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    09.04.2014 - General Meeting of the ALRV

    Dr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, was appointed an Honorary Member at this year's General Meeting of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV). The long-standing sport official was a member of the ALRV Advisory Board from 2006 to 2013.

    Shortly before, ALRV's President Carl Meulenbergh made reference to the huge success of the CHIO Aachen 2013, stating that last year the event once again succeeded in satisfying its own demands and those of the national and international fans and competitors. He added that with Denmark as its partner country and the attendance of the Danish Royal family, the CHIO Aachen had been "ennobled". Meulenbergh stressed that the innovation initiative that began several years ago is still ongoing. The "digital CHIO" not only allows the communication with the fans in diverse ways, but also demonstrates that the event has long since arrived in the digital world. Furthermore, Meulenbergh assured that he is pleased and proud that ALRV won the bid to stage the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 – which boasting five disciplines in one location – is presenting itself in a unique format. He is convinced that next year a wonderful festival will be celebrated at the Aachener Soers again.

    After giving a review on the sporting highlights of the CHIO 2013, the Chairman and Show Director, Frank Kemperman, presented an overview of the CHIO Aachen 2014, which begins in 93 days. Furthermore, he informed the members about the current construction work. He stated that he is delighted that the club is able to invest – not "only" for the European Championships, but also sustainably for the CHIOs of the future. Concerning the construction measures, he mentioned in addition to the new grandstand in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, also the renovation of the Aachen-Münchener Stand in the Main Stadium, innovations in the stable area and the building of new toilet facilities. The entire grounds are additionally to be made more accessible for the disabled. Kemperman stressed that the ticket sales for both the coming CHIO Aachen 2014 and the European Championships 2015 are already going very well. "We have already sold approximately one third of the tickets for 2015," said Kemperman.

    The following ALRV members were distinguished for their loyalty to the club by ALRV President, Carl Meulenbergh: Wolfgang Müller (50 years), Heinz Dittmann, Friedbert Haak, Georg Karl Helg, Ursula Pechtold, Franz-Josef Schaffrath (all 40 years), Harald Bourseaux, Bernd Carl, Ralf Dobro, Josef Drießen, Lilo Everts, Maria Haugg, Peter Offermanns, Brigitte Vankann, Manfred W. Wagener (all 25 years)

    27.03.2014 - 500 days to go

    Tens of thousands of equestrian sport fans at the jumping and dressage competitions in the main stadium, an ecstatic atmosphere during the reining and vaulting in the then covered dressage stadium and spectacular four-in-hand teams on the marathon course: The FEI European Championships in five equestrian sport disciplines from August 11th-23rd, 2015 are eagerly awaited. On Saturday, there are precisely 500 days to go before the European Championships start.

    The recollections of the fantastic 2006 World Championships in Aachen were omnipresent as the organisers presented their concept for the European Championships in Aachen. This is no surprise since what distinguished the event seven years ago, also applies for the 2015 European Championships: Several disciplines will be staged at one location.

    “The heart of the equestrian sport beats in Aachen. Where else could the next chapter in the history of equestrian sport be written, if not here at the traditional showgrounds at the Soers?” asked Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V., organisers of the Championships. The Show Director, Frank Kemperman, not only presented the programme (details are available at www.aachen2015.de), he also informed the public that although it is not a European Championship discipline – the best eventers will also be travelling to Aachen. “The riders definitely want to compete in Aachen again, which led to our decision to stage a competition including a Nations Cup,” stated Kemperman. He also presented the comprehensive construction measures. The most visible element of which is the construction of a new stand in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Furthermore, the dressage training areas are to be expanded, parts of the stands in the main stadium are being refurbished and renovated, a new stable building is being erected and the entire grounds will be further adapted to meet the needs of the disabled. Furthermore, considerable sums are being invested in the IT infrastructure, among others in order to be able to offer the visitors of the CHIO and European Championships a free Wi-Fi service.

    There is high demand for tickets: “Of course we were anticipating huge interest being shown, but the fact that the season tickets are already sold-out even took us by surprise,” commented Michael Mronz, like Frank Kemperman OC member of the European Championships Aachen 2015. Around 30 percent of all tickets have already been sold. Tickets can be ordered at www.aachen2015.de or via the ticket hotline (+49-(241-917-1111).

    Approx. 450,000 spectators are expected at the Soers. The budget is 24 million Euros, the total prize-money amounts to approx. 1.76 million Euros. And there is great interest on the sponsor front: “the fact that we have already signed contracts with many partners, including among others Deutsche Bank and Rolex, underlines the huge importance of the European Championships in Aachen,” stated Mronz.

    A comprehensive social media campaign will accompany the equestrian sport fans on the way to the European Championships. In addition, the organisers will hugely expand the existing digital offer including among others the development of an own app for smartphones.

    Aachen’ Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp, promised that Aachen‘s citizens will turn the European Championships into “their” European Championships. There is not only going to be an extensive cultural programme, but also the Medal Award Ceremony at the market square, which we are familiar with from the 2006 World Championships, will be staged again. The European Championships will be promoted across the cityscape in all sorts of ways, “Aachen is going to be a likeable host,” said Marcel Philipp.

    25.03.2014 - CHIO Aachen Seats in Museum

    They were witness to great moments of equestrian sport history and are now going to become museum exhibits: Three old seats from the Deutsche Bank Stadium at the traditional showgrounds of the Aachener Soers are now going to be on display at the German Sport & Olympia Museum in Cologne. Wolfgang Lewitzki, Director of the Collection, is delighted about the new additions: "I always keep asking myself the question, how we can visualise sporting occurrences in an attractive and exciting manner and which items can we use for this purpose. These seats were present when equestrian sport history was written. Therefore, we are delighted about this gift from the Aachen Laurensberger Rennverein!“

    In the course of the renovation work, the entire Deutsche Bank Stadium is being equipped with new seats. This Friday, on March 28th, the old seats will be given away between 2 pm and 7 pm.

    Since the museum started collecting items in the year 1982, the German Sport & Olympia Museum has acquired around 100,000 exhibits.  The museum's aim is to collect relevant items that are key to sporting history.  The collection also covers major sport events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, European and German Championships.

    06.03.2014 - CHIO Aachen: historical lanterns

    These four historical lanterns hung at the Gut Branderhof riding complex in the Burtscheid district of Aachen for over 50 years. The father of the former Vice President and now honorary member of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), Klaus Peters, donated them to the riding club that was resident there in 1961.  The riding club recently relocated to new premises and the lanterns have now found a new home at the traditional showgrounds of the CHIO Aachen - from now on, they will shine in the avenue between the main entrance and the Deutsche Bank Stadium. "I am delighted that the lanterns are now standing in this beautiful location as a reminder of the Branderhof," commented Klaus Peters.

    04.03.2014 - Carnival meets Horses

    "Celebrate till late, fit in the morning" – according to Wilm Lürken, President of the Aachener Carnival Festival Committee (AAK) , this applies to both carnival enthusiasts and riders alike. However, that wasn't the only reason why AAK announced earlier this morning that they are entering the coming session with an equestrian sport motto. After all, Aachen is staging the FEI European Championships in five disciplines in the year 2015 – an outstanding event.

    On the morning after the Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) parade, the carnival club members were looking amazingly fresh and grand when they arrived at the traditional showground at the Aachener Soers. Together with Carl Meulenbergh, the President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), the organisers of the European Championships, and ALRV Chairman Frank Kemperman, Wilm Lürken presented the motto of the coming session: "Vür jrösse met Alaaf at hü Europas bejste Rütterslü.“, which translated means "we are already greeting Europe's best riders today with Alaaf".

    Carl Meulenbergh was impressed by the commitment of the carnivalists: "This is fantastic, it demonstrates how much the population of the city is taking the European Championships motto `be part of it´ to heart.“ He added that the European Championships are a major event of international significance, whereby the show is also going to be a huge folk festival: "The people of Aachen are already saying: Our city, our European Championships," commented Meulenbergh. Lürken shares his opinion: "We are supporting the city and ALRV and we will all celebrate together – over Carnival and then in August 2015 at the Soers.“

    "The Öcher (people of Aachen) are proud of their CHIO – they will also be proud of the European Championships,“ said Frank Kemperman, who was delighted about the idea of the AAK: "When Wilm Lürken came to me with the idea, we all agreed immediately that it was a magnificent gesture from our Aachen carnivalists.“ He further commented that it was crucial for the success of this exceptional event that the whole city gets involved in the European Championships.

    The AAK introduced a motto for the session for the first time in 2013.  "The idea of a universal slogan took off exceptionally well" this year, the year of Charles the Great," stated Lürken.

    28.02.2014 - Dressage Stadium

    The shell of the new grandstand in the Deutsche Bank Stadium is almost completed 529 days before the European Championships Aachen 2015 kick off and 133 days before the CHIO begins.  At the moment, the pre-cast cement elements are being assembled and the work on the steel construction for the roof of the grandstand is in full swing.  Over the next few days, work will commence on the "interior design" of the stand:  From the entire technology through to the sanitary facilities. Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the organisers, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), is satisfied with the construction progress. „The preparations are running smoothly.  We are definitely counting on the grandstand being ready for the first venue of the "Horse and Symphony" on July 11th.“
    The construction work at the Soers commenced in July 2013.  The construction designed by the "kadawittfeldarchitektur" architects' office from Aachen serves the purpose of closing off the open side of the world's largest dressage arena.  After the expansion, the Deutsche Bank Stadium will hold a capacity of 6,300 spectators.  The new construction is part of an overall construction package, which is being undertaken especially for the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015. The measures are being supported by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    14.02.2014 - Piero d´Inzeo passed away

    The Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. is mourning the loss of Piero d´Inzeo. The Italian show-jumper passed away in Rome on Thursday at the age of 90.

    Piero d´Inzeo was able to win the Grand Prix of Aachen four times between 1952 and 1965. He visited the CHIO Aachen the last time in 2011, when Italy was the partner country of the event. It was unforgettable how he broke out in tears moved by the warm reception of the inhabitants of Aachen on the balcony of the Town Hall. Following the reception, d´Inzeo took part in the CHIO Opening Ceremony together with Carl Meulenbergh, the President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein and the German show-jumping legend, Hans Günter Winkler. "In Piero d´Inzeo we have lost an exceptional sportsman and great friend of the CHIO Aachen," stated Carl Meulenbergh, "we will never forget him in Aachen." Piero's brother, Raimondo, who was two years younger, died last November – he too was a highly successful show-jumper.

    11.02.2014 - Exklusive Baustellen-Führung

    +++ soon available in English +++


    Aus erster Hand informierte sich Monica Theodorescu, Bundestrainerin der deutschen Dressurreiter, über den Fortgang der Bauarbeiten auf dem CHIO Aachen-Gelände. Derzeit wird im Deutsche Bank Stadion eine neue Tribüne gebaut, die exklusive Baustellenführung übernahm Turnierdirektor Frank Kemperman.

    Mit einer beeindruckenden Konstruktion wird die noch offene Seite des Stadions geschlossen. Nach der Erweiterung, die bereits zum CHIO Aachen 2014 (11. bis 20. Juli) abgeschlossen sein wird, bietet das Deutsche Bank Stadion 6300 Zuschauern Platz. Monica Theodorescu zeigt sich von der neuen Tribüne begeistert: „Die Atmosphäre wird dann noch beeindruckender sein – und für die Pferde ist es in einem geschlossenen Stadion auch einfacher.“

    Der Neubau ist Teil eines Gesamtbaumaßnahmenpakets anlässlich der FEI Europameisterschaften Aachen 2015, das mit Unterstützung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen umgesetzt wird. Nach dem CHIO Aachen 2014 stehen weitere Baumaßnahmen an: So wird wird das gesamte Turniergelände weiter behindertengerecht ausgebaut. Auch wird das Hauptstadion (Kapazität 40.000 Besucher) in Teilbereichen saniert und die Stallgebäude werden aus- und umgebaut. „Das Wichtigste bei allen Bauvorhaben“, so Kemperman, „ist, dass wir nachhaltig bauen. Natürlich haben wir die EM im Blick, aber alles muss langfristig im Sinne des jährlichen CHIO Aachen konzipiert sein.“

    15.01.2014 - Strong US team

    The Mercedes-Benz Nations‘ Cup at the CHIO Aachen is one of the most prestigious competitions on the international equestrian sport circuit.  The USA will be putting forward a strong team for this year’s team jumping competition on Thursday evening, July 17, 2014.  As the American equipe chef, Robert Ridland, announced in an interview with the Show Director, Frank Kemperman. The USA did not compete at the CHIO Aachen for the last two years. “The best teams in the world, plus an incredible floodlit atmosphere in front of 40,000 spectators in the sold-out stadium – the Mercedes-Benz Nations‘ Cup is undisputedly one of the highlights of the CHIO Aachen,” commented Kemperman. Last year the Netherlands claimed the victory ahead of Belgium and Otto Becker’s team from Germany finished third.  The last victory of the German team was in the year 2008.

    08.01.2014 - Mercedes-Benz Nations´Cup

    The organisers of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, and the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) have come to the agreement that the Mercedes-Benz Nations‘ Cup held at the CHIO Aachen will in future no longer form part of the FEI Furusiyya Nations´ Cup. “We have come to this decision due to substantive and financial reasons,” stated Michael Mronz, General Director of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, the company responsible for the marketing activities of the CHIO Aachen. “This new situation means that we are now significantly more flexible regarding which teams we invite to participate,” explained Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein, organisers of the event.  As a result, in future the de facto strongest teams at the given point in time will compete against each other in the traditional Mercedes-Benz Nations’ Cup at the Aachener Soers.

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    17.03.2014 - Horse & Symphony 2014

    When good music meets top sport, it is time for the "Horse and Symphony" at the CHIO Aachen. The concert, where world-class equestrian sport is accompanied live by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, has long since been an impressive opening event at the CHIO and it is also one of the most popular events during the ten days of the equestrian show.

    One of the artists particularly stands out in this year's first-class programme: The Frenchman, Jean-Francois Pignon, who was recently awarded a "Silver Clown" at the international Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, will be performing in Aachen. He will perform a liberty dressage routine with 12 horses, "which is absolutely world-class," according to CHIO Aachen Show Director, Frank Kemperman, who presented the programme together with Aachen's General Music Director, Kazem Abdullah. Furthermore, the visitors can look forward to top dressage and classic baroque riding and a wide range of show formats.  For example, together with the Aachen Dancing Sport Centre, the organisers will cast an aspiring young dancer, who will dance a choreography to "Billie Jean" on the huge stage during the concert.

    Frank Kemperman on "Horse & Symphony 2014“:

    The musical programme of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, which Kazem Abdullah presented, is just as diverse as the equestrian performances: "The visitors will experience an extremely versatile repertoire ranging from rock and pop, to folk music, through to an entire symphony in the second part of the concert," explained Abdullah. The "Symphonie Fantastique" by Hector Berlioz will enchant the concert-goers.
    The concert was sold out even before the first act in the programme had even been announced, the tickets were all gone months ago. "This is why in favour of our visitors we decided to offer an additional venue date this year," stated Kemperman. Tickets are still available for the second date on Friday, July 11, 2014. The tickets cost 29 Euros, they can be ordered at www.chioaachen.de or via the hotline (+49-241-917-1111).  The concert begins at 8.30 p.m.  The "Horse & Symphony 2014“ is also the first event in the renovated Deutsche Bank Stadium. The orchestra will be located in the newly erected stand, which means that the visitors won't just have an excellent view of the live sport, but also of the musicians. Once again in  2014, for every purchased ticket three Euros will be donated to UNICEF , this year the campaign is in aid of the Philippines after the disastrous "Hayan" typhoon.


    14.12.2013 - CHIO Aachen ausgezeichnet

    Das Weltfest des Pferdesports, CHIO Aachen, ist am Rande des CHI Genf als weltbestes Turnier in der Disziplin Dressur ausgezeichnet worden. Im Springen entschied sich das von der Firma BCM herausgegebene Magazin "L`Anne Hippique" für Genf, in der Vielseitigkeit lag Burghley vorn. Den Preis übergab Inge van der Net (BCM).

    12.12.2013 - Guests from Limburg

    Rund 150 Gäste aus dem niederländischen Grenzgebiet waren am Dienstagabend nach Aachen gekommen, um sich über den CHIO Aachen und die Europameisterschaften Aachen 2015 zu informieren. Im weihnachtlich geschmückten Stall 5 gab es bei Glühwein und Waffeln viele Informationen von Turnierdirektor Frank Kemperman, der gemeinsam mit dem Bundestrainer der niederländischen Springreiter Rob Ehrens von der Faszination Pferdesport in Aachen erzählte. Ehrens kommt, wie die Gäste auch, aus dem limburgischen Grenzgebiet. „Aachen, der CHIO, die Stadien, dieses Gelände, das ist eine Faszination“, so Ehrens, der mit Kemperman auf einer kleinen Bühne im Stall steht. Während die Gäste Glühwein trinken, mit Maskottchen Karli scherzen oder vom Weihnachtsmann mit Schokolade versorgt werden, flachsen Ehrens und Kemperman über die zahlreichen Erfolge der Niederländer beim deutschen Nachbarn. Ob sie diese Erfolge auch beim CHIO, vor allem aber bei den Europameisterschaften wiederholen können? „Warum nicht“, meint Ehrens. Aber egal, ob am Ende siegreich oder nicht: „Das Wichtigste und Schönste ist es doch, hier in Aachen dabei zu sein. Das ist sogar für Reitsport-Laien ein Erlebnis.“


    21.11.2013 - Salut-Festival: New Website

    The new website of the Salut Festival Aachen is fresh and user-friendly. The Salut Festival is Germany’s most famous indoor show for aspiring young show jumpers. From December 5th-8th, around 200 participants will be competing at the traditional CHIO Aachen grounds for championship titles in various age groups.

    The new website went online today; all information on the equestrian show for young talents in the Albert Vahle Arena is posted at www.salut-festival.de. One of the key elements of the homepage is a photo collage that gives a very good impression of the show. The photos not only present the sport, but indeed all facets of the event, in particular the festive atmosphere.

    “The Salut Festival Aachen is a wonderful event for youngsters, which is of course why we wanted to have a corresponding online portal,” commented Show Director, Frank Kemperman, adding that this aim has been achieved through the relaunch of the website.

    In addition to the programme and current news, all of the results will of course be available directly online too. Practical tips on the car park situation can also be found online – including a plan in PDF format that can be downloaded. The photo gallery offers a good overall impression of the show. Furthermore, the show magazines can be downloaded.

    There is also a virtual overview of the exhibitors, who have a stand at the show. As such, the website visitors can discover that in addition to the current CHIO Aachen Collection, they can also purchase tickets for the CHIO Aachen 2014 as well as for the European Championships 2015 at the Salut Festival. Furthermore, results from recent years are posted in the archive and the site also offers information for the participants.


    The new website: www.salut-festival.de

    12.09.2013 - Carl Meulenbergh is celebrating his 70th birthday

    On Saturday, September 14th, Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) will be celebrating his 70th birthday.  The former District Administrator of the District of Aachen (1994 to 2009) has had close ties to the ALRV for many years.  He was a member of the Advisory Board from 1995 to 2008, acting as its Vice Chairman from 2004 to 2008, until he was elected onto the Supervisory Board of the ALRV. Carl Meulenbergh has been President of the ALRV since July 2010.  The agricultural engineer is however, not only closely associated to the CHIO Aachen, but also to horses in general. 25 livery horses and five own horses are kept at the family-run business near Aachen.  Carl Meulenbergh is married to Hildegard; he has two children and five grandchildren.  He will be celebrating his birthday at home with around 300 invited guests.

    31.07.2013 -

    11.07.2013 - Aachen 2015: Construction work

    The construction of a new stand at the traditional showgrounds of the Aachener Soers has begun 761 days before the start of the European Equestrian Championships Aachen 2015. “Like an inviting gesture“ – is how the architect Gerhard Wittfeld describes the effect of the planned new construction in the Deutsche Bank Stadium.

    It will accommodate 1,200 visitors in future, thus extending the total capacity of the dressage stadium up to 6,300 visitors.  The new stand can already be viewed today in digital format – via the 3D ticket ordering function at www.chioaachen.de.  At the ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday morning, a model gave an impression of the appearance and dimensions of the new building. “The stand is part of the overall structure of the dressage stadium,” stated Wittfeld, managing partner of the commissioned Aachen-based architect’s office, “kadawittfeldarchitektur”.  Anyone who approaches the stadium in future is to be captivated by the open and inviting architecture.  The roof (“opens like an eyelid”) and a wide inviting stairway are the striking features of the new stand.  Up until now the Deutsche Bank Stadium was designed in a U-shape, the new construction is to close the open side of the world’s largest dressage arena in future.

