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    25.05.2016 - Beerbaum meets Müller

    The one is a four-time Olympic gold medallist and many-time World, European and German Champion. He has additionally already won the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen three times. The other is World Champion, winner of the Champions League, many-time German Champion and he recently won the double with FC Bayern. Ludger Beerbaum meets Thomas Müller.
    For the CHIO Aachen Magazine, the two of them chatted about the imminent European Football Championships, similarities between show jumping and football and about whether the atmosphere is better at FC Bayern or at the CHIO Aachen. We will reveal thus much in advance: Both of them answered this last question very diplomatically. Also in on the act: Thomas’ wife Lisa. The professional football player and the ambitious dressage rider know the CHIO Aachen well, they have namely already visited the Soers several times. In turn, Ludger Beerbaum announced that he is FC Bayern fan, who, whenever he gets the time, also supports the team in the stadium. The full length interview will be published in the current CHIO Aachen Magazine, which is out at the beginning of June. It costs 6.50 Euros and will be sold at the offices of the CHIO Aachen as well as during the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016 (July 8th- 17th). All subscription information (11.50 Euros/year plus postage) is available by sending an email to the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH: conny.muetze@chioaachen.de.

    24.05.2016 - Golden Sport Pyramid

    It is one of the most famous prizes awarded in the field of German sport: The “Golden Sport Pyramid” conferred by the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sport Aid Foundation). In 2016, the prize is going to be awarded during the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen

    The Deutsche Sporthilfe has been honouring outstanding sporting personalities with the award since the year 2000. The award winner will be announced shortly before the CHIO Aachen 2016 begins (July 8th-17th). The Deutsche Sporthilfe will then be inviting guests to the festive gala in the “Champions’ Circle” at the showgrounds on Saturday evening, July 16th. "We are delighted that the Deutsche Sporthilfe is integrating this prestigious and renowned gala into an existing event for the first time," commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. It proves that the CHIO Aachen has long since become a meeting point for personalities from the areas of sport, society, politics and business.

    The first award winner in the year 2000 was Hans Günter Winkler. As such, the legendary show-jumper, whose 90th birthday will be celebrated with a big gala on Friday afternoon (July 15th) during the CHIO Aachen 2016, also became a member of the “Hall of Fame of German Sport”, which was also initiated by the Deutsche Sporthilfe. A further 16 members will be appointed during the CHIO Aachen (see overview at the end of the press release).  One of these sixteen members will be selected as the prize winner of the “Golden Sport Pyramid”. The criteria for this nomination are in addition to sporting success, exemplary performances in the social and professional areas.



    The 16 new additions to the Hall of Fame of German Sport in 2016:

    1. Gauder, Hartwig: The man with the three hearts (*10.11.1954 in Vaihingen, Athletics). Olympic gold medallist in 50 km walking (1980), World Champion (1987) and European Champion (1986).

    2. Gienger, Eberhard: The legend on the high bar (*21.7.1951 in Künzelsau, Gymnastics). Olympic bronze medal in high bar in 1976, High Bar World Champion in 1974, three-time runner-up at the World Championships, three-time European Champion. 1974/1978 Sportsman of the year. Vice-President Competitive Sport of the DOSB from 2006 to 2010.

    3. Hanisch, Cornelia: The fencing virtuoso (*12.6.1952 in Frankfurt/M., Fencing). 1984 Olympic team gold medallist and individual silver. World Champion 1979/81/85, European Champion 1983. Sportswoman of the Year 1985.

    4. Kolbe, Peter-Michael: The sculler phenomenon (*2.8.1953 in Hamburg, Rowing). Five World Championship titles (1975/78/81/83/86) in Men’s Singles. Olympic silver 1976, 1984 and 1988. “Kolbe Injection”. Sportsman of the Year 1975.

    5. Kühnhackl, Erich: Ice hockey player of the century (*17.10.1950 in Citice/Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, Ice hockey). Olympic bronze medallist in 1976, 211 international appearances (131 goals). Vice-President of the German Ice Hockey Federation “German Player of the Century”.

    6. Langer, Bernhard: Germany’s golf legend (*27.8.1957 in Anhausen, Golf). Two Major victories (US Masters in 1985 and 1993). Member of the Golf Hall of Fame since 2002. Ryder Cup player and captain (victory in 2004).

    7. Nehmer, Meinhard: The best bob pilot of his time (*13.1.1941 in Boblin, Bob). Three Olympic gold medals: 1976 (Two-man and four-man bob) and 1980 (four-man bob). Victories at the World Championships (1977) and European Championships (1979) in four-man bob. Flag carrier at the Olympic Games in 1976.

    8. Netzer, Günter: The football popstar (*14.9.1944 in Mönchengladbach, Football). World Champion (1974) and European Champion (1972). German Champions with Borussia Mönchengladbach in 1973, titleholder with Real Madrid.

    9. Pusch, Alexander: Fencer of the century (*15.5.1955 in Tauberbischofsheim, Fencing). Two Olympic gold medals in 1976 (individual) and in 1984 (team), team silver in 1976 and 1988. Four-time World Champion.

    10. Richter, Kristina: The best handball player of her time (née Hochmuth, *24.10.1946 in Zwickau, Handball). Three-time World Champion (1971/75/78), Olympic silver medallist (1976) and bronze medallist (1980, first German lady team member to carry the flag). 235 international appearances for GDR, European Cup victories with Berliner TSC.

    11. Röhrl, Walter: The rally sport genius (*7.3.1947 in Regensburg, Motorsport). World Champion in 1980 and 1982, European Champion in 1974. Four victories in the Monte Carlo rally (1980, 1982, 1983, 1984).

    12. Schmid, Harald: The hurdle hotshot (*29.9.1957 in Hanau, Athletics). Olympic bronze medal in 1976 and 1984 (relay/400 m hurdling), three World Championship medals, five European Championship victories. Sportsman of the Year 1979/87.

    13. Schmitt, Arnd: Medal collector on the planche (*13.7.1965 in Heidenheim, Fencing). Olympic victories in 1988 (individual) and 1992 (team), Individual World Champion in 1999. In total 16 Olympic and World Champion medals.

    14. Schockemöhle, Alwin: The champion of the show-jumpers (*29.5.1937 in Meppen, Equestrian Sport). Two Olympic victories: 1976 in the individuals, 1960 with the team. Six European Championships medals.

    15. Wieneke, Frank: As Olympic judoka and trainer (*31.1.1962 in Hannover, Judo). Olympic victory in 1984 and Olympic silver in 1988. European Champion in 1986, European silver in 1988/89. Trained Ole Bischof to his Olympic victory in 2008.

    16. Wunderlich, Erhard: Handball player of the century (*14.12.1956 in Augsburg, †4.10.2012 in Cologne, Handball). World Champion in 1978, Olympic silver in 1984. Won all national and international titles with VfL Gummersbach. “Handball Player of the Century” (posthumous).


    23.05.2016 - Werde Teil der Eröffnungsfeier!

    Casting für Kinder am 2. Juni im Hauptstadion

    Michel und Pippi, Karlsson und Ronja: Wer kennt sie nicht, die unverwechselbaren und weltweit bekannten Romanfiguren aus Astrid Lindgrens Kinderbüchern? Bei der CHIO Aachen-Eröffnungsfeier am 12. Juli ab 20 Uhr sollen sie im Hauptstadion lebendig werden. Dafür sucht der CHIO Aachen-Veranstalter Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V. noch Statisten bis 15 Jahre. Wer so strohblond wie Michel aus Lönneberga ist oder stark wie Pippi Langstrumpf, mutig wie Ronja Räubertochter oder „flugtauglich“ wie Karlsson vom Dach, kann am 2. Juni an einem Casting teilnehmen. Dieses beginnt um 15.30 Uhr und findet im Hauptstadion auf dem CHIO Aachen-Turniergelände, Albert-Servais-Allee 50, statt. Alles, was zur Teilnahme benötigt wird, ist ein Kostüm eines Astrid Lindgren-Helden sowie die Zustimmung mindestens eines Erziehungsberechtigten.

    Auf die ausgewählten Statisten wartet der ganz große Auftritt im 40.000 Zuschauer fassenden Hauptstadion. Mehr als 160 Pferde und rund 500 Mitwirkende werden bei der spektakulären CHIO Aachen-Eröffnungsfeier  dabei sein. Viele Überraschungen, atemberaubende Stunts und beeindruckende Show-Elemente machen die Show zu einem Highlight des Weltfests des Pferdesports (8. bis 17. Juli). Alles wird sich dabei um das diesjährige Partnerland Schweden drehen. Offiziell eröffnet wird die Show von Ihrer Majestät Königin Silvia von Schweden.

    22.05.2016 - Top stars in an Olympic light

    When the best riders in the world take part at the famous CHIO Aachen from July 8th-17th, by way of exception some of them will have another sporting event in mind: The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Because for most nations the decision will be taken at the traditional Aachen Soers showgrounds as to which athletes will be representing their country in Rio. That was reason enough for the makers of the “CHIO Aachen Magazine” to portray three of the German top athletes in an Olympic light. The photo shooting took place with the number one in the dressage world ranking list, Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, the eventing super star Ingrid Klimke (number 6 in the world ranking list) and the number 2 in the jumping world ranking list, Christian Ahlmann, in the run-up to the CHIO Aachen.

    The CHIO Aachen magazine is out at the beginning of June. It costs 6.50 Euros and is sold at the offices of the CHIO Aachen. All information regarding subscriptions (11.50 Euros/year plus postage) is available per email from the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH: conny.muetze@chioaachen.de.

    20.05.2016 - Nominations Silver Camera

    Which is the best equestrian sport photo of the year?

    Taking the perfect equestrian sport photo is often a little more difficult than in the case of other sports. After all horses are fast, in some cases very fast and their movements are not always predictable. So photographers have to have a good understand of the sport, have to be able to anticipate situations and movements. Some of the best members of the profession have submitted their entries to the traditional “Silver Camera” media prize, which will once again be jointly awarded by the Sparkasse Aachen, the Rheinischer Sparkassen- & Giroverband and the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) at this year’s World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, for the best international equestrian sport photo of the year.

    The jury, comprising of Jill de Ridder (dressage rider), Andreas Müller (Executive Director, Zeitungsverlag Aachen), Erich Timmermanns (Director Advertising & PR Sparkasse Aachen), Leanjo de Koster (photographer and last year’s winner), Andreas Steindl (photographer) and Frank Kemperman (Chairman, ALRV) have now nominated three photographs from among the 123 entries as follows (in alphabetical order):


    Christophe Bricot (FRA, “Lauren Hough riding Ohlala in Paris” photo)

    Jeffrey Fierens (BEL, “Eventing in Arville” photo)

    Daniel Kaiser (GER, “Just a kiss” photo)


    The winner will be announced in the Main Stadium in the scope of the award ceremony of the Silver Camera on Saturday evening (July 19th) after the Final of the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup. The winner receives prize-money to the value of 2500 Euros, the prize-money for second place is 1000 Euros and 500 Euros for third place.

    19.05.2016 - Måns Zelmerlöw coming

    He won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and now Måns Zelmerlöw is coming to Aachen. The smart Swede with immense charm will be one of the stars of the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen. The visitors can, among others, look forward to his mega hit “Heroes”. 40,000 spectators are awaited when Queen Silvia of Sweden officially opens the CHIO Aachen and the Opening Ceremony is subsequently staged as a spectacular show focusing on the partner country Sweden. Tickets for the show are available online at www.chioaachen.de or from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111. Måns Zelmerlöw has been a star in his Swedish homeland for many years, he has celebrated great success as a musician and presenter. The mega hit “Heroes”, with which he won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, assured him his international breakthrough. “Some of the ladies in our team are already quite excited”, said Show Director, Frank Kemperman, with a smile.

    The CHIO Aachen Opening Ceremony 2016

    More than 160 horses and around 500 participants are awaited in the Main Stadium of the traditional Aachen Soers showgrounds on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 (from 8 p.m.). The show in the fascinating atmosphere of the stadium that seats 40,000 spectators that is being organised by Owe Sandström, Uwe Brandt and the experienced team of the CHIO Aachen holds plenty of surprises, spectacular stunts and impressive show elements in store for the visitors. Everything will revolve around this year’s CHIO Aachen partner country Sweden. The show is going to be officially opened by her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. Tickets (from €6.60 upwards, are also valid for the day’s sports programme) are available online or from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111.

    17.05.2016 - Quadrilles in a wonderful setting

    Dressage fans can once again look forward to the popular Quadrille Championships at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016 (July 8th-17th). Team work, a sense of rhythm, precision and the finest tuning are required in the “Prize of the Handwerk” – from the music, to the individual exercises, through to the colour of the horses. The medium-level, national dressage competition that lasts one hour will be staged on Friday, July 15th starting at 6.30 p.m. It will be held in the wonderful setting of the Deutsche Bank Stadium that seats 6,300 people. Six teams, each comprising of four riders and their horses will be taking part in this competition: The local Aachen District Association, Wesel District Association (winners of the Quadrille Championship in 2015) as well as the four best teams from the Rhineland Team Dressage Championships: Viersen District Association, Krefeld District Association, Mettmann District Association and Bergisch-Land District Association. The execution and the artistic performance of the individual quadrille teams will be evaluated. The competition is endowed with 3000 Euros in prize-money.


    Information and tickets:

    The “Prize of the Handwerk” takes place during the evening programme of the dressage, which starts at 3.30 p.m. with the “Prize of the Liselott & Klaus Rheinberger Foundation” and the International U25 PIAFF Prize. After the Quadrille Championships the “Lindt Prize”, the Grand Prix Spécial CDI4*, will take place as a floodlit competition, which starts at 8.30 p.m. In 2014, Isabell Werth won this competition with Don Johnson FRH.

    Tickets are available online or from the ticket hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111.

    13.05.2016 - Interview with Björn from ABBA

    When the international music stars are stood on the stage tomorrow evening during the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, ABBA will as usual be a topic of conversation again. The Swedish “Fab Four” won the competition in 1974 with “Waterloo” – the start of a breath-taking career. Now the contest is returning to Sweden. We spoke to the ABBA star, Björn Ulvaeus, about the famous ABBA costumes, about the Opening Ceremony and about the secret of a good show.


    Question: Replicas of the famous ABBA costumes will be on display in CHIO Aachen this summer.

    Björn Ulvaeus: We designed the costumes together with Owe Sandström. He created some exceptional models, which were slightly modified afterwards after once we had discussed them together. Each outfit was thus the outcome of a joint effort and became something special with its own history. It is great that they will now also be exhibited in Aachen. Of course, when you see photos of ABBA today, the fantastic costumes catch your eye straight away, everyone remembers them. An awful lot of them are Owe Sandström.

    Question: Owe Sandström is not just a famous designer, he is also a director of great shows. He will be jointly staging the Opening Ceremony in Aachen together with Lars Nilsson, the team from Aachen and the Director of the Grenzlandtheater, Uwe Brandt – you know Owe well…

    Björn Ulvaeus: Yes, he is a good friend of mine. Owe is a dedicated and passionate person. A fantastic designer and an exceptional director. The CHIO Aachen visitors can certainly look forward to him and the show. I promise you.

    Question: Sweden will dominate the Opening Show of the CHIO Aachen. You spent many years performing on stage yourself. What turns something into a good show? When is it a success?

    Björn Ulvaeus: A good show is simply good from the beginning to the end. That is how ABBA always worked. That applied for the texts, the shows, the costumes – for everything. There is no place for anything in a really convincing show that doesn’t meet the highest demands. But you have got Owe, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, the Opening Ceremony will be super.

    Question: Your fellow-countryman and last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw hosted the Song Contest – What is your opinion of him?

    Björn Ulvaeus: He is a very talented young man, who has already done a lot of things right. He is extremely popular in Sweden, not just as a singer, but also as the presenter of a well-known TV show. After his Eurovision Song Contest victory, his is, of course, famous all over Europe.

    Question: Her Royal Highness Queen Silvia and the Royal Guards are coming to Aachen. What significance does the Queen and the monarchy have for your country?

    Björn Ulvaeus: The majority of the people in Sweden are fans of the monarchy. The Royal Family is very popular and this is exactly how we Swedes want things to remain.


    Tickets are available for the Opening Ceremony online or from the hotline on +49-(0)241 917-1111



    12.05.2016 - The best teams in the world

    The best show-jumping nations in the world are attending the CHIO Aachen 2016 from July 8th-17th. On Thursday, July 14th, they will compete against each other in the Mercedes-Benz Nations’ Cup. In the evening, under floodlights, in front of 40,000 spectators – a sensational atmosphere.
    The first-class line-up of teams is headed by the World and European Champions, the Netherlands.

    Their national coach, Rob Ehrens, has already announced that he will be sending his best team to the Aachener Soers, so among others the spectators can look forward to watching the double World and European Champion, Jeroen Dubbeldam, in action. The German national coaches, Otto Becker and Heinrich-Hermann Engemann, will also be traveling to the imperial city with their best possible team. After all, Aachen will be the final decider for the riders on their way to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Besides these two nations, the teams from the title-holders Belgium, as well as from France, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland and the USA will be participating at the CHIO Aachen 2016. “As such, our visitors can look forward to the presently strongest teams in the world, said Show Director, Frank Kemperman, overjoyed. Tickets for Thursday, July 14th, are available online or from the hotline (+49-(0)241-917-1111) for 14 Euros upwards. All further information on the remaining programme on the day such as the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup, the U25 Jumping Cup and the STAWAG Prize is, of course, are available here.


    19.04.2016 - Carl Meulenbergh re-elected

    Carl Meulenbergh remains President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV). The members unanimously re-elected him to office during the General Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening. Wolfgang "Tim" Hammer was appointed as a new member of the Supervisory Board. He succeeds Dieter Junghans, who didn’t run for office due to his tight time schedule. Like Meulenbergh, the other members of the Supervisory Board Baron Wolf von Buchholtz (Vice President), Hans Kauhsen, Wolfgang Mainz, Stefanie Peters and Peter Weinberg were also re-elected for a term of four years.

    80 days before the CHIO Aachen 2016 kicks off, Carl Meulenbergh took both a look back and a look forward. Back to the exceptional year 2015 with a show in May and the European Championships in the summer. “So many chapters of equestrian sport history have already been written in Aachen, but 2015 will go down as a very special year in the history of the ALRV,” stated Meulenbergh, who was delighted with the outcome of the last year. He not only showed great enthusiasm for the top sport experienced, but also about the fact that the European Equestrian Championships succeeded in writing black figures, “which is not something that can be taken for granted today when it comes down to major events.” In 2016, the visitors will once again expect to experience “what distinguishes us: Tradition, a folk festival and of course top sport.”

