating places for specific media.

    When and where will press conferences be held?

    Press conferences will be held after all important competitions in the press conference room. They start right after the prize giving ceremonies. Please also note the posted information in the press centre for any additional press conferences.


    Is there a "dress code"?

    TV-Teams, photographers and other media representatives that enter the stadiums' infield areas are requested to follow the dress code. Forbidden are sponsor brandings on clothing.


    I am a photographer. How will I be able to get permission to enter the stadiums' infield areas?

    You can apply for stadium bibs at the press centre's counter. To obtain the bib, you have to submit a security deposit. The bibs for the Main Stadium are allocated on the basis of a rotation principle. The counter personnel decides over the allocation of bibs. Please follow the instructions of our employees, otherwise we reserve ourselves the right to confiscate the accreditation.

    Are there Mixed Zones for interviews with the athletes?

    It is possible to hold short interviews at the side of the warm-up areas. The Riders Corner in the Press Centre is available for more lengthy discussions. If you want to interview a specific athlete, our staff at the press counter will be glad to assist you getting into contact with him/her.

    Media Awards

    Invitation to the international photographer award "Silver Camera" 2015 / 2016

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    we would like to invite you to participate in the photo contest "Silver Camera", the award for the best international equestrian photograph of the year 2015/2016. The award will be bestowed in the course of the CHIO Aachen 2016 (Juli 8th - 17th, 2016). The renowned and prestigious "Silver Camera" is presented jointly by the Sparkasse Aachen and the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband in co-operation with the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.

    Surely in the past year you made numerous outstanding photographs that you might want to put on your personal list of entries for the photo contest. All pictures showing the rich diversity of equestrian sport that have been taken between June 15th, 2015 and May 8th, 2016 can be handed in. Below you can find the official announcement that contains all details regarding the participation. Please do also remind your colleagues of the contest. We are looking forward to receiving your photographs!

    Here is the schedule:

    Download Announcement Silver Camera 2016 (PDF)


    Media Guide World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015
    Information for accredited journalists 2015
    Facts and Figures CHIO Aachen 2016
    Ticketflyer CHIO Aachen 2016 (PDF)
    160524MuellerBeerbaum (Foto: CHIO Aachen Magazin/ Frank Stolle)
  • 8-17
  • 08. July
  • 09. July
  • 10. July
  • 12. July
  • 13. July
  • 14. July
  • 15. July
  • 16. July
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