    The existing stands are already sold out for the CHIO Aachen 2014 – which begins in exactly a year’s time. “The newly constructed stand is part of our permanent further development,” commented Carl Meulenbergh, President of the organisers of the CHIO, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV).  It is part of an overall package of construction measures that are being carried out ready for the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015.  The investment volume for this package amounts to between 7 and 8 million Euros, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is contributing three million Euros towards the costs. “We are very pleased to support the location Aachen, because we are convinced that we will experience another true highlight in the form of the European Championships 2015,” is how Peter Knitsch, State Secretary of the Ministry for Environmental and Climate Protection, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, explained the State’s commitment.  Aachen’s Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp, expressed his deep gratitude for the State’s support: “We, the people of Aachen, are very proud of the CHIO and the concept of constant progress at the Soers has certainly proven worthwhile – for both the people in the region and far beyond.”

    Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the ALRV, outlined the further planned measures. In addition to the stand, the showgrounds will be further adapted to the needs of disabled visitors.  Parts of the main stadium (capacity 40,000 visitors) will be renovated and the stables will be expanded and converted. "The most important factor in the scope of all this construction work,” explained Kemperman, “is that we build with a view to the future.  Of course, we are focusing on the European Championships, but everything has to be designed long-term with the annual CHIO Aachen in mind.”

    30.06.2013 - 360,200 spectators

    order your CHIO Aachen 2014 ticket

    360,200 spectators visited the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2013. “That is sensational,” commented Show Director, Frank Kemperman.  Although, due to the bad weather slightly fewer visitors had travelled to the showground on Soers Sunday and yesterday, on Saturday, June 29th, compared to the previous year: “The fact that we still managed to welcome more than 360,000 visitors proves that our programme comprising of world-class sport, a folk festival and high-level social events is the right combination,” stated Kemperman.  On Saturday, 37,000 visitors came to watch the eventers in the cross-country competition and the Marathon of the four-in-hand drivers.  A further 81,000 spectators followed the dressage and the jumping competitions in the Main Stadium yesterday throughout the day and during the evening programme.  All of the events today, on the final Sunday, are sold-out with an attendance figure of 49,000.

    The CHIO Aachen 2013 has not yet come to a close and already the tickets for the coming year are running short. “There are already hardly any tickets left for the dressage competitions next year, some of the spectator stands are already sold-out,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.  In particular the Deutsche Bank Prize on Sunday, but also the entire dressage competitions on Sunday and the Rolex Grand Prix of the show-jumpers on Sunday are especially popular.  Tickets are available online,  from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111) as well as from the offices of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein at the showground.

    30.06.2013 - Silver Camera awarded

    The three best international equestrian sport photos from last year were distinguished with the Silver Camera on Saturday evening at the CHIO Aachen. Helen Langehanenberg, Ingrid Klimke and Marcus Ehning indirectly contributed towards the success of the three winners – they were namely the photo motifs.  For example the Belgian photographer, Dirk Caremans claimed first place with an emotional photo of the internationally successful dressage rider, Helen Langehanenberg. Second place went to the Dutch photographer, Arie de Vroet, followed by the German photographer Cindy Voß in third place. The prizes were awarded by Ralf Fleischer, CEO of the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband Düsseldorf, and Hans Kauhsen, Supervisory Board member of Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V.

    A jury, comprising of Ludwiga von Korff (last year’s winner), Andreas Müller (CEO, Zeitungsverlag Aachen), Erich Timmermanns (Director Advertising & PR, Sparkasse Aachen) and Frank Kemperman (Chairman of the ALRV) made a pre-selection of the 64 entries submitted by photographers from all over the globe at the beginning of June.  The famous media prize is conducted jointly by the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V., the Sparkasse Aachen and the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband.  The winner receives prize-money to the value of 2,500 Euros, second place wins 1,000 Euros and third place 500 Euros.

    30.06.2013 - Dreher again and again

    He won the Preis des Handwerks with Master de Menardiere, then the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup Final on Quiwi Dream yesterday as well as the Prize of the AachenMünchener with Embassy II.  Today, Hans-Dieter Dreher rode to victory for the fourth time: He was unbeatable in the SAP Prize with the 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Constantin B.  Four victories on four different horses: The rider from Eimeldingen, Baden-Württemberg is in top form at the Soers. “Aachen is simply my show,” commented the happy winner, who jumped clear in the fastest time of 62.59 seconds. 15 pairs in total reached the finish line without picking up any faults. Daniel Deusser came second on the Holsteiner gelding, Mouse (62.91), followed by Emanuele Gaudiano in third place with Chicago (64.33).

    30.06.2013 - Fendt Nations´Cup for Oranje

    The reigning team World Champions do justice to their role as favourites: In today’s final obstacle driving test the Dutch team claimed the victory in the FENDT Nations‘ Cup for the seventh time in succession, winning as such the biggest four-in-hand driving competition in the world.  The German team followed in second place.

    Ijsbrand Chardon, Koos de Ronde and Theo Timmerman are still in a league of their own in the worldwide four-in-hand driving sport. The team drove into first place with impressively consistent performances.  With a total score of 262.85 minus points the team dominated the overall classification, ahead of Germany (270.11) and Sweden (286.77).

    Prior to the concluding obstacle driving course, which counted towards the team classification, the Germans lay just 4.8 points behind the favourites – which is the equivalent of knocking one ball off and minor time faults.  However, in the end the Dutch team secured themselves a clear lead of 12 points.  The best driver of the day was the Hungarian driver, Zoltán Lázár, who was one of just three drivers to drive clear in the drive-off.

    The Swedish team delivered the surprise of the day, managing to move up two places to rank third overall after Tomas Eriksson and Fredrik Persson both had good results in the obstacle driving test.

    The new course designer, Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann, who was responsible for the course in Aachen for the first time this year, received unanimous praise from the drivers.  Last year the lacking stability of several obstacles had lead to safety-endangering problems for the drivers, horses and carriages. “Last year the drivers put forward some suggestions to the CHIO Aachen regarding the obstacles and the organisers have done everything we asked. This year everything was perfect,” said the Australian driver, Boyd Exell, winner of the individual classification. “It was a fantastic course, also for the crowd,“ the German driver Georg von Stein praised.  However, the new rule that specifies that the ten top drivers are last in the starting order of the Marathon, didn’t meet with the general approval of the drivers. “We don’t really like the new rule specifying that the top 10 drivers compete last, especially when it rains like it did yesterday, which made the course more difficult, but ultimately the conditions were the same for everyone,” commented Boyd.

    “We have invested a great deal of money in making the course safer,” reported CHIO Show Director, Frank Kemperman, who was especially pleased that the Marathon competition was broadcast live on ARD for the first time ever. “It is the best thing that can happen for the sport,” he declared.

    Harry de Ruyter was particularly pleased with the performance of Koos de Ronde and Theo Timmerman. “The guys did a fantastic job,” said the Dutch Chef d’Equipe. “We were very happy with the course, they were the best obstacles, we have ever had in Aachen.”

    The Germans were slightly disappointed with coming second again. “We really wanted to win,” the national coach, Karl-Heinz Geiger, stated.  Although he did also note that the Dutch lead “is at least decreasing”. He also noted that the reason that the Dutch team is so dominant is because they are so good in the dressage. “That is our handicap. The gap is simply too big.  It is almost impossible to catch up in the Marathon and obstacle driving test,” analysed Geiger.

    30.06.2013 - Damon Hill at his best

    Last year’s winner, Helen Langehanenberg, continued her series of victories in Aachen’s Deutsche Bank Stadium.  In the final dressage competition of the CHIO Aachen, she topped the field in the Grand Prix Freestyle of the CDIO Tour and secured herself as such the victory in the Dressage Grand Prix.  The 31-year-old achieved a score of 85.300 percent with her 14-year-old Westphalian-bred stallion, Damon Hill NRW.  Isabell Werth came second on Don Johnson FRH with a score of 82.075 percent.  The Danish rider, Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, was delighted at coming third with Digby after being awarded a score of over 80.900 percent.

    In the course of her CHIO outing, Helen Langehanenberg celebrated three victories (she previously also dominated the Grand Prix and the Spécial) and was correspondingly happy with her own and her horse’s performance. “Damon Hill was incredibly fresh. He was extremely fit today,” the rider from Havixbeck stated.  Apparently, before entering the ring for the final round her stallion had bucked, however once in the ring the horse was fully concentrated and the judge by B even awarded the pair a score of 86.875 percent.  The World Cup winner did however note that “there is still room for slight improvement”. After winning eleven of twelve competitions she has competed in since the beginning of the season, Langehanenberg is now considered to be one of the top favourites for the European Championships in Herning/Denmark from August 20th-25th.

    Isabell Werth can also hope to achieve a good result at the Championships. The five-time Olympic gold medallist from Rheinberg performed a strong and above all the most difficult freestyle routine with her 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Don Johnson, which earned her second place, after previously ranking seventh and third in the Grand Prix and Spécial, and her performance impressed the 5,000 spectators in the arena immensely.  The 12-year-old Hanoverian steadily improved his performance from round to round. “We are fit now and are finely attuned.  I was very pleased with the freestyle.  That is exactly how I would have liked Don Johnson to have performed on the first day.  It is a shame the show isn’t starting today,” said Werth.  She would have estimated her today’s performance at around “90 percent”. “I can’t integrate any more difficult moves than that,” Werth commented.

    Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein delivered a further convincing performance, which wasn’t really surprising.  The 38-year-old Danish ride claimed third place with her 16-year-old Danish warmblood, Digby, finishing ahead of her compatriots Anna Kasprzak with Donnperignon and Andreas Helgstrand with Akeem Folader.  So, the German rider, Rudolf Zeilinger, who is the national coach of the Danish team, can optimistically look ahead to the European Championships on native soil.

    “If anyone would have told me before the CHIO that I was going to come third, I wouldn’t have believed them.  I am delighted, it was incredible,“ summed up zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. The youngest daughter of Princess Benedikte of Denmark was only slightly disappointed with the Danish judge.  Whereas all of the other non-Danish judges placed the Northern European rider between second and fourth place, she ranked her fellow native seventh. “I don’t want to have an advantage, but the marks certainly don’t have to be that much lower,” said zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

    Because the entry deadline for the European Championships isn’t until July 17th, the national dressage coach, Monica Theodorescu, refrained from announcing the team of five German participants for the Championships in Herning.  In addition to Langehanenberg and Werth, Kristina Sprehe, who was only able to compete in the small Tour in Aachen because her horse has only recently recovered from an injury sustained at the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg, is considered to be a definite candidate. “I have a good feeling,” summed up Theodorescu, who released a long list of nominations for the European Championships, which includes Anabel Balkenhol, Fabienne Lütkemeier, Jenny Lang, Nadine Capellmann and Jessica Werndl in addition to the above-mentioned three riders.

    30.06.2013 - Skelton wins in Aachen

    Nick Skelton from Great Britain is – after the Italian rider Piero d´Inzeo – the second rider, who has succeeded in winning the Rolex Grand Prix in Aachen four times.  He already managed to ride to victory in 1982, 1987 and 1988 at the traditional showgrounds in the Soers.  On the final day of the show, Sunday, he repeated this victory again at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2013, riding Big Star in front of 40,000 enthusiastic spectators in the sold-out stadium. “Winning in Aachen – in front of this fantastic crowd – is an absolute dream,” commented Skelton.

    Second place went to Janika Sprunger from Switzerland, who like Patrice Delaveau from France (third place) made it into the jump-off.  Daniel Deusser, who came fourth, was the best German rider.  Unfortunately, he picked up one fault for exceeding the time in the first round.  Christian Ahlmann, who jumped clear in the first round, collected four faults in the second round, so neither made it into the jump-off.

    After his victory in Aachen, Nick Skelton goes down in equestrian sport history as the first rider to take on the challenge of the Rolex Grand Slam.  He now has the opportunity to write equestrian sport history.  A victory in the CSIO 5* Spruce Meadows Masters (September 5th-9th) would open the door for him to the Rolex Grand Slam.  Because the rider, who manages to win the CHIO Aachen, the CSIO Spruce Meadows `Masters´ and the CHI Geneva in succession, wins the Rolex Grand Slam – and with it also an additional one million Euros in prize-money. “The Rolex Grand Slam is a fantastic initiative.  Now, things are going to get really exciting for me,” Skelton stated after his victory in Aachen.  Writing history seems to be in Skelton’s blood – he is only the second rider to win the Grand Prix in Aachen four times.  As such, he has already long since become an equestrian sport legend and it even seems quite feasible that he could achieve the ultimate goal: “Of course, it is not going to be easy to win the Rolex Grand Slam, namely heading the field in the three first-class shows in Aachen, Calgary and Geneva in a row.  But who knows – perhaps I can simply carry on in Canada where I have left off in Aachen.”  Skelton won the Rolex Grand Prix with Big Star, however this is not significant for the Rolex Grand Slam, where only the rider counts, not the horse.

    29.06.2013 - Victory in MEGGLE-Prize

    At the moment they are in a league of their own: Awarded a score of 80.667 percent, the World Cup winner, Helen Langehanenberg, also won the Grand Prix Spécial of the CDIO Tour and thus also the MEGGLE Prize at the CHIO in Aachen.  All five judges ranked the 31-year-old with Damon Hill in first place despite them making two small mistakes.

    The 13-year-old Westphalian-bred stallion showed slight weaknesses in one of the pirouettes and in a piaffe. Otherwise the pair was often awarded a nine for the individual movements. Langehanenberg and the Donnerhall son were the clear winners of this high-class competition. Three judges went over the 80 percent mark. The judge at E – Dietrich Plewa (GER) – even awarded the duo 82.7 percent. “I am very satisfied regardless of a few small mistakes,” commented the overjoyed German rider.

    There was a surprising second place: The Danish rider, Anna Kasprzak, ranked second behind Langehanenberg with her 14-year-old Donnperignon. The reward for the harmonious performance given by the representative of this year’s CHIO partner country was 77.354 percent.  In the past, her gelding represented the German national flag with Christoph Koschel, among others in Kentucky at the World Equestrian Games. Their flying changes and the pirouettes particularly impressed the crowd in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. As such the pair was able to show a clear improvement compared to the Grand Prix.

    The third place went to the German rider,  Isabell Werth with Don Jonson.

    29.06.2013 - Youngster-triumph for Hansi Dreher

    Hans-Dieter Dreher won the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup.  The rider from Eimeldingen in Baden-Württemberg rode to victory in the Final of the Tour with the eight-year-old Holsteiner stallion, Quiwi Dream, ahead of the two Irish riders, Shane Carey on Saphir and Billy Twomey on Royal du Rouet.  Dreher rode clear in 49.66 seconds in the jump-off, which 14 pairs had reached.  The Irish rider Carey, who also jumped clear, took just a hundredth of a second longer to cross the finish line (49.67).  In total 35 pairs competed in this test for seven and eight-year-old horses.

    29.06.2013 - Foal for Daniel Deusser

    Daniel Deusser was distinguished as the best rider of the three Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup competitions.  The German rider collected a total of 43 points with his 8-year-old horse, Fieve, ahead of the Irish show-jumper Shane Carey on Saphir (41 points) and Katrin Eckermann on Sinfonie (39).  As a special prize for the best horse/rider combination, Deusser won a bay filly bred by Georg Ophey.  The sire of the breathtakingly beautiful filly is the Westphalian-bred top stallion, Arpeggio, whose descendants include among others “All inclusive NRW”, who came second in the Rolex Grand Prix in Aachen with Ludger Beerbaum in 2008.  Descending from the outstanding stallion Calido, which is considered to be one of the best Holsteiner stallions of the present age, and Acorado the foal’s dam also has an excellent pedigree.  Perhaps the foal will compete here in Aachen one day against the best horses in the world.

    29.06.2013 - Winning run

    The crowd’s favourite rider of the CHIO Aachen 2012 rode to victory twice at the Soers on Saturday: After winning the Sparkassen-Youngster-Cup, Hans-Dieter Dreher also triumphed in the Prize of the AachenMünchener.  He rode clear in the jump-off, which was contested by eleven pairs, in the fastest time of 46.57 seconds with his Hanoverian stallion, Embassy II. “I risked everything. It is the only chance of winning here in Aachen,” the happy winner explained.  He only collected his twelve-year-old stallion, who recently won the Nation’s Cup prize with the German team in Rotterdam, once before an upright. He really put his foot down over the rest of the course.  Hence, the rider from Eimeldingen, Baden-Württemberg, who has been jumping at world-class level for three years, is continuing his impressive career in Aachen.  He has already come twice in the Grand Prix of North Rhine-Westphalia (in 2001 and 2012), and last year he came fourth in the Grand-Prix with Embassy.  Today was the Embassy’s last competition at this year’s CHIO Aachen. Dreher will be saddling Magnus Romeo for the Grand Prix tomorrow.

    The Portuguese rider, Luciana Diniz, finished second in the Prize of the AachenMünchener with Winningmood after jumping clear in 46.90 seconds.  The Irish rider Shane Breen came third with Cos I Can (47.83.)

    29.06.2013 - Success fo Denmark

    78.475 percent meant it was a clear victory for Nanna Skodborg Merrald with her 12-year-old Danish warmblood gelding, Millibar, in the Grand Prix Freestyle of the U25 Prize of the Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation, the International Piaffe Prize.  The Danish rider rode to victory in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, ahead of the US-American rider Caroline Roffman on Sagacious HF (76.275) and Diederik van Silfhout from the Netherlands on Arlando (73.950).  Denmark also won the team classification.  In addition to Merrald, the second Danish team member was Sofie Jeppesen with her horse Hedebo’s First As, together they achieved a total score of 287.454 points.  The Netherlands came second (Van Silfhout and Danielle van Mierlo/281.846), followed by Germany (Annabel Frenzen and Nadine Husenbeth/279.336).

    29.06.2013 - Michael Brauchle wins

    After finishing fourth in the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon, the Australian driver, Boyd Exell, won the individual classification of the four-in-hand drivers and thus secured the victory in the Prize of the Richard Talbot Family.  After all three competitions, the 40-year-old and his horses Capone II, Curios, Sam, Spitfire and Winston ranked first with an overall score of 118.46 points.  Second place went to the Dutch driver, Koos de Ronde, who came second in the Marathon competition. Third place was claimed by the US-American, Chester Weber (125.78), who had been in the lead after the dressage and obstacle driving competitions.

    “My tactic was not to win the Marathon at all costs, but to win the overall classification. But in fact my horses gave 110 percent today,” revealed Exell after the race. “It was a very difficult, but in comparison to last year, much better designed course,” was how the winner described the course, praising its designer, Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann.

    The young German driver, Michael Brauchle, drove into first place in the Marathon. His bad luck the day before – his horse’s bit snapped during the obstacle driving competition, which meant he was eliminated from the entire individual classification – brought him an advantage today.  Competing first, he didn’t have to fight his way through the muddy ground like the favourites had to at the end of the competition. “So, I was very lucky today,” reported the 23-year-old sports soldier realistically.

    Tomorrow’s final in the team competition, the Fendt Prize, is going to be nail-biting. The German team were able to clearly narrow down the Dutch team’s lead after achieving excellent results in the Marathon competition and are now lying just eight penalty seconds (for two “lost balls”) behind the favourites, followed by the Hungarian team.

    29.06.2013 - Success for Austria

    Austria celebrates its first victory at this year’s CHIO Aachen: Victoria Max-Theurer won the WOTAX Prize in the Deutsche Bank Stadium with her 10-year-old mare, Della Cavalleria OLD.  The Austrian dressage rider headed the field in the Intermediare test after obtaining a score of 77.316 percent.  The Swedish rider, Patrik Kittel, claimed second place with his nine-year-old mare, Deja (75.263).  Third place went to Andreas Helgstrand from Denmark, who scored 74.447 percent with Polka Hit Nexen. Isabell Werth ranked fourth with Lezard, followed by her compatriot, Helen Langehanenberg, who had saddled Cote d’Azur TSF.

    29.06.2013 - Prize of Sparkasse

    He has already secured several very good placings at this year’s CHIO Aachen and today he also celebrated his first victory in the Prize of the Sparkasse: The Irish rider, Shane Breen, won the hunting competition over ditches and banks.  He rode to victory with a clear round in a time of 71.96 seconds with the Selle Francais mare, Ominerale Courcelle.  The British rider, Guy Williams, who took only 68.20 seconds to master the course comprising of 12 obstacles with his horse Belgian-bred mare, Bijou van de Vijfheide, was the only rider who managed to beat Breen’s time, however he collected four penalty seconds along the way after knocking down a pole. Third place went to the local hero from Aachen, Thomas Weinberg, who reached the finish line, which incidentally only 17 of the 21 participants reached, on his Hanoverian-bred stallion, Escobar, in a time of 72.20 seconds accompanied by thunderous applause from the crowd.