    The ALRV Chairman and Show Director, Frank Kemperman, particularly addressed the last point: “2016 is an Olympics year, almost all of the participating nations will take the decision as to who will be flying to Rio in Aachen.” This alone will guarantee high-class and exciting competitions. However, the visitors can not only look forward to sporting highlights, but also to a thrilling supporting programme. For example, the organisers are relying on the successful concept of the European Championships for the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, July 12th: There is going to be a 90-minute, top-class floodlit show programme. Furthermore, a very special gala is awaiting the CHIO Aachen guests on Friday, July 15th, in celebration of the 90th birthday of the show jumping legend, Hans Günter Winkler. “Our spectators love him, Aachen is his living-room, it is going to be very emotional,” commented Kemperman.

    Kemperman’s fellow board member, Helen Rombach-Schwartz, also had some good news to announce: In spite of the considerable extra expenditure for the European Championships and the extensive investments in the showgrounds, the annual balance sheet, which was checked by the auditing company, Ernst & Young, finished on a profit of almost 41,000 Euros.

    Carl Meulenbergh showed his particular gratitude to members, who have remained loyal to the ALRV for many years. He paid tribute to the following members accordingly:  Gabriele Meeßen, Ulrich Schloemer, Jürgen Wibelitz, Franz Zimmermann, Elke Braun, Dirk Walter Courté and Norbert Skipka (all 25 years), Friedrich Wilhelm Czarnojan, Dr. Heinz-Eike Lange, Bischoff and Vielhauer GmbH, Helmut Metzmacher, Friedrich A. Neumann and Cornelia von Rüxleben-Plöger (all 40 years) as well as Rüdiger Hagemann and the Kur- & Badgesellschaft mbH for 60 years of membership.


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    08.04.2016 - Big show before the top sport

    The Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen 2016 promises superlatives – Pippi Langstrumpf meets Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden

    There has never been such a show at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, before. “Forget everything you know about the CHIO Opening Ceremonies to-date,” the Show Director, Frank Kemperman, stated. During a press conference the organisers presented the Opening Ceremony 2016.

    More than 160 horses and around 500 active participants are awaited in the impressive Main Stadium on July 12th, 2016 (starting at 8 p.m.). Together with Frank Kemperman, Carl Meulenbergh, President of the event organisers Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) and Uwe Brandt presented the programme. Brandt is the Director of the Aachener Grenzlandtheater, he also supported the organisers with the successful Opening Ceremony for the European Championships last year. What is awaiting the visitors on this Tuesday evening in July? Plenty of surprises, spectacular stunts, impressive show elements and all of this in the fascinating floodlit atmosphere of the stadium that holds a crowd of 40,000. The entire evening will centre on this year’s CHIO Aachen partner country Sweden.

    “What is typical Swedish?” asked Brandt and promptly answered the question himself: ABBA of course, the Royal Family, Midsummer, and, naturally the characters out of Astrid Lindgren’s books. All of this is going to be brought to life on a very high level. In the case of Lindgren’s Karlsson on the Roof, who as we all know can fly thanks to the propeller attached to his back, this is meant quite literally. ALRV Chairman, Frank Kemperman, stated that the participation of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden at the Opening Ceremony is “an exceptional honour”. She won’t be coming alone either, she is namely going to be accompanied by magnificent mounted guards and the Royal Stables. Sweden, that is also music and the most famous export is the Scandinavian “Fab Four”, ABBA. For the first time ever, the Stockholm-based ABBA Museum is going on tour and will be presented in the Swedish Village. What’s more, the original costumes will make the Opening Ceremony a glittering experience.

    There won’t be much glitter when the Vikings enter the ring or when the Hanseatic Times come to life though. “Swedish culture and Swedish traditions, embedded in a colourful and spectacular show,” promised Kemperman. “The CHIO Aachen,” commented Carl Meulenbergh, “has stood for more than ‘just’ sport for many years.” And that is exactly what the audience expects, there is always a high demand for tickets for events such as the “Horse & Symphony” concert or indeed the Opening Ceremony. “The Opening Ceremony has developed into a real crowd-puller,” for which tickets are still available either online or from the hotline: +49-(0)241-917-1111. And what are the organisers’ expectations regarding the Opening Ceremony? Uwe Brandt: “The people should go home afterwards and say: Bless my old Swede, that was wonderful.”

    The Swedish Equestrian Federation has engaged Owe Sandström and Lars Nilsson to direct the programme for the inauguration. Owe Sandström has had a very versatile career, he is among other things the designer of the stage costumes and outfits for Swedish super group Abba, and in equestrian circles the pair is known as the duo behind the opening shows of Sweden International Horse Show. "We will have a couple of hundred horses and even more people on the opening show in Aachen, says Owe Sandström. He will not give away the whole concept, but reveals that the interchange between Sweden and Germany as a historic journey will be one of the topics. "And of course we will present the Swedish culture and horses, all in our own special way."

    28.03.2016 - Sweden at the CHIO Aachen

    There are just over 100 days to go before the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016, from July 8th-17th, gets underway. In Northern Europe everyone is particularly looking forward to the ten days at the Soers in Aachen – not least because Sweden is the partner country of the CHIO Aachen.

    And since the eyes of the equestrian world are cast upon Sweden at the moment – the show-jumpers and dressage riders are namely presently competing at the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg – this is precisely where the organisers from Sweden and Aachen chose to present their partner country concept: In the “Scandinavium”, the impressive arena in Gothenburg.

    The focal point will be the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen on Tuesday, July 12th, which begins at 8 p.m. And one thing quickly became clear: “This ceremony is going to be exceptional, a spectacular event and great fun,” announced Owe Sandström. Together with Lars Nilsson and the CHIO Aachen organisers at the German end, who will once again be supported by Uwe Brandt, the experienced producer is responsible for the concept of the Opening Ceremony.

    But the Swedes will not only dominate the Opening Ceremony. “The partner country will create a very special atmosphere at the grounds throughout the entire CHIO,” commented the Show Director, Frank Kemperman, adding that of course the Opening Ceremony, “which will be staged under floodlights, will ensure unforgettable moments.” The plans are already well-advanced and “promise a fantastic show”, added Carina Sjöberg, General Secretary of the Swedish Equestrian Association. The President of the Association, Ulf Brömster, is also already counting the days until Aachen: “For us there is no better showcase than the biggest equestrian show in the world, the CHIO Aachen.” The best example for this is the fact that Her Royal Highness Queen Silvia of Sweden has not only taken over the patronship of this project, she will also be attending the Opening Ceremony personally.

    Tickets online


    18.03.2016 - Trauer um Guido Westerwelle

    Das Team vom CHIO Aachen trauert um Guido Westerwelle. Der Ehemann von ART-Geschäftsführer Michael Mronz gehörte früher auch dem Beirat des Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e.V. an. Dem CHIO Aachen war er seit vielen Jahren eng verbunden.

    03.03.2016 - Gala for Hans Günter Winkler

    His suitcase stands in Aachen, not in Berlin. “The Soers is my second home,” says Hans Günter Winkler. The five-time Olympic gold medallist, two-time World Champion and three-time winner of the Rolex Grand Prix will be celebrating his 90th birthday in July. Reason enough to honour the most successful show-jumper of all time at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016 (July 8th-17th), with a big gala evening.

    Like the legendary victory of the German national football team at the World Championships in 1954, Hans Günter Winkler’s Olympic victory in 1956 in Stockholm remains an unforgettable part of German sporting history. Due to an injury, he only just managed to keep himself in the saddle of “Halla” by calling on his last reserves of strength and determination, but he was ultimately rewarded with individual and team gold. Hence, Hans Günter Winkler joined the ranks of legends like Max Schmeling and Fritz Walter, like the latter, Winkler is also a member in the “Hall of Fame of German Sport”.

    Aachen has always played a very special role for this exceptional sportsman. “Aachen, the Soers, has long since become my equestrian home,” commented Winkler on Thursday during a press conference in Aachen. This is not only where he claimed his World Championship title, this was also where he retired from active competition sport 30 years ago and where he enchants the hearts of the visitors to this very day. “Aachen and Hans Günter Winkler”, explained Carl Meulenbergh, the President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV), organisers of the CHIO, “that is an extraordinary, unique relationship.” So, it is quite logical that tribute is going to be paid to Winkler in a special way precisely here, at the most famous showgrounds in the world.

    “But how does one pay homage to a legend?” asked the ALRV Chairman, Frank Kemperman, and went on to answer the question himself: “With a gala evening.” During the CHIO Aachen 2016, there is going to be a show programme in the Main Stadium on Friday, July 15th in honour of Hans Günter Winkler. Kemperman also revealed the first details: Former companions will be taking part as well as aspiring young talents, after all promoting young talent has been a matter close to Winkler’s heart for many years. There will be a review of the early years of Winkler’s equestrian achievements, his Olympic career will be highlighted and of course “Halla” will be remembered – so it is going to be an emotional occasion. That all fits in well, because “Aachen is like an Italian opera: Drama, passion, great emotions,” as Hans Günter Winkler once put it. He has experienced a great deal and has always shared these moments with “his” crowd. That is why they love him so much here.

    Tickets for Friday, July 15th, are available online or from the ticket hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111. Further sporting highlights in the Main Stadium on this day are the “Prize of North Rhine-Westphalia” as well as the spectacular “Prize of the Sparkasse” over ditches and banks. The day will open with the “NetAachen Prize”.

    Watch now the video of the press conference from March, 3rd 2016 (in German)

    15.02.2016 - Sweden is the partner country

    Sweden and the Swedish Equestrian Federation are the partners of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016. Her Majesty Silvia of Sweden will visit the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 as patron of the Swedish delegation.

    - order your tickets for the opening ceremony -

    The partner countries enjoy a long tradition at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. With Sweden as this year’s partner country, the visitors, athletes and organisers can look forward to special guests for the 14th time.

    “We are delighted to be the official partner country of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016. It is a great honour for us and also a good opportunity to further strengthen our excellent relations with Germany. The Swedish Embassy would like to contribute to a presentation of Sweden in all its cultural and economic diversity,” says the Swedish Ambassador in Germany, Lars Danielsson. “We are very proud that H.M. Queen Silvia supports our involvement as Swedish horse industry has so much to offer the international market,” says Ulf Brömster, President of the Swedish Equestrian Federation. Among others, the Swedish guests will present themselves at the showgrounds in the “Svensk-byn” – the Swedish Village. “Our aim is to present Swedish Equestrian sport and industry, our culture and our country in the best possible way. CHIO Aachen draws visitors from all over the world and is a fantastic possibility to exchange experiences and make new contacts,” says Ulf Brömster. As the official partner country, Sweden will be personally present at the showgrounds, but also in the city: On Monday, July 11th, the traditional reception of the partner country will take place at the market square in Aachen.

    “The partner countries always create a special atmosphere at the CHIO,” commented Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), organisers of the event. “Sweden has so much to offer – both as a sporting nation as well as a tourist destination. Sweden and Germany have been linked by close economic and cultural ties for many years, so it was a logical move to invite Sweden to be the partner country,” continued Kemperman. He is, of course, particularly looking forward to the royal visit: “The fact that her Royal Highness Queen Silvia will be coming to Aachen, underlines the great international significance that the CHIO Aachen enjoys.” After the huge success of the Opening Ceremony of the European Championships last year, the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen 2016 is also going to be a spectacular floodlit event. “This wonderfully special atmosphere will provide unforgettable moments,” stated Frank Kemperman. Tickets for the royal Opening Ceremony are available from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111 or online.

    04.02.2016 - Virtual CHIO

    There are 155 days to go until the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2016 (July 8th-17th), but you can wonderfully bridge the gap until then per mouse click. Because the virtual camera flight over the showgrounds brings the show to life today already – at least on the computer screen. Whether the packed Main Stadium, the CHIO Museum or the stables: The animation means you can experience the traditional and world-famous grounds per PC, tablet or smartphone. The basis of the virtual camera flight is a 3D model of the grounds. The CHIO organisers have been working on this model together with the specialists from the Berlin-based company “begehungen.de” for several years and it is constantly further developed. “This enables more and more details to be integrated into the virtual camera flight,” commented Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V., organisers of the event. The digitalised model is also the basis for the “3D ticketing”. The future CHIO visitors can already take a look at the main ring or the dressage arena in the virtual stadiums in advance, “this gives them an idea of where they will be sitting and what their view of the action will be like,” stated Kemperman.

    27.01.2016 - 110 percent CHIO Aachen

    “You can’t experience an atmosphere like that at the CHIO Aachen anywhere else in the world,” said Otto Becker, the national coach of the German show-jumpers. The long tradition, the many stories and of course the unique stadiums are what make the most famous showgrounds in the world so unique, according to Becker. Together with his colleague, Monica Theodorescu, the national coach of the German dressage riders and the CHIO organisers, Becker took a look at the CHIO Aachen 2016, which is being staged from July 8th-17th.

    Like Otto Becker, Monica Theodorescu also has a long personal CHIO history. Prior to their careers as national coaches, both of them were highly successful on the international equestrian sport circuit – particularly in Aachen as well. For instance, Theodorescu won the Deutsche Bank Prize in 1990, whilst Otto Becker won the Rolex Grand Prix in the year 2000. “Actually” joked Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), the organisers of the event, “you might as well both stay right here”. The Press Conference namely took place in the CHIO Museum.

    Many exceptional moments from the almost 120-year-old history of the event are documented in this museum and the CHIO Aachen 2016 will no doubt also provide many more exceptional moments. After staging the World Equestrian Festival in May and the European Championships in August in 2015, Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH (ART), promised “110 percent CHIO” for this year. What he meant by this became very clear on Wednesday: “Many of our visitors can already look back on their own CHIO history” (Meulenbergh), “Tradition, a folk festival, atmosphere, whereby the sport is always the focal point” (Becker), “CHIO, is like coming home, it starts with the stewards at the round-about, who I have known for 30 years” (Theodorescu), “the people had great fun at the European Championships, but afterwards they came to us and said: But now we are looking forward to the CHIO” (Mronz). The exceptional atmosphere in the huge, frequently sold-out arenas, the entire world-famous showgrounds, the tent city with its white pagodas that can be seen from afar, the fantastic sport, the expert and emphatic crowd, the outstanding tradition that can be breathed at every corner of the grounds – all of this is what makes the CHIO so special.

    In terms of the sport, the visitors can look forward to the well-known highlights – the Rolex Grand Prix and the Mercedes-Benz Nations’ Cup (Otto Becker: “Of course, I finally want to succeed in attaining the achievement that I managed several times as a rider: The victory in the Mercedes-Benz Nations’ Cup.”). For Monica Theodorescu and the German dressage elite, the focus will lie on the Deutsche Bank Prize and the Lambertz Nations’ Cup. “We have got a super team competing,” she promised and already revealed a few of the competitors. She stated that there is no way around Isabell Werth and Kristina Sprehe at the moment. In addition to them, further experienced big names from the sport like Fabienne Lütkemeier, Hubertus Schmidt and Anabel Balkenhol are going to be on board. The just 21-year-old Söneke Rothenberger also recently rode into the spotlight: “The young man is simply good and his horse is good too, so I can’t just say, no, you are too young,” the national coach stated as further encouragement for the youngster.

    The organisers also announced a spectacular new competition: Teams, comprising of show-jumpers and eventers as well as a four-in-hand team will compete against each other in the Main Stadium – “That is going to be very loud, very fast and extremely impressive,” promised Michael Mronz. Tickets are still available for these and all other competitions, whereby in some cases there are only a few tickets left. Tickets can be ordered online or from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111.

    22.01.2016 - In memory of Ron Southern

    The CHIO Aachen team is mourning Ron Southern. The founder of the world-famous equestrian sports complex “Spruce Meadows” in Calgary, Canada passed away yesterday at the age of 85. “His courage and foresight enabled Ron Southern to attain great achievements,” commented Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.
    Spruce Meadows, the CHIO Aachen and the CHI Geneva jointly initiated the “Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping”.

    18.12.2015 - "Star Wars" at horse & symphony

    When outstanding music meets an exceptional show, when some of the top equestrian athletes in the world are accompanied live by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, then it is time for “Horse & Symphony” at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. The most extraordinary concert of the year begins at 8.30 p.m. on July 9, 2016. The Symphony Orchestra will be bringing many heroes from the movie scene to the Deutsche Bank Stadium in musical form – whether Darth Vader and the Emperor to the music of “Star Wars”, Jack Sparrow to the famous soundtrack of “Pirates of the Caribbean” or Indiana Jones. Extraordinary horses and riders will perform a spectacular show programme to the music. There are still tickets left, but in line with past experiences, the “Horse & Symphony” sells out very quickly. The tickets can be purchased directly by phone from the CHIO Aachen on +49-(0)241-917-1111 or online at www.chioaachen.de. In 2016, “Horse & Symphony is being organised for the 12th time. It has long since advanced from being an insider tip to the absolute crowd-puller. That is due to the extremely special atmosphere,” the Show Director, Frank Kemperman said convinced. A floodlit Deutsche Bank Stadium combined with the live sounds of the Symphony Orchestra “is the perfect combination between unique equestrian sport and highly emotional music – especially next year when we will be able to experience famous melodies from some of the most famous movies in the history of film,” commented Kemperman.


    15.12.2015 - “Wall of Fame“ for the CHIO

    There has already been a “Walk of Fame” with the hoof prints of the horses that have written history in Aachen at the CHIO grounds at the Aachener Soers since 2011. In future, the CHIO visitors can also admire the legends of the international equestrian sport on the walls too – from Salinero, to Gigolo, through to Mr. T.

    Because in a joint project between the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) and Malerinnung Aachen, trainers of the painting & varnishing trade will be decorating the walls in the Main Stadium with the names of famous horses. The team of the intercompany training workshop, Dieter Krause, who is responsible for training; Manfred Nikolai Scheilen, Director of Education; Ernst Spaltner and Michael Zirk, are delighted about the work at the Soers. “In addition to colour theory and colour design, signwriting and design techniques, practical experience on real objects outside of the training workshop is very important for the trainees, said Manfred Nikolai Scheilen. It is equally important that the young people create a lasting, visible asset that they can be proud of. In this way, the trainee Marvin Kals from Alsdorf is delighted to receive positive feedback. “I showed my girlfriend pictures of my work and now she would like me to decorate the walls of her room with the horses’ names too!” The pedagogue Scheilen would like to integrate further such projects into the training programme. “Perhaps the campaign at the Soers is just the beginning! It is therefore wonderful that we are achieving something here by adding a unique touch to the grounds.”

    The project is part of the work-based education. Four groups of the third year of the training course will take it in turns to decorate two walls behind the AachenMünchener Stand. “It is a fantastic project that the famous names of horses are being eternalised here. We have been asking ourselves for some time how we could visually upgrade these walls. The trainees have done a super job!”, stated Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the ALRV.

    13.12.2015 - Steve Guerdat wins in Genf

    The Swiss Steve Guerdat won the “Rolex Grand Prix” at the CHI Geneva 2015.