    29.06.2013 - Minderhoud wins Philips-Preis

    Oranje victory under floodlights: The Dutch rider, Hans Peter Minderhoud, won the final dressage competition on Saturday evening, the Grand Prix Freestyle – a CDI4* competition. The 39-year-old triumphed over his fellow competitors in the Deutsche Bank Stadium with the 13-year-old Oldenburger, Clock’s Romanov, with a score of 77.075 percent. Second place went to the rider from Karlsruhe, Jenny Lang, who scored 76.175 percent with her Holstein gelding, Loverboy. The veteran rider, Nadine Capellmann, secured third place. The 47-year-old business graduate and local favourite (from Würselen) ranked third with her 12-year-old Baden-Württemberg-bred chestnut mare, Girasol (74.900).

    29.06.2013 - Spanish night

    Sergio Alvarez Moya won the final competition on Saturday evening in the floodlit Main Stadium, an accumulator jumping competition.  The Spanish rider crossed the finish line with a score of 65 points in a time of 53.58 with the 13-year-old Baden-Württemberg-bred stallion, Abab van het Molenhof.  The Irish rider, Dermott Lennon, ranked second with Hallmark Elite (65 points/53.93).  The British rider, Ben Maher – winner of the Prize of Europe – finished third with Aristo Z (65 points/55.21).  The course of the accumulator competition comprised of obstacles with an increasing degree of difficulty, whereby each obstacle was designated a certain number of points. If the rider jumped the obstacle clear, he was awarded the respective amount of points. If not, no points were awarded. The winner who collects the most points in the fastest time wins and in this case it was Moya.

    29.06.2013 - Battle of the sexes

    This year the men prevailed in the battle of the sexes at the CHIO in Aachen. The men beat the ladies in the “Best of Champions” competition.  Christian Ahlmann collected four faults in the first round.  However, the men managed to catch up in the second round of the relay competition.  The ladies’ team comprised of the 2011 winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen, Janne-Friederike Meyer,  Portugal’s amazone Luciana Diniz, the American show-jumper Laura Kraut, Pénélope Leprevost, Katharina Offel and Beeze Madden.  In addition to Ahlmann, the men’s side comprised of Pius Schwizer, Olympic gold medallist Steve Guerdat, Olympic team gold medallist Gerco Schröder, Kevin Staut and Marcus Ehning.

    29.06.2013 - DHL-Prize: Christopher Burton wins

    Christopher Burton repeated last year’s victory in the DHL Prize.  The Australian rider, who ranked third after the dressage and jumping, finished on a score of 35.60 minus points to  literally win by a second, ahead of Sandra Auffarth with Ganderkese (35.80).  The two-time Olympic gold medallist, Michael Jung, finished third (42.40). The team victory went to Germany, followed by Great Britain and Sweden.

    If Sandra Auffarth had crossed the finish line just one second earlier, she would have claimed the overall victory at the Soers.  However, after a spectacular eventing test over the 4,000 metre long course designed by Rüdiger Schwarz – created in the modern CIC format – the Australian rider, Christopher Burton, once again topped the rankings after being the only rider to jump clear within the permitted time. “I didn’t expect to win. The Germans have simply been so good lately. I am overjoyed,” the 31-year-old beamed.  For the man from down under, the CHIO Aachen has been a very special show, because it was the very last time the 17-year-old mare, Holstein Park Leilani, will compete.  Originally she was supposed to retire after London, then after Badminton, but then Burton had asked her owners, Jean and Jade Findlay, if he could ride her in Aachen. They consented and the Australian took this opportunity to claim the victory.  What a fantastic moment to retire Holstein Park Leilani, who will be returning to Australia in September, where she will be used as a brood mare.

    The weather was at times typical for the CHIO. It started to pour down with rain in the middle of the test – but the eventers battled on bravely despite the poor conditions. And most importantly:  the course stood up to it too.  Sandra Auffarth, the last rider in the test with Opgun Louvo, considered her second place in Aachen to be a victory, not a defeat. “I noticed shortly before the end that the time was going to be tight, but you can’t change anything over the last few metres. I didn’t take any risks, because the footing was difficult and my horse had lost a horseshoe, so I tried to find a line on the track that was still relatively dry,” the 26-year-old from Delmenhorst said.

    Two-time Olympic gold medallist, Michael Jung, raced into third place. His horse stumbled slightly at obstacle 16 d, but he just about managed to make it over the hedge. First of all the obstacle judges had given him 20 penalty points for a refusal, but this decision was later corrected. “The take-off wasn’t quite right, but we definitely jumped over the obstacle,” was how Jung analysed the situation.

    The national coach, Hans Melzer, was delighted with his team’s victory.  Even if the individual classification wasn’t won by a German rider, with seven riders under the top ten, the Germans celebrated their best ever result in Aachen. “An incredible performance,” said an overjoyed Melzer, who is now confidently looking ahead to Sweden.  The European Championships are scheduled in Malmö at the end of August.

    More information and pictures on our facebook-page

    28.06.2013 - Netherlands triumphs

    The team from the Netherlands won the Mercedes-Benz Prize, Part of the Furusiyya FEI Nations‘ Cup and thus the German leg of the Nations’ Cup Series of the European League 1. With a total score of 14 faults, Chef d’Equipe Rob Ehrens‘ team asserted itself in an exciting competition, ahead of Belgium (17) and Germany (21).

    “Fantastic evening”, commented Daniel Bartos, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes-Benz Germany. The final round couldn’t have been any more exciting: The floodlit Nations‘ Cup at the Soers in front of a crowd of 40,000 was decided at the very last fence. Belgium’s final rider, Ludo Philippaerts, only had four faults up until the last obstacle, which would have sufficed to take the victory. But then the 50-year-old misjudged the last take-off and gave away the possible victory – the last pole at the Mercedes obstacle fell and the Dutch team cheered. „I gave away the victory today. After the treble combination I put my foot down again, because I wanted to remain in the time. I pushed my horse forward but he came back and the take-off was too big,” analyzed the unluckiest person of the evening. „The Dutch will have to buy my beer for the rest of the year,“ the slightly subdued rider joked.

    Gerco Schröder particularly contributed to the victory of the Oranje team. The final rider of the Dutch team was the only rider to jump clear in both rounds with his horse London and thus laid the foundation for the victory. “I really thank my horse. London did a fantastic job today,“ beamed the winner. Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof’s Tamino (9/0), Leon Thijssen with Tyson (5/0) and Harrie Smoulders with Emerald (9/9) completed the team, who after deducting the scratch result of Smolders didn’t pick up any faults at all in the second round and were thus able to catch the Belgian team up. „We got together in-between the rounds and discussed the faults and developed our strategy for the second round. The riders then put this into practice perfectly. Compliments to them for that from me too,” their Chef d’Equipe, Ehrens, said.

    In addition to Philippaerts (0/8), the Belgian team also comprised of Gregory Wathelet with Desteny van het Dennehof. After picking up 20 faults in the first round, the 32-year-old decided not to compete in the second round, because his horse had injured itself slightly after falling at the water ditch, which meant that his colleagues Nicola Philippaerts with Cortez and Dirk Demeersman with Bufero van het Panishof hadn’t got a scratch result to fall back on. “After the first rider collected 20 faults, one loses hope a bit at first. But then we put in an excellent performance, we are very satisfied with coming second,” commented Chef d’Equipe, Kurt Gavemeier. Especially Demeersman bucked up the hopes of his fellow team mates after jumping clear.

    Otto Becker, German national coach, was only moderately satisfied with the performance of this team (third place) – which won a week ago in Rotterdam. Only the first to compete, Christian Ahlmann jumped clear in the first round with Codex One. Thereafter, each of the German riders picked up at least four faults on every ride. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum had a pole down and one time fault in both rounds with Bella Donna. Daniel Deusser with Cornet D’Amour and Ludger Beerbaum with Chiara each collected four faults per round. Nevertheless, Becker still looked optimistically ahead: „We have still got three days left here in Aachen and we will fight hard.“


    “The others were simply better today,“ ascertained Ludger Beerbaum and he also praised the course. “It wasn’t a brutally difficult course this time, it was more a question of technical challenges and the time.“ For the 49-year old German jumping legend it is „riding in Aachen is always something very special.“ For the four-time Olympic gold medallist today’s Nations‘ Cup was “one of the most exciting in a long time“.


    After five out of a total of eight legs in the European League 1 of the Furusiyya FEI Nations´ Cup, Switzerland is lying in first place (250 points), after the team ranked sixth today with their reserve horses. France is currently second in the overall standings (232.67), followed by the Netherlands (230.5), Ireland (220.67) and Germany (182).

    28.06.2013 - New ambassadress for Laureus

    Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum: “It is a great honour for me to belong to the circle of outstanding personalities, who support the Laureus.“

    Simone Moll: “I am delighted to be able to welcome such a successful athlete as Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum into the Laureus family.”

    The successful show-jumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, was appointed as a Laureus Ambassador during the CHIO yesterday.  As such in total 23 Ambassadors and four Laureus Academy members are now supporting the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany/Austria.

    During the equestrian show, the CHIO Aachen, Simone Moll, Executive Director of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany/Austria, welcomed the successful show-jumper, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, as a member of the Laureus family.

    The World Champion, three-time European Champion, three-time World Cup winner and four-time German Champion is looking forward to her task: „It is a great honour for me to belong to the circle of outstanding personalities, who support the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.  I am looking forward to facilitating children the access to horses together with the Laureus Foundation, because our smallest members of society are the one that need our love and care most.  Horses are excellent partners for conveying warmth, courage and joie de vivre to children and for helping them to get over physical and emotional pain.  It is therefore a matter close to my heart to provide direct assistance here together with the Laureus Foundation, as well as conveying the special relationship between horses and humans to a wide audience.“

    Simone Moll, Executive Director of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany/Austria, is delighted at this support: “I am delighted to be able to welcome such a successful athlete as Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum into the Laureus family.  Social commitment is a matter close to her heart.  These are exactly the kind of personalities that we need at Laureus.  We can only achieve results and support and accompany socially deprived children and youths on a sustainable basis with our sports projects with their assistance.”

    In addition to Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum the following personalities assert themselves for the idea of Laureus in Germany and Austria: Franziska van Almsick, Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker, Verena Bentele, Ole Bischof, Stefan Blöcher, Fredi Bobic, Martin Braxenthaler, Jan Frodeno, Maria Höfl-Riesch, Christa Kinshofer, Franz Klammer, Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Nia Künzer, Christoph Langen, Jens Lehmann, Hermann Maier, Thomas Muster, Birgit Prinz, Jochen Schümann, Axel Schulz, Ralf Schumacher, Felix Sturm, Michael Teuber and Katarina Witt.

    The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany/Austria supports the following social sports projects: KICK im Boxring, KICK on Ice, KICK the Ropes, KICKFORMORE, Kicking Girls, Kids for future, move&do, KidSwing, Körbe für Köln (Baskets for Cologne), Mit Pferden stark machen (making strong with horses) and Laureus Schneetiger.


    Further information is available from:

    Bärbel Mees
    Laureus PR Agentur Deutschland/Österreich
    +49 (0)89/7466 1445
    : medien@laureus.de
    : www.laureus.at


    “Sport has the power to change the world.  It has the power to inspire.  It has the power to unite people, to an extent achievable hardly anywhere else.  Sport can awaken hope, where previously only despair prevailed“ – this was wisdom that Nelson Mandela communicated to the global Laureus Sport for Good Foundation when the Laureus World Sports Awards was conferred for the first time in the year 2000.  But there is also plenty for Laureus to do here at home too: With all its force and the far-reaching influence of its famous ambassadors, the German Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has also been asserting itself for social change since its foundation in 2001.  Since 2009, the Foundation has also been supporting Austria.

    Well over 50,000 children are being reached by the meanwhile eleven projects in Germany and Austria, with the result that their lives and social circumstances are significantly improved through sports projects.  The aim of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany/Austria is to continually make the world a little bit better for as many children as possible in the world.  With the help of the universal language, sport, paired with social-pedagogic support,  self-esteem and the fact that they are something special is communicated to the children and youths and that they can hope for a better future.

    Regardless of their sex, origin, religion, social class or health restrictions, the project directors and the famous patrons take the children by the hand and jointly encounter today’s social challenges with them such as integration, discrimination and drug abuse.  The participating children discover their talents and skills - whether ice hockey, boxing, golf, football, basketball or winter sports – and help them to develop values such as discipline and ambition – traits that help them master their everyday lives.

    The projects receive valuable support from the four German and Austrian Laureus Academy members Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker, Franz Klammer and Katarina Witt and the 23 Laureus Ambassadors:  Franziska van Almsick, Verena Bentele, Ole Bischof, Stefan Blöcher, Fredi Bobic, Martin Braxenthaler, Jan Frodeno, Maria Höfl-Riesch, Christa Kinshofer, Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Nia Künzer, Christoph Langen, Jens Lehmann, Hermann Maier, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Thomas Muster, Birgit Prinz, Jochen Schümann, Axel Schulz, Ralf Schumacher, Felix Sturm and Michael Teuber.

    Laureus unites people all over the world, always with the aim of using the power of sport to bring about social change.  The global movement, Laureus, comprises of the three core elements the “Laureus World Sports Academy”, the “Laureus World Sports Awards” and the “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation”.

    The 46 current members of the Laureus Academy support the initiative on a voluntary basis as global ambassadors of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in the aid of a good cause.

    The members of the Laureus World Sports Academy are: Giacomo Agostini, Marcus Allen, Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker, Ian Botham, Sergey Bubka, Bobby Charlton, Sebastian Coe, Nadia Comaneci, Deng Yaping, Marcel Desailly, Kapil Dev, Mick Doohan, David Douillet, Emerson Fittipaldi, Sean Fitzpatrick, Dawn Fraser, Cathy Freeman, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Mika Häkkinen, Tony Hawk, Mike Horn, Miguel Indurain, Michael Johnson, Kip Keino, Franz Klammer, Dan Marino, Edwin Moses (Chairman), Nawal El Moutawakel, Robby Naish, Ilie Nastase, Martina Navratilova, Alexej Nemov, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Morné du Plessis, Hugo Porta, Steve Redgrave, Vivian Richards, Monica Seles, Mark Spitz, Daley Thompson, Alberto Tomba, Steve Waugh and Katarina Witt.

    Since its foundation Laureus has raised over € 60 million for over 140 projects in 34 countries,  which have improved the lives of more than 1.5 million socially-deprived children and youths.  The foundation primarily addresses problems that affect today’s youths  – including poverty, social exclusion, armed force, gangs and discrimination.

    Laureus was founded by the Daimler AG and Richemont and is supported by Mercedes-Benz.


    As the oldest automobile manufacturer in the world Mercedes-Benz looks back on a long and unique tradition. Mercedes-Benz is the most high-grade premium automobile brand in the motor vehicle sector and stands for first-class quality, safety, comfort, design and sustainable mobility. The car manufacturer enjoys an excellent reputation, primarily as a pioneer in the area of safety.  Many technical innovations that have since become a standard in all vehicles, were initially introduced by Mercedes-Benz.  The designers and builders of Mercedes-Benz will in future continue to reinvent the automobile – with the same enthusiasm and innovative spirit as Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz in the year 1886.  Mercedes-Benz has also been committing itself in the field of professional and amateur sports and has long since established itself as a reliable partner in the motorsport, football, golf, equestrian and tennis sectors.  The brand with the star is one of the global partners of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.  Since the foundation was established in the year 2000 Mercedes-Benz has been supporting the ideas and values of this global non-profit making initiative, which combats social problems through sport.  Laureus has become a fundamental aspect of Mercedes-Benz’s social responsibility.

    28.06.2013 - Success for Koos de Ronde

    The World Cup winner, Koos de Ronde, won the Prize of the Soers and has thus progressed up to third place in the interim results of the individual drivers.  The Dutchman drove to victory in the individual obstacle driving test with his team of horses Bilbo, Nietje, Santana and Ziman.  As one of only four drivers, who crossed the finish line within the permitted time, the 36-year-old completed the course in a time of 194.55 seconds.  The reigning World Champion, Boyd Exell from Australia secured second place (197.36 seconds), and the German driver Deutsche Georg von Stein came third (197.47). The Dutch driver Ijsbrand Chardon, who came fourth with a time of 197.81 seconds, also made it home within the allowed time.  In total 25 participants from ten nations competed in the obstacle driving competition in the Driving Stadium of the Aachener Soers.  The American driver, Chester Weber, who finished five in the obstacle test, is still heading the field in the individual classification.

    “It went very well for me today,” commented Koos de Ronde with satisfaction. “I have been doing really well in the obstacle driving tests recently and today everything ran smoothly again.  My team is easy to drive and has a very good basic speed, enabling me to drive clear.” The German driver, Georg von Stein, thought the time was big challenge with today‘s course: “The course was technically demanding. The biggest problem was the permitted time; one really had to keep the speed up the whole time.”

    The Dutch driver, de Ronde is now placing his focus on tomorrow’s Marathon, which comprises of eight obstacles that were designed by the German course designer, Hartmut Kaufmann. “One shouldn’t underestimate the course in Aachen. When you walk the course it seems quite easy, but when you are actually driving it is much more difficult.” De Ronde is going to attempt to hold on to his third place in the individual classification, because the gap between him, Weber and Exell is so wide that it is going to be extremely difficult to catch up under normal circumstances.

    Today didn’t run smoothly at all for the 23-year-old sports soldier, Michael Brauchle.  After being taken to hospital yesterday suffering from stomach ache, the doctors diagnosed food poisoning and an inflammation of the colon. He was able to leave the hospital in the morning and competed in spite of being in pain.  Unfortunately though, the bit of one of his front horses (Cassanova T) snapped before they reached the finish line, so he wasn’t able to complete the course and was eliminated.  Luckily, because today’s test only counts towards the individual ranking, he will be able to compete in tomorrow’s Marathon and in the obstacle driving test on Sunday for the team classification.

    28.06.2013 - Hopp Schwiiz

    The Swiss rider, Werner Muff, won the Net-Aachen Prize.  The 39-year-old rode to victory on his 11-year-old French gelding, Osiris du Goyen, in a time of 76.90 seconds.  Shane Breen from Ireland finished second with Ominerale Courcelle (77.82), followed by the German rider, Katrin Eckermann, who took 78,01 seconds to complete the course with Olivia La Sweet. Born in Lucerne, Muff, who came fourth with Switzerland’s team at the Olympic Games in London last year, runs the former yard of the extremely successful Swiss two-time European Champion, Stefan Lauber, in Seuzach near Winterthur.

    28.06.2013 - Success for Ludger Beerbaum

    Ludger Beerbaum won the RWE Prize of the North Rhine-Westphalia.  The 49-year-old celebrated a clear victory in the jump-off with the 14-year-old stallion, Chaman in a time of 38.12 seconds, ahead of the US-American rider Laura Kraut with the 15-year-old Holsteiner gelding, Cedric, and Marcus Ehning with Plot Blue. Kraut’s time of 39.77 seconds was much slower than that of the winner.  Ehning crossed the finish line in a time of 40.45 seconds.

    “It wasn’t possible to beat Ludger today,” stated Marcus Ehning, who was visibly satisfied with his first podium placing at this year’s CHIO.  Ehning: “It is a victory in itself sitting here next to Ludger and Laura.” Laura Kraut was also obviously delighted at coming second. “Cedric jumps a little to the right, so I had to take a couple of turns rather wide,” the winner of the Grand Prix in Wiesbaden commented.

    Ludger Beerbaum praised Chaman, who notched up a victory in his final class at this year’s show.  “He is a fantastic horse, but other horses are more suitable for Championships,” said Beerbaum, who together with the horse’s owner, Madeleine Winter-Schulze, was visibly delighted about winning the Prize of the North Rhine-Westphalia for the third time. “It is always something special in Aachen,” the winner admitted and praised the first-class line-up of riders and the exciting jump-off, where the final rider, Hans-Dieter Dreher, almost snatched the victory away from Beerbaum, but then in the last second a pole fell. “Sport couldn’t be any better,” noted the successful four-time Olympic gold medallist.

    The competition was slightly overshadowed by Andreas Kreuzer’s fall.  His gelding, Balounito, got into trouble at the last jump of the double combination.  The 22-year-old rider fell headlong to the floor and had to be taken to hospital. “He can move everything, but he can’t remember the fall,” commented the national coach, Otto Becker.  It was announced after the competition that the member of the German cadre for talented young riders is suffering from a slight concussion and would be staying in hospital overnight for observation. “The horse simply lost all its impulsion in that split second. Andreas was very lucky,” appraised team colleague, Marcus Ehning.

    28.06.2013 - Danish Dressage-victory

    This year’s CHIO Aachen partner country has reason to celebrate: Nanna Skodborg Merrald won the U25 Prize of the Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. The Danish rider won the “International Piaffe Prize” of the FEI Intermediate II Class on the 12-year-old gelding, Millibar, with a score of 71.442 percent.  The American rider, Caroline Roffman, came second with Sagacious HF (68.953 percent), followed by the German dressage rider, Nadine Husenbeth, who was awarded a score of 68.326 with Florida. Curious: Four of the five judges ranked the Danish rider in first place. Only the judge at E, Andrew Gardner, placed the 19-year-old fourth. The British judge awarded Annabel Frenzen with Cristobal the most points, who finished eighth overall.

    28.06.2013 - Viersen wins

    Julia Bergemann, Antonia Fernau, Rebekka Jütten and Bianca Sopha – are the delighted winners of this year’s Preis des Handwerks in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. The ladies from the District Association of Viersen won the national Quadrille dressage competition with their horses Nawaro, Huckleberry Finn, Pablo and Robbespierre.  They scored 8.5 for the technical performance and 9.5 for the artistic impression, which resulted in a total score of 9.0. Thus, the team of riders led by Marion Heitzer asserted themselves against their fellow competitors from the District Associations of the Bergisch Land (8.6), Aachen (8.5), Heinsberg (7.7), Wesel and Cologne (both with a score of 7.6).  The teams had to perform a freestyle routine according to the requirements of a medium level dressage freestyle test.

    28.06.2013 - Breen und Excell Homerun

    The Irish show-jumper Shane Breen with Zarnita and four-in-hand driving legend, Boyd Exell from Australia won the Tank & Rast – Jump & Drive Prize.  With four faults and a time of 137.02 seconds, the “Island Duo” narrowly secured themselves the victory in the combined jumping and driving competition, ahead of their Dutch fellow competitors Leon Thijssen with Ulena and Theo Timmermann.  The team reached the finish line in 137.5 seconds and gave away the victory that was within arm’s reach by picking up four penalty seconds at the final obstacle (eight penalty seconds in total). If they hadn’t knocked off the second ball, the Oranjes would have celebrated a second triumph, after winning the Nations‘ Cup the evening before.  Pius Schwizer and Ulrich Werner from Switzerland claimed third place (138.36 seconds).

    Each team consisted of a show-jumper and a driver. First of all, the rider had to complete a course comprising of eight obstacles and then he had to run to the carriage, jump on and finish the rest of the course in the carriage with his driver.  The atmosphere in the Soers proved once again that this extravagant competition is extremely popular with the crowd. This year’s CHIO seems to be characterised by nail-biting competitions that are decided in the very last second. Most of the jumping competitions have been extremely close right till the last fence too.

    28.06.2013 - German leading

    Today on Friday, the eventer’s competitions finally also got underway at the CHIO Aachen. In the morning the 42 eventers completed their dressage test in the Deutsche Bank Stadium.  Then, in the evening the jumping competition was staged in the Main Stadium.  In the individual classification, the German rider, Sandra Auffarth is currently lying in the lead in the DHL Prize with Oppun Louvo.  The 26-year-old, who won bronze at the Olympic Games in London, achieved a score of 31.80 minus points after performing an excellent ride.  The Australian rider, Andrew Hoy, claimed second place in the dressage with Cheeky Calimo (32.60), followed by the German eventer, Andreas Ostholt (33.80), who steered the Westphalian-bred gelding, So is et, through the dressage arena.  Michael Jung ranked sixth after the dressage with his Olympic horse, Sam (34.60).

    In the jumping competition Auffarth held onto her lead after a sovereign clear round.  Her team colleague, Ingrid Klimke, who lay in fourth place after the dressage, also managed to move up two places in the rankings after jumping clear with Tabasco (34,80/2nd place).  After the jumping competition last year’s winner, Christopher Burton from Australia, currently ranks third with Holstein Park Leilani (35.60). Michael Jung, who also had a clear round, improved his ranking by two places and is currently fourth in the interim results.

    In the team classification, Germany are currently heading the field – as was the case after the dressage – with an interim score of 113.40 minus points. Great Britain, who ranked fourth after the dressage, have since moved up into second place (132.60), followed by Australia in third place (133.20).

    The grand final of the DHL Prize, the cross-country competition, starts tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10 am.

    28.06.2013 - Second win for Kristina Sprehe

    Second performance, second victory: The comeback of the De-Niro son, Desperados, after returning from injury (he sustained a leg injury at the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg) couldn’t have run more smoothly: Kristina Sprehe from Dinklage rode to victory on her Olympic horse in the Lindt-Prize, Grand Prix Spécial of the CDI Tour. Obtaining a score of 76.062 percent, she relegated the Olympic team silver medallist, her German colleague, Jessica Werndl with Unee BB (72.250) and the Austrian rider, Victoria Max-Theurer with Blind Date (70.792) into second and third place, respectively.

    Desperados performed even more sovereignly than in the Grand Prix.  He particularly demonstrated his strengths towards the end of the test.  All five judges placed the duo in first place.  The former European Champion of the Young Riders, Werndl, who like Sprehe and Max-Theurer had to ride in heavy rainfall, secured second place.

    27.06.2013 - Swedish Victory

    The Swedish rider, Henrik von Eckermann, won the second CHIO leg of the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup.  On his seven-year-old Westphalia-bred mare, For Sale 6, the 32-year-old who rides for Ludger Beerbaum, crossed the finish line of the 490-metre long course in the fastest time in the field of 35 participants and secured himself the victory in the first jumping competition of the day.  16 pairs jumped clear.  Von Eckermann reached home in a time of 66.70 seconds.  The Brazilian rider, Alvaro de Miranda, was only two hundredths of a second slower (66.81) with AD Amigo der Brasilianer, who won the Prize of the StädteRegion Aachen in memoriam of District Administrator Hermann-Josef Pütz the day before.  Second place went to the Swiss rider, Janika Sprunger, who finished the course with Aris Cms in 67.84 seconds.  Seven German riders finished right behind the trio: David Will, Marcus Ehning, Patrick Stühlmeyer (who won the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup on Tuesday), Daniel Deusser, Katrin Eckermann, Christian Ahlmann and Carsten Otto Nagel.

    27.06.2013 - O-contract extension till 2025

    The Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung (FN) and the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, have extended the O-Contract until the year 2025.  The traditional showground at the Aachener Soers thus remains to be the German event location for Nations’ Cups in five disciplines.

    “I am delighted that we are going to continue our long-standing fruitful cooperations,” commented FN President, Breido Graf zu Rantzau, during this year’s CHIO Aachen.  The development the equestrian show has shown “makes us very proud here at the FN”.  One is now not only looking forward to the coming CHIOs, but of course to the European Championships 2015.  Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), the organisers of the CHIO Aachen, is particularly happy “that we have come to the agreement during this present CHIO Aachen to continue our extremely trusting cooperation for a further ten years.”

    The “O” stands for “Official” (CHIO=Concours Hippique International Officiel).  The CHIO Aachen is thus the official equestrian show of the Federal Republic of Germany and the only venue in Germany, at which Nations’ Cups are allowed to be staged.  The existing contract runs until the year 2015.  Nations‘ Cups in the disciplines jumping, dressage, eventing, driving and vaulting are staged in Aachen.  Over 350,000 spectators are expected to visit the showgrounds during the CHIO Aachen 2013.  International events have been organised at the Aachener Soers since the early 1920s, the club was already founded 115 years ago.


    27.06.2013 - Netherlands in the lead

    The US-American, Chester Weber, also won the second dressage competition of the four-in-hand drivers.  The 38-year-old claimed the victory in the Prize of the Martello Immobilienmanagement GmbH & Co. KG in the Driving Stadium with his successful team Para, Senate, Splash and Uniek after scoring 38.21 minus points and thus repeated his triumph of the day before, when he put in the best dressage performance in the “Prize of Horsch, Der Entsorger“.  The further rankings were also pretty much the same as the day before:  the reigning World Champion, Boyd Exell from Australia, came second with 38.91 minus points.  The Dutch team World Champion, Theo Timmermann, drove into third place (40.38).  Contrary to yesterday’s test, when the drivers were collecting points for the individual classification, today’s round counts towards the team classification.  The Dutch team – represented by Theo Zimmermann, Koos de Ronde and Ijsbrand Chardon – (87.29 points ) currently lies ahead in the team competition, followed after a big gap by the current World Champions, the US team, comprising of Chester Weber and James Fairclough (98.5). Germany currently lies in third place (Christoph Sandmann, Georg von Stein and Michael Brauchle /100.8).  Whether Brauchle will be able to compete in the remaining tests of the competition is however still unclear.  The 23-year-old sport soldier from Lauchheim was already suffering from stomachache in the morning, competed neverthless as fourth starter in the field of 25 in the dressage, but had to be taken to hospital shortly afterwards.

    The obstacle driving test on Friday and the Marathon on Saturday count towards the individual classification. The Marathon and a final obstacle driving test on Sunday are added to the team dressage results for the final score of the team classification in the Nations’ Cup.

    27.06.2013 - German Victory in Nationscup

    Germany won the CDIO team classification, the Lambertz Nations’ Cup, for the third time in succession in front of 5,000 spectators in the sold-out Deutsche Bank Stadium.  Helen Langehanenberg (Havixbeck) with Damon Hill NRW, Isabell Werth (Rheinberg) with Don Johnson FRH, Anabel Balkenhol (Rosendahl) with Dablino FRH and Fabienne Lütkemeier (Paderborn) with D’Agostino 5 achieved a total score of 232.15 points at the Soers, giving them a clear lead ahead of their fellow competitors from Denmark (223.043) and the USA (217.298).  Langehanenberg was awarded the highest score and thus won the Prize of the Tesch Family.

    Since the strong competitors from Great Britain and the best riders from the Netherlands weren’t competing, the hosts were the favourites from the onset.  Yet, the victory was by no means matter of course for the team. “It is an honour for me to be sitting here,” said the German national coach, Monica Theodorescu, and praised above all the World Cup winner, Helen Langehanenberg.  The 31-year-old was the unchallenged top rider of the dressage competition in the Deutsche-Bank Stadium.  She ranked first with a score of 81.128 points, ahead of her training colleague Anabel Balkenhol, who scored 77.403.  The dressage legend, Isabell Werth, made a few small mistakes and finished seventh overall.  Lütkemeier came tenth, so hers was the scratch result.

    The exceptional horse, Damon Hill, cracked the magical 80 percent mark (the only pair in the competition) once again at the CHIO. “I am enjoying this now.  Then comes the critical glance,” joked Helen Langehanenberg, overjoyed about her victory in the Prize of the Tesch Family.  She stated that the horse had felt fresh. “I definitely had fun,” the 31-year-old reported.

    The surprise of the day came from Langehanenberg‘s friend, Anabel Balkenhol.  Not even the experts had expected the 41-year-old to put in such a wonderful performance with her 13-year-old gelding, Dablino. “She has often showed this level of performance in training,” commented national coach, Theodorescu.  And today she managed to put it into practice in the test too. 77.043 percent – the second best result in the individual classification – which immediately turned the rider from Rosendahl into a potential candidate for the European Championships team, if she is able to repeat her excellent form in the Grand Prix Special on Saturday and the freestyle on Sunday.

    The five-time Olympic gold medallist, Isabell Werth, and the just 23-year-old Fabienne Lütkemeier were not quite as convincing.   In the case of Isabell Werth this was mainly due to a timing error. “I completely forgot to keep an eye on the clock,” admitted the 43-year-old.  She was watching some of the other riders and had prepared Don Johnson ten minutes too early for the test. “So, he was over the point, when I had to enter the ring,” explained Werth.  The fact that she nevertheless contributed to the German team’s victory was, according to the national coach, attributable to the “high professionalism and experience of Isabell”.   However, it also made it clear to Theodorescu that the entire team has to become a little more finely tuned before the imminent European Championships in Herning (Denmark).

    Third place in the individual classification went to this year’s CHIO partner country, Denmark.  Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, the niece of the Danish Queen, Margrethe, came third with her 16-year-old gelding, Disgby, after achieving a score of 75.638 percent.  The team also intends to “battle it out for a medal” at the European Championships on home ground, according to the Danish national coach, Rudolf Zeilinger.  On Sunday, Theodorescu will announce the four German team members for Herning as well as the reserve duo.  In addition to the four Nations’ Cup riders, Kristina Sprehe from Dinklage is also a potential European Championships candidate.  The Olympic silver medallist celebrated a comeback with Desperados the day before in the HAVENS Pferdefutter Prize by winning the Grand Prix, after the horse had sustained an injury at the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg.  As a result of his injury she did not compete in Balve and is thus only able to ride in the small tour in Aachen.

    27.06.2013 - Victory for Cian O´Connor

    The Irish rider, Cian O’Connor, won the STAWAG Prize.  The 33-year-old Olympic bronze medallist claimed the victory in the field of 57 riders, after finishing the course in a time of 63.78 seconds with his 12-year-old mare, Unique.  Second place went to Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof’s Uppity.  The Dutch rider took 64.17 seconds to complete the 490-metre long course.  The French rider, Pénélope Leprevost, ranked third with Flora de Mariposa after jumping clear in 64.72 seconds.

    The winner of the STAWAG Prize competed towards the end of the field and had watched Leprevost ride beforehand. “She was very quick and I wanted to ride fast from the very beginning, but of course when the jumps are 1.50 metres high you can’t ride too wildly,” commented O’Connor.  Since the riders can also collect world ranking points, this competition has a high standing for the competitors. “Aachen is undoubtedly the best show in the world.  One is even pleased to do well in the smaller competitions,” the Irish rider, who lives in Montabaur near Frankfurt in the summer and spends the winter in Dublin, explained.

    He has only been riding Unique, who was previously ridden by Nick Skelton, since January but has already celebrated some victories in major competitions in Germany. “Unique is a fantastic horse, which will definitely develop into a top Grand Prix horse,” O’Connor estimated.  He also explained that since he doesn’t have a main sponsor, normally once the horses are jumping very successfully they are sold.

    26.06.2013 - Media Night 2013

    This was the first encounter between Princess Royal Mary of Denmark and Emmelie de Forest, the Danish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. At the Media Night held during the CHIO Aachen athletes met actors, politicians met key business personalities and stars met starlets. The exceptional mix of guests has always been precisely what lends this special CHIO evening its unique charm. In addition to the Princess Royal and the Danish singer, “007” Roger Moore had also travelled to the Soers, as well as the presenters Oliver Pocher, Marco Schreyl and Mathias Opdenhövel, who were in best spirits. Whilst the three joked around on the red carpet – which incidentally is green in Aachen to match the colour of the ‘holy grass’ in the stadium – the remaining guests inside danced, dined and chatted merrily. Hans-Dietrich Genscher with his wife Barbara attended the event at the Aachener Soers as well as the football coach legend Otto Rehhagel with his wife Beate, the fencing Olympic gold medallist, Britta Heidemann and the actor Ornella Muti. The Princess Royal Mary and Princess Benedikte spent much longer at the Media Night than the royal protocol had planned. They arrived in the “Champions’ Circle” behind the Riders’ Stand – accompanied by the fanfare of the mounted Hussar Regiment – just after the Opening Ceremony.

    26.06.2013 - Second German Winner

    The German rider, Hans-Dieter Dreher won the Prize of the Handwerks.  The 41-year-old show-jumper from Eimeldingen triumphed in the speed competition after reaching the finish line with his 13-year-old stallion, Master de Menardiere, in a time of 62.62 seconds. The rider from Baden-Württemberg was thus over a second faster than David Will, who finished second on Black Jack after crossing the finish line in 63.72 seconds. The German team thus achieved a double victory in the opening jumping competition on Wednesday.  14 pairs had managed to jump clear over the 500-metre long course designed by Frank Rothenberger, which comprised of eleven obstacles and 13 fences. The Belgian rider, Jérôme Guery, who was just eight hundredths of a second slower than Will, came third on Popstar Lozonais.

    26.06.2013 - Deutsche Sporthilfe

    Supporting aspiring young equestrian athletes to combine top sport and vocational training / Deutsche Bank expands its promotion for German top athletes

    On the occasion of the World Equestrian Festival, the CHIO Aachen, the Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Deutsche Bank have further extended their commitment to the German equestrian sport.  In the scope of the Deutsche Sporthilfe’s initiative “Sprungbrett Zukunft – Sport & Karriere“ (Stepping Stone Future – Sport & Career) they are all participating in the new mentoring programme, the first step of which specifically addresses also German equestrian athletes.  The aim is to lay the initial foundations for the future profession of athletes sponsored by the Deutsche Sporthilfe during their sporting careers and to support them later with the transition from their active sporting career into working life.

    “By participating in the mentoring programme of the Sporthilfe, the Deutsche Bank is consistently extending its commitment to top sport, beyond financial sponsorships. In the scope of the initiative experienced managers will help athletes to build up a second main pillar on a voluntary basis,” commented Christofer Habig, Global Head of Brand Communications & Corporate Citizenship of the Deutsche Bank.  The Deutsche Bank is one of four national sponsors of the Deutsche Sporthilfe and has constantly expanded its commitment over the past few years.  For example last year the Deutsche Bank Sport Scholarship was introduced for 300 student athletes, providing them with support to the value of 300 Euros per month.

    The Deutsche Sporthilfe launched the “Sprungbrett Zukunft – Sport & Karriere“ (Stepping Stone Future – Sport & Career) initiative earlier this year in April with the support of the industry.  The objective of the initiative is to provide the athletes with more job security after their sporting careers.  Thanks to offers such as short-term internships, support in applying for jobs and mentor programmes the German young sporting talents are to be given the opportunity to combine top sport with a professional career.

    “In order to enable top sport at the highest level, it is important that the athletes can concentrate on their sporting careers – and parallel to this have the opportunity to invest in their vocational development.  This is where the initiative ‘Sprungbrett Zukunft’ comes into play. The Deutsche Bank is presenting itself as a pioneer and setting a good example by supporting this initiative,” commented Dr. Michael Ilgner, Chairman of the Deutsche Sporthilfe.

    The Deutsche Bank is already supporting the “Sprungbrett Zukunft“ initiative with its code word application option.  Here, the special situation of the athletes sponsored by the Sporthilfe is taken into account and issues such as prolonged years of study, the absence of internships and lacking work experience are not assessed negatively.  The Deutsche Bank is one of the first companies to participate in the mentoring programme.  In the scope of the initiative, athletes sponsored by the Sporthilfe are supported in their professional development by experienced managers on a voluntary basis.  The mentors carry out an advisory role and act as sparring partners for the sporting mentees in matters such as the choice of profession, but also regarding issues such as picking up work experience and getting a job.  The athletes will be accompanied by the Deutsche Bank and further mentors from the industry sector with immediate effect.  One of them is Fabienne Lütkemeier, Dressage European Champion of the Young Riders in the year 2010.

    “There are some very promising aspiring young talents in the German equestrian sport.  Receiving personal support from a mentor from the industry sector helps our dressage riders with their professional career development,” stated Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.   A close partnership has united the equestrian sport and the Deutsche Sporthilfe since 1967.  Primarily, young talented riders are sponsored, including at the moment three aspiring riders, who have been awarded the Deutsche Bank Sport Scholarship.

    A decade-long partnership unites the Deutsche Bank and the CHIO Aachen. Just last year they extended their contract up until 2016.  The Deutsche Bank is one of the Main Sponsors of the World Equestrian Festival.  The CHIO Aachen runs until June 30th.

    Further information is available from:

    Deutsche Bank AG
    Friederike Borgmann
    Tel. 069 / 910-38039
    E-Mail: friederike.borgmann@db.com

    CHIO Aachen
    Niels Knippertz
    Tel. 0241 / 9171180
    E-Mail: niels.knippertz@chioaachen.de

    Deutsche Sporthilfe
    Jörg Hahn
    Tel. 069 / 67803-500
    E-Mail: joerg.hahn@sporthilfe.de

    26.06.2013 - The Silver Horse

    Seit 1986 wird der Medienpreis „Das Silberne Pferd“ von dem Deutschen Reiter- und Fahrerverband e. V vergeben – seit 2001 in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V. Mit dem renommiertesten Preis, den Journalisten im Bereich des Reitsports erhalten können, wird besonderes Engagement und außergewöhnliche Leistung ausgezeichnet. Auch 2013 wurden viele hochkarätige Beiträge in den Kategorien „Print“, „TV“ sowie „Audio/Neue Medien“ eingereicht. Am Dienstagnachmittag war es soweit. Im Hauptstadion wurden im Rahmen der CHIO-Eröffnungsfeier die Gewinner bekanntgegeben:  Die Sportredaktion des Medienhauses Lensing in der Kategorie „Print“, Vanessa Kossen & Elske Burkert (NDR) in der Kategorie „TV“ sowie Doreen Strasdas und Jörg Tegelhütter (NRD Sport Hörfunk) in der Kategorie „Audio/Neue Medien“. Überreicht wurden die Preise von der international erfolgreichen Vielseitigkeitsreiterin Ingrid Klimke, die in diesem Jahr beim CHIO Aachen ebenfalls in der Disziplin Dressur an den Start gehen wird. Klimke lobte das Engagement der Sportjournalisten: „ Ohne fachkompetente Journalisten würde der Reitsport nicht eine solche Resonanz erreichen. Das wissen wir Sportler sehr zu schätzen.“ Aber natürlich gibt es auch für eine hocherfolgreiche Sportlerin wie Ingrid Klimke noch Ziele: „Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen, einmal auf der Siegertafel beim CHIO Aachen zu stehen.“ Mit einem ganz besonderen Preis wurde zum Schluss der Preisvergabe Wolfgang Brinkmann überrascht. Er erhielt das Silberne Pferd für sein Lebenswerk. „Damit habe ich nicht gerechnet. Ich bin 21 Jahre Präsident des Deutschen Reiter- und Fahrerverbands gewesen, 22 Jahre lang habe ich das Silberne Pferd an Journalisten vergeben. Dass ich eines Tages selbst einmal ein Silbernes Pferd erhalten werden, hätte ich mir nie erträumt“, so Brinkmann.