    Read more


    07.12.2015 - Salut-Festival Aachen 2015

    Maximilian Lill gewinnt Großen Preis der Aachener Bank – STAWAG-Preis: Carola Wegener siegt – NetAachen-Preis geht an Beau Schuttelaar – Calvin Böckmann im Land Rover Kohl-Preis erfolgreich – Waldhausen Hallenchampions geehrt – Bundestrainer Otto Becker zu Gast in der Halle

    Spitzensport trifft auf Spitzenflair: Bei der Jubiläumsausgabe des Salut-Festivals Aachen 2015 überzeugten Deutschlands beste Nachwuchs-Springreiter in der weihnachtlich geschmückten Albert-Vahle-Halle auf dem traditionsreichen CHIO Aachen-Gelände. In den vier Disziplinen Children (bis 14 Jahre, auf Großpferden), Ponyreiter (bis 16 Jahre), Junioren (bis 18 Jahre) und Junge Reiter (bis 21 Jahre) wurden die Waldhausen Hallenchampions geehrt.

    Wie schon im letzten Jahr schafften es drei Reiter ins Stechen des Großen Preises der Aachener Bank eG für Junge Reiter – Maximilian Lill aus Bayern setzte sich schließlich im Sattel von „Capuccino“ vor Maurice Tebbel und Daniela Theelen durch. „Das ist ein toller Abschluss für mich. Ich bin immer gerne zum Salut-Festival gekommen. Dieses Turnier ist einfach perfekt aufgezogen!“, freute sich Lill. Für ihn ist es das letzte Salut-Festival, da er mit 21 Jahren die Altersgrenze erreicht hat. Seine überragende Saison konnte er zudem mit dem Titel „Waldhausen-Hallenchampion der Jungen Reiter“ krönen. Der STAWAG-Preis, Großer Preis der Junioren, ging in diesem Jahr nach Österreich. Die 17-jährige Carola Wegener setzte sich im Stechen einer hochklassigen Prüfung gegen neun Konkurrenten durch. „Es hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht, Caspar hat super mitgekämpft. Es war erst unser zweites Zwei-Sterne-S-Springen und ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass wir heute gewinnen.“, so die österreichische Amazone. Waldhausen-Hallenchampion der Junioren wurde verdient Tom Schewe vom Reit-, Zucht- u. Fahrverein Stadthagen. Bei den Ponyreitern entschied ein Gast aus den Niederlanden die wichtigste Prüfung für sich: Beau Schuttelaar hat den NetAachen-Preis gewonnen. Durch ihre zwei zweiten Plätze und ihren Sieg in der entscheidenden dritten Wertungsprüfung konnte die 13-Jährige ebenfalls den Titel des Waldhausen Hallenchampion mit nach Hause nehmen. Entsprechend positiv fällt ihr Fazit aus: „Ich finde es ganz toll hier. Es ist eine super Atmosphäre und jeder fiebert mit jedem mit. Wenn ich kann, komme ich gerne nächstes Jahr wieder.“ Einen weiteren Doppelsieger gab es in der Klasse Children: Calvin Böckmann, der schon im letzten Jahr den Großen Preis für sich entscheiden konnte, gewann den Land Rover Kohl-Preis und wurde zudem verdient Waldhausen-Hallenchampion.

    Emotionaler Höhepunkt am gestrigen Tag war die Ehrung langjähriger Unterstützer des Nachwuchsturniers, unter ihnen auch Willibert Mehlkopf und Rolf-Peter Fuß, zwei der insgesamt drei Turnierleiter. Willibert Mehlkopf, der das Salut-Festival vor 25 Jahren ins Leben rief und nach seinem Erfolgspferd Salut benannte, betonte in seiner Rede den hohen Stellenwert des Turniers. Der langjährige und stetige Erfolg sei nur möglich dank der vielen Mitarbeiter, Partner und Unterstützer. Der dritte Turnierleiter, Frank Kemperman, zog am Abschlusstag ein positives Resümee des 25. Salut-Festivals: „Die letzten vier Tage haben wieder gezeigt, dass Willibert Mehlkopf vor 25 Jahren den richtigen Riecher hatte.“ 5.500 Besucher kamen an den vier Turniertagen in die Albert-Vahle-Halle auf dem traditionsreichen Turniergelände in der Aachener Soers. „Das Turnier entwickelt sich jedes Jahr weiter. Reiter, ihre Familien und Besucher kommen immer wieder gerne her – und machen eine tolle Stimmung“, freute sich Kemperman über den Zuspruch. Den ersten Schritt haben schon einige Spitzenreiter beim „Mini-CHIO“ gemacht, so sind schon Christian Ahlmann, Marcus Ehning und Daniel Deußer beim Salut-Festival gestartet. Bundestrainer der deutschen Springreiter, Otto Becker, war wieder in Aachen zu Gast – um die Stars von morgen zu sehen und um seiner Tochter Mia-Charlotte die Daumen zu drücken, die das erste Mal dabei war. „Das Salut-Festival ist jedes Jahr für die Nachwuchsreiter ein toller Jahresabschluss. Die Atmosphäre ist einmalig und außerdem ist es allein schon deshalb etwas Besonderes, weil es in Aachen stattfindet“, so Becker.


    Alle Infos und die Ergebnisübersicht gibt es online unter www.salut-festival.de und unter facebook.com/salutfestival.

    05.12.2015 - 100.000 Facebook-Fans

    Der 100.000ste Fan hat auf der Facebook-Seite des CHIO Aachen „Gefällt mir“ geklickt.

    Seit 2010 hat das Weltfest des Pferdesports auf der Social-Media-Plattform einen Account und versorgt seine Fans mit News rund um das Turnier und den Reitsport, zeigt Einblicke hinter die Kulissen sowie in die Geschichte des Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) und vieles mehr.
    "100.000 Likes sind ein toller Wert! ", sagt ALRV-Vorstandsvorsitzender Frank Kemperman. „Beeindruckend ist die hohe Bereitschaft der Fans, sich auf unserer Facebook-Seite einzubringen. Es wird viel kommentiert, aber auch untereinander diskutiert. Wir bekommen viel positiven Zuspruch, von Menschen aus der ganzen Welt. Das zeigt uns, dass sich unsere Fans stark mit dem CHIO Aachen identifizieren!“

    Zu diesem Anlass gibt es für die Fans auch etwas zu gewinnen: Der CHIO Aachen verlost zwei Tickets für Samstag, den 16.7.2016, inklusive einem exklusiven Zutritt zur Riders‘ Bar (hinter der Turkish Airlines Tribüne). Wer teilnehmen möchte, kann einfach an facebook@chiooachen.de eine E-Mail schreiben und von seinem schönsten CHIO-Moment berichten – gerne auch mit Foto oder Video. Unter allen Einsendungen wird der Gewinn verlost. Die schönsten Fotos/Videos werden außerdem auf der Facebook-Seite des CHIO Aachen https://www.facebook.com/chioaachen/ veröffentlicht.

    Neben Facebook ist der CHIO Aachen auch auf anderen Social Media-Kanälen aktiv: Auf Twitter, Youtube und Instagram werden Reitfans rund um das Weltfest des Pferdesports auf dem Laufenden gehalten.


    16.09.2015 - Brash wins Rolex Grand Slam

    Scott Brash is the first rider ever to win all three Major show successively and secured himself an additional 1 million Euros in prize-money – CHIO Manager Michael Mronz: “The Rolex Grand Slam will have a sustainable effect on show jumping"

    Aachen/Calgary. The Olympic gold medallist, Scott Brash, wrote sporting history on Sunday and has become a living equestrian sport legend. After beating the top-class line-up of participants in the “CP ‘International’, presented by Rolex” in Calgary/Canada – following his victories at the CHI Geneva and at the CHIO Aachen - he clinched the hat trick and became the first rider ever to win the “Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping”. The equestrian sport series has been uniting three of the most traditional and demanding equestrian shows in the world for several years, the Major shows. The person, who rides to victory at all three prestigious shows in succession, immediately claims the title as the “Rolex Grand Slam winner”, which is endowed with an additional one million Euros in prize-money.

    “In the same way that the top tennis players concentrate on the four Major tournaments, in future the equestrian sport will focus more on the Rolex Grand Slam,” said Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reiturnier GmbH. As one of the initiators of the “Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping”, CHIO Aachen sees itself confirmed in its aim to make the equestrian sport more future-oriented in the course of the global changes. “The victory of Scott Brash hails a new era and will change the equestrian sport calendar in a sustainable manner and will lead to a revised way of thinking among the riders and in horse management,” Mronz is convinced.

    Scott Brash is the first person to succeed in winning the Rolex Grand Slam: “It is absolutely unbelievable, for me the dream of a lifetime has come true,” commented the 29-year-old British rider after his sensational victory. After winning the Major shows in Geneva and Aachen, Brash decided not to even compete at the European Championships so that his horse “Hello Sanctos” would remain in top form to take the Grand Slam title.


    27.07.2015 - Out now: Aachen 2015 App

    The FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 will be accompanied by an ultra-modern app. It is available as a free download in the stores with immediate effect.

    The official app that was jointly developed with SAP is available in the Play Store and in the App Store under the name "Aachen 2015". In this way, one can inform oneself about everything that is going on at the FEI European Championships in advance per smartphone and get to know the individual areas and stadiums. On top of this, it also offers biographies on the riders, a site plan, the current programme, competitors, result lists and much more. The "Karli's Horseshoes" game also provides in-between entertainment. Of course, it also offers plenty of up-to-date services - in addition to information on how to get there and parking, it also helps the visitors find their way around the grounds more easily.

    Just before the European Championships start, the Aachen 2015 app will be updated. Then, the popular "Public Judging" for the dressage and vaulting competitions will be available again. Eventing fans can look forward to a special new highlight for the cross-country competition. The Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V. and SAP are launching a unique pilot project in collaboration with NetAachen: Information from the cross-country competition is to be displayed directly in real-time.

    Aachen2015-App bei iTunes

    Aachen2015-App im Google Play Store

    10.07.2015 - Präsentation Reining

    Rund einen Monat vor Beginn der FEI Europameisterschaften Aachen 2015 möchten wir Ihnen die Disziplin „Reining“ vorstellen. Und das, indem wir nicht nur drüber reden (machen wir zuerst), sondern diese Disziplin des Westernreitens auch vorführen.
    Der Termin ist öffentlich, folglich würden wir uns freuen, wenn Sie auch Ihre Leser, Hörer und Zuschauer darauf hinweisen – sie sind herzlich willkommen!

    PK und kommentierte Präsentation „Reining“

    Wann? Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015, 10 Uhr

    Wo? Trainingsplatz neben dem Deutsche Bank Stadion
    Aachen, Reitturniergelände Soers

    Als Ansprechpartner stehen zur Verfügung:

    • Nico Hörmann, Bundestrainer
    • Stephan Rohde, deutscher Reiner, nominiert für Aachen 2015
    • Johannes Orgeldinger, Mitglied des Organisations-Teams
    • Frank Kemperman, Turnierleiter und Vorstandsvorsitzender Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.


    Geparkt werden kann auf Areal A an der Albert-Servais-Allee.

    03.07.2015 - Offener Brief

    Herrn Lutz Marmor, Vorsitzender der ARD und

    Herrn Dr. Thomas Bellut, Intendant des ZDF


    Sehr geehrter Herr Marmor,

    sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Bellut,

    heute schreibe ich Ihnen als TV-Zuschauer, als Sportinteressierter und jemand, der auch von Berufs wegen u.a. mit Sport zu tun hat.

    Das IOC hat entschieden, bei der Vergabe der TV-Rechte die langjährigen Partner ARD und ZDF außen vor zu lassen. Ich bin ein Freund des Wettbwerbs, doch müssen die abschließenden Entscheidungen immer die Gesamtsituation berücksichtigen. Denn die Olympiaübertragungen durch ARD und ZDF haben in der Vergangenheit stets nicht einfach nur den Sport abgebildet. Sie haben über Hintergründe informiert, Dinge eingeordnet und tiefe Einblicke in verschiedenste Themen gewährt. Sie haben insbesondere die deutschen Athleten begleitet und eine individuelle Berichterstattung garantiert. Auch haben Sie die Leistung der Sportler, überhaupt bei Olympischen Spielen dabei zu sein, gewürdigt. Darüber hinaus konnten sich durch Ihre Berichterstattung viele Sportarten, die außerhalb der Spiele ohne TV-Präsenz sind, einem breiten Publikum präsentieren.

    Vor diesem Hintergrund stellt sich die Frage, ob diese Qualität und Vielfalt der Berichterstattung von Olympischen Spielen nach der Entscheidung des IOC auch zukünftig noch gegeben sein wird. Ich habe große Zweifel an der Richtigkeit dieser Entscheidung.

    Neben den genannten Gründen hat das IOC weitere Dinge außer Acht gelassen, die ich aus meiner beruflichen Sicht bewerten kann. Natürlich ist es nicht meine Aufgabe – und ich möchte es mir auch nicht anmaßen – ökonomische Entscheidungen des IOC zu kommentieren. Sehr gut kann ich hingegen beurteilen, wie die intensive Zusammenarbeit mit Ihren Häusern den Sport in der Vergangenheit auch weiterentwickelt hat. Mit großem Engagement haben sich Ihre Mitarbeiter bei den unterschiedlichsten Veranstaltungen eingebracht, um die Sportarten in all ihren Facetten bestmöglich zu transportieren.

    So können zum Beispiel auch wir in Aachen als Veranstalter des traditionsreichen jährlichen CHIO auf eine langjährige und überaus erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit zurückschauen. Intensiv haben wir uns mit Ihren Mitarbeitern ausgetauscht. So sind neue Prüfungsformen und Übertragungsideen entwickelt worden, der CHIO Aachen wurde auch dank ARD und ZDF zu einer Sportgroßveranstaltung von internationalem Renommee. Sicherlich werden auch zukünftige CHIOs sowie natürlich insbesondere die anstehenden Europameisterschaften vom 11. bis zum 23. August mit Hilfe von ARD und ZDF zu einem großen – auch medialen – Erfolg werden.

    01.06.2015 - Interview with Frank Kemperman

    Somehow, it was exactly the same as always. The stadium was full, the atmosphere was fantastic and at the Farewell to the Nations ceremony, the white handkerchiefs were waved ecstatically. In an interview, Frank Kemperman, Show Director and Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V., organisers of the event, explained what had been slightly different at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015.


    Question: Three days World Equestrian Festival instead of 10 days CHIO Aachen – how was it?

    Frank Kemperman: Quite honestly, anyone, who wasn’t here, certainly missed something special. What a fantastic final yesterday in front of an almost sold-out stadium, only this grandiose Aachen crowd is capable of creating such an atmosphere. Here, I can only quote the winner of yesterday’s Rolex Grand Prix, Scott Brash: “From the bottom of my heart – you are the best crowd in the world.” A huge thank you to the visitors, you also turned this reduced format into something exceptional.

    Question: How many people were there then?

    Kemperman: We had 86,500 spectators at the grounds, which is a great result. On Friday, when entrance was free, it could have been a few more – in spite of the cold, damp weather. But on the Saturday, our grounds were filled to 76 percent of their capacity, indeed on Sunday even to 90 percent. The Main Stadium was almost sold-out for the Rolex Grand Prix, the atmosphere among the crowd was magnificent. And also very important: Around 30 percent of the visitors attended for the first time ever.

    Question: That was probably due to the exceptional concept…

    Kemperman: The idea of allowing top sport to meet top chefs, went down extremely well. The people were impressed. I believe Johann Lafer spent more time signing autographs and posing for photos than cooking. But that was also the idea: Top chefs up-close, I think all of the chefs, who cooked here, had just as much fun as the spectators.

    Question: What was your personal highlight? Perhaps the lobster sausage of Aachen’s star chef, Christof Lang?

    Kemperman: That was tremendous. I must admit, I ate my way through all of the stands and the food was excellent at all of them. In terms of culinary delights, it is difficult to favourise one single dish. But in terms of the atmosphere, for me the Farewell to the Nations ceremony was the most special event. When we wave our handkerchiefs, it is a feeling that I can’t describe. Only people, who experience it live, can understand that.

    Question: Normally, you have a year’s break in between all that waving…

    Kemperman: What is normal this year? In ten weeks’ time the FEI European Championships, one of the biggest and without doubt, most spectacular equestrian sport events of all time will be getting underway here. I am really looking forward to it.

    Questions: How are things going with the preparations, what still has to be done?

    Kemperman: We certainly won’t have time to get bored over the coming weeks. There is plenty to do in all areas, whether it be to do with the sport, administration, protocol, media, ticket sales or marketing. To mention just a few examples: The tent city will be totally different, instead of the current 115 exhibitors, there are going to be 220 exhibitors during the European Championships with around 250 tents. The dressage at the European Championships is being stated in the Main Stadium, a temporary roof is going to be installed in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, in order to stage the reining and vaulting competitions. We will be erecting a roof over the sand arena at the edge of the practice area of the show-jumpers and the eventers will also be competing, even though it is not part of the European Championships.

    Question: What will you be doing on August 24th?

    Kemperman: Raising a toast to our entire time that we have experienced the European Championships that were so fantastic and that we will never forget.

    31.05.2015 - Brash winner im Rolex Grand Prix

    Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic sport and a fantastic victory: The British show-jumper, Scott Brash, number one in the world rankings, rode to victory in the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015 with his top horse “Hello Sanctos”. Three clear rounds and the fastest time in the jump-off (48.04 seconds) – these were the ingredients for the phenomenal victory in a nail-biting final.

    For Brash, the victory brought double the reason for joy: Because the win means his personal Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping continues – since the rider who wins the three Major Shows in Aachen, in Spruce Meadows, Canada and in Geneva, has the chance to pick up a bonus of one million Euros in addition to the prize-money. Thus, the final challenge for the show-jumper from Great Britain beckons in September. If he competes there, he has already secured himself the bonus of half a million Euros for two Major victories in succession.

    The crowd comprising of almost 40,000 spectators, had to hold their breaths right up to the last minute in the biggest jumping stadium in the world on Sunday. Because Brash was the last rider in the jump-off and in the last second of the competition he claimed the victory in the first Major competition of the year. He seemed to have taken the Course Designer, Frank Rothenberger’s tip to heart. Rothenberger had namely announced before the jump-off: “Whoever doesn’t put his foot down in the jump-off, might just have well stayed at home.” This proved to be no problem at all for the 13-year-old gelding: Hello Sanctos is known for his speed. Even though last year the 29-year-old rider had jokingly came to the conclusion that Hello Sanctos doesn’t like Aachen. This year his horse seems to have changed its mind: “Yes, it is crazy. Hello Sanctos jumped fantastically today.” However, Brash was not only overwhelmed by his victory: “I can seriously say from the bottom of my heart that Aachen is the best crowd in the world.”