    26.06.2013 - Maher wins

    Team Olympic gold medallist, Benjamin “Ben” Maher won the first major jumping competition at the CHIO in Aachen.  The 30-year-old British rider steered the eleven-year-old mare Cella to victory in the Warsteiner Prize, the Prize of Europe, after finishing first in the jump-off.  Together with the Belgian warmblood, which belongs to Jane Clark, Maher reached the finish line of the 400-metre long jump-off course in 44.07 seconds.

    Of the 52 show-jumpers in the first round, 20 reached the jump-off, which indicates that the course designer, Frank Rothenberger, is obviously saving the really difficult tasks for later on this week. “The course isn’t the most difficult, but certainly not too easy either.  That is a sign of the high quality in Aachen,” commented Dennis Peiler, DOKR and FN Sport Director.  The German equestrian sport official would of course have preferred a further victory by one of the German representatives (Patrick Stühlmeyer and Hansi Dreher have already collected winning rosettes). “I am keeping my fingers crossed for our wild young riders,” said Peiler before the final round and referred to the top performance of the German young jumping talents group.  Five of the aspiring riders competed in the first round.  Three of the U25 riders – Katrin Eckermann, Jan Wernke und David Will – reached the jump-off; unfortunately, the young talents were not able to reach the top rankings in the jump-off.  The best German rider was Christian Ahlmann, who came eleventh with his top horse, Taloubet Z, followed closely by Katrin Eckermann in twelfth place with Firth of Lorne.

    Narrowly pipped at the post, Harrie Smolders, the Dutch rider crossed the finish line second on Exquis Walnut de Muze in a time of 45.74 seconds.  The French rider, Pénélope Leprevost, jumped clear in 45.88 seconds with her horse Nayana, which meant rank three.  Nine riders in total finished the jump-off without picking up any faults.

    “Cella is a fantastic horse.  She is very fast.  Her strength lies in the long distances between the jumps.  The course was very favourable for us today,” said Maher. His recipe for success? “I saw that a lot of riders picked up faults at the wall just before the finish line, so I made sure I took a straight line over the Rolex oxer so that the distance to the wall was just right,” was how the winner described his course tactics.

    Maher himself described his current situation as “very comfortable”.  The young British rider is pleased to have a second top horse, Cella (Cento/Chin Chin), in addition to his Olympic ride, Triple X. “That means I have the perfect line-up for the individual competitions.”  He is currently on the road to success with Cella, who he has only been riding since the end of last year.  Just two weeks ago, he won the London leg of the Global Champions Tour with her and she also won the most prize-money at the Grand Prix in Palm Beach, Florida in February.  He explained that the mare is extremely self-motivated. “I am more of a passenger than a rider on her,” reported Maher.

    Incidentally, it is Ben Maher’s debut at the CHIO in Aachen.  The man from the British island was fascinated by the traditional equestrian sport show immediately. “I have never seen so many people watching show-jumping on a Wednesday before,” the rider, who came ninth at the Olympic Games, said in amazement.  32,700 people travelled to the Soers, earlier in the morning 7,500 children had accepted the invitation of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein to attend the traditional CHIO School Children’s Day.

    26.06.2013 - Max-Theurer winning

    Last year the Swedish rider, Patrik Kittel, came first in this competition, followed by Victoria Max-Theurer. This year the young Austrian got her revenge in the opening dressage competition of the CHIO, the Prize of the VUV Vereinigte Unternehmerverbände Aachen: The 27-year-old won the Prix St. Georges with a score of 74.421 percent, ahead of Kittel, who lives in Nottuln (near Munster). Kittel scored 74.368 percent with his Swedish warmblood mare, Deja.  Three of the five judges in the Deutsche-Bank Stadium placed the Austrian dressage rider first with her 10-year-old mare, Della Cavalleria OLD, two further judges ranked Patrik Kittel first and the German judge favoured Isabell Werth, who claimed third place with her gelding Lezard (74.053).

    26.06.2013 - First Round Driving

    The dressage specialist, Chester Weber, won the opening competition of the four-in-hand drivers at the CHIO.  The 38-year-old US-American drove to a sovereign victory in the Driving Stadium with his horses Para, Senate, Splash and Uniek obtaining a score of 31.20 points, ahead of the reigning World Champion, Boyd Exell (34.80) from Australia and the Dutch team World Champion, Theo Timmermann (38.70).  Weber, who competed with exactly the same team as last year, when he won the opening competition, was very satisfied with his performance in the dressage arena: “That went very well today.”  For the successful four-in-hand pilot, the CHIO in Aachen with its unique atmosphere is “always very special”.  So special that the man from Florida certainly didn’t want to leave his destiny to chance.  At the international equestrian show (CAI) in Saumur, France three weeks ago he had harnessed a younger horse and won the competition with this new constellation.  However, here in Aachen – incidentally contrary to the advice of his trainer, Michael Freund, the German record holder of the four-in-hand drivers – he opted for the much more experienced mare, Senate. “I don’t want to take any risks in Aachen. The days here are very long and tiring for the horses, so I prefer to rely on a trusted team,” was how Weber justified the decision, which has proved to be right so far.

    Concerning the rules: Since two years ago there have been separate competitions for the individual and team classifications at the CHIO.  Today’s dressage competition was part of the individual classification of the four-in-hand drivers.  The scores of the obstacle driving competition on Friday and the Marathon on Saturday are added to today’s dressage for the individual classification.  A further dressage test on Thursday applies for the team classification of the Nations’ Cup; the scores from this dressage test will then be added to the Marathon and a further obstacle driving competition on Sunday for the overall team result.

    26.06.2013 - Brazil winning

    Álvaro de Miranda was much faster than his fellow competitors in the jump-off of the Warsteiner Prize with AD Rahmannshof’s Bogengo.  Unfortunately, four faults at the double combination prevented the Brazilian rider from winning the competition.  The 40-year-old who lives in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands , was in his own words “a little frustrated of course”.  The reason for the plight of “Doda“, as he is referred to back at home: “I didn’t see Ben Maher ride (Prize of Europe winner) so I didn’t realise that I could have actually taken a little more time.”

    In the two-phase jumping competition – the Prize of the StädteRegion Aachen in memoriam of District Administrator Hermann-Josef Pütz, which followed directly afterwards – the Brazilian rider literally rode away his frustration with his number two horse, Show Show, an 11-year-old Belgian warmblood.  In a time of 32.37 seconds he relegated Dermott Lennon with Hallmark Elite (32.52) and the American rider Laura Kraut with Jubilee d’Ouilly (33.05) into second and third place respectively. “Show Show is a super horse and very fast.  I am very pleased to have him as my second best horse.”  But, Miranda will of course be saddling AD Rahmannshof’s Bogengo for the major competitions.

    26.06.2013 - Comeback for Desperados

    They were the second from last to enter the dressage arena in the Havens Pferdefutter Prize and in the end finished right at the top: In the late evening Kristina Sprehe won the CDI-Grand Prix, ahead of the Austrian dressage star, Victoria Max-Theurer and the Dutch dressage rider, Hans Peter Minderhoud.   Hence, the German dressage star celebrated a successful comeback with her 12-year-old Hannoveraner in the Deutsche-Bank Stadium.  Namely, at the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg the pair had to return home early, because the stallion sustained an injury while training before the competition.  Since then the 26-year-old from Dinklage had been resting her Olympic horse.  Now the De Niro son is back on the competition circuit after achieving a score of 73.723 percent.

    Sprehe’s victory means she is following in the footsteps of the national coach, Monica Theodorescu, who won this competition last year.  As in 2012, Victoria Max-Theurer came second with a score of 72.617 with her Hannoveraner mare, Blind Date.  Third place went to Hans Peter Minderhoud, who scored 72.596 percent with the Oldenburger, Glock’s Romanov.

    "HAVENS Pferdefutter" from the Netherlands supports the CHIO as a partner for more than 10 years.

    25.06.2013 - German Victory

    There was a German victory in the opening jumping competition: Patrick Stühlmeyer won the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup.  The 23-year-old jumped the 1.40-metre course clear in the fastest time with the Oldenburger gelding, Chasmo.

    He took precisely 72 seconds – and none of his fellow top-class competitors were able to match this time over the 520-metre long course designed by Frank Rothenberger.  “My horse felt super today.  He is very consistent, so you can actually plan your success with him,” Stühlmeyer said about the 8-year-old gelding.  The young man, who has been employed as a professional rider at the Erdmann Stables in Osnabruck since last year, is certainly not a newcomer to the national or international circuit.  The member of the German Young Jumping Talent Group of the Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) has been striding from victory to victory for some time already and has long since established himself in the world rankings.  The 2011 Team European Jumping Champion of the Young Riders recently claimed his first medal at the German Championships in Balve, namely the bronze medal, with his top horse, Lord Lohengrin.

    The youngster isn’t a stranger at the CHIO since last year either. “Aachen is something totally special of course,” commented Stühlmeyer.  He also said he hadn’t been overly nervous before competing, and had gone the whole hog even at the start of the show. “While others are still taking it easy, I really step on the gas,” the self-confident rider explained, announcing that he intends to claim further good placings over the next few days.

    According to Stühlmeyer the CHIO allows him to expand his horizon.  One of the advantages of the World Equestrian Festival? “Here you can watch so many professionals warming up, see how they work their horses and learn a lot from them.”  Stühlmeyer also has plenty of ambitions in the imperial city for the future.  It is his dream to win the Grand Prix.  “But I’ve still got a few years’ time to reach that goal,” the likeable shooting star joked.  Whereby, he has already set himself the target of qualifying for the Grand Prix this year.

    The veteran rider, Robert Smith, from Great Britain ranked second in the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup with his horse, Bavi.  He took 73.20 seconds to finish the course and was thus just over a second faster than Werner Muff (74.37/Switzerland), who came third.  The Swiss rider entered the jumping stadium on the grey gelding, Bas II.  In total 36 riders competed in the first classification of the tour for seven and eight-year-old horses.  The final is on Saturday.

    25.06.2013 - Magnificent Opening

    What a fantastic CHIO Opening Ceremony: The World Equestrian Festival celebrated a magnificent Opening Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.  This year’s CHIO partner country Denmark transformed the Opening Ceremony in an impressive and royal festival – a feast for ears and eyes alike.  The highlight was Princess Royal Mary of Denmark’s visit, who drove into the Main Stadium together with Princess Benedikte of Denmark in the Landau Carriage of the Danish Royal Family.  They waved to the enthusiastic 38,000 spectators, while escorted by the Hussar Regiment and the Danish Royal Life Guards with their affiliated music corps.  Princess Benedikte, who officially opened the CHIO Aachen, was very impressed by the atmosphere in the Main Stadium: “My love for horses and my passion for the equestrian sport aroused my enthusiasm for the CHIO Aachen, the World Equestrian Festival.  This equestrian show stands for top sport and a fascinating ambience.”  This atmosphere was particularly noticeable during a temperamental sabre fight performed by the Hussar Regiments.  They gallopped over jumps in the Main Stadium at breakneck speed swinging their sabres.  Emmelie de Forest, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest provided musical entertainment from Denmark.  She performed among others her winning song “Only Teardrops” live in the Main Stadium.  Her performance was accompanied by Frederiksborgers, Knabstruppers, 120 bicycles and members of the Danish gymnastic Group, DGI.  A wonderful scene, that showcased Denmark in all its facets.  Anna Kasprzak, the new dressage shooting star from Denmark, played a special role during the Opening Ceremony:  She had the honour of carrying the Danish flag into the Main Stadium during the presentation of the participating nations.

    Furthermore, the German Equestrian Olympic Committee (DOKR) had an important reason for celebrating, namely its 100th anniversary.  The DOKR took this occasion to transform the Main Stadium into an “Eventing Stadium“: The disciplines jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, vaulting, reining, endurance and para-dressage were presented simultaneously in a colourful show performance on the “Holy Grass”.  The participants included young riders, but also top stars such as Marcus Ehning, Ingrid Klimke, Christoph Sandmann and Kai Vorberg.

    There was a small surprise at the end of the CHIO Opening Ceremony: The secret of the logo for the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 was revealed by the Oberländer Reitertruppe (Oberland Mounted Troops), who waved flags bearing the logo of the European Championships in the form of a Hungarian Post Quadrille.

    For pictures click here...

    Ticket-Hotline: 0241-917-1111

    24.06.2013 - Princess Mary in Aachen

    When it is CHIO-time in Aachen, the partner country is traditionally bid a hearty welcome at the market square in Aachen one day before the official CHIO Opening Ceremony.  Waving red and white flags, around one thousand citizens crowded behind the barriers many rows deep to greet Princess Royal Mary of Denmark and the magnificent Royal Danish Hussar Regiment.

    The welcome ceremony of the Danish Royal Bodyguards comprising of 36 guards, clad in their striking blue uniforms, was extremely impressive.  They performed the march of the standard-bearers, which is exclusively played for the Danish Princess Royal and for the Danish Queen.  In addition to the Aachener Stadtreiter (City Riders of Aachen) and 8 Mounted Standard-bearers, 52 Mounted Hussar  Guards “marched” across the market square in Aachen – with their sabres and trumpets.   The Danish gymnastic group from Fünen gave an athletic performance, turning the market place into an open-air gymnasium and dance hall without further ado.  The exceptional ceremony was attended by a number of celebrities, including Prime Minister of NRW Hannelore Kraft; Marcel Philipp, Lord Mayor of the City of Aachen; as well as Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V.  Of course, the beloved CHIO mascot, Karli, was also present and he is receiving extra support this year too: Together with his new friend, Fair, the mascot of the European Championship in Herning, Karli danced merrily over the market square.  Annette Vilhelmsen, the Danish Minister for Enterprise and Growth, was visibly moved by the “Öcher” (Aachen) Reception and thanked all of the citizens from Aachen in her best German: “The whole city has transformed itself into a festival for the CHIO Aachen, and horses are the focal point.  You all have turned the City of Aachen into a small piece of Denmark this year.  Thank you for this warm welcome.“

    Starting at 4.40 pm on Tuesday, June 25th, the Danish guests will present themselves on an even bigger scale in the Main Stadium of the showgrounds in Aachen during the CHIO Opening Ceremony. Tickets are still available from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111, or online). Princess Royal Mary of Denmark and Emmelie de Forest, winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will also be participating in the Opening Ceremony in addition to many hundreds of athletes, hundreds of horses and the Royal Golden Carriage, which has left Denmark for the very first time ever.

    Pictures and more information here...

    23.06.2013 - Horse and Symfony

    A trip to America doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cross the Atlantic.  Sometimes an outing to the Soers in Aachen suffices, because yesterday evening the people attending the “Horse & Symphony” concert in the sold-out Deutsche Bank Stadium were whisked away to the “land of unlimited opportunities”.  The popular open-air event was held parallel to the CHIO Aachen, World Equestrian Festival for the ninth time this year.  The 5,000 spectators experienced the magnificent interplay between wonderful live music performed by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra and atmospheric, spectacular floodlit show numbers on horse or on foot.  It was the new General Music Director of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, Kazem Abdullah’s debut at this unique event.  Hence, the “Horse & Symphony” also paid homage to the new General Music Director, who comes from America.

    Lasso-swinging cowboys, Red Indians, horses, carriages and wagons – this is how we imagine the Wild West.  And that is exactly how the spectators were put in the mood for their journey to America yesterday evening.  Influenced by the music of “Wild, Wild West“ from the ballet “Billy the Kid“ by Aaron Copland a rather brutish and wild mood was created, which is somewhat unusual for the Deutsche Bank Stadium.  Then, the journey continued on to Broadway in glamorous New York with an elegant dressage freestyle.  The shepherd Anne Krüger and her daughter Carla, who led a dog and goats through the dressage arena instead of noble steeds impressed the crowd with songs like “Glitter and be Gay” by Leonard Bernstein and “All that Jazz” from the musical “Chicago“ in addition to further well-known melodies.  The highlight before the break was the joint performance by the world-class dressage rider Helen Langehanenberg and singer Kathy Kelly as “Ladies in Red”.  The duo was announced as the “Extraordinary Couple”: Helen Langehanenberg presented an imaginative freestyle routine on her young horse, Rohjuwel, that has never been seen before, to a medley of the songs “Who will come with me”, “Yo te quiero”, “Morrighan” and “Nay No Nay” performed live by Kathy Kelly – and Germany’s number one dressage rider certainly demonstrated that she is not only at home in competitive sport, she also gives fantastic show performances.  In the break, Kazem Abdullah was visibly impressed: “It is fantastic being here this evening. The atmosphere in the Deutsche Bank Stadium is wonderful and exceptional.  We all feel like we are part of the big CHIO family today.”

    The second half of the “Horse & Symphony” was just as spectacular.  The theme here was the four elements water, air, earth and fire.  The introduction got the stadium rocking: To the sounds of a classic version of “Smoke on the water”, Britta Rasche’s horse carried her through strong waves – an amazing depiction of water in the middle of the Deutsche Bank Stadium – to a sandy bank.  The performance of the RV Essen vaulting team was equally impressive.  60 vaulting children transformed the stadium into a colourful scene accompanied by “Dance of the Hours“ from the opera “La Gioconda“ by Amilcare Ponchielli.  Dressed in traditional Bavarian leather shorts, the Oberländer Riding Troop from Bavaria, presented a world unique Hungarian Post Quadrille with 12 horses.  A further highlight was a scene from the new sensational theatre production “Gefährten”, which is based on the film “War Horse”.  Later in the evening the Aachen Symphony Orchestra performed the "War Horse Suite“ written by the composer Adrian Geoffrey Sutton, whilst the protagonist of the theatre production, the horse Joey in the form of an artistic, life-size horse figure, entered the Deutsche Bank Stadium.  A moving performance, which amazed the crowd.

    Part of the proceeds are in aid of UNICEF and the “Die Sternsinger“ e.V. children’s mission in Aachen.

    Die Bilder des Abends sind auf unserer Facebookseite zu sehen...

    23.06.2013 - Royal Hussar Regiment arrived

    The Royal Danish Hussars arrived in Aachen. They will be performing during the opening ceremony on Tuesday. Tickets: Hotline (+49.241.917.1111), online or of course in Aachen.

    23.06.2013 - Nationscup

    A double victory for the host nation: The Germany I Team won the Prize of Sparkasse, the Nation’s Cup, when the vaulting competitions came to a close in the Albert-Vahle Arena.  The team – comprising of RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen, Erik Oese and Corinna Knauf – ranked first with a score of 25.825 ahead of Germany II (24.924) and the French team (24.184).  Last year’s individual winners, Stefan Csandl and Theresa Thiela, headed the ranking in the Pas-de-deux competition.

    Even if the Germans no longer head the field in each competition of each classification and a lot of countries have drawn level with the pioneering nation of the vaulting sport over the past years, the protégées of the national coach, Ulla Ramge, are still in a class of their own when it comes down to the Nations’ Cup competitions. “We have once again succeeded in coming first and second at the CHIO, where the world’s top vaulters compete. That makes me proud,” the national coach commented. “We are still unbeatable in the team classification,” stated the 50-year-old.

    Above all Corinna Knauf took everyone by surprise.  The young vaulter from Cologne came to Aachen with the aim of qualifying for the European Championships.  After performing the best freestyle routine among the German ladies, she impressively achieved her objective.  The 20-year-old also secured herself a place in Germany’s first Nations’ Cup team.  The young athlete convinced in this competition on her horse Fabiola with sister, Alexandra Knauf, at the end of the lunging rein. “This team gives me enormous strength, I can rely on both of them one hundred percent,” Knauf commented overjoyed after her freestyle test, for which she was awarded the highest score of all competitors (8.645).  She continued by explaining that her sister Alexandra knows exactly when she needs to push on the Westphalian-bred gelding during the choreography to the Whitney-Houston hit, “I will always love you”, so that she can put in a perfect performance.

    The strong Germany I team is rounded off by Erik Oese, the winner of the men’s classification, who gained a solid lead with his freestyle routine on the theme of “Prince” with his horse Calvador (Lunger: Andreas Bäßler) after achieving a score of 8.638, which put RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen, who competed last, in a favourable position.  The serial winners from the Rhineland also managed to assert themselves against the fellow competitors in the grand final. “The freestyle went much better today than yesterday,” Schmitz assessed and was especially proud of her “Seniors” Antje Hill and Elisabeth Simon.  The two athletes had actually finished their careers, but had to stand in at short notice as a result of two team members not being able to compete due to injuries.  Hill, team World Champion in 2006, after not vaulting for two years: “To be honest I was totally out of breath in the training sessions at the start.  But now it feels like I never stopped.”

    Second place in the Nations’ Cup went to the team comprising of VV Ingelsberg, Thomas Brüsewitz and Kristina Boe.  The vaulting group from Bavaria, who are coached by FN master of vaulting, Alexander Hartl, clocked up a score of 8.449 on Lazio.  The youngster Brüsewitz on Airbus and Boe on Don de la Mar, contributed the rest of the points after delivering strong performances.  The French team coached by Davy Delaire – comprising of the World Champion Nicolas Andreani, the Ecurie de la Cigogne team and Manon Noel – finished third.

    The Austrian vaulters Stefan Csandl and Theresa Thiel secured first place in the Pas-de-deux competition in the morning with a score of 7.807 on Jarl, lunged by Lasse Kristensen, finishing ahead of their fellow compatriots Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Millinger on Robin (Score: 7.77/Lung: Nina Rossin).

    Bilder sind auf unserer Facebook-Seite und hier zu sehen.

    23.06.2013 - "Soerser Sonntag"

    +++++soon available in english+++++

    Durch das wechselhafte Wetter ließ sich heute niemand abschrecken: 27.000 Menschen besuchten den Soerser Sonntag, präsentiert von WARSTEINER, auf dem CHIO-Turniergelände. Bereits zum 15. Mal fand der Soerser Sonntag im Rahmen des CHIO Aachen, Weltfest des Pferdesports, statt. Das war Anlass genug, ein außergewöhnliches Programm auf die Beine zu stellen. Neben der Pferdetram und Ponyreiten gab es natürlich viele Pferde, z. B. Dülmener Wildpferde und Haflinger, zu sehen. Die Zuschauerattraktion war jedoch der Programmpunkt „Rund ums Pferd“, bei der Besucher an verschiedenen Stationen alles über die Verpflegung von Pferden erfahren konnten: Vom Hufschmied über die richtige Fütterung und Pflege bis hin zum Tierarzt. „Der Soerser Sonntag ist unser Geschenk an alle CHIO-Fans. Es ist toll, dass wieder so viele Menschen unserer Einladung gefolgt sind, um den Tag in der wunderschönen Soers zu verbringen“, so Frank Kemperman, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e. V. Im geöffneten CHIO-Village mit über 210 Ausstellern konnten die Besucher zudem nach Herzenslust Shoppen.

    Am Dienstag, 25. Juni, beginnen die Springprüfungen um 12.30 Uhr mit dem Trainingsspringen, presented by STAWAG. Dieses ist öffentlich und wird fachmännisch kommentiert. Um 16.40 Uhr folgt die offizielle CHIO-Eröffnungsfeier, bei der unter anderem Kronprinzessin Mary von Dänemark sowie Emmelie de Forest, die Siegerin des diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest, dabei sein werden. Für die Eröffnungsfeier gibt es noch Tickets.

    22.06.2013 - ESC-winner at the CHIO

    Barefoot in the Main Stadium of the CHIO Aachen: Emmelie de Forest will sing at the Opening Ceremony on June 25th.  Among others, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will perform the ESC winning song “Only Teardrops”.

    In front of over 100 million TV viewers the beautiful 20-year-old won Europe’s biggest music contest.  Now Europe will be casting its eyes on Aachen, when on June 25th not only one of the most famous voices of Denmark, namely that of Emmelie de Forest, but also her Royal Highness the Princess Royal Mary as one of the most famous faces in the Kingdom, will be present at the Opening Ceremony. “As the partner country of the CHIO Aachen, Denmark is showing itself from its very best side – and its best voice,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.  The Princess Royal is also bringing the world-famous golden carriage of the Royal Family with her to the traditional showground in Aachen.  She will be accompanied among others by over 50 mounted guards of the Hussar Regiment, who will present a sabre-fight and other show elements.

    Tickets for the Opening Ceremony, which begins at 16.40 pm on June 25th, are still available.  Anyone, who is not able to attend the show live, still doesn’t have to miss out on anything, because it will be broadcast live on WDR television.  As at the ESC in Malmö, Emmelie de Forest will also be performing barefoot in Aachen.  In Germany she immediately climbed to place 5 in the charts with “Only Teardrops“, of course the visitors at the Opening Ceremony can also look forward to the top hit.  As well as appearances by the singer and the Princess Royal, 180 horses and 300 people will be taking part in the Opening Ceremony. Find a short sample here...

    Buy your ticket online.

    Ticket hotline for the Opening Ceremony: +49-(0)241-917-1111

    For further info: facebook.com/chioaachen

    22.06.2013 - Velkommen Danmark

    It is a long-standing tradition: One day prior to the CHIO Opening Ceremony the current partner country of the CHIO Aachen is given a euphoric reception by many thousands of people from Aachen in front of the impressive setting of the historic Town Hall in the market square of Aachen.

    Aachen is actually famous for being an imperial city, however this year the term “royal city” might in fact be more appropriate.  Because this year’s partner country, Denmark, will be presenting its royal side at the market place in Aachen at 5.30 pm on June 24th: The Danish Royal Lifeguards and their affiliated music corps, the Regiment of Hussar Guards as well as members of the Danish Gymnastics Federation, DGI, will all be taking part.  Karli and the mascot of the FEI European Championships 2013 (August 19th-25th, 2013) in Herning, Denmark will also be joining in the celebrations in Aachen’s market square. The highlight will be the appearance of Denmark’s Princess Royal, Mary of Denmark, who will also be attending the CHIO Opening Ceremony a day later.  The Prime Minister of NRW, Hannelore Kraft; Marcel Philipp, Lord Mayor of the City of Aachen, and Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V., will be welcoming the Danish guests in the market square of Aachen.


    22.06.2013 - Dieter Hecking at the CHIO

    Football coach, Dieter Hecking, visits the vaulting competitions at the CHIO Aachen with his family

    Dieter Hecking, the coach of the first division football club, VfL Wolfsburg and former coach of Alemannia Aachen, visited the Prize of the Sparkasse vaulting competitions at the CHIO Aachen on Saturday.  The 48-year-old sat on the main stand with his wife Kerstin (who vaulted as a child) and his youngest daughter Charlotte (11, member of the M vaulting team in Barsinghausen) and followed the team competitions with great enthusiasm. In an interview, he explained what football players could learn from the vaulters.

    Why are you here?

    I am accompanying my daughter and my wife.  They already purchased the tickets a year ago.  We are spending three days in Aachen this time and as well as watching the competitions we are also visiting a few friends.  For instance, yesterday we dined with Alemannia’s stadium commentator, Robert Moonen.

    Is this your first visit to the CHIO?

    No, when I was coaching in Aachen I often attended the CHIO.  The event has a high power of attraction.  I am a big fan of show-jumping; to be honest I enjoy it even more than vaulting.

    So will you be coming back next week too?

    No, unfortunately not because we start training in Wolfsburg next weekend.

    What does a trained coach’s eye say to the acrobatics on horses?

    The stability that has to be developed on the horse’s back is amazing.  So is the expression and the feeling for rhythm.  The vaulters performances here are extremely impressive.  I certainly raise my hat to each of the teams.  I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    What can the football players learn from the vaulters?

    Definitely their training diligence and enthusiasm for their sport. That is very evident, everywhere you look here.

    22.06.2013 - Erik Oese wins

    The team from Rhineland, the Ladies World Champion and Oese claim the victory in the Prize of the Sparkasse

    The RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen team and Joanne Eccles won the Prize of the Sparkasse, which means the girls from Rhineland and the Scottish vaulter were able to continue their impressive series of victories at the Soers.  Erik Oese from Dresden is a newcomer on the winners’ list and following his victory he joined the “Winners’ Club”.

    The team of trainer, Jessica Schmitz, seems to be invincible at the Albert-Vahle Arena.  In spite of the fact that two of the six team members had to be replaced at short notice due to injuries, the equestrian acrobats from the Neusser Nixhof topped the ranking after the compulsory and freestyle tests.

    In the ladies’ classification, Joanne Eccles caught up and took the victory after an impressive performance in the concluding competition.  After the first two rounds (compulsory and technical test), the Scottish vaulter “only” lay in second place.  She clearly won the final freestyle routine with a score of 8.966 and thus finished first in the overall classification (total score: 8.153).  It was the fifth triumph in succession for the horse and rider team, which is completed by father John, who is Joanne’s lunger and trainer.  In the end, the Danish vaulter Rikke Laumann had to make do with second place (8.015).

    The Vice World Champion Erik Oese was able to defend his lead after the first day of the vaulting competitions. The 25-year-old student teacher from Radebeul, near Dresden, only came second in the freestyle competition behind the World Champion, Nicolas Andreani, but the French vaulter wasn’t able to catch up on the lead of his German fellow-competitor.  Oese won the overall classification with a total score of 7.873 on Calvador (lunger: Andreas Bäßler) – ahead of his fellow compatriot, Thomas Brüsewitz.

    Fotos gibt es auf unserer Facebook-Seite.

    21.06.2013 - Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

    Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is the Aachen crowd’s favourite.  In an interview, the show-jumper spoke about her victories, her family and her rather disastrous debut ride in Aachen.

    Question: You rode for the team the last time in 2009 – what does being part of the team again mean to you?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: I am delighted that I am able to compete in the Mercedes-Benz Prize on Thursday evening this year.  No other competition boasts such a fantastic crowd or such an amazing atmosphere.  That is an incredible stimulus.  And my horse Bella Donna is in top shape – it is going to be gripping!”

    Question: The first time you rode for the USA in Aachen was at the beginning of the 90s. How did it go?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: I can remember it quite clearly.  I walked into the stadium, sat down on the “Holy Grass” and was absolutely overwhelmed.  I still recall that I was totally impressed – and the same is true today incidentally.  I wasn’t particularly successful in the subsequent Nations’ Cup by the way – I seem to remember that the poles flew everywhere.  Still I did manage to reach the finish line (laughs).  I swore to myself back then that I would return to Aachen – and put in a much better performance.

    Question: You will be competing on Bella Donna in Aachen. What is here current form?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: I have got a very good feeling about Bella Donna, she is in top shape. We already came third last year in the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen.  I am extremely proud of her.  So, let’s wait and see what this year’s CHIO Aachen brings…

    Question: You won the Rolex Grand Prix in Aachen in 2005. What did that feel like?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: That was a huge dream come true for me. There were four of us in the jump-off.  The final ride decided the competition.  The runner-up was literally just a fraction of second slower than I was.  Seeing one’s own name of the winner’s board is a fantastic feeling and I asked myself: Is this true or it is just a lovely dream?

    Question: The crowd in Aachen have opened up their hearts to you.  Does that help you while competing?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: That motivates me incredibly and I am so proud that the crowd in Aachen supports me so strongly.  That gives me strength, motivates me even more, and helps me to concentrate even better when I ride.

    Question: In 2011, you and the crowd said a very emotional good-bye to your top horse, Shutterfly.  How is he?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: Shutterfly is fantastic! He is very happy at the moment, because he has fallen head over heels with a four-year-old mare.  He is still extremely popular.  After we set up a fan page on Facebook for Shutterfly, the page got 11,000 likes within just two days.

    Question: Your successful horses Shutterfly, Quick Star and Checkmate are the patrons of the new Mercedes-Benz “CHIO Aachen exclusive” special edition models, which are on sale at the subsidiary in Aachen.  That must be something very special for you?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: This idea is unbelievable! I have heard that several cars from this series have already been sold. I am very proud that the names of my horses are being used for these elegant vehicles.

    Question: You have been very successful in the equestrian sport for many years.  Is there a secret to your success?

    Michaels-Beerbaum: Luck was always on my side, because I always got good, young horses to ride, with whom I was able to establish a good relationship from the very start.  After all the most important thing is to win the horses‘ trust.  It is the same as in a partnership – trust is the be all and end all of a well-coordinated team.

    Question: Your family offers you great support, I’m sure…

    Michaels-Beerbaum: Of course!  My daughter Brianne Victoria is the joy of my life and my absolute lucky-charm at competitions.  My daughter and my husband try to accompany me to as many shows as possible.  That always a fantastic feeling for me.


    Tickets gibt es hier...


    21.06.2013 - Vaulting has started

    What a coincidence: At the start of the vaulting competitions in the Albert-Vahle Arena, the reigning Vice World Champions headed the field in all competitions of the Prize of the Sparkasse. The RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen (Rhineland) left their entire international top-class competitors trailing behind in the team competition.  In the individual classification the Danish vaulter, Rikke Laumann, and Erik Oese from Dresden topped the rankings.  After the compulsory and technical routine – i.e. two of three rounds in total – they are all aiming to maintain their lead in the final freestyle competition tomorrow.

    A fortunate twist of fate: Denmark is the partner country of this year’s CHIO Aachen.  And promptly a representative of the Kingdom has taken pole position in the ranks of the equestrian acrobats.  Rikke Laumann surprisingly beat the CHIO series winner Joanne Eccles from Great Britain.  Achieving a score of 7.499 Eric Oese left all of his fellow competitors trailing behind in both rounds.  In the technical competition of the men’s individual classification he ranked first, beating among others the World Champion Nicolas Andreani from France (7.181/4th place).  In the team competition, RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen repeated its impressive series of CHIO victories (unbeaten since 2007).  The Rhineland team coached by their lunger Jessica Schmitz lies in first place after the compulsory test, followed by VV Ingelsberg.

    The first round of the pas-de-deux competition in the Prize of the Sparkasse kicks off at 9.30 am on Saturday morning.  The team freestyle competition follows at 10.30 am, before the individual vaulters perform their freestyle routines at 2.30 pm (Ladies) and 5 pm (Men).  The competitions are sold-out.

    19.06.2013 - Sensation in theatre WAR HORSE

    The play “War Horse” has already delighted countless people in London and on Broadway in New York.  In 2011 the imaginative production won six prizes at the TONY AWARDS® in New York.  Before the sensational hit of the National Theatre of Great Britain celebrates its premiere in German language under the title GEFÄHRTEN in Berlin on October 20th, 2013 at the traditional Stage Theater des Westens, it is stopping off at the CHIO Aachen 2013.  After all there couldn’t be a more appropriate setting for a play that focuses on the boundless friendship between a young man and his horse, than the World Equestrian Festival.  On Saturday evening, June 22nd, the Aachen Symphony Orchestra will perform for the first time ever the “War Horse Suite”, written by the composer Adrian Geoffrey Sutton, during the “Horse & Symphony” concert, while the protagonist of the play, the horse called Joey, enters the Deutsche Bank Stadium.  The second performance will take place on June 29th at 4.55 pm during the Prize of the AachenMünchener in the Main Stadium, in the break before the winning round.

    GEFÄHRTEN tells the story about the deep friendship between the English farmer’s boy, Albert, and his beloved horse, Joey.  The start of the First World War separates the two friends, because Joey is sold to the army.  However, Albert doesn’t give up.  Courageous and determined, he sets off on the adventurous search for his best friend.

    Life-size figures of horses come to life before the eyes of the spectators and whisk the crowd away into another world.  The interplay between the actors and the artistic horse figures of the South African Handspring Puppet Company are particularly fascinating and unique.  GEFÄHRTEN is based on the novel "War Horse“ by the British author of books for youths, Michael Morpurgo.

    GEFÄHRTEN (“War Horse”)
    starts October 20th, 2013
    Stage Theater des Westens, Berlin

    Tickets from 19.90 Euros/plus fees
    Tickets and information +49-(0)1805 / 44 44* and here...
    *0.14 €/min. from German landlines, max price for mobile phones: 0.42 €/min.

    17.06.2013 - CHIO Aachen 2013

    The World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, is Germany’s largest and most highly endowed sports event.  During the ten days of the show (June 21st–30th), the organisers are expecting over 350,000 visitors at the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers again.  With their 557 horses, 375 equestrian athletes from 30 nations will be competing for prize-money totalling 2.67 million Euros.

    “Competing in Aachen is the ultimate experience for us equestrians,” agreed show-jumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and her dressage colleague, Kristina Sprehe.  During a Press Conference the two world-class German riders jointly presented the coming CHIO Aachen event together with the Show Director, Frank Kemperman; the General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, Michael Mronz; the President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), Carl Meulenbergh and Aachen’s Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp.

    Indeed 1057 horses will be performing at the Soers in total – because in addition to the competition horses, a high number of horses will also be taking part in the supporting and show programmes. “180 horses will be involved in the spectacular Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, June 25th alone,” explained Frank Kemperman, who was able to announce an excellent line-up of participants.  The Rolex Grand Slam is guaranteed to provide extra nail-biting excitement too.  The initiative of the three organisers of the shows in Aachen, Calgary and Geneva kicks off at the coming CHIO, all relevant information can be found at www.rolexgrandslam.com.  The Show Director and ALRV Chairman, Frank Kemperman, also had good news for Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum after talking on the phone to the national jumping coach, Otto Becker:  She has been nominated for the team competing in the floodlit Mercedes-Benz Prize, Part of the Furusiyya Nations´ Cup, on Thursday evening (27.6.). “I am delighted that I am able to compete in the Mercedes-Benz Prize this year.  No other competition can boast such a fantastic crowd or such an amazing atmosphere.  That is the incredible appeal.  And my horse Bella Donna is in top shape – it is going to be gripping!” Michaels-Beerbaum, who last rode for the German team in 2009, said joyfully. The dressage rider, Kristina Sprehe, is also looking ahead to the contests with great expectations. Her top horse, Desperados, with whom she won team silver for Germany at the Olympic Games in London, has recovered completely from a small injury. “Desperados is fighting fit and of course Aachen is the highlight for us dressage riders.  I often visited the CHIO Aachen as a child and I always said to myself: I’d like to ride here one day!  The atmosphere in the Deutsche Bank Stadium is tremendous,” the 26-year-old commented.

    Great sport and a great show – this combination is what turns the CHIO Aachen into a top international sporting event, which also attracts a great deal of media interest.  Images from the show will be broadcast in over 140 countries, more than 650 journalists cover the competitions, in the meantime media representatives from over 26 different nations travel to Germany – “we are also experiencing an increasing internationalisation of the CHIO Aachen in this area too,” stated Michael Mronz.  Both the journalists and spectators – 200,000 tickets have already been sold, more than 350,000 visitors are expected during the ten days of the show – are looking forward to 109 hours of top sport in the five CHIO Aachen disciplines, but also to many star guests from the public life.  For example Denmark‘s Princess Royal Mary has confirmed her attendance as well as the actor legend, Roger Moore. “With prize-money totalling 2.67 million Euros the CHIO Aachen is the most highly endowed sporting event in Germany,” reported Michael Mronz.  The prize-money has increased from 350,000 Euros up to 1,000,000 Euros in the Rolex Grand Prix alone.

    Carl Meulenbergh is delighted about the excellent ticket sales so far: “The crowd is the heart and soul of the event,” stated the ALRV President, who also presented the comprehensive supporting programme.  The programme also includes the Reception of the partner country at the market square in Aachen on June 24th – which the Lord Mayor of Aachen, Marcel Philipp, is especially looking forward to: “Aachen will present itself as a cordial host as always. Not just I myself, but indeed the whole city is looking forward to the CHIO.”


    Ticket hotline: +49-(0)241-917-1111


    14.06.2013 - Broadcast live on clipmyhorse.de

    Exciting competitions, an excellent atmosphere and top sport at world-class level – that is the most accurate way to describe the vaulting competitions at the CHIO Aachen.  The Saturday (June 22nd) and the Sunday (June 23rd) are already completely sold-out and there are only a few tickets left for the Friday (June 21st).  Anyone, who can’t be in the Albert-Vahle Arena live for the Prize of the Sparkasse, will at least have the opportunity to watch the nail-biting competitions live, because with the exception of the Nations’ Cup on Sunday (live on WDR from 3 pm to 5 pm) all of the competitions from Friday to Sunday inclusive will be broadcast live on online TV at clipmyhorse.de.  There is a star-studded entry field once again this year: 176 competitors from 18 nations will be competing with 55 horses.  Competitions in the categories individual ladies, individual men, groups and pas de deux will be staged.

    From June 25th onwards, the competitions in the remaining four CHIO disciplines – jumping, dressage, eventing and driving – will also be getting underway.  Many of the competitions, such as the Mercedes-Benz Prize, Part of the Furusiyya FEI Nations’ Cup™ on Thursday evening, the cross-country competition of the DHL Prize of the eventers on Saturday morning, the Deutsche Bank Prize on Sunday morning and the Rolex Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon, which is also the first event in Rolex Grand Slam series, will be broadcast live on ARD and WDR.  And for the first time ever this year the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon of the four-in-hand drivers will be shown live on ARD on Saturday afternoon.  All other competitions will be available on clipmyhorse.de.