    Daniel Deusser experienced that joy and sorrow, elation and defeat lie very closely together in the Rolex Grand Prix. The 33-year-old German show-jumper was the first rider to jump clear in the jump-off. At least for a few minutes, the dream of winning was close enough to grasp. However, the dream was shattered when Brash jumped clear over the last obstacle. Like Brash, Deusser also had three clear rounds with his grey gelding, Cornet d’Amour, however his time of 48.37 seconds only sufficed for second place. Deusser also reached the jump-off in the Rolex Grand Prix last year. However, after picking up four faults he finished fourth. “I was very happy with my rounds today, second place is a fantastic result. And when one considers Scott’s performance over the last months, the victories he has celebrated, it was almost clear that he was going to beat me,” said Deusser.

    Third place went to the French rider, Simon Delestre with Ran des Hayettes. This pair also achieved the amazing feat of jumping clear in all three rounds. With a time of 49.27 seconds, he took just over a second longer than Deusser to reach the finish line. “We gave it our very best shot. I am delighted with the result,” the 33-year-old French rider said.

    At the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015, the 40 best show-jumpers in the world competed in the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen on Sunday afternoon in the almost sold-out Main Stadium. 18 competitors qualified for the second round and seven pairs competed for the most coveted title in one of the most difficult competitions in the world in the subsequent jump-off.

    31.05.2015 - Deutsche Bank Prize

    Pure excitement at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015! There were namely quite a few surprises during this year’s Deutsche Bank Prize. The Swedish rider, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, may have been the last to compete in the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen, which is endowed with 150,000 Euros in prize-money, but in the end she finished first. The 47-year-old was awarded a score of 82.475 with Don Auriello and thus clearly topped her previous year result. In 2014, she came seventh in the Deutsche Bank Prize. She was overjoyed with her victory. “We had a good ride and my horse was very relaxed. I think that was the most important thing,” was the winner’s modest statement.

    In yesterday’s PHILIPS Prize, Silfvén finished second behind Isabell Werth. In the Deutsche Bank Prize, they swapped places. The successful duo Werth and the 14-year-old Hanoverian-bred gelding, Don Johnson FRH, fell back into second place at the very last moment (81.200), which meant the exceptional German dressage rider missed out on the chance of winning the famous Deutsche Bank Prize for the 11th time. She rode to victory in the competition the last time in 2008 with Satchmo. Nevertheless, she was pleased with today’s result: “Of course, it is a shame, when you have been so close to the victory. But I am satisfied. Don Johnson is on the right track and performed consistently at the World Equestrian Festival.”

    Aged just 20, Sönke Rothenberger, who was the youngest in the field of the 15 competitors, also caused a stir in this year’s Deutsche Bank Prize competition. After the newcomer and Aachen debutant performed well in yesterday’s PHILIPS Prize, today he succeeded in claiming one of the top placings. The German rider and his Rhineland-bred gelding “Favourit” finished third on a score of 77.375 points. A result that the young dressage rider from Bad Homburg, who is also a successful show-jumper, hadn’t reckoned with: “If anyone would have told me beforehand that I would do so well in my first appearance in Aachen, I probably wouldn’t have believed him.”

    31.05.2015 - Glenn Geerts wins

    The 10 best drivers in the world are competing at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015. The STAWAG Prize on the last day of the show was correspondingly exciting. By way of exception, the four-in-hand obstacle driving competition wasn’t held in the Driving Stadium, but instead in the impressive setting of the Main Stadium. The teams had to overcome 12 obstacles. The Belgian driver, Glenn Geerts drove clear with his team of four horses in the fastest time. The two Dutch drivers, Ijsbrand Chardon and Koos de Ronde, also proved that they are in excellent form. Chardon, number two in the world rankings, managed to cross the finish line in the fastest time, but unfortunately he slipped back into second place after picking up 5 penalty points at the water obstacle, and thus finished on a final score of 152.35 seconds. Koos de Ronde, who was close on Chardon’s heels, ranked third after also collecting 5 penalty points (152.65 seconds).

    The best German driver, Michael Brauchle, had to be satisfied with fifth place (155.44 seconds). Even though he didn’t make it under the top three, he was impressed by the competition in the Main Stadium: “The atmosphere here in the Main Stadium is fantastic; it was a totally new experience. The crowd in Aachen is simply terrific!”

    31.05.2015 - Prize of Bitburger Brewery

    34 riders, 22 clear rounds, a triumphant winner: The Irish show-jumper Bertram Allen reached the finish line in the fastest time to win the “Prize of Bitburger Brewery” that is endowed with 30,000 Euros in prize-money at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015. The just 19-year-old aspiring young rider sped around the 510 m-long course comprising of 12 obstacles in a time of 61.16 seconds. He and his eleven-year-old gelding, Quiet Easy 4, were the last pair to start and pipped Mario Stevens from Germany at the post. “I only saw a few rides at the start, but no more after that. However, I don’t think I could have possibly done anything better. So, I simply relied on the speed of my horse,” said Allen explaining his strategy. Quiet Easy 4 is a true all-rounder: He is not only an excellent jumping horse that also competes at Grand Prix level, he is also very fast. For Allen it is the second victory at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015. Together with Boyd Exell, he won the combined jumping and driving competition, the “Tank & Rast Prize – Jump and Drive” yesterday evening.

    Mario Stevens, who stood on the top step of the winners’ rostrum on Friday, in the opening jumping competition, the “Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup”, had to make do with second place. He had saddled his Oldenburg-bred gelding Baloubet and he jumped clear in a time of 61.30 seconds. Pius Schwizer from Switzerland ranked third. He reached the finish line clear with his French mare, Sibell du Gisors, in a time of 62.49.

    31.05.2015 - Deutsche Bank: Auction

    The Deutsche Bank and the CHIO Aachen celebrated their 60-year partnership with a spectacular evening and exciting guests on Saturday evening. There was one very special winner of this evening at the World Equestrian Festival: Therapeutic riding.

    Because in the course of the evening a foal from the Lewitz Stud of Paul Schockemöhle was auctioned off. The auctioneer Volker Raulff exclaimed “going for the third time!“ at a price of 34,000 Euros, a picture by the famous artist Klaus Philipp changed hands for the price of 14,000 Euros. Jürgen Fitschen, Co-Chairman of the Deutsche Bank AG, doubled the total amount raised by 50 percent, so that ultimately 72,000 Euros went in aid of the German Curatorship for Therapeutic Riding.

    31.05.2015 - Equestrian Sport Academy

    To comemmorate the 60 year anniversary of their partnership with the CHIO Aachen, Deutsche Bank is intensifying its support for aspiring, young riders.

    On the occasion of its 60-year partnership with the CHIO equestrian show in Aachen, Deutsche Bank is extending its commitment for the equestrian sport by launching the Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy initiative. The aim of the initiative is to promote the sporting success and the professional future of aspiring young Olympic riders in Germany.

    Jürgen Fitschen, Co-Chairman of the Deutsche Bank, said: “The Deutsche Bank has especially been supporting dressage for years, since it stands for partnership and precision more than any other sporting discipline. With the aid of the Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy initiative, wir intend to contribute towards defending the leading worldwide position of the German riders. In order to enable the highest level of top sport, it is essential to promote young talents.”

    The Deutsche Bank supports ten aspiring youngsters every year in the equestrian sport. In addition to financial support, the scholarship holders also take part in selected shows in Germany and are supported by mentors of the Deutsche Bank, who support them with the further professional training. As a special reward, the best young rider of the year is allowed to compete at the CHIO in Aachen, one of the most famous equestrian shows worldwide. The Academy stands under the direction of the national coach Monica Theodorescu and the first scholarship holders are to be nominated this year already.

    The Deutsche Bank is one of the most committed companies that promotes sport in Germany. The bank has been the partner of the Deutsche Sporthilfe Stiftung (German Sports Aid Foundation) since 2001. In its role as national sponsor, it helps talented athletes to combine sport with professional training more efficiently.

    In 2012, the Deutsche Bank intensified its commitment and launched the “Deutsche Bank Sport Scholarship”. In the scope of this initiative the Deutsche Bank exclusively bears the costs for the monthly grants for the athletes supported by the Sporthilfe, who are simultaneously studying and has at the same time doubled the support for athletes, who are studying. The bank currently supports 400 athletes with 400 Euros a month. This year, the Deutsche Bank is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its partnership with the CHIO Aachen. The bank has been supporting the event since 1955.

    30.05.2015 - Irish/Australian victory

    A thrilling atmosphere is guaranteed when the Tank and Rast Prize – Jump and Drive is announced in the Main Stadium. In the combined jumping and driving competition, 10 drivers and 10 riders entered the ring in the late afternoon on Saturday, whereby each team comprised of one driver and one show-jumper.
    Indeed, one couldn’t have expected any other outcome: Bertram Allen and Boyd Exell won the Tank & Rast Prize at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015. They remained clear and crossed the finish line in an extremely fast time. It was the first time that Allen has taken part in this spectacular competition: “It was fantastic fun, the atmosphere in the stadium was terrific,” the 19-year-old show-jumper said excitedly. In the Jump & Drive competition, the Irish/Australian team finished first on a time of 142.27 seconds.
    The all-German team comprising of Marcel Marschall/Michael Brauchle claimed second place after taking almost 6 seconds longer to complete the course (148.20). Third place (148.58) went to the German show-jumper and the Dutch driver, Koos de Ronde. First of all the show-jumper had to complete his course, then dismount, jump on the back of the carriage and finish the rest of the course together with his driver. The atmosphere at the Soers – accompanied by the ecstatic cheering of the spectators – once again proved that this extravagant competition has meanwhile turned into a real crowd-puller.


    30.05.2015 - Isabell Werth wins

    A successful opening performance for Isabell Werth at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015: The German dressage rider won the “PHILIPS Prize” with the 14-year-old Hanoverian-bred Don Johnson FRH. The 45-year-old rider took the lead in the Deutsche Bank Stadium after being awarded a score of 76.300 percent. The Swedish dressage rider, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, finished second with Don Auriello on a score of 75.920 percent, followed closely in third place by Steffen Peters (USA) with his horse Legolas 92. (75.780 percent).

    Werth initially had reservations about competing at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015 with Don Johnson FRH. “This is his third competition within a very short space of time. On the other hand, he needs this challenge, so that he can learn to perform consistently.” This is why the experienced German dressage rider didn’t take any risks in the PHILIPS Prize with “Johnny“, which is how she affectionately refers to him. “We put in a solid performance. The piaffes and passage were very good. And ultimately it sufficed for the victory,” said Werth overjoyed. She will also be saddling Don Johnson FRH tomorrow for the Deutsche Bank Prize.

    30.05.2015 - Will wins Winning Round

    There was a thrilling finale on Saturday evening at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015: The Winning Round of the show-jumpers remained exciting up until the last minute. A few milliseconds was all that separated the winner from the rider, who came second. 39 pairs contested the main competition endowed with 60,000 Euros in prize-money on Saturday in the Main Stadium, 11 of them – including all five German riders – reached the winning round after jumping clear in the opening round. It was a nail-biting competition. Because, it was the very last competitor, David Will from Germany, who made the top 3 perfect: With a clear round and in the very fast time of 45.61 seconds, he rode to victory with his chestnut mare, Mic Mac du Tillard. He thus knocked the Irish rider, Denis Lynch, who had delivered a perfect ride shortly before, into second place with his stallion, All Star, (46.75). Third place also went to Germany: Denis Nielsen, who competed in Aachen for the first time last year, jumped clear in 47.43 seconds with the 9-year-old grey stallion Cashmoaker.

    Will hadn’t really thought he was going to win: “The course was very demanding, as one would expect in Aachen. Since Mic Mac du Tillard is a very fast horse, I had to slow her down a bit at the beginning, so that I remained in control,” commented Will. It is the third competition in Aachen for the 27-year-old and this year he has already succeeded in notching up a victory. Tomorrow, the show-jumper from Pfungstadt will be riding again. However, he will be saddling Colorit for the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen. And how does he rate his chances of winning? “Well, we will simply have to wait and see,” he said with a grin, “but I think Kent Farrington is going to be one of the favourites.”

    30.05.2015 - Carriages in Aachen

    The "Concours d`Elégance", the magnificent convoy of carriages, ended in a triumphant parade through the streets of the city at lunchtime and in the afternoon on Saturday. At the market square the 21 historical carriages were welcomed by the Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp, ALRV Vice President Baron Wolf von Buchholtz and hundreds of spectators. The Swiss historian and carriage expert Andres Furger and Aachen’s town spokesman Bernd Büttgens cheerfully hosted the programme that lasted around two hours.

    In this way, the World Equestrian Festival, which is being organised at the Aachen Soers this weekend, gave a perfect foretaste of the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 this August. The Lord Mayor was delighted about this exceptional parade in the heart of the imperial city: “It is a wonderful attraction, being able to experience the historical carriages of the Concours d’Elegance on the marketplace. This underlines the close relationship to our equestrian show." Baron von Buchholtz described the close cooperation between the City and the ALRV as being “unique worldwide”.

    All of the carriages that drove over the cobblestones were at least 100, some even 200 years old. The spectators were impressed and applauded ecstatically as the wonderful parade past by. Especially since the carriage drivers and their grooms were dressed in traditional attire. This journey through time on wheels was made possible by Siegward Tesch. He is not only a long-standing partner of the CHIO Aachen, but also a passionate driver himself – in the past at competitions, in the meantime exclusively as a traditional hobby driver. He collects the historical carriages and has a carriage museum in Wiehl, Germany that is called “Kutchenremise“ (Coach House), which is open to the public. Part of the collection from this museum is on show at the Soers up until Sunday, an exhibition that is well worth visiting.

    30.05.2015 - „Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup“

    A further German victory at the World Equestrian Festival: Yesterday, Mario Stevens won the qualifier of the “Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup”. Today, after finishing third yesterday, Christian Ahlmann rode to victory in the Final. In total, 36 pairs took part in the competition for seven and eight-year-old horses. The Course Designer, Frank Rothenberger slightly increased the level of difficulty in the Final. The course was extended up to 520 m and comprising of twelve obstacles in total, one more fence had to be overcome. Furthermore, the maximum obstacle height was increased from 1.40 m up to 1.45 m. 16 pairs had a clear round and thus reached the jump-off. Initially, the Irish rider Bertram Ellen went into the lead with his Zangersheide stallion, Cheese W Z, as in the first round. Hardly any other rider was able to match his time until just before the end. Then, came Christian Ahlmann. Last but one to enter the ring, he beat the 19-year-old Irish rider, after jumping clear in the new best time of 40.23 seconds. “The course was very challenging, but fairly built for young horses,” commented Ahlmann. His young talent “Casuality Z” is not an unknown quantity: Last year, with Ahlmann in the saddle, the grey stallion became Vice World Champion in the category “7-year-old horses” at the World Championships for Young Jumping Horses in Lanaken, Belgium. “Casuality Z is a very chic, ambitious and fast horse, who always shows initiative. He has great potential,” commented Ahlmann. After crossing the finish line clear in a time of 40.62, third place in the “Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup” went to the Brazilian show-jumper Marlon Módolo Zanotelli, who had saddled his aspiring young horse “Icarus” for this competition.

    30.05.2015 - Patrice Delaveau wins

    The French show-jumper Patrice Delaveau won the “Prize of Soers”. Together with the Holstein-bred stallion Lacrimoso 3 HDC, he was able to assert himself against the remaining 45 riders, who competed in this penalties and time jumping competition. Not only a clear round over the 520 metre-long course secured him the victory, but also his very fast time of 71.15 seconds. “I definitely wasn’t expecting to win,” admitted the 50-year-old rider, “Lacrimoso was injured for a long time, we only start training over a 1.30 course again last week.” Since Lacrimoso is a candidate for the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015, Delaveau’s aim was merely to get him accustomed to the atmosphere in Aachen. “Lacrimoso is a careful horse, so I just wanted to jump the course pretty fast, so that he didn’t have a chance to become distracted,” the number 12 in the world rankings said with a grin.

    The 21-year-old Aachen debutante, Laura Klaphake, led the field for a long time. After jumping clear in a time of 74.45 seconds, she was relegated into second place with the 8-year-old Hanoverian-bred stallion, Cinsey, which is owned by Station Schockemöhle, at the last minute. “I have only been riding Cinsey for one and a half years, so second place is a fantastic result for us,” stated Klaphake, who is trained by her father in Mühlen. Third place went to the Spanish show-jumper, Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, who also jumped all 12 obstacles clear and reached the finish line in 76.95 seconds.

    30.05.2015 - Horse & Symphony 2015

    As the last tone of the well-known melody “Ode to Joy” from Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony had faded away in the late evening on Friday, a loud applause broke out in the sold-out Deutsche Bank Stadium. Because “Horse & Symphony” is simply exceptional: A spectacular show programme performed to the live music of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the General Music Director, Kazem Abdullah, enchanted the 6,300 guests.

    Monica Theodorescu, meanwhile the national coach of the German dressage team, beamed from ear to ear in the magical atmosphere of the arena. During the popular event, she and her former top horse, “Whisper”, demonstrated that they haven’t forgotten a thing. In 2012, Theodorescu competed for the last time in Aachen with the meanwhile 17-year-old “Whisper”, before he went into retirement. For the 12th edition of “Horse & Symphony“, the pair showed that they are still in excellent form and revived the odd memory or two.

    The former successful duo brought the “Journey through Europe”, the motto of this year’s “Horse & Symphony that aims to give a foretaste of the FEI European Championships in August, to a close. The spectators in the floodlit Deutsche Bank Stadium certainly couldn’t complain about a lack in cultural diversity. On the contrary: Whether Belgium, Italy, Iceland, Russia or Spain, whether Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria or Great Britain – the imaginative show acts invited the guests to join them on a journey to all corners of the world. The enchanting choreographies were accompanied by the wonderful sound of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Kazem Abdullah, the General Music Director of the Aachen Theatre. At one stage, he actually exchanged his baton for a clarinet. Par excellence! While he performed the second movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart‘s clarinet concerto, the “friendly blondes”, five Haflinger horses from the Kiefferhof Haflinger Stud, demonstrated their dressage skills in the arena. However, it was a different four-legged animal that stole the hearts of the spectators: A small lion. Naja, to be precise: A pony disguised as a tiger that – quite tame – performed tricks together with the acrobat Mélie Philippot. The world seemed to be totally topsy turvy overall, because shortly before that a splendid chariot sped into the arena to the triumphal march of Guiseppe Verdi’s “Aida”. However, it was pulled by four laid-back donkeys instead of highly-strung steeds. Opera at its best! The Belgian group “Kurkentrekker“ (corkscrew) got the crowd rocking to a catchy tune. An incredible 50 riders circled the arena and appeared to be dancing across the sand to the chart breaker “Alors en Danse”. A further dance performance was also very impressive: “Under the motto “Ballet meets Dressage“, 13 dancers from the Natalie Jungschlaeger Ballet School and the rider Andrea Schmitz whisked the public away to the magical world of Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”. Then, the theme was “Viva España“: The fine art of Spanish equestrianism was accompanied by the fiery dance of a flamenco dancer. Whereby, the show dance group “Chili B’s“ transformed the stadium into a cabaret stage performing the famous French “Cancan”.  In addition to the various dance groups, horse breeds of all colours turned it into an entertaining evening: The sweet Icelandic horses of the “Islandfreunden Wäller Wind e.V., 16 powerful Friesians, which were presented by the Baltic Sea Quadrille, as well as the elegant warm bloods and draught horses of the North-Rhine Westphalian State Stud, who performed one of its most famous quadrilles with and without carriages. A special group, who made their debut performance, demonstrated the symbiosis between tailor-made perfection and breath-taking acrobatics: The Team Cologne, winner of the Vaulting Nations’ Cup in Aachen in 2014 and Team Neuss, the reigning Vaulting World Champions, presented a unique vaulting show to the cold-play hits “The Scientist” and “Viva la Vida”. The pop hits were adapted for the first time into a “classic” version, sung by the baritone, Hrólfur Saemundsson.

    This year part of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF and the children’s missionary “Die Sternsinger“ e.V. from Aachen. The President of the ALRV, Carl Meulenbergh was able to present both charity organisations with 7,500 Euros. The donations will be used to help the earthquake victims in Nepal.

    29.05.2015 - Triple win for Germany

    The competitions at the World Equestrian Festival have begun. The “Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup” of the show-jumpers, which is part of the Youngsters-Tour, got underway on Friday afternoon. The 32-year-old Mario Stevens from Germany not only jumped clear with his aspiring young horse, Fairmont E, he also finished the 490 m-long course containing 11 obstacles, which had been built by the Course Designer, Frank Rothenberger, in the fastest time. The clocked stopped at 62.92 seconds, which meant the pair left their fellow competitors trailing behind. Since 21 riders of the field comprising of 37 pairs in total jumped clear, putting in a fast round was decisive. Second and third place also went to Germany: Felix Haßmann, who crossed the finish line with his Westphalian-bred mare, Horse Gym´s Balance, in a time of 65.56 finished second, followed closely by Christian Ahlmann, winner of the Rolex Grand Prix in 2014, with his stallion, Casuality Z. The 40-year-old rider jumped clear in 66.07 seconds.

    Exclusively 7 and 8-year-old horses are allowed to compete in the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup. Each of the competitors is allowed to bring one horse to Aachen with them for this competition. In the subsequent optional training session, the riders had the opportunity to test the “Holy Grass” for 90 seconds with each of their other horses. Because further show jumping competitions are on the agenda this weekend. For example, tomorrow, in addition to further jumping classes, the Final of the “Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup” is taking place. Meanwhile, in the Deutsche Bank Stadium the first dressage competitions got underway. These will come to a spectacular finish on Sunday with the Deutsche Bank Prize. The concluding competition on Sunday will be the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen, in the Main Stadium.


    28.05.2015 - “Aachen Gourmet“ opens

    Fantastic food in a unique atmosphere. On Thursday evening during the “Aachen Gourmet Dinner” at the Aachen showgrounds, top chefs cooked for 120 guests in the Main Stadium that holds 40,000 spectators.

    Reiner Calmund was among the guests, the Fencing World Champion and Olympic gold medallist Britta Heidemann also attended together with her equally successful colleague from the dressage scene, Nadine Capellmann. The star chefs were already there, of course: Johann Lafer, World Champion Chef Léa Linster from Luxembourg, Dieter Müller, who is decorated with three Michelin stars as well as Christof Lang, Rainer Hensen, the chefs of Otto Gourmet and the molecular chefs from “De Leuf” from the Netherlands.

    Previous to the dinner, the “Aachen Gourmet“ was officially opened – the gourmet mile with top chefs is open throughout the duration of the World Equestrian Festival (May 29th-31st), the chefs will be cooking live. Of course, there were top chefs and stars up-close at the opening. Not only the well-known TV chef, Johann Lafer, chatted with the visitors in high spirits before disappearing behind the stove, the top chef Rainer Hensen (Burgstuben Residenz in Heinsberg), local hero Christof Lang (La Bécasse in Aachen), Wolfgang Otto from Otto Gourmet and Sandra van de Bunt from the Dutch restaurant “De Leuf” as well as Luxembourg’s star chefs Léa Linster and Dieter Müller, whom Michelin awarded three stars, are also on board at the traditional showgrounds.

    Reiner Calmund, the Aachen Gourmet ambassador was also present on Thursday evening, and together with Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, he explained how the idea for this international gourmet festival, where top cooking meets top equestrian sport, came about – namely while having breakfast. He loves eating: “If I were to start counting all my favourite dishes, we‘d be here until Monday.” He didn’t have to either, because together with a further 120 guests he attended the Aachen Gourmet Dinner, during the course of which an exquisite 5-course meal prepared by the top chefs was served in an exclusive setting.

    The Aachen Gourmet Dinner comprised of an amuse gueule, goose liver with rhubarb, eel and raspberry crumble, a bouillabaisse, a morgan ranch brisket, followed by a surprise dessert. Further culinary delights will be available at the showgrounds over the next few days. From Friday to Sunday inclusively, people will have the opportunity to visit the gourmet mile at the World Equestrian Festival. Entrance to the showgrounds is free of charge on Friday, when the top riders will already be in action in the ring. Admission tickets are required for the World Equestrian Festival on Saturday and Sunday, however once the sporting programme has finished on Saturday evening, entrance to the “Aachen Gourmet” is free again. Each of the chefs have their own presentation platform, where together with their team they can present their cooking skills live to the audience. But the “Aachen Gourmet“ is not only a feast for the eyes, the visitors can actually taste the exclusive sample portions – from the starters to the main courses through to the dessert – for affordable prices.



    Léa Linster:

    “The ‘Aachen Gourmet‘ is going down very well with the people. I find the proximity to the visitors here great, the whole atmosphere. Because in places where people eat there is warmth. On Sunday, I will be cooking my madeleines here on the gourmet mile. The smell alone is enough to tempt everyone…“

    Christof Lang:

    “The Aachen Gourmet Dinner is like a Hollywood premiere. Standing here in the stadium, on the ‘holy’ grass is amazing – coming from Aachen this is something totally special for me. I find the idea behind the ‘Aachen Gourmet’ wonderful. Because good food and sport belong together.“

    Dieter Müller:

    “It is fantastic being here in Aachen at the World Equestrian Festival. Up until now, I have only ever watched equestrian sport on TV – albeit with particular enthusiasm. The gourmet mile quite literally makes people hungry and I am looking forward to meeting up with many dear colleagues here and getting to know a fantastic audience. Because I am very interested in sport myself, I naturally hope that I will also be able to catch a bit of sport live myself.”

    Wolfgang Otto (Otto Gourmet):

    “I find the Aachen Gourmet Dinner great: Nice people, good champagne, a nice ambiance! The people from Aachen are very open and interested in culinary highlights. So the ‘Aachen Gourmet‘ fits in with the World Equestrian Festival perfectly. For us it is a matter of honour taking part and spoiling the visitors with our specialities.”

    Reiner Calmund

    “The best riders in the world are competing here in Aachen and now the best chefs are cooking here. It is super that so many people have come to the premiere of Aachen Gourmet and to the dinner this evening. Michael [Mronz] and I came up with the idea for the Aachen Gourmet while we were having breakfast together one day. And for a change, I will now stop nattering, because the top chefs want to serve the food – and they take that very seriously.”

    28.05.2015 - An interview with Kevin Staut

    Kevin Staut has been one of the best show-jumpers in the world for years. However, one big victory is missing from the long list of achievements of the current number 9 in the world-ranking list: winning the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen. In an interview, the French rider revealed what goals he has set himself for the World Equestrian Festival and why he will not only be facing equestrian challenges, but is also looking forward to new culinary challenges this year.


    There are just a few days to go until the World Equestrian Festival. Are you excited?
    Kevin Staut: Yes, very! Aachen is always a fantastic show and this year it is going to be particularly challenging, because it is only a three-day event. Normally, we have almost a week to get our horses used to the impressive atmosphere and the huge stadium. This time we are arriving on Friday and the Rolex Grand Prix is already on Sunday, which means one has to pursue a different strategy for one’s horses.

    Which is?
    I am riding one of my most experienced horses in the Big Tour, namely the 14-year-old Reveur de Hurtebise. He is in good form, but he has never jumped in Aachen before. So, I will definitely make use of the training session on Friday and will take my time to show him everything. The eleven-year-old Qurack de Falaise is also on board. For him it is great opportunity to gain experience at a show of this magnitude.

    Experience for the European Championships, which are also being staged in Aachen?
    Both of the horses I am bringing with me are without doubt also candidates for the European Championships. But preparing for the championships is not the main priority: I want to do well in Aachen, I want to fight hard and win the Rolex Grand Prix!

    How about your fellow competitors in Aachen? Are you frightened of the German riders?
    We are always frightened of the German riders, not just in Aachen! (laughing) No, seriously, I am always nervous when I compete against the German riders at a show. In the past, I often used to watch riders like Marcus Ehning or Ludger Beerbaum to see exactly how they ride. I still enjoy doing that today. But I am not frightened, I’d say I am experiencing a good portion of excitement!

    Talking about portions: We can not only looking forward to top riding at the World Equestrian Festival this year, there is going to be top cuisines too. Star chefs will be cooking for the visitors of the show on the gourmet mile. Will we be able to find you there?
    Oh, definitely. It is a great opportunity to try out something new. I enjoy doing that at the shows and I am a person, who really enjoys eating anyway, so I will definitely take a look and see what’s cooking.

    Returning to the sport again: Together with the two other Major shows, CHI Geneva and the CSIO Spruce Meadows “Masters”, Aachen forms the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. Whoever, wins the three shows in succession, claims one million Euros in addition to the prize-money. What do you think about this initiative and the choice of shows?
    I have seen a lot of shows over the years and most of them are really good, but the one tricky aspect is creating a unique atmosphere at a show. By selecting Geneva, Aachen and Spruce Meadows, Rolex has not only chosen the best indoor and two best outdoor shows in the world, but also events that have a long history and which epitomise the exceptional spirt of the sport. The Rolex Grand Slam is something very special for us athletes and you feel this special mood at the three shows. The course in Aachen for instance is something totally special with its double water and the small lake in the arena. You don’t see anything like it anywhere else in the world. And then the crowd in the stadium – you can’t prepare yourself for that anywhere else. The atmosphere in Aachen is simply unique!

    28.05.2015 - Traditional presentation

    Mercedes-Benz is supporting the “World Equestrian Festival” with a chauffeur service once again in 2015. Twenty vehicles will be at the event’s disposal at the weekend, including S-class, G, M and V-class vehicles as well as Sprinters and Vitos. Shortly before the traditional event begins, Matthias Hindemith, Sales Director Cars for Aachen Cologne and Koblenz, symbolically handed over a key to Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV).

    Mercedes Benz has partnered the event for over 60 years. The best show-jumpers, dressage riders and four-in-hand drivers are expected in Aachen for the “World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015” from May 29th-31st, before one of the world’s biggest sporting events this year - the European Championships (August 11th-23rd) – is staged in Aachen later this year. The overall budget for the two events is 24 million Euros, the overall prize-money totals 3.16 million Euros.




    27.05.2015 - Turkish Airlines extend contract

    The organisers of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, and Turkish Airlines have extended their contract for a further three years. The company, which was voted Europe’s best airline for the fourth consecutive time in the scope of the Skytrax passenger survey of 2014, has been a partner of the biggest and most famous equestrian sports event in the world since last year. Alongside Rolex, Mercedes-Benz and DHL, Turkish Airlines has been one of the Top Level Sponsors of the CHIO Aachen since 2014.

    The new contract runs until 2017 and also encompasses the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015. Turkish Airlines will be naming sponsor of the Jumping competition, which will take place on 19th of August 2015 between 14.30- 18.00, and the winner will get 1 Million Miles from Turkish Airlines’ frequent flier program miles&smiles in addition to the prize money. Furthermore, perimeter and obstacle advertising will further heighten the presence of the airline at the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers. With regards to the new contract, the most visible sign of the renewed and expanded partnership is the fact that the Riders’ Stand has been renamed in future to be called the Turkish Airlines Stand. The stand is on the east side of the Main Stadium that has a capacity of 40,000 spectators. And the last but not least, Turkish Airlines will name for a Restaurant in the VIP area, which will have similar patterns of the CIP Lounge of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul.

     “We are proud to be part of the CHIO Aachen. Passion and struggle for perfection are the values that we share with the Aachen-based organisers.” Temel Kotil Ph.D., Deputy Chairman and the CEO of Turkish Airlines said. “As an internationally-operating company, Turkish Airlines fits in perfectly with our philosophy for the progressive internationalisation of the CHIO Aachen,” commented Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. Two of our Top Level Sponsors, namely Rolex and Turkish Airlines, are based abroad, whereas based in Germany, both Mercedes-Benz and DHL operate on an international level. “However, in spite of this internationalisation, we don’t forget our roots – in addition to the Top Level and Main Sponsors, the marketing concept also foresees national and regional partners. In this way, we do justice to the strong anchoring of the CHIO in the region,” stated Mronz.

    The top jumping and dressage riders as well as the best four-in-hand drivers will compete this year at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2015 from May 29th-31st, before the FEI European Championships (August 11th-23rd), one of the largest sporting events worldwide this year, is staged in Aachen. The budget for the two events totals 24 million Euros, with overall prize-money to the value of 3.16 million Euros.

    26.05.2015 - Lafer meets Ahlmann

    +++ to be announced in English+++ „Spiegelei.“ Springreiter Christian Ahlmann, im Vorjahr Sieger im Rolex Grand Prix, Großer Preis von Aachen, weiß, wo seine Stärken als Koch liegen. Beim Weltfest des Pferdesports Aachen 2015, das am Donnerstagabend beginnt, wird er einiges lernen können, denn eine Reihe von Spitzenköchen wird ebenfalls nach Aachen kommen.

    Einer von ihnen ist Johann Lafer. Er und Ahlmann stellten am Dienstag im Aachener Rathaus gemeinsam mit den Organisatoren und Oberbürgermeister Marcel Philipp das Weltfest des Pferdesports vor. Wegen der Europameisterschaften in Aachen im August ist das Turnier in diesem Jahr auf ein langes Wochenende und die drei „klassischen“ CHIO-Disziplinen Springen, Dressur und Fahren beschränkt.

    Aachener Reitturnier trifft Aachen Gourmet, Spitzensport trifft Spitzenküche: Während die besten Spring- und Dressurreiter der Welt um die renommiertesten Großen Preise der Welt – den Rolex Grand Prix der Springreiter und Deutsche Bank Preis der Dressurreiter – kämpfen, kochen in der Zeltstadt die Meister live. „Ein neues Konzept, mit dem wir die Menschen begeistern möchten“, so Carl Meulenbergh, Präsident des ausrichtenden Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e.V. (ALRV). Lafer, bereits mehrfach als Zuschauer beim CHIO Aachen gewesen, freut sich darauf, nun als „Aktiver" ins Geschehen einzugreifen und verspricht: „Wir werden an unserem Stand eine komplett offene Küche präsentieren, wo die Besucher uns bei allem über die Schulter schauen können: Vom frisch gebackenen Brot bis zur Zubereitung von Thunfisch. Die Besucher können nicht nur probieren, sondern auch  jederzeit Fragen stellen. Ich freue mich sehr auf die Nähe zum Publikum.“

    O-Ton Johann Lafer

    Das Publikum spielt auch für Christian Ahlmann eine große Rolle. Im Vorjahr feuerte es ihn frenetisch an, letztlich siegte der Springreiter im Rolex Grand Prix, ein Augenblick, „auf den ich 20 Jahre lang gewartet habe“, so Ahlmann. „Denn wenn man als Springreiter beim Rolex Grand Prix ins Aachener Hauptstadion einreitet, knistert es, es ist ganz still. Das Publikum drückt dir die Daumen und versucht, dir über jeden Sprung zu helfen – das spürt man als Reiter. Wenn dann alles klappt und der Jubel aufbrandet, ist das ein ganz spezieller Glücksmoment.“

    O-Ton Christian Ahlmann

    Auch in der Stadt Aachen ist die Vorfreude groß, die Bevölkerung liebt und lebt das Turnier: „Die Soers wird in wenigen Tagen wieder zu dem Treffpunkt in der Region“, so Oberbürgermeister Marcel Philipp. Das Stadtoberhaupt freut sich neben dem Sport ganz besonders auf das Rahmenprogramm: „Ein großer Anziehungspunkt wird die Präsentation der historischen Kutschen beim Concours d’Elegance auf dem Marktplatz sein.“ 25 historische Gespanne, alle über 100, manche über 200 Jahre alt, werden dann über das Kopfsteinpflaster im Herzen der alten Kaiserstadt rollen. „So gegen 13.30 Uhr erwarten wir die Gespanne im Stadtzentrum“ informierte Frank Kemperman, Turnierleiter und ALRV-Vorstandsvorsitzender. Hochklassige Konkurrenz für Christian Ahlmann konnte Kempermann verkünden: Die Top 35 der Welt ist nahezu komplett vertreten, „da ist die Titelverteidigung eine sportliche Aufgabe“ schmunzelte Vorjahressieger Ahlmann. „Klein und fein“, so Kemperman, „ist das Starterfeld in der Dressur. Angeführt wird es von Isabell Werth, der zehnfachen Siegerin im Deutsche Bank Preis, Großer Dressurpreis von Aachen. Von den Vierspännern sind die zehn besten Gespanne der Welt vor Ort. „In diesem Jahr haben wir hier 78 Sportler aus 18 Nationen, die mit 210 Pferden nach Aachen kommen“, so Kemperman.

    Wer diese weltbesten Reiter live erleben möchte, hat noch die Gelegenheit dazu: „Es gibt noch Karten, sogar für die Großen Preise von Aachen am Sonntag, den Rolex Grand Prix und den Deutsche Bank Preis“, so Michael Mronz, Geschäftsführer der Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. Zwar seien nicht mehr alle Kategorien verfügbar, aber noch gibt es die für viele einmalige Gelegenheit, die Großen Preise live zu erleben. Mronz stellte zudem die digitalen Neuerungen vor, unter anderem eine Multimedia-Grafik des Turniergeländes und die aktualisierte App. Eine Besonderheit freute Mronz außerordentlich: In diesem Jahr ist die Deutsche Bank seit 60 Jahren Partner des CHIO Aachen.

    O-Ton Michael Mronz

    In Aachen werden in diesem Jahr vom 29. bis zum 31. Mai die besten Spring- und Dressurreiter sowie Vierspännerfahrer zum „Weltfest des Pferdesports Aachen 2015“ erwartet, ehe dann mit den Europameisterschaften (11. bis 23. August) eine der weltweit größten Sportveranstaltungen in diesem Jahr organisiert wird. Die Veranstaltungen verfügen über einen Etat von 24 Millionen Euro, es geht um eine Gesamtdotierung von 3,16 Millionen Euro. Eröffnet wird das Weltfest des Pferdesports mit „Aachen Gourmet“ am Donnerstagabend ab 17 Uhr bei freiem Eintritt.

    Alle Infos zu Aachen Gourmet unter www.chioaachen.de

    Ticket-Hotline: (0241) 917-1111

    21.05.2015 - Aachen Gourmet Dinner

    The motto of this year’s World Equestrian Festival from May 28th-31st, 2015 is “Top sport meets top cuisine”. As the current title holders of the “Golden Chef’s Hat 2015“, the star chefs of “De Leuf“ are naturally also on board and the Dutch chefs will be bringing the fragrance and taste of the sea to the Aachen Gourmet plates. Together with a good portion of ice-cold nitrogen steam!

    “We offer classic French cuisine albeit with new influences,” said Sandra van de Bunt referring to her gourmet restaurant “De Leuf”. Her team will also be conjuring up extra special delights for the visitors of the “Aachen Gourmet”. For example, they will not only have a stand on the gourmet mile on Thursday, May 28th, but will also be preparing the exclusive “Aachen Gourmet Dinner” in the Main Stadium at the Aachen showgrounds on Thursday evening together with the star chefs Johann Lafer, Christof Lang, Rainer Hensen and the team from OTTO Gourmet. “We are in charge of the Amuse Gueule and are planning one of our specialities of the house,” revealed Sandra van de Bunt. The dish is called “Taste and fragrance of the Sea” and the guests can look forward to an exquisite composition of seafood – prepared using nitrogen that is minus 196 degrees cold! “We will be preparing the course directly at the table and it is definitely going to be spectacular. The steam of the nitrogen will let everyone really feel the sea,” explained the proprietor of “De Leuf“, which claimed the most prestigious cooking award in the Netherlands, the “Golden Chef’s Hat 2015”, in January.

    Sporting highlights with the top riders in the world and culinary delights by the world’s best chefs: The World Equestrian Festival will kick off on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 5.00 p.m. with the “Aachen Gourmet”. Entrance to the showgrounds including the gourmet mile is free of charge, tickets for the exclusive “Aachen Gourmet Dinner” in the Main Stadium can be purchased for 199 Euros. On the next day, the Friday, there will be free entrance to the showgrounds and the top riders will already be competing in the ring. It is necessary to purchase admission tickets for the World Equestrian Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Once the sporting programme has finished on Saturday evening, there will be free entrance to the “Aachen Gourmet” again.

    15.05.2015 - Top stars in the dressage arena

    World elite at the World Festival: After the top 40 show-jumpers and best 10 four-in-hand drivers in the world have already confirmed their participation at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015 (May 29th-31st), a first-class line-up of competitors is now evolving in the dressage discipline too.

    The German national coach, Monica Theodorescu, has announced a team that includes, among others, Isabell Werth, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Fabienne Lütkemeier. The local matador, Nadine Capellmann, will also be riding into the most famous dressage arena in the world. From the Netherlands, Adelinde Cornelissen has confirmed her participation and so has the US American rider, Steffen Peters. Among others, Tinne Vilhelmson, who has been extremely successful recently, will be competing from Sweden. However, the actual starting list won’t be finalised until shortly before the show after the ultimate entry deadline. The highlight of the dressage competitions is the Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen, on Sunday, May 31st. On Saturday, the Philips-Prize, a Grand Prix competition, as well as the Prize of the Handwerk, the Aachen Quadrille Championships, are on the agenda. The overall prize-money for the dressage competitions totals 183.000 Euros.

    The best show-jumpers, dressage riders and four-in-hand drivers are awaited in Aachen from May 29th-31st, at the “World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015”, before one of the largest sporting events in the world this year, namely the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 (August 11th-23rd), is organised there. The two events have an overall budget of 24 million Euros, the overall prize-money totals 3.16 million Euros.

    Tickets and further information is available at: www.chioaachen.com or from the hotline: +49(0)-241-917-1111.

    29.04.2015 - Bitburger new Partner

    Bitburger is the new partner of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. The contract has initially been signed for three years and also encompasses the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015.

    In its capacity as a new official partner, the family company from the Eifel will take over responsibility for serving all beer and mixed beer drinks. As such, the famous slogan “Bitte ein Bit“ will be present at the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers with immediate effect. Bitburger will draw attention to its brand on-site with perimeter and obstacle advertising as well as with the branding on its own products.

    “As a partner of the CHIO Aachen, Bitburger will in future add to the overall enjoyment at the World Equestrian Festival with its products. We are proud to support this internationally renowned sporting highlight and contribute towards the guests’ well-being with our products,” explained Dr. Werner Wolf, spokesman of the management of the Bitburger brewery group.

    “Bitburger stands for tradition and quality – values that are also communicated by the World Equestrian Festival. We are looking forward to our new partner, who fits in perfectly with the brand environment in Aachen,” stated Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.

     Boasting over 350,000 spectators every year and prize-money totalling almost 2.7 million Euros, the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, is Germany’s biggest sports event. Around 350 athletes from 30 nations travel to the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers with approx. 550 horses. Equestrian competitions have been organised in Aachen since 1898, the foundation year of the organising company, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein. International competitions have been staged there since the mid-1920s. This year, the format of the World Equestrian Festival, which is being held on the last weekend in May, has been reduced down to three days due to the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 (August 11th-23rd).




    27.04.2015 - Concours d‘Elegance

    Historical carriages will be parading through the imperial city in the scope of the “Concours d’Elegance presented by the Tesch family” – exhibition at the showgrounds

     They are really old, but they certainly haven’t lost their shine. On the contrary: During the World Equestrian Festival, 23 magnificent tradition carriages from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg will be presented at the showgrounds and in the City of Aachen in the scope of the “Concours d‘Elegance presented by the Tesch family”. They make one thing unmistakably clear: Beauty has nothing to do with age. All of the visitors can convince themselves of this over the three days of the show. There is going to be a carriage parade on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 and on Sunday, May 31st – on the Saturday the elegant and elaborately restored carriages will also be presented on Aachen’s marketplace in the heart of the city. For the traditional drivers, who will be a spectacular sight, it is of utmost importance that every small detail is correct – not only as far as the carriages and the equipment are concerned, but also in terms of the clothes of the drivers and grooms.

    Siegward Tesch has made this journey through time possible. He is not only the long-term partner of the CHIO Aachen, but also an experienced driver himself – in the past he actively participated in competition sport, in the meantime exclusively as a traditional driver, in other words a carriage fan through and through. He collects the historical carriages and has a carriage museum, called the “Kutschenremise“ (the Coach House) in Wiehl, Germany, which is also open to the public. 21 carriages from his private collection will be on display at the showgrounds in the last weekend of May during the World Equestrian Festival. In an interview, he revealed exactly what he has in store for the approx. 100,000 visitors.

     What will be on show during the “Concours d’Elegance”?

    Siegward Tesch: 23 international carriage teams will travel to Aachen especially for the World Equestrian Festival. The highlight is going to be the 16-kilometre parade through Aachen on Saturday. Exclusively historical carriages, most of which are over 100 years old, will be taking part. One doesn’t get the chance to see such a wonderful sight every day. Especially since the carriage drivers and their grooms will be wearing historical attire. The magnificent carriages will stop off briefly on the marketplace, which will give all interested parties the opportunity to admire the elegant, vintage carriages close-up.

     You are co-organising the “Concours d’Elegance”. Will you also be driving one of the carriages?

    Tesch: Of course. I will be bringing a Coupe Mail from the year 1880 to Aachen with me for this exceptional event. This carriage was manufactured in Paris by the manufacturer Henry Binder and is in original condition. As far as I know, it is the only Binder carriage of this make that still exists today. I acquired and restored this carriage in 2012. Without exaggerating, one can describe such a carriage as a Mercedes among the historic carriages.

     How did the idea of the “Concours d’Elegance” arise?

    Tesch: The idea came about following the motto “Back to tradition”, because driving competitions enjoy a long history, also in Aachen. Even though the focus no longer tends to be placed on the driving sport today, there were times when driving competitions made up well over 50 percent of the equestrian sport shows. Particularly at the World Equestrian Festival, the Marathon competition from Cologne to Aachen in the 1930s was legendary! And we want to continue this tradition on a small scale at least.

     Which historical carriages will be driving through Aachen in 2015?

    Tesch: Everything is represented from single harness carriages to four-in-hand teams. Primarily, they are of course, English-style city carriages. The majority of the participating carriages were made by very famous manufacturers. Whether the Grande Coupe Rothschild, an Omnibus Brewster, a Ladies‘ Phaeton or a Break de Chasse – all of the names are like music to the ears of carriage lovers. But their appearances will be even more eye-catching, certainly an event not to be missed. One treasure simply follows the next in the exhibition – and each of the carriages tells its own story.

     Is it also possible to inspect the carriages?

    Tesch: During the exhibition, the visitors will be able to look around inside a two-in-hand carriage, the so-called “Mylord” built by the Swiss carriage-maker Chiattone in the year 1890. They will also be able to take a nice snapshot for the family album. All of the other carriages will be labelled informing the visitors of their names, year of construction, where they were built and the name of the manufacturer.

     What is so fascinating about carriages?

    Tesch: I think the entire equipment and accessories are what create the overall fascination: The drivers with their grooms, the carriage itself, the type of harness used, the horses. Hobby drivers, for instance, often really go to town.

     What do you think about the fact that carriages are being offered such a large stage during the World Equestrian Festival?

    Tesch: Of course, I am delighted, because the idea had existed for a long time already. Most of the CHIO visitors are only familiar with four-in-hand teams that take part in the competitions. Of course, modern development in the driving sport is of course most welcome and interesting. The Concours d’Elegance and the respective exhibition gives us an opportunity to bring a piece of culture closer to the people, who don’t know much about carriages. The World Equestrian Festival offers the unique chance to experience both modern driving sport and historic carriages at one event. Aachen is the perfect location for this campaign, because the driving sport has a long tradition here, which will continue to be upheld.

     Where does your love for the driving sport and carriages come from?

    Tesch: I have been driving carriages for several decades. In the past as a competitive driver, in the meantime as a hobby driver. Of course, this gives you have a totally different outlook on everything to do with carriages. This is how my passion for collecting historic carriages evolved. And I am pleased that I am now able to present these pieces of art to the visitors of the World Equestrian Festival.

     As a long-term partner and equestrian sport fan, you regularly visit the World Equestrian Festival. What was your most memorable experience?

    Tesch: Naturally, one either finds me at the dressage competitions in the Deutsche Bank Stadium or in the Driving Stadium. I always find it impressive, when the carriages drive through the Main Stadium, for example at the Farewell of the Nations. That wasn’t always the case. I particularly enjoy the exciting “Jump and Drive” competition. There is always a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium. I am needless to say really looking forward to the parade of the historic carriages in the Main Stadium at this year’s World Equestrian Festival. It is going to be a spectacular show and a unique experience at the Soers.

    20.04.2015 - Aachen Gourmet

    Aachen Gourmet online special

    “Of course, everyone will now jump to the conclusion, the fatso is only thinking about food again,” says Reiner Calmund with a grin. Together with Michael Mronz, General Manager of Aachener Reitturnier GmbH, Calmund introduced “Aachen Gourmet“: Top chefs at the World Equestrian Festival from May 29th-31st.

    The top riders in the world will be competing in Aachen and this year they will be meeting up with some of the best chefs in the world. Johann Lafer will be cooking in Aachen, Christof Lang (runs “La Bécasse“ in Aachen), the top chef in the furthest West part of Germany, Rainer Hensen is also on board together with the chefs from “Otto Gourmet” and on the final Sunday, Luxemburg’s world champion chef Léa Linster. These star chefs will prepare sample sizes of different dishes live in the tent city – in front of the crowds at affordable prices.

    Michael Mronz, who developed the concept together with Reiner Calmund, explained, “that the idea is top chefs meet top sport.” In 2015, in addition to the World Equestrian Festival in the last weekend of May, the FEI European Championships will also be staged in Aachen from August 11th-23rd. “In this special year, we also wanted to come up with something very special for the May event,“ explained Mronz during a press conference held at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne.

    Calmund has been a guest at the CHIO Aachen for many years and he immediately dismissed the assumption that he only thinks about the food: “I have very close ties to the equestrian sport, not only through the show in Aachen. As young boys, we not only played football in the 1950s and 60s, but also re-enacted the big equestrian shows. No joking: I was always Hans Günter Winkler with Halla. We used to lay out an old mattress as an obstacle, decorate it with a few plants and off we set!“ His adopted daughter also rides, “I always march alongside her – at a safe distance,” reported Calmund.

    The “Aachen Gourmet“ already kicks off at 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, May 28th, 2015. On that day and on the following Friday entrance to the showgrounds is free of charge, on Friday the top riders will also already be in action live in the jumping ring. Entrance tickets for the World Equestrian Festival have to be purchased for Saturday and Sunday. After the sports programme has finished on Saturday evening, entrance to the “Aachen Gourmet“ is once again free of charge. In this way, the expected 100,000 visitors will not only experience top sport, but also gourmet cuisine. But one thing definitely won’t be on the agenda: “Don’t worry, I certainly won’t be getting on a horse,” assured Calmund.


    14.04.2015 - ALRV General Meeting 2015

    The President of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) Alfons Hörmann has been appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV). The ALRV members elected him onto the board during the General Meeting on Tuesday evening.

    Previous to this, the President of the ALRV, Carl Meulenbergh, looked back on an extremely successful CHIO Aachen 2014: “We were once again able to experience how the CHIO Aachen has long since evolved into becoming a major event rather than a pure equestrian sports show,” and that many of the visitors consider it important to be present,” explained Meulenbergh. Over 355,000 visitors travelled to the traditional showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen last year. This figure will be topped in 2015, this “very special year for equestrian sports” (Meulenbergh). Because two exceptional events are planned this year: the World Equestrian Festival from May 29th-31st and the FEI European Championships Aachen from August 11th-23rd.

    The Chairman, Frank Kemperman, also commented about this year that is going to be so special for the ALRV: “There can’t be enough equestrian sport in Aachen,” the Dutchman stated with a grin. He once again presented the European Championships concept of five disciplines being staged in one location to the members and made particular reference to the Opening Ceremony of the European Championships: “We have never experienced anything like it here yet. It is going to be a spectacular event with plenty of colourful show performances.” Kemperman couldn’t conceal his pleasant anticipation for the World Equestrian Festival at the end of May either: “The top riders and drivers in the three classic Aachen disciplines jumping, dressage and driving – it is going to be fantastic.” This is also being confirmed by the ticket sales, which according to Kemperman are “running very well” for both events. “I am looking forward to a full house in August,” the Chairman reported and he went on to explain the extensive building measures that are being carried out prior to the two events.

    Carl Meulenbergh paid tribute to the following members for their long-standing ALRV membership: Werner Leuchter (60 years), Peter Ackermann, Achim Bourseaux, Ruth Crumbach-Trommler (50 years respectively), Dieter Berg, Günther Diefenthal, Ilkegret Haake, Juliane Hakverdi, Ural Hakverdi, Yasemin Hakverdi-Schulte, Wilma Heck, Ernst Höhler, Resi Krings, Erich Lantin, Jürgen Linden, Bert Naeven, Brigitte Naeven, Richard Nagelschmitz, Klaus J. Rudhardt, Hans Rueben, Ingrid Schmitz, Hubert Schoenen and Günter Strauch (25 years respectively).

    03.04.2015 - Top TV Times

    Of course, nothing beats the live experience, when the best riders in the world compete at the most famous showgrounds in the world from May 29th-31st. However, the public TV stations are coming to the aid of those people, who can’t make it to the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015 personally, because ARD and WDR are offering comprehensive coverage.

    There is going to be an excellent line-up of athletes: For example, the top 30 show-jumpers will be almost completely represented in the battle to win the Rolex Grand Prix that is endowed with one million Euros in prize-money. They will be saddling their best horses. The number one in the world rankings, the Scottish rider Scott Brash, will be competing alongside Ludger Beerbaum, Daniel Deußer, Marcus Ehning and Christian Ahlmann from Germany. Penelope Leprevost, Kevin Staut and Simon Delestre will be representing France. And the reigning Olympic gold medallist from Switzerland, Steve Guerdat, has also confirmed his participation. Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the organising company, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV) is looking forward to his compatriots: “Of course, the World Champions also want to head the rankings at the World Equestrian Festival,” the Dutchman said with a grin.

    Prize-money to the value of almost 1.4 million Euros is at stake in the three disciplines jumping, dressage and driving. The world class sport will be accompanied by top class transmission times on TV. ARD and WDR will be broadcasting almost seven hours of live coverage from Aachen. “Aachen is the global capital of the equestrian sport. As a long-standing TV partner of the ALRV, WDR is looking forward to transmitting the images of the World Equestrian Festival at the Soers at the end of May to all interested equestrian sport fans all over the globe,” commented WDR Sports Director, Steffen Simon.

    There will also be additional broadcasts in the scope of news programmes and reports as well as coverage by the WDR Studio Aachen. “The transmission times underline the high standing the World Equestrian Festival enjoys in the field of sport,” said Michael Mronz, General Director of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH.

    An overview of the transmission times:

    Sat., 30.5., WDR: 3 p.m. – 4.50 p.m. live (Jumping, “Winning Round”)

    Sun., 31.5., WDR: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. live (Dressage, Deutsche Bank Prize and Jumping, Rolex Grand Prix, 1st round)

    Sun., 31.5., ARD: 3.40 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. live (Rolex Grand Prix, 2nd round and jump-off)

    16.03.2015 - World-class event in May!

    The best show-jumpers in the world have already confirmed their participation at the World Equestrian Festival – Rolex Grand Slam: Scott Brash wants to write history

    He won the prestigious Rolex Grand Prix in `s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands on Sunday, and yet the rider Daniel Deußer is already looking ahead to the World Equestrian Festival in May. On the one hand, because of the terrific atmosphere in Aachen, and on the other hand, of course, because of his successful performances at the Soers over the past years.


    Last year’s winner of the Rolex Grand Prix, Christian Ahlmann, sums up what makes Aachen so special: “Aachen simply has the coolest crowd.” Other top German stars such as Ludger Beerbaum and Marcus Ehning have already confirmed that they will taking part in May too.

    And the international elite will also be competing at the traditional showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen too. The French stars Kevin Staut and Pénéope Leprevost, the Swiss Olympic gold medallist Steve Guerdat and the world ranking list number one Scott Brash – are all raring to compete in Aachen. “That’s obvious“, said Brash, “this impressive stadium is simply sensational.” It is going to be an exceptional show for Brash, because after his victory at the CHI in Geneva, he has the chance to be the first rider in history to win a bonus in the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. “Yes“ the likeable Scottish rider smirks, “that would be really fantastic, if I am able to pull it off.”

    The Show Director, Frank Kemperman, is especially looking forward to his fellow countrymen: “Of course, the Dutch world champions will also be competing here.” The organisers have invited the top 28 riders in the world ranking list, according to current information, apart from a few exceptions, all of them will be competing in Aachen.

    2015 is a special year in the history of the organisers, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV): In addition to the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 (August 11th-23rd), the World Equestrian Festival will also be staged at the Aachener Soers in May. The competitions will be organised in the three classic CHIO disciplines jumping, dressage and driving from May 29th-31st. An attractive supporting programme will round off the equestrian sport event.

    15.01.2015 - Interview with Ludger Beerbaum

    In August, Ludger Beerbaum will have his sights on winning his seventh and eighth European Championships gold medals. The show-jumper is one of the most successful sportsmen of all time. At the "Menschen 2014" (People 2014) Gala in Aachen on Wednesday evening, he chatted with the President of the DFB (German Football Association) Wolfgang Niersbach about the past year, but of course, Beerbaum is also particularly directing his attentions towards the future: To the super equestrian sport year 2015.


    Question: You will be competing in Aachen twice this year, are you really looking forward to this double home game?

    Ludger Beerbaum: I am not on my own there, either. I think all of the show-jumpers, who have the opportunity to compete at both the World Equestrian Festival and the European Championships, are extremely looking forward to this year. It is simply fantastic to ride here in Aachen.


    Question: Can one describe the special atmosphere in Aachen? What does it feel like for a show-jumper riding into this arena?

    Beerbaum: A lot of different phrases have been used to describe Aachen, such as the Mecca or Wimbledon of equestrian sport. This atmosphere, the whole flair of the show days, the special stadiums, the spectators – all of this is what makes Aachen so special. Incidentally, the horses also sense the atmosphere. Many young horses are very impressed, almost overwhelmed. On the other hand, many experienced horses even perform slightly better in Aachen, they are even more motivated.


    Question: The crowd in Aachen cheer the riders on enthusiastically. Is the crowd an additional incentive?

          Beerbaum: Yes, it really gets under your skin. All of the athletes are celebrated in Aachen, particularly the Germans and me possibly even a bit more. I always sense a particularly surge of euphoria here.


    Question: How important are the FEI European Championships in your own country for you?

    Beerbaum: They are of enormous importance. Everything is focused on these European Championships in 2015, for me August will be the highlight this year.


    Question: Will you take the opportunity to watch the other disciplines during the European Championships?

    Beerbaum: I will have to wait and see if such an opportunity arises – at other Championships, it is difficult because the competition sites are located too far away from each other, whereas in Aachen the routes between the sites are very short, so it might be possible. But, of course, principally I am extremely focused on my discipline.


    Question: How do you rate your chances – in May and at the European Championships?

    Beerbaum: Two important prizes are at stake here: In May the prize-money for the Rolex Grand Prix and in August the medals. Quite honestly: I would like to get a slice of both pies.

    15.12.2014 - Frank Kemperman elected

    The Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV), Frank Kemperman, has been elected onto the "Executive Board" of the World Federation of Equestrian Sport, the FEI. In Baku, Azerbaijan at the weekend, the General Meeting of the FEI followed the recommendation of the new FEI President Ingmar de Vos from Belgium. The Board comprising of five-members is responsible for preparing the decisions for the 15 "Bureau" members of the FEI and if necessary can also take emergency decisions. As Chairman of the FEI Dressage Committee, Kemperman has already been a "Bureau" member for the past two years.

    03.11.2014 - World Equestrian Festival

    The most famous Grand Prix in the world at the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015

    The "Rolex Grand Prix" and "Deutsche Bank Prize" are also being staged in the year of the European Championships – May 29th to 31st – Deutsche Bank partners for 60 years

    The year 2015 is going to be an exceptional year for equestrian sports. The traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers will namely be hosting the world elite twice next year. Before the FEI European Championships in five disciplines are staged in August, the organisers will be continuing an old tradition on the last weekend in May: Competitions in the three classic CHIO disciplines show jumping, dressage and driving will be staged, including the most famous and most prestigious Grand Prix, the "Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen" and the "Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen".

    "In this way, we are building a bridge between tradition and modern," stated Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (ALRV) on Monday. On the one hand, the "World Equestrian Festival" in May with the traditional disciplines, on the other hand the European Championships in August with the completely novel concept of staging five disciplines in one location.

    Carl Meulenbergh about building a bridge between tradition and modern

    "The City of Aachen will be an excellent host twice next year," promised Aachen's Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp, who appreciates the special significance of the equestrian event: "Many other cities are very envious of us in this connection."

    Marcel Philipp about the link between the City of Aachen and the equestrian event

    The programme of the "World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015" from May 29th to 31st was presented earlier today in Aachen's Town Hall. "The ticket sales for the dressage also commence today," explained Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH. As is common knowledge, the tickets for the dressage are always sold-out very quickly, "so anyone, who wants to experience the unique atmosphere in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, should hurry." And it is certainly worth visiting because "the best riders in the world will be competing", commented Show Director, Frank Kemperman.

    Michael Mronz about the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015

    Frank Kemperman about the sports programme in May 2015

    Including of course the best dressage rider of all time, Isabell Werth, who is already looking forward to May 2015: "Riding in Aachen is almost like competing at home. This mixture between show and sport, lifestyle, atmosphere and emotions doesn't exist anywhere else." Having won the competition ten times, Werth is the record-holding winner of the Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen.

    Isabell Werth about the special "Aachen flair"

    It is also thanks to the Deutsche Bank that the dressage riders will be competing at the Soers in May 2015. Next year, the bank will have been partners of the event in Aachen for 60 years already, which means the motto of the equestrian sport year 2015 "From tradition to modern" also perfectly describes the relationship between the bank and the equestrian show in Aachen. "The Deutsche Bank is not only an important partner, but also a driver of the development of the international dressage sport," stated Michael Mronz. He added that the "Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen“ is not only the competition with the highest prize money, but the Deutsche Bank Stadium, which was expanded in 2014, is also the discipline's most important "stage" in the world.

    Michael Mronz about the Deutsche Bank Prize, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen 2015

    A spectacular supporting programme will round off the last weekend in May at the Soers. Historic carriages will be exhibited and presented around the city in the scope of the "Concours d`Elegance presented by the Tesch Family". And the "Horse & Symphony" concert that is famous far beyond the gates of Aachen, which offers a fantastic live show programme accompanied by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, will also be staged on the last weekend in May. "Great sport and a great show" promised Frank Kemperman.

    Frank Kemperman about the supporting programme in May 2015

    19.09.2014 - CHIO Aachen Magazin: New issue

    The magazine is published twice a year, six weeks previous to and eight weeks after the CHIO. It costs 6,50 Euros and can be obtained at the ALRV office. The Aachener Reitturnier GmbH provides all information on the possibility to subscribe the magazine (11,50 Euros/year plus shipping costs), please contact conny.muetze@chioaachen.de.

    Read more about the current issue

    10.09.2014 - Rolex Grand Slam: New film

    Rolex has released a new film to celebrate the second equestrian Major of 2014, the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ Tournament, which runs from 10th – 14th September and is part of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

    As well as an insight into the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ from Rolex Testimonee Eric Lamaze sharing his passion for the show and the home crowd, Rodrigo Pessoa describes the 90 seconds of adrenaline rush that riders experience navigating the Grand Prix course.

    Featuring spectacular footage of this year’s CHIO Aachen winner and live contender for the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping title, Christian Ahlmann, plus former winners of the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’, the film encapsulates what it feels like to win the highlight of the show, the CP International presented by Rolex, on the final day.

    New Rolex film supporting the Spruce Meadows 'Masters

    01.09.2014 - Manege frei für Voltigierer

    +++ to be announced in English+++ Ab Dienstag werden die Voltigierer vom Team Neuss für Deutschland bei den Weltmeisterschaften in Frankreich an den Start gehen - Vorher sind diese Artisten des Pferdesports noch - gemeinsam mit ihren Kölner Kollegen - in den Zirkus gegangen. Herausgekommen sind außergewöhnliche Fotos für die kommende Ausgabe des CHIO Aachen-Magazins, das in Kürze erscheinen wird. Es kostet 6,50 Euro und wird in der Geschäftsstelle des ALRV verkauft. Alle Informationen zum Abonnement (11,50 Euro/Jahr zzgl. Versandkosten) gibt es per E-Mail bei der Aachener Reitturnier GmbH: conny.muetze@chioaachen.de.

    21.08.2014 - Fotoshooting mit Sandra Auffarth

    +++ to be announced in English+++ In Kürze wird das aktuelle CHIO Aachen-Magazin erscheinen. Unter anderem mit einem Portrait über Sandra Auffarth. Der Vielseitigkeits-Star siegte im DHL-Preis beim Weltfest des Pferdesports, CHIO Aachen 2014, und gilt zudem als aussichtsreiche Kandidatin auf Einzel-Gold bei der Reit-WM, die am Samstag in der Normandie beginnt. Die Vielseitigkeits-Wettbewerbe beginnen am Donnerstag, 28. August.

    Das Foto-Shooting zum aktuellen Magazin mit Fotograf Thomas Hellmann auf einer Brücke über die A 28 Richtung Oldenburg wurde von einem Polizei-Einsatz begleitet. Besorgte Autofahrer hatten Kinder mit einem gestohlenen Autobahn-Schild gemeldet. Wie auf dem beigefügten Foto eindeutig zu erkennen, eine unbegründete Sorge. Das Bild kann honorarfrei unter Angabe von „Foto: CHIO Aachen-Magazin/Thomas Hellmann“ verwendet werden.

    19.08.2014 - Sitzschalen werden verschenkt

    +++ to be announced in English+++ Nach den Sitzen der AachenMünchener-Tribüne verschenkt der Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. nun auch die Sitzschalen der Reitertribüne aus dem Hauptstadion, da diese mit neuen Schalen ausgestattet wird. „Insbesondere Sportvereine haben in der Vergangenheit das Angebot genutzt, um ihre Sportplätze mit den alten Sitzen aus unseren Stadien auszustatten. Das freut uns natürlich riesig, dass die Sitze so noch einen tollen Zweck erfüllen - und der CHIO auch auf diese Weise in der ganzen Region präsent ist“, sagt CHIO-Turnierdirektor Frank Kemperman. Auch in vielen privaten Gärten stehen inzwischen einzelne Sitze oder ganze Sitzreihen aus dem Deutsche Bank Stadion und dem Hauptstadion. Daher werden von

    Mittwoch, 20. August bis Freitag, 22. August, jeweils zwischen 14 und 17 Uhr

    die Sitzschalen verschenkt. Dabei gilt : Wer zuerst da ist, bekommt auch zuerst einen oder mehrere Sitze. Geparkt werden kann auf Areal D, hinter der AachenMünchener-Tribüne auf dem CHIO-Gelände.

    15.08.2014 - Equestrian Analytics

    +++ soon available in English+++

    Für den CHIO Aachen 2014 haben sich der ARLV und Technologiesponsor SAP einer neuen, spannenden Herausforderung gestellt: Wie kann dem Zuschauer das Geschehen auf der Vielseitigkeitsstrecke noch näher gebracht, die Faszination der Ritte noch besser vermittelt werden?
    Herausgekommen ist der Prototyp „SAP Equestrian Analytics“, ein System, das es ermöglicht, Sensordaten wie Geschwindigkeit und Bewegungen zu erfassen, Zwischenzeiten zu errechnen und die gerittenen Linien zu visualisierem. Der erste offizielle Test fand im Rahmen der Geländeprüfung des DHL-Preises am 19. Juli statt. Die deutschen Vielseitigkeitsreiter haben hier einen speziell für den Reitsport entwickelten Datenlogger sowie einen Pulssensor mitgeführt. Drei der Starter – Sandra Auffahrth, Ingrid Klimke und Dirk Schrade – waren darüber hinaus auch mit einer Helmkamera auf der Strecke unterwegs.
    Herausgekommen ist unter anderem ein spannendes neues Format, das die digitalen Parameter eines Rittes mit den Bildern der Helmkamera kombiniert und den Zuschauer so quasi „im Cockpit“ mitreiten lässt.

    Hier geht es zu den Videos:

    Der DHL-Preis mit SAP-Analyse aus der Sicht von Sandra Auffahrt

    Der DHL-Preis mit SAP-Analyse aus der Sicht von Ingrid Klimke

    Der DHL-Preis mit SAP-Analyse aus der Sicht von Dirk Schrade

    14.08.2014 - "Moments of Luck" 2014

    During this year's CHIO Aachen, in the scope of the "Moments of Luck" donation campaign, 17,500 Euros were collected in aid of the German Curatorship for Therapeutic Riding e.V. (DKThR) and the Children's Aid Fund (KUF) of the DKThR as well as for four DKThR approved therapy centres in and around the region of Aachen (Lohner Hof Riding & Therapy Centre e.V. in Eschweiler, "Abenteuerland" (Adventure Land) Riding Therapy Centre in Aachen, Rattenhaus Riding School in Eynatten, Belgium and the Centre for Therapeutic Riding in Stolberg).
    The Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) has been supporting the German Curatorship for Therapeutic Riding e.V. (DKThR) since 1998 with the joint charity cooperation, "Moments of Luck". The aim of the campaign is to make the public aware of therapeutic riding and riding for the disabled. "We are convinced that therapeutic riding is beneficial to both adults and children. The DKThR carries out fantastic work and gives people the opportunity to profit from therapy with horses. That is why the "Moments of Luck" campaign has been part of the CHIO for many years!" commented ALRV President, Carl Meulenbergh.
    During the ecumenical service on Soers Sunday and throughout the week of the show, volunteers went round the CHIO grounds collecting donations. In the scope of the show programme on Soers Sunday, the four therapy centres from the region around Aachen not only presented the different areas of therapeutic riding, but also an individual interpretation of the CHIO partner country, Switzerland.
    Elke Lindner from DKThR is delighted with the commitment of the spectators and the long-term collaboration with the ALRV: "The "Moments of Luck" campaign is supported to a large extent by the CHIO visitors as well as by the highly motivated volunteers, who collect the donations. This is a wonderful experience every year and we are grateful that this campaign has been linked with the CHIO Aachen for so long already. We highly appreciate this great support for therapeutic riding and our association."
    This year, the dressage star, Helen Langehanenberg, was patron of the campaign. The popular rider donated an exclusive tour of the riding establishment of the Langehanenberg family in Billerbeck for the "Moments of Luck" prize-draw.
    In addition to the therapeutic activities, equestrian sports for the disabled (para-equestrian) is a further important task of the DKThR. Since para-equestrian became the 8th discipline in the FEI family, the equestrian sport has taken over a pioneering role in the world of professional sports.

    31.07.2014 - Sitzschalen verschenkt

    Bei traumhaftem Wetter hat die Verschenk-Aktion der Sitzschalen aus dem Hauptstadion viele Interessenten angelockt. Sowohl einzelne Sitze als auch ganze Sitzgruppen wurden von Jung und Alt auf der AachenMünchener Tribüne eingesammelt und mitgenommen. Einige von ihnen finden jetzt im TC Blau-Weiss Stolberg 1932 e.V. ein neues Zuhause: „Wir hatten bisher keine richtigen Sitzmöglichkeiten für unsere Zuschauer. Das wird sich jetzt dank der CHIO-Sitzschalen endlich ändern!“, so der Sportwart Jürgen Sonnen. Aber nicht nur aus der Region kamen Anfragen: Ein CHIO-Fan aus dem Schwarzwald hat extra eine Aachener Spedition beauftragt, 300 Sitzschalen abzuholen. Sie werden nun Teil einer sanierten Reithalle.

    Turnierdirektor Frank Kemperman freut sich über das rege Interesse an dem geschichtsträchtigen CHIO-Mobiliar: „Die Leute haben immer wieder Ideen, wie man die Sitze noch nutzen kann. An Sportplätzen, in Reithallen und sogar als Esszimmerstühle!“

    Auch morgen noch, Freitag den 1. August, können die Sitzschalen zwischen 13 und 18 Uhr abgeholt werden.

    Fotos von den Schalen und ihren neuen Verwendungszwecken können an presse@chioaachen.de gesendet werden. Die Schönsten werden auf der Facebook-Seite des CHIO Aachen veröffentlicht.


    28.07.2014 - CHIO Aachen: Seats from the Main Stadium are being given away

    If they could speak, they would have plenty of stories to tell: The seats in the Main Stadium of the CHIO Aachen. After the successful campaign of giving away the seats from the Deutsche Bank Stadium, the organisers are now giving away further seats. "We are renovating the seats in the AachenMünchener Stand and in the Riders' Stand. And because our last campaign met with great interest, this time we would like to please the CHIO fans," explained the Chairman of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein, Frank Kemperman. As such, the seats will be given away on

    Thursday, July 31st and Friday, August 1st, between 1 pm and 6 pm.

    The campaign works on a first come, first serve basis, so whoever turns up first can have one or more seats. Parking is available on Areal D, behind the AachenMünchener Stand at the CHIO grounds.


    22.07.2014 - Next stop Calgary

    One year after its premiere the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping returned to the place where it all began: In the impressive arena in Aachen, this cathedral of the equestrian sport. 40,000 enthusiastic spectators celebrated Christian Ahlmann. With this victory, his personal Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping has begun.

    Of the five riders in the jump-off, Christian Ahlmann, who had saddled Codex One, was the only one to jump clear. "I have thought about this moment for 20 years," commented Ahlmann. Then he immediately looked to the future again: "Of course, I would like to take the next step in the Rolex Grand Slam and compete at the Spruce Meadows Masters – provided that I stay fit and healthy. The Rolex Grand Slam is an important challenge for us show-jumpers. It means a lot to me that Rolex has launched this initiative and is giving us show-jumpers the opportunity to win such prize-money and arouse such attention. Now, I will try to make the most out of my personal Rolex Grand Slam."

    His horse obviously also enjoyed the new "Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping" challenge – because Codex One pushed the trophy with his nose as if to say: "I'll see you again in September at the Spruce Meadows Masters…“. Because the rider who wins the three Major shows the CHIO Aachen, the Spruce Meadows "Masters" and the CHI in Geneva in succession, wins the Grand Slam and will become a sporting legend – as well as receiving an additional one million Euros in prize-money. A bonus also beckons to a rider, who wins two of the three shows. If the shows are won straight after each other, the bonus is 500,000 Euros. If the equestrian athlete succeeds in winning in the "two out of three mode", i.e. two shows but not in succession, the bonus is 250,000 Euros. It is possible to win the bonus riding different horses.

    At the beginning of the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen 2014, the attention was focused on the Swiss Olympic gold medallist, Steve Guerdat, who won the last Major show in Geneva and also on Pieter Devos from Belgium, who rode to victory at the Major in Spruce Meadows in Canada last September. Both riders had good chances in the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping before the Rolex Grand Prix began. However, for Steve Guerdat the dream of winning the second Major in a row ended early with four faults at the water ditch. "My goal was to win here and everything felt great," said Guerdat, "perhaps I should have fought a bit harder at the water jump." Pieter Devos didn't have a good day either, he had a refusal at a water jump. The Belgian rider nevertheless enjoyed his stay in Aachen: "It was a nice Grand Prix, a great experience for my young horse."


    20.07.2014 - Prize of the City of Aachen

    Shortly before the CHIO Aachen came to an end with the traditional goodbye ceremony, the "Farewell to the Nations" after ten fantastic show days, a special distinction was awarded on the "Holy Grass". In the scope of the World Equestrian Festival 2014, the "Prize of the City of Aachen" was awarded to the FEI President, Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bind Al Hussein, prior to the world-famous farewell ceremony. Deeply moved, the equestrian sport enthusiast, who was elected President of the International Equestrian Federation in 2006 and who has been an IOC member since 2007, received the City CHIO distinction in the form of a plastic horse sculpture from the hands of the Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp for her special services to the CHIO Aachen. "Princess Haya has always asserted herself for the CHIO Aachen. This prize serves as a symbol of the City of Aachen's gratitude to her," stated Philipp. And 40,000 spectators applauded. "Aachen is one of the most important equestrian shows in the world. Everyone here in the stadium has his own wonderful memories of Aachen," raved Princess Haya.

    Here, in the traditional Main Stadium, where Princess Haya herself competed in the show-jumping competitions between 1997 and 1999, where she has also held moving speeches, the most emotional of which was at the Closing Ceremony of the World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006, she is being presented with the special prize. She too was co-responsible for bringing the next major Championships to Aachen. Thanks to her support, Aachen won the bid from the FEI in June 2012 to stage the FEI European Championships in five equestrian sport disciplines at one location, which is a premiere!

    Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennvereins e.V., also honoured the FEI President's amazing commitment to and close bond with the CHIO Aachen: "I recall well the years when she entered the stadium here in Aachen as a show-jumper, her moving closing speeching at the World Equestrian Games 2006 and now I look forward to her Opening Speech at the FEI European Championships 2015.“


    20.07.2014 - Ahlmann wins

    Christian Ahlmann fulfilled his childhood dream today with this 12-year-old Hanoverian Codex One: The 39-year-old from Marl was the only rider to jump clear in the jump-off of the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen. "It is simply fantastic", the overwhelmed new Aachen Champion commented, who triumped in the major competition at the Soers for the first time in his career.

    Frank Rothenberger did a good job. The course designer wanted four to six riders in the jump-off and ultimately five reached the final. After the first round 15 pairs had jumped clear. However, only Christian Ahlmann, Marcus Ehning and Daniel Deußer as well as the US Americans Kent Farrington and Lauren Hough reached the showdown.

    Ahlmann was the first to enter the stadium packed with 40,000 spectators to master the 410-metre long course containing 12 obstacles and 15 jumps, that Rothenberger had designed. „Normally it is better to ride last. But not today“, laughed Ahlmann. His plan was to jump clear and put his fellow competitors under pressure and he succeeded in doing so. All of the other riders beat the time of the 2011 World Cup winner (46.59), but they didn't jump clear.

    Speedy Gonzalez, Kent Farrington was the fastest. The 33-year-old took 43,91 seconds to ride home with Voyeur, ahead of Marcus Ehning with the KWPN-stallion Plot Blue (46.01) and World Cup winner Daniel Deußer (46.44) with the Westphalian-bred Cornet D’Amour, all finished on four faults. Lauren Hough had the second fastest time – 44,71 seconds – but she picked up 8 faults along the way.


    20.07.2014 - Serial winner the Netherlands

    Benjamin Aillaud won the last competition of the four-in-hand-drivers – the Prize of H&T Automotive Components. The French driver, who already triumphed in the WARSTEINER-PRIZE – reached the drive-off with his horses Bartok, Bly Plain’s, Colin and Conkalina. Only two drivers were in the drive--off after driving clear in the allowed time in the first round of the obstacle driving test. Aillaud took finished first in a time of 91.85 seconds ahead of Michael Brauchle. The German driver took 93.01 seconds to reach the finish line. The US-American driver Chester Weber, who won the individual classification yesterday, took third place after picking up 0.97 penalty points for exceeding the allowed time.

    The Dutch team of National Coach Harry de Ruyter won the Fendt Nations' Cup again – which comprises of the results after the dressage, obstacle driving and Marathon. The CHIO-Aachen serial winners and World Champions triumphed at the Soers for the eighth time in succession. The team  – comprising of Ijsbrand Chardon, Koos de Ronde and Theo Timmermann – achieved a total score of 292.85 minus points. The strong Hungarian team came second. József Dobrivitz, József Dobrivitz jun. and Zoltán Lázár kamen finished on a score of 309.82 minus points. The German team was rather disappointed with having to make do with third place. The total score for Mareike Harm, Christoph Sandmann and Georg von Stein was 312.36 points. France came fourth in the Nations' Cup (337.08).


    20.07.2014 - Valegro back at the top

    Double Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin won the Finale of the CHIO Aachen in the Deutsche Bank Prize, taking the victory in the Grand Prix Freestyle of the CDIO Tour, the Dressage Grand Prix of Aachen. The 29-year-old from Great Britain headed the strong field with a score of 87.900 percent. Germany's top rider and last year's winner Helen Langehanenberg finished second with Damon Hill NRW (86.025), followed by Isabell Werth with Bella Rose (85.150). Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas – who won both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Spécial – had withdrawn from the competition the day before, because the stallion is in the preparation phase for the WEG. Kristina Sprehe took fourth place with Desperados FRH (83.150) and thus completed the strong overall result of the German squad that is trained by the National Coach, Monica Theodorescu.

    It was an exciting week with ups and downs. "I didn't get off to a good start. I've never had that many mistakes in the Grand Prix with Valegro, I really made a fool of myself," analysed the British rider. After her big mistakes at the beginning in the flying-changes, the crowd had kept groaning at every further faux pas. "That made me even more nervous," she reported. "But that's life, everyone makes mistakes and I am not perfect and neither is Valegro," she said. The British super stars and World Cup winners had difficulties coping with the heat. Winning the Spécial in their final performance in Aachen was a small consolation. "I am very happy with my ride. The transitions and the piaffes were super," she summed up.

    Helen Langehanenberg, who had a mistake in the flying-changes was also satisfied. "I didn't warm up as long as usual because of the heat, so Damon Hill was very fresh," she reported. "I am very much looking forward to the World Equestrian Games," she stated.

    Isabell Werth was equally happy. "Michael Erdmann (does the music for Werth, not from the editorial office) did a wonderful job and managed to get the music finished,“ said Werth. She hadn't practised the freestyle in advance but had concentrated on the first two competitions instead, not to confuse the horse. "I am delighted that Bella Rose was so concentrated and didn't want to make a mistake. It is the first time she has been in such a big stadium with so many spectators and she got used the situation more every day.“


    20.07.2014 - SAP-Prize for Shane Breen

    The final day of the show kicked off with the SAP-Prize for Shane Breen. The Irish rider jumped clear in a time of 65.65 seconds with his 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding Calido Boy. The Italian rider Emanuela Gaudiano, who won the RWE-Prize the evening before, crossed the finish line in a time of 66.34 seconds with the Westphalian-bred gelding Caesario – to claim second place. The Canadian rider Ben Asselin, who had saddled his KWPN gelding Makavoy took one second longer to complete the course. The best German rider to finish the 500-metre long course with eleven obstacles was Denis Nielsen with Cashmoaker in sixth place. Nine riders jumped clear. Last year's winner Hans-Dieter Dreher ranked 30th after picking up ten faults.


    19.07.2014 - PHILIPS-Prize: German victory

    At the end of a long dressage day in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, the German riders were able to celebrate a further victory under floodlights. Dorothee Schneider won the Grand Prix Freestyle of the "I' Tour, the PHILIPS-Prize, with her 13-year-old Westphalian-bred mare, Forward Looking. The 45-year-old rider from Framersheim rode to victory on a score of 77.175 percent, ahead of Marion Engelen with the 14-year-old Oldenburg gelding Diego OLD and last year's winner, Hans Peter Minderhoud. The 29-year-old Marion Engelen finished on a score of 75.900 percent. The Dutch rider Minderhoud had saddled the 14-year-old Oldenburg stallion Glock´s Romanov and the pair were awarded a score of 75.325 percent. Fourth place went to Nadine Capellmann. The 48-year-old business graduate and local matador (she comes from Würselen) achieved a score of 73.825 percent with her 13-year-old Baden-Wurtemberg-bred chestnut mare Girasol.


    19.07.2014 - Italian night at the Soers

    In the concluding jumping competition in the Main Stadium on Saturday evening, an accumulator jumping competition with joker, Emanuele Gaudiano rode to victory and thus won the RWE-Prize. The Italian collected 65 points in a time of 5345 seconds with the ten-year-old Westphalian-bred gelding Caesario. The 28-year-old relegated the German rider Tim Hoster into second place with his Oldenburg gelding Quality (56.12). Third place went to Ireland: Cameron Hanley recorded a time of 57.15 seconds with Amira. In the accumulator jumping competition the degree of difficulty of the obstacles gradually increases, and the amount of points each obstacle is worth also increase. If the riders jump the obstacle clear, they are awarded the respective amount of points, if not the points are subtracted from the total score. The winner with the most points in the fastest time wins. In total eight riders finished on a score of 65 points, but Gaudiano had the fastest time. Last year, the Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya won the competition.


    19.07.2014 - Silver Camera goes to Langrish

    The English photographer Pam Langrish was able to convince the jury with two four-legged stars: A horse and a small cuddly dog speeding past at the front of the photo. The eventer Andrew Nicholson almost goes unnoticed on the winning photo. On Saturday evening, the coveted trophy, the Silver Camera, for the best international equestrian sport photo, was awarded to Langrish. The curious thing about it. This photo was only taken by chance. Pam Langrish, is actually a dog photographer, she just happened to fill in for her husband, Bob Langrish, a well-known equestrian sport photographer, at the eventing show in Badminton, because he didn't have any time. This is where she took the spontaneous snapshot, which also won her a place on the winners' rostrum. "I sent my wife off to take a photo of a horse and she comes back with one of a dog," is how her husband recounted the story with a wink. It certainly paid off anyway. Second place went to the Belgian photographer Astrid Appels, and the Dutch photographer Arnd Bronkhorst came third. The prizes were awarded by Helmut Schiffer, CEO of the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband, Hubert Herpers, Chairman of the Sparkasse Aachen, and Hans Kauhsen, Supervisory Board Member of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.

    A jury comprising of Dirk Caremans (last year's winner), Ludo Philippaerts (Belgian show-jumper), Andreas Müller (Executive Director of Zeitungsverlag Aachen (newspaper publisher), Erich Timmermanns (Advertising & PR Director, Sparkasse Aachen) and Frank Kemperman (Chairman of the ALRV) made a preselection of the 74 photographs submitted from all over the globe. The famous media prize is jointly awarded by the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. the Sparkasse Aachen and the Rheinischer Sparkasse & Giroverband. The winner receives prize-money to the value of 2,500 Euros, the first runner-up wins 1,000 Euros and the second runner-up 500 Euros.

    19.07.2014 - Prize of Sparkasse

    After the Nations' Cup victory on Thursday, the Belgians recorded a further victory. Olivier Philippaerts won the Prize of Sparkasse with Carlito C. In the hunting competition over ditches and banks in the Main Stadium of the Soers – which also includes natural obstacles such as the Devil's Dyke and the big pond – the 20-year-old jumped clear in a time of 76.6 seconds. Hans-Dieter Dreher also had a clear round. However, the German rider took 77.82 seconds to complete the course with his nine-year-old Holsteiner Quiwi Dream, which put him in second place. Last year's winner, Shane Breen claimed third place with Ominerale Courcelle. The Irish rider knocked one fence, which resulted in four penalty seconds. His final result was thus 79.15 seconds – if he had jumped clear, he would have won the competition again.


    19.07.2014 - Mario Adorf visits the CHIO

    Special guest at the CHIO Aachen: On Saturday, Mario Adorf, the famous German actor, visited the World Equestrian Festival. It was the first time the long-time advertising partner of the AachenerMünchener insurance company visited the CHIO Aachen, although he is actually a passionate horse enthusiast. "I have ridden many times in my life, in my spare time and of course in countless films," the 82-year-old revealed during a photo shooting on the warm-up area. He has been fascinated by horses from an early age: "The third word that I was able to say as a small child was 'horse'." The actor didn't actually mount a horse at the showgrounds, however he was very impressed with his visit to the CHIO Aachen: "There is a fantastic atmosphere here at the grounds. I have often been invited to attend, but unfortunately haven't been able to make it until now. I have only ever managed to watch the CHIO competitions on TV until now and always enjoyed the show." He added that he has always had a weakness for the equestrian sport, because for him the elegant four-legged steeds are the most beautiful animals in the world.". And there were plenty of them for Adorf to watch in the Main Stadium during the Prize of AachenMünchener. Finally, he also walked over the "Holy Grass" accompanied by Carl Meulenbergh, President of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e. V. and Michael Westkamp, Chairman of AachenMünchener, to award the trophy to the winner, Frank Schuttert (NED). He was evidently bitten by the CHIO bug - the grandseigneur of the German movie industry said before leaving, "I will definitely come again."


    19.07.2014 - Isabel Bache wins again

    Second victory for Isabel Bache: The Norwegian rider, who won the opening dressage competition in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, the Prize of VUV – Vereinigte Unternehmerverbände Aachen, also rode to victory in the WOTAX-Prize, an FEI Intermediate I. The 35-year-old, who works at the Bonhomme Stud in the Potsdam-Mittelmark an der Havel district, pulled off a coup with her eight-year-old Hanoverian chestnut Riverdance, that not even the Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin managed to do earlier in the day: She beat Matthias Alexander Rath. Whereby, the German squad member hadn't saddled his wonder horse Totilas for the competition, but instead the eight-year-old KWPN stallion Bretton Woods. It was a very close competition. Bache achieved a score of 74.868 percent. Rath was awarded 74.816 percent. Third place went to Isabell Werth with Lezard (74.500), followed by Dorothee Scheider with Derano (70.711) in fourth place. Last year the Austrian rider Victoria Max-Theurer, who didn't compete this year, won the WOTAX-Prize.

    19.07.2014 - Best of Champions

    In the battle of the sexes at the CHIO in Aachen, the men were the vanquishers – just like last year. The male riders defeated the ladies in the "Best of Champions" competition. The winners included the Olympic gold medallist, Steve Guerdat from Switzerland with Qui Vive De La Tour (the pair also won the opening competition at the CHIO, the STAWAG-Prize), the US-American Kent Farrington with Blue Angel, Marcus Ehning with Comme Il Faut, Ludger Beerbaum with Carinou, the European Champion Ben Maher from Great Britain with Diva II as well as his team colleague Scott Brash with Hello Sunshine. The ladies were represented by Katrin Eckermann (GER), Janika Sprunger (SUI), Reed Kessler (USA), Katharina Offel (UKR), Luciana Diniz (POR) and Pénélope Leprevost. After a first round in the normal mode (faults/time), both teams rode head-to-head over two identical courses.Reed Kessler was eliminated in the first round , which meant that Scott Brash didn't compete in the second round either, so five pairs rode in the head-to-head (instead of the planned six against six). The men already managed to secure a clear lead in the first round, which they defended comfortably in the second round.

    19.07.2014 - Schürmann wins

    Yet another dressage victory for Germany: Charlott-Maria Schürmann won the Grand Prix Freestyle and thus also the Prize of Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation. In the international U25 PIAFF Prize in the Deutsche Bank Stadium, the 21-year-old was awarded a score of 77.225 percent with her eleven-year-old stallion Burlington FRH and relegated her fellow compatriot Nadine Husenbeth into second place with her mare Florida (75.775). Third place went to Sweden: Marina Mattsson scored 71.925 percent with Beckham.

    The victory in the team classification – which comprises of the accumulated scores of the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle – also went to Germany. The host team, which in addition to Schürmann and Husenbeth also consisted of Victoria Michalke with Dance On, clearly dominated the competition and finished on a total score of 291.558 points. Second place went to the Spanish team (275.611 points), comprising of Paula Matute Guimon with Tarpan Ymas, Juan Matute Guimon with Don Diego Ymas and Laura Reija with Recuerdo. The Netherlands claimed third place with a score of 273.276 points, followed by Denmark (272.521) and Sweden (271.589).


    19.07.2014 - Third victory for Kenny

    The Irish rider, Darragh Kenny, added another triumph to his list of victories at the Aachener Soers. After winning the Prize of StädteRegion Aachen in memory of District Administrator Hermann-Josef Pütz on Wednesday and the second qualifier of the Sparkasse-Youngsters-Cup, the 26-year-old now also rode to victory in the Final of the Sparkasse-Youngsters-Cup. After two clear rounds, the show-jumper, who lives in the USA, crossed the finish line of the second round in the fastest time with the eight-year-old KWPN stallion, Chin Quidam VDL. 14 pairs had reached the jump-off after jumping clear in the first round. Last year, Hans-Dieter Dreher won this competition with the Holsteiner stallion, Quiwi Dream. With a time of 45.29 seconds, Kenny completed the course almost two seconds faster than the Canadian rider Eric Lamaze (47.03), who came second with Check Picobello Z. Third place went to the French rider Pénélope Leprevost with Sultane Des Ibis (48.14). In total, 30 pairs had saddled their youngster for the competition for seven and eight-year-old horses.

    In the overall classification for the special prize for the best rider in the three Sparkasse-Youngsters-Cup competition, Kenny, who had collected 52 points, was narrowly beaten by Denis Nielsen. The 24-year old professional rider, who works at the Sprehe Stud in Löningen, scored a total of 53 points with his eight-year-old Hanoverian stallion Special One 2. His prize was a new foal from the breeder Josef Ruyter. The young colt descends from Cascadello II, a much talked-about Holsteiner top stallion, a Casall la Silla son, who is currently the focus of attention. The foal's dam – that descends from one of the best Rhineland jumping pedigrees – is the State Premium Broodmare Baloudora by Balou du Rouet, out of a Polydor dam. The great-dam of the foal was a broodmare performance test winner and has produced excellent progeny. Perhaps the foal will compete at Aachen itself one day against the best horses in the world.


    19.07.2014 - Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon

    Exell wins Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon – Weber triumphs in the individual classification

    The World Cup winner and World Champion Boyd Exell finished second in the Prize of Family Richard Talbot after winning the Wohnwelt Pallen Marathon. The Australian driver was best in the cross-country at the Aachener Soers