    The current TV times for the CHIO Aachen 2013:

    14.06.2013 - ALRV trauert um Dr. Joachim Jötten

    11.06.2013 - CHIO Aachen Breeding Day 2013

    Walk, trot and canter – all horses can do that! But tölt, pace and flying pace are something very special.  Gaited horses are known as movement artists and they are well-known everywhere – especially the popular Icelandic horses, the most famous gaited horse breed.

    Reason enough to offer the gaited horses their own special platform at this year’s CHIO Breeding Day following the motto “Just one more, please”.  Seven gaited horse breeds, from Icelandic horses to the Aegidienberger through to the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchadores, will be performing live at the popular event on June 28th, in the Driving Stadium. “The CHIO Breeding Day is being staged this year for the fourth time at the CHIO Aachen.  In order to demonstrate the entire spectrum of the gaited horses, we have invited 65 gaited horses of various breeds to this special sport and show event.  There is going to be plenty to see,” promised Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the ALRV.

    Ten days before the start of the CHIO Aachen (June 21st-30th) guests were able to get a foretaste of this year’s CHIO Breeding Day.  The 11-year-old Icelandic mare Hrafnhetta from the Sophienhof Icelandic Horse Stud in Jülich visited the Aachen Soers together with her 14-day-old foal Heilladis. “It is tradition that all Icelandic horses are given Icelandic names,” explained Oliver Weitz, owner of the Sophienhof.  In the presence of Carl Meulenbergh, President of the ALRV, Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the ALRV and Martin Spoo, Managing Director and Breeding Director of the Rhineland Stud Book, the Icelandic horses even performed a top-class premiere: The mare and the foal did a “pas-de-deux” over the so-called “Fino Strip”, the catwalk for gaited horses.  This was not just a feast for the eyes, but also for the ears.  Because as well as mastering the classic gaits walk, trot and canter, gaited horses are also able to perform two further gaits, the tölt and the pace, which generate an unmistakable sound on the wooden catwalk.  The visitors will be able to see and hear even more gaited horses on the “Fino Strip” during the CHIO Breeding Day, because all of the gaited horse breeds produce their own unique sound. “The remarkable thing about it is the fact that the pace and tölt are inborn in the gaited horses, they don’t have to learn how to do them.  You can even watch a foal doing the tölt naturally,” commented Martin Spoo.

    The CHIO Breeding Day is not just a must-attend event for breeders, a lot of families take the opportunity to enjoy this event.  “The CHIO Breeding Day is a very entertaining event.  Of course being a breeder myself, I really look forward to it.  The gaited horses will show that they not only look beautiful, they are also extremely sporty.  It is a unique opportunity to get to know these wonderful horses,” said Carl Meulenbergh.  And that is no problem at all in the Driving Stadium, because the visitors are right up close to the action.

    No extra ticket is needed for the CHIO Breeding Day.  Every CHIO visitor, who buys a ticket for the jumping, dressage or eventing competitions on the Friday of the show (June 28th), which are available from the hotline on: +49(0)241-917-1111, can also visit the two-hour show performance that starts at 11.30 am in the Driving Stadium.  At 4.50 pm there is also going to be a final presentation of the gaited horses in the Main Stadium.

    10.06.2013 - Wanted: The best CHIO shop-window in the region

    Around 80 shops from the City of Aachen and the surrounding region brightly decorated their shop-windows again in the scope of this year’s CHIO Aachen shop-window competition.  In 2013 the popular contest was conducted for the 22nd time. The inventiveness of the retailers was extremely impressive again this year: Decorated with red and white flags, the Little Mermaid and lots of brightly coloured Lego bricks the creative decorations accurately represented this year’s CHIO partner country, Denmark, getting everyone in the mood for the World Equestrian Festival (June 21st-30th).  A preliminary jury, comprising of the designer Stefanie Olbertz (from the company “all you need”) and the media designers Christiane Lühr and Nicole Nause (both from “oecher-design” media agency) chose 20 of the most nicely decorated shop-windows for the final selection.  Their decisions were based on the criteria: entertainment value, theme relevance to the CHIO Aachen and the implemented craftsmanship.  The ultimate winners will be elected by a main jury.  The winners will then be announced during a champagne reception in the Drivers’ Club at the CHIO Aachen on Soers Sunday (June 23rd).

    Those shops that didn’t manage to reach the top 20, do still however have a chance to make it on to the winner’s podium, because in addition to the prize awarded by the jury, the public can also choose their favourite, so everyone has the opportunity to vote for his own favourite shop. The voting slips containing the corresponding participant numbers are displayed in the participating shops.  Furthermore, it is also possible to vote by telephone or SMS.  All of the voting modalities are posted at www.chioaachen.de.

    The Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. organises the CHIO shop-window competition jointly with the City Market and Campaign Committee e.V. (MAC), the City of Aachen and the Zeitungsverlag Aachen (newspaper publishing company).

    07.06.2013 - The new CHIO Aachen Collection

    A new CHIO Aachen Collection is going to be introduced again this year - fashionable eye-catchers for the whole family - just in time for the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen (June 21st -30th).  Hip colours like pink, apricot, forest green and navy turn the collection, comprising of polo and T-shirts, cardigans, raincoats and microstretch jackets, into real head-turners for the coming season.  Classic and sporty elements provide the right fashionable mix.  The popular microstretch jackets made out of high-quality materials feature a sporty design.  And just in the case the weather isn't very good: The new raincoats  – in navy/pink for ladies, in navy/green for men – will even turn the greyest rainy day into a highlight.  The collection has also been enhanced by several new accessories.  For example this year there is also a large selection of elegant bracelets, i.e. made of real pearls, pale-pink glass pearls and a CHIO logo heart.  The individual CHIO outfit is rounded off with scarves in trendy and neon shades.

    The new CHIO Aachen Collection can be purchased from the CHIO Aachen fan shops at the grounds throughout the duration of the event (June 21st -30th).  For those who don't want to wait until then: For the first time this year an exclusive selection of the CHIO Aachen Collection is available from SinnLeffers in Aachen from June 10th - 15th, where CHIO fans can already have their personal show outfit put together for them even before the World Equestrian Festival opens its doors.

    Further attractive CHIO Aachen items are available from the CHIO Aachen fan shop.




    06.06.2013 - building cross-country day

    The CHIO Aachen, the World Equestrian Festival (June 21st-30th), starts in 18 days.  In addition to the equestrian disciplines jumping, dressage and vaulting, four-in-hand driving and eventing are also extremely popular.  The highlight is on the Saturday (June 29th), when the cross-country day attracts tens of thousands of spectators to the Aachen Soers.

    This day proves to be one of the top highlights of the ten-day show year after year – because as well as enjoying top driving and eventing competition sport, many people use this day of the show to enjoy a picnic on the beautiful meadows of the Soers, located directly behind the CHIO grounds.  At the moment things are still very quiet on the cross-country course, although the course builders are already at work erecting the obstacles.  Eight driving obstacles have to be built along the 8,000 metre long course.  In the DHL Prize the eventers have to master around 45 jumps (including the alternative routes) which are spread out over the 4,000 metre long course.  A team of 24 people is responsible for building the courses and they will be assisted by further volunteers on the day of the competition.  The new course designer of the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon of the four-in-hand drivers, Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann, is already prophesying top performances: “The CHIO Aachen is a world-class equestrian event and the same is true for the driving competitions.  There is a star-studded field of participants.  Aachen offers the drivers a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their skills.” Once again this year the best drivers and eventers in the world will be competing in Aachen.

    The day kicks off at 10 am when the eventers set off on their cross-country, the last of the three competitions in the DHL Prize – following the dressage and jumping.  The spectacular final gallop to the finish line takes place in the Main Stadium.   Will the German team be able to claim the victory again like they did last year?  And who is going to walk off with the individual title?  In 2012 the New Zealander, Christopher Burton, rode to victory in an exciting competition, narrowly beating Michael Jung (GER) and Laura Collett (GBR).  Tickets for this spectacular competition at the CHIO Aachen can be ordered online at www.chioaachen.de or from the hotline on +49 (0)241-917-1111.

    The action continues in the afternoon with the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon of the four-in-hand drivers.  This competition is not purely about speed, the drivers also have to prove their skilfulness and good strategic judgement.  Each team has to decide for itself which is the best route to take through the demanding course.  Last year over 30,000 visitors watched the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon live. One of the top favourites, the Australian driver, Boyd Excell, won the individual title, whilst the Dutch team finished first in the team classification. We are looking forward to another nail-biting competition again this year.



    05.06.2013 - Silver Camera

    Shooting the perfect photo is sometimes like winning the lottery and it is a well-known fact that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.   The same also applies in the field of equestrian sport.  The jury of the “Silver Camera”,  comprising of Ludwiga von Korff (last year’s winner), Andreas Müller (Managing Director of the Zeitungsverlag Aachen), Erich Timmermanns (Director Advertising & PR, Sparkasse Aachen) and Frank Kemperman (Chairman, ALRV), were faced with the difficult task of selecting the best equestrian sport photo from the 64 entries submitted by photographers from all over the globe.  Because at this year’s CHIO Aachen, World Equestrian Festival, the “Silver Camera” for the best equestrian sport photo of the year will once again be jointly awarded by the Sparkasse Aachen, the Rheinische Sparkassen- & Giroverband and the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.

    “The submitted photos have covered the whole diversity of the equestrian sport sector.  Each photo is unique.   So, it certainly wasn’t easy to make a decision,” Frank Kemperman summed up.  The nominees for the “Silver Camera” are (in alphabetical order):  Dirk Caremans (Belgium), Cindy Voss (Germany) and Arie de Vroet (Netherlands).   The winner will be announced in the Main Stadium on Saturday evening, June 29th, following the Prize of the Sparkasse, the hunting competition over ditches and banks.  The winner will receive prize-money to the value of 2,500 Euros, the runner-up picks up 1,000 Euros and third place is endowed with 500 Euros.  The prize is jointly conferred by the Sparkasse Aachen, the Rheinische Sparkassen- & Giroverband and the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.

    31.05.2013 - Horsepower for the CHIO

    Mercedes-Benz Partner has been a partner of the CHIO Aachen since 1954 and since 1981 the company has been sponsoring the Mercedes-Benz Prize, Part of the Furussiya Nations’ Cups – one of the top competitions at the CHIO Aachen, which is staged as a floodlit event every year in front of a crowd of 40,000 spectators.  However, the star brand hasn’t just got a heart for elegant steeds and top riders, Mercedes-Benz will also be supporting the World Equestrian Festival with a shuttle service again this year.  A few weeks before THE top event in Aachen (June 21st-30th) Jochen Dimter, Director of the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Aachen, symbolically handed over a vehicle key to Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V.

    The Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Aachen is placing 18 cars, 6 off-road vehicles and 19 minibuses at the disposal of the CHIO Aachen 2013.  The vehicles include S-Class, A-Class and B-Class cars, Sprinters, Vitos and Viano transporters as well as G-Class vehicles to assist with the course building.  Before the individual teams saddle their top horses for the Nations’ Cup on Thursday evening, they will be driven around the Main Stadium in eight elegant Mercedes-Benz cabriolets.

    Furthermore, three Mercedes-Benz special edition “CHIO Aachen exclusive” models will be available for the first time ever - exclusively from the subsidiary in Aachen.  The strictly limited edition of 20 items per model are named after the internationally successful horses of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum: A-Class Checkmate, CLA Quick Star and GLK Shutterfly.  The special edition models are an expression of the close relationship and special allegiance between the CHIO Aachen and the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Aachen.

    170,000 tickets have already been sold for the CHIO Aachen 2013 – however there are still tickets left for many of the competitions.  These can be ordered from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111 or online at www.chioaachen.de.

    28.05.2013 - Mercedes-Benz presents special edition

    The people from Aachen love their “TSCHIO”.  The CHIO Aachen guests come from all corners of the globe and tens of thousands of citizens from all over the Aachen region pour into the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers over the days of the show.  Aachen’s allegiance to the event has prompted Jochen Dimter, Director of the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Aachen, to launch a special CHIO Aachen edition.  Strictly limited down to 20 vehicles each, the special models of the A-Class, CLA and GLK series can be ordered from the subsidiary in Aachen.  Jochen Dimter and Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, presented these novelties on Tuesday. The models are named after the highly successful horses of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. “The special models are also the expression of the long and special allegiance between Mercedes-Benz and the CHIO Aachen,” commented Jochen Dimter during a press conference at the Mercedes-Benz branch in Aachen.  The brand with the star was already the Title Sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Prize, Part of the FEI Furusiyya Nations’ Cup, in the year 1954 and this year the prize-money of this competition has been increased from 250,000 Euros up to 400,000 Euros.

    22.05.2013 - Crown Princess to visit CHIO

    Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will be attending the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, on June 25th, 2013. The wife of the Danish heir to the throne, H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik has accepted an invitation extended by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft.
    The Kingdom of Denmark is this year’s CHIO partner country. In their role as the partner country, the Scandinavians will be significantly shaping the show and in particular the Opening Ceremony. For example the famous golden carriage of the Danish Royal Family will be participating in the colourful parade as well as the Hussar Guards Regiment and the Royal Guards with their affiliated music corps. H.R.H. Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s sister, will be officially opening the CHIO Aachen 2013.
    “We are very much looking forward to the Royal guests,“ commented Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV). “The fact that both Princess Royal Mary of Denmark and Princess Benedikte of Denmark will be visiting us here in Aachen, demonstrates the high esteem that the CHIO Aachen enjoys in Denmark. Aachen will heartily welcome its Danish guests,” added Meulenbergh.
    Tickets for the Opening Ceremony are still available online at www.chioaachen.de as well as from the ticket hotline on +49(0)241-917-1111. Over 35,000 spectators are expected to attend the event, which will be broadcast live on WDR.
    The partner country Denmark will also be spectacularly represented in the exhibitor area at the “Danish Village“, where among others an original Danish holiday house will be on show. Furthermore, the CHIO visitors will also be able to inform themselves here about the European Championships in Jumping, Dressage and Para-Dressage that are to be staged in Herning, Denmark, in August.

    17.05.2013 - The assembly of the CHIO Village gets underway

    The lorries have been driving backwards and forwards over the grounds for a few days already, the solid steel frames of the characteristic pagoda tents have been erected using heavy machinery: The assembly of the CHIO Village is in full swing, namely the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2013 (June 21st-30th ) begins in just a few week’s time.

    A big challenge when one considers that over 230 tents have to be erected within a very short space of time, over 1,000 people work here during the event.  Not just the pagoda tents, in which over 200 exhibitors present their goods, but also the accreditation and ticket tent at the main entrance and the Champions´ Circle located in front of the offices of the CHIO Aachen have to be installed – including the fittings – in time for the first day of the show.

    As every year, the assembly work kicks off with the accreditation tent and the tents on the cross-country course are the last to be erected.  The overall floor space of the tents totals 22,000 square metres.  There is much more equipment in the CHIO Village than in a normal household explained Ulrich Fischer of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH (ART), who is responsible for the construction of the tent city: “We lay around 43 kilometres of cables and install 3,500 plug sockets.” And the odd tricky manoeuvre has to be mastered with great sensitivity and a critical eye.  For example the luxury toilets in the Champions´ Circle have to precisely positioned inside the tent through the roof using a crane.

    Irregardless of how challenging the assembly work proves to be: The CHIO Village opens its doors for the first time during the ten-day equestrian show on Soers Sunday (June 23rd), the CHIO Aachen’s Open Day.  From equestrian items to jewellery, through to a Mercedes-Benz – the CHIO Village is a fantastic shopping experience. “In line with Denmark being this year’s partner country, the “Danish Village” can be viewed at the new exhibition area in front of the Soers Tent,” reported Show Director, Frank Kemperman. “An original Danish holiday home will be put up here and the Golden Carriage of the Danish Royal Family will be on show too,” commented Kemperman.  Furthermore, the visitors will be able to try out a range of Danish food offered there – from Smørrebrød to new Nordic cuisine.

    Of course the many CHIO visitors will also be offered plenty of entertainment options: The stage in the Soerser Winkel, where live concerts are held, has been a popular meeting point for years.  The many events include also the CHIO-Night powered by STAWAG on Friday, June 28th in the Soerser Winkel following the sports programme as well as the STAWAG Party in the Soers Tent, which starts at 9 pm on the same day.  For people who prefer to take things easy: Several rest areas will be located in the Soerser Eck again this year.

    15.05.2013 - Broadcasts in over 140 countries

    The CHIO Aachen 2013 (June 21st - 30th) begins in just a few weeks time. People, who can’t make it live, will be able to follow the events at the Soers in Aachen on public television. In addition to live broadcasts, ARD and WDR will also showing reports and summaries on the World Equestrian Festival. In total over 30 hours will be transmitted over the course of the ten days of the show. The CHIO Aachen will also be broadcast on international TV – in more than 140 countries. The TV coverage is not exclusively focusing on the jumping and dressage competitions this year, for the first time the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon of the four-in-hand drivers will be broadcast live on ARD (June 29th, 4.30 pm -5.30 pm) from the Soers grounds. “The CHIO Aachen has long since become a major TV occurrence,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.

    The TV channels go to great lengths to cover the world’s most famous and biggest equestrian sport event. Around 250 employees travel to the show at the Soers, they are accompanied by four huge broadcasting vans and 45 cameras to produce the TV images from the jumping, dressage, eventing, driving and vaulting disciplines. Alone 22 cameras are implemented to transmit images from the cross-country course of the eventers and from the four-in-hand drivers’ Marathon. “The CHIO Aachen is the top production of the year for WDR Sport. Everyone wants to be there, nobody has to be motivated – Aachen is primetime for us,” stated Welf Konieczny, WDR’s Project Manager Equestrian Sport.

    As well as the live sport, informative background reports on the CHIO Aachen are planned and the Studio Aachen will also inform about what is going on at the Soers in the form of live spots and reportages.

    The CHIO Aachen 2013 on TV

    15.05.2013 - “CHIO and US”

    What did the CHIO showground look like in the old days? Has there always been a Judges‘ Tower? Was there a roof over the grandstands 20 years ago and where did you buy things from at the time? Was there already a CHIO Village, which riders did you manage to take pictures of, and what was the fashion like back then?

    Do you own any old snapshots of the CHIO Aachen? Preferably showing you or grandma, your grandson or neighbour as well. The Zeitungsverlag Aachen (local newspaper publisher) and the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein are looking for your memories of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. Email your photos with a brief explanation and your contact data to presse@chioaachen.de, Ref.: “CHIO and US”.  Selected photos will be published in the Aachener Nachrichten and Aachener Zeitung as well as on Facebook and the homepages of the Zeitungsverlag Aachen and CHIO Aachen.

    15.05.2013 - EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau

    ++++ only in german ++++

    Die bekannte und beliebte EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau mit jährlich über 150.000 Besuchern findet zu ihrer 28. Auflage im kommenden Jahr (14. – 23. März 2014) ein neues Zuhause auf dem, durch das jährlich stattfindende Weltfest des Pferdesports bekannte, CHIO-Gelände. Der bisherige Standort der Wirtschaftsschau auf dem Aachener Bendplatz war durch den Wegfall der PKW-Parkplätze auf dem Gelände des Westbahnhofs für die vielen Besucher zunehmend schwer zu erreichen, so dass nach einem neuen Standort gesucht werden musste.

    Dieser ist nun mit dem CHIO-Gelände zu einem absoluten Top-Standort geworden. Das neue Veranstaltungsgelände bietet sowohl für Besucher als auch für die rund 400 Aussteller zahlreiche Vorteile. Denn das an das Aachener Fußballstadion angrenzende Gelände verfügt über eine moderne und hochwertige Infrastruktur, eine sehr gute Verkehrsanbindung für Nutzer des ÖPNV und durch das benachbarte Parkhaus über genügend Parkmöglichkeiten. Zudem ist jeder Besucher der EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau auch von diesem Standort aus wieder schnell in der Aachener Innenstadt. „Aber auch für die Besucher aus den angrenzenden Nachbarländern, Städten und Gemeinden wird die Anfahrt durch eine hervorragende Verkehrsbeschilderung bereits ab den angrenzenden Autobahnen sehr erleichtert“, sagte Ragnar Brockschnieder, Geschäftsleiter der EUREGIO Messen GmbH.

    Auch die Organisatoren des Weltfests des Pferdesports schauen der Zusammenarbeit positiv entgegen. „Ich freue mich sehr, dass im nächsten Jahr die EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau erstmalig auf dem traditionellen CHIO-Gelände ihre Pforten öffnen wird. Das zeigt, dass der Standort Soers nicht nur für den internationalen Pferdesport äußerst attraktiv ist“, so Frank Kemperman, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e. V., der jährlich den CHIO Aachen ausrichtet.

    Aufwertung der EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau

    Einhergehend mit dem Umzug der Wirtschaftsschau sollen einige Neuerungen im Messekonzept diese noch einmal attraktiver und hochwertiger machen. „Wir wollen auch vermehrt die Aachener Wirtschaft als Aussteller einbinden“, sagte Norbert Hermanns, Geschäftsführer der EUREGIO Messen GmbH. „Zudem wird die Messe durch neue Sonderthemen und Aktionen sowie das Bühnenzelt ‚EUREGIO Live’ aufgewertet“, erklärte Brockschnieder.

    Abgerundet wird die Euregio Wirtschaftsschau durch ein attraktives Freigelände. Hier haben Aussteller zum ersten Mal die Möglichkeit im Freigelände Pagodenzelte für ihre Standfläche anzumieten.

    „Insgesamt werden wir aber den erfolgreichen Mix aus klassischer Verbraucherausstellung und unterhaltsamer Freizeitgestaltung auch bei der nächsten EUREGIO Wirtschaftsschau beibehalten und mit neuen Angeboten noch einmal toppen“, so Brockschnieder.


    Tel.: +49(0) 2405/4645-16
    Fax: +49(0) 2405/4645-79

    13.05.2013 - Regal Opening Ceremony

    This year’s CHIO partner country is turning the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Festival into a royal affair! Because Denmark, one of the oldest monarchies in Europe, will be travelling to Aachen with everything that the Royal Family has to offer: The famous golden carriage of the Danish Royal Family will be taking part in the official Opening Ceremony together with the Music Corps of the Royal Household Calvary as well as typical Danish horse breeds.  Around 140 horses and 120 Danish guests will present a unique programme at this year’s Opening Ceremony in the Main Stadium on June 25th. “The Danes are really looking forward to the CHIO Aachen,” ascertained Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV).

    The Show Director, Frank Kemperman, announced a spectacular Opening Ceremony with “Danish Dynamite”. The performances of the Royal Hussar Regiment and the Royal Household Calvary with their affiliated music corps, which form the royal guards of the Danish Royal Family, promise to be very impressive. The household mounted regiment was founded over 350 years ago and is characterised by its magnificent dark-blue uniform. The striking bearskin hats and guard’s swords also belong to their official dress.  The CHIO Opening Ceremony would be unthinkable without horses, but thankfully they are plentiful in Denmark.  The Northern European country looks back on a long horse breeding tradition: In addition to the famous Frederiksborgers, the oldest stud-book registered baroque horse breed in the world, the Danish warmbloods and Knabstruppers will also be riding into the Main Stadium for the Opening Ceremony.

    The FEI European Championships Aachen 2015, which are also being staged in Aachen from August 11th-23rd, 2015 are also going to be one of the themes of the Opening Ceremony.  The spectators can look forward to a spectacular surprising show.

    The German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) was founded 100 years ago – which is reason enough for the organisation to present itself big-scale during the Opening Ceremony. The history of the DOKR and its eight disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, vaulting, reining, endurance riding and para-dressage will be presented in a vibrant show. Around 60 riders – from children on ponies through to championship team members such as Marcus Ehning and Ingrid Klimke will demonstrate how their sports have changed and developed over the years.  Photos and films depicting the highlights of the equestrian sport will be shown on the big screens in the stadium.

    Tickets for the Opening Ceremony on June 25th, which starts at 4.45 pm, are still available from the hotline on +49(0)241-917-1111 or online at www.chioaachen.de.Of course, tickets for the Opening Ceremony can also be booked directly from the 3D stadium panoramas. Visitors can take a direct look at the stadium at www.chioaachen.de. For those who are not able to make it to the Opening Ceremony in person: It will be broadcast live on WDR live from 5 pm – 6 pm.

    01.05.2013 - Generalversammlung 2013

    +++ soon available in English +++

    CHIO Aachen, EM 2015, digitaler CHIO, Entwicklung des Pferdesports – auf der diesjährigen Generalversammlung konnten die CHIO-Organisatoren über viele spannende Themen berichten. Die Vorbereitungen für den diesjährigen CHIO Aachen (21. bis 30. Juni), der in 52 Tagen startet, laufen bereits auf Hochtouren. Zudem wählten die ALRV-Mitglieder drei neue Beiratsmitglieder: Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO des Hong Kong Jockey Clubs, Jürgen Gerdes, Mitglied des Vorstands der Deutsche Post AG sowie Theodor Leuchten, Vizepräsident der Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung e.V. Überaus zuversichtlich blickte ALRV-Präsident Carl Meulenbergh sowohl in die Vergangenheit als auch in die Zukunft. Der CHIO Aachen 2012 war ein großer Erfolg, 366.600 Menschen besuchten im letzten Jahr das Weltfest des Pferdesports. Daneben standen in den vergangenen Monaten die EM-Vorbereitungen im Vordergrund. Kurz vor Beginn des CHIO Aachen 2012 erhielt Aachen den Zuschlag für die Ausrichtung der FEI Europameisterschaften Aachen 2015. Weiter vorangetrieben werde zukünftig das Projekt „digitaler CHIO“, so Meulenbergh. Nach einer neuen Homepage, der CHIO iPad-App und den 3D-Stadien für den Ticketkauf wird es in diesem Jahr eine spezielle App für Smartphones geben. Die Aktivitäten in den sozialen Netzwerken YouTube, Twitter und Facebook werden stetig ausgebaut. Der ALRV-Vorstandsvorsitzende Frank Kemperman informierte über Fortschritte bei der so dringend benötigten Geländeerweiterung. Dank der Unterstützung der Stadt Aachen kann das ALRV-Gelände um eine Fläche neben der Justizvollzugsanstalt am Soerser Weg erweitert werden. Außerdem informierte Frank Kemperman über den Stand der Vorbereitungen der EM 2015 - während der Eröffnungsfeier des kommenden CHIO Aachen wird unter anderem das EM-Logo vorgestellt werden. Michael Mronz, Geschäftsführer der Aachener Reitturnier GmbH (ART), stellte den Mitgliedern des Vereins die rasante Entwicklung des internationalen Pferdesports vor – inklusive des globalen Engagements des CHIO Aachen-Teams. So reisten jüngst sieben Mitarbeiter nach Peking, da sie das Turnier im Nationalstadion „Bird`s Nest“ gemeinsam mit chinesischen Partnern organisierten. Und am vergangenen Wochenende stellten Kemperman und Mronz in Göteborg den Rolex Grand Slam vor, einen Zusammenschluss der renommierten Turniere von Aachen, Spruce Meadows (Kanada) und Genf (Schweiz). Durch den erfolgreichen CHIO Aachen und die Positionierung im internationalen Markt sei das Aachener Turnier bestens für die Zukunft gerüstet, so Mronz. Folgende ALRV-Mitglieder wurden für ihre Treue zum Verein von ALRV-Präsident Carl Meulenbergh ausgezeichnet: Rudolf Görres (seit 50 Jahren), Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Aachen (seit 25 Jahren Firmen-Mitglied), Hans-Peter Simons, Erich Löwe, Hans Dieter Plum, Wilhelm Floegel, Dr. Wiebke Hell, Rolf Hedtstück, Gisela Kyper, Joachim Krause, Hans J. Mayer-Uellner, Helga Habl, Kathi Mund, Gabriele Koenig, J. J. A. Hohmann, Hans-Reinhardt Latten, Dr. Helga Raue, Andrea Zinken-Offermanns (alle 25 Jahre).

    26.04.2013 - Rolex Grand Slam

    Aachen is proud to be part of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. In conjunction with the shows in Spruce Meadows (Canada) and Geneva (Switzerland), the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, is launching the “Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping”. The Rolex Grand Prix has been the outstanding closing competition of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, for many years. “Becoming part of the Rolex Grand Slam of the show-jumpers, is going to give this world famous competition a further spectacular upgrade,” commented Show Director, Frank Kemperman.

    Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH and President of the “Steering Committee” of the Rolex Grand Slam, added: “The Rolex Grand Slam will set benchmarks in terms of quality. Only shows that can boast the best sport, a long tradition, an excellent infrastructure, enthusiastic spectators and high media interest, have a chance to be part of the Rolex Grand Slam. The Grand Slam additionally unites three equestrian events with overall prize-money totalling 5.72 million Euros – it is an honour to be among their ranks.“ Mronz went on to say that the Rolex Grand Slam not only offers the equestrian athletes the opportunity to win a lot of money, “they can also become a legend here”.

    Even without the bonus possible as a result of the Rolex Grand Slam, record prize-money to the value of 2.73 million Euros is up for grabs in Aachen this year – alone the prize-money for the Rolex Grand Prix, the final competition on the last Sunday of the show, has been increased from 350,000 Euros up to 1,000,000 Euros. The annual budget of the CHIO Aachen is 12 million Euros.

    The photo shows from L to R: Alban Poudret (CSI Geneva), Steve Guerdat, Ian Allison (CSIO Spruce Meadows), Sophie Mottu Morel(CSI Geneva), Arnaud Boetsch (Director of Communication and Image Rolex), Eric Lamaze, Linda Southern- Heathcott (CSIO Spruce Meadows), Michael Mronz (CHIO Aachen/President of the steering committee for the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping), Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Frank Kemperman (CHIO Aachen/Chairman Managing Board)


    24.04.2013 - New event date for the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015

    Europe’s best horses and riders will be contesting for the medals in five equestrian disciplines from August 11th to the 23rd, 2015, when the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 will be staged at the traditional showground at Aachen’s Soers.  Originally the event had been scheduled one week later. However, “following requests from the International Equestrian Federation as well as from national and international TV channels, we have pulled the venue date forward by one week,” commented Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein.

    Sales of the season tickets are already underway and from the CHIO Aachen 2013 onwards (June 21st-30th) tickets for the individual competitions will also be on sale.  The ticket sales are going extremely well. "Based on our experience on the occasion of the FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006, we were expecting the demand to be very high.  But even so, we are still surprised that tickets are already running short in some categories," stated Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.  The top equestrian athletes of the Continent will be competing in the disciplines jumping, dressage, vaulting, four-in-hand driving and reining (western riding) – it is the first time in the history of the European Championships that five disciplines are being staged at one location.

    Ticket hotline: +49-241-917-1111


    12.04.2013 - General Sponsor DHL Paket

    DHL Paket, market leader in the German parcel delivery sector, is the new General Sponsor of the World Equestrian Festival in Aachen, which is scheduled from June 21st-30th this year. “As an international major sporting event the CHIO Aachen faces global competition.  A strong partner like DHL Paket offers us great support in this tough competitive climate,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. “We are grateful to have this strong, dynamic brand at our side.”

    DHL has already been supporting the CHIO Aachen since 2006, and had been a Main Sponsor since 2007, before becoming a General Sponsor in 2013.  The company also supported the FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006 as a National Partner.

    “The CHIO Aachen is the most significant event in the world of equestrian sport. We are delighted to be represented at this famous event with the brand DHL Paket in a variety of forms,” reported Jürgen Gerdes, who is also responsible for the parcel business in Germany as Executive Board member of BRIEF, which belongs to the Deutsche Post DHL.  The CHIO Aachen is the only show at which Nation Cups in the five disciplines jumping, dressage, driving, vaulting and eventing are held.

    Furthermore, in its capacity as General Sponsor, DHL Paket is the official logistic partner of the event and also lends its name to the eventing competition, the “DHL Prize”.  In addition to DHL, Mercedes-Benz and ROLEX are also General Sponsors of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen.

    10.04.2013 - Denmark is the partner country

    Denmark is the official partner country of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2013 (June 21st-30th). Princess Benedikte of Denmark presented the partnership at a reception in the Danish Embassy in Berlin on Wednesday evening.

    “We are happy and proud that our beautiful country is going to be the partner of the world’s largest equestrian sport event,” her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark told the just under 100 guests invited to the Danish Embassy.  Princess Benedikte has known the CHIO Aachen for many years and is always impressed by the atmosphere at the traditional showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen: “The atmosphere is unique and very international.  The CHIO Aachen really is a World Festival.”  Her daughter, Nathalie Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, who is a very successful dressage rider, represents Denmark – so she sees the CHIO from the perspective of the competitors: “It is always a great experience – for us riders as well as for the horses.  Being able to compete in Aachen is something very special.”

    The more than 350,000 visitors, who make their way to the CHIO Aachen every year, are what turn the event into a unique experience. “Every athlete is celebrated here, regardless of whether they win or whether they come last, it is simply unparalleled,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH on the special ambiance. “Together with this fantastic audience we are looking forward to our Danish friends,” stated Carl Meulenbergh, President of the organising company, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.. And their Chairman, Frank Kemperman, aroused our curiosity: Both the Royal Hussar Regiment and the Music Corps of the Royal Household Calvary will be visiting the Soers in June.  Kemperman also announced the participation of the famous Danish warmbloods and the golden royal carriage. Horses, riders and carriages will particularly turn the Opening Ceremony on June 25th into a memorable experience (tickets are available from www.chioaachen.de or via the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111).

    The guests at the reception also discovered something else: “The North Sea is not cold in Denmark, it is fresh.  And Copenhagen is not cold, it is cool,” joked Lars Ramme Nielsen, who in his capacity as the German Director of “VisitDenmark“ presented the economic/cultural supporting programme.  Among others the Northern Europeans will be bringing an original Danish holiday home with them to the Soers.  “Lots of work, lots of fun” – is how René Crone, Director of Crone & Co., summed up the current status of the preparations.  The agency Crone & Co. developed the “Experience Denmark” concept.

    The  photo shows f.t.l.: Frank Kemperman (Show Director CHIO Aachen), Per Poulsen-Hansen (German Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark), her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Nathalie Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (highly successful Danish dressage rider), Carl Meulenbergh (President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e.V.) and Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, standing between two trumpet players of the Danish Royal Hussar Regiment. In the background: two members of the German mounted police.


    24.01.2013 - Four-in-hand: New Course Designer

    Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann is the new Course Designer for the Four-in-Hand Driving at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. The 64-year-old will be responsible for the course at the CHIO Aachen 2013 for the first time this year (June 21st-30th). “We are delighted that we were able to win over Dr. Hartmut Kaufmann, a course designer with international experience, for the CHIO Aachen,” commented Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), the organisers of the CHIO Aachen. Dr. Kaufmann has been working as a course designer for over 20 years, among others at the World Championships in Riesenbeck last year. He is looking forward to this new task with enthusiasm and excitement: “The CHIO Aachen is of course a wonderful challenge.” Dr. Kaufmann succeeds Dr. Wolfgang Asendorf. “We thank Dr. Asendorf for his services,” said Frank Kemperman. After a ten-year collaboration the organisers feel it is time for some new impulses and ideas at the Soers in Aachen.

    22.01.2013 - 120,000 tickets sold

    There is a high demand for tickets 150 days before the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2013: 120,000 tickets for the competitions in five disciplines have already been sold, however, tickets for almost all events are still available.

    “We are delighted with the advance bookings,” said Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. In the meantime approx. half of all CHIO Aachen visitors book online, with an upwards trend – around a year ago the quota was only a third of the visitors. “Of course we are taking this development into account, it has long since been possible to browse through the completely animated stadiums and take a virtual look at one’s chosen seats before purchasing them – a super service for our visitors,” explained Mronz. This 3D offer is available on CHIO Aachen’s Facebook page.

    In spite of all of these innovations: Tickets can of course still be ordered on-site at the CHIO offices or from the ticket hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111. The tickets are running short for many of the events, so far only the Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen, as well as the vaulting competitions on the Sunday are already sold out. Tickets are still available for all other competitions, however there are only a few odd tickets left for some of the competitions.

    12.12.2012 - mulled wine in the stables

    Several hundred guests came to the traditional showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen, in order to be informed first-hand about next year’s event by Frank Kemperman, Show Director of the CHIO Aachen.  The CHIO organisers had invited loyal show visitors to join them for a glass of mulled wine in the special atmosphere of Stable 5.  Many people were delighted to take this opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of the major sporting event.
    Many of the visitors took advantage of the occasion to chat with Frank Kemperman and the ALRV President, Carl Meulenbergh – but also to secure their tickets just before Christmas.  Since, with just 13 days to go until Christmas Eve and 191 days before the start of the CHIO Aachen 2013, tickets are in high demand.  Over 100,000 tickets have been sold for the coming World Equestrian Festival over the past months. “As a result of the high demand the tickets are running short in certain categories,” stated Michael Mronz, General Director of Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.  For instance in the dressage the Deutsche Bank Prize on Sunday, June 30th as well as the vaulting competitions on the Sunday before are already sold out.  Tickets for all other competitions are still available via the hotline on +49-241-917-1111 or online at www.chioaachen.de.  Entrance tickets for the CHIO Aachen make popular Christmas presents.  According to the German post office tickets ordered by December 20th, will be delivered on time up until Christmas Eve. Karli, CHIO Aachen‘s mascot and Santa both attended the reception at the stables and handed out lots of gifts to the youngest visitors.  The reception for the CHIO Aachen fans was a huge success – “I can well imagine that we will repeat this lovely evening again next year,” commented Frank Kemperman.

    26.09.2012 - One picture out of 300

    The CHIO Aachen lasts for several days, ten, to be exact. For Peter Langenhahn the show lasts only for a moment. The photographer condenses the time of what happens over the show days into a theme. It is somewhat like a mixture of photographs and film. The picture has movement and yet stands still. Although they are taken in a split second, the observer needs time to view the photos of Peter Langenhahn. Exciting and humorous moments as well as utterly unique and bizarre states are achieved through the blending of many individual moments. Langenhahn uses between one and two thousand separate photos to create one scene. Between two and four hundred remain after choosing the most interesting, which are finally combined into one artistic work. The arranging of the individual scenes and their seamless transition from one to the other is tremendously time-consuming. It can take up to two months for the result. The five CHIO Aachen disciplines he has implemented exclusively for the current CHIO Aachen Magazine.

    20.09.2012 - CHIO Magazine is out now

    The current CHIO Aachen Magazine, in the meantime the 34th issue, is hot off the press. Emotional and entertaining, it illustrates the fascination of the equestrian sport at the most famous showgrounds in the world.  For example, elaborate photo shootings of horses, the CHIO and riders were staged.  Riders posing with their dogs, photographed by Holger Schupp, and Photo Studio Strauch even did a double take of the vaulters: In their skin-tight competition wear and in their private outfits.  The magazine illustrates the winners of the most important CHIO competitions and also visited two equestrian sport celebrities at their own homes: Olympic gold medallist, Michael Jung, and the actress, Nadeshda Brennicke, who is a successful horse breeder.  Of course the publication also reviews the CHIO Aachen and the Olympic Equestrian Games in London.  The editorial team has also taken a look into the history of the CHIO.  On the other hand, you actually have to look twice at Peter Langenhahn’s photos.  He produces one single picture out of several hundred shots – a real challenge for the eye.
    The CHIO Aachen Magazine costs €6.50.  It can be purchased from the CHIO Aachen offices at the showgrounds or ordered via the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH (ART) (conny.muetze@chioaachen.de). All further information is posted here together with initial impressions from the magazine.

    14.09.2012 - CHIO im Tierpark

    +++ soon available in English +++

    Mehr als 100 Facebook-User haben Vorschläge eingesandt, am Ende hieß der klare Favorit: CHIO. Auf diesen Namen tauften nun der Vorstandsvorsitzende des Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins Frank Kemperman und Wolfram Graf-Rudolf, Leiter des Aachener Tierparks, das Kapuzineraffen-Baby, für das das Team des CHIO Aachen die Patenschaft übernommen hat.
    Mitte Mai wurde das jüngste Mitglied der fröhlichen Haubenkapuzinertruppe geboren. Noch sitzt es meistens bei Mama „Mira“ auf dem Rücken, doch erste Ausflüge in die Bäume unternimmt es auch schon. „Die Patenschaft haben wir natürlich direkt und sehr gerne übernommen“ erzählt Frank Kemperman. Das Team des CHIO Aachen werde regelmäßig im Tierpark vorbeischauen und den kleinen „CHIO“ besuchen. Und Bananen und Nüsse mitbringen, versteht sich. Über solche Patenschaften kann der Tierpark einen Teil der jährlich rund 70.000 Euro aufbringen, die alleine für das Tierfutter benötigt werden. Patenschaften können schon für 25 Euro übernommen werden, „sie sind also auch ein prima Geschenk von der Oma für den Enkel“, sagt Graf-Rudolf. Apropos Geschenk: Neben Nüssen hatte Frank Kemperman noch eine CHIO-Turnierschleife („die bekommen alle CHIO-Sieger“) und eine Stallplakette mitgebracht.
    Den Namen für den Affen haben die CHIO Aachen-Organisatoren über ihre Facebook-Seite gesucht. Mehr als 100 Einsendungen gab es, die Vorschläge reichten von „Pessoa“ über „Chico“, „Pookie“ und „Printe“ bis hin zu „Waldemar“ oder „Schewardnadse“. Unter allen Einsendern werden noch 3 x 2 Karten für die Eröffnungsfeier des Weltfests des Pferdesports, CHIO Aachen 2013 (21. bis 30. Juni) verlost.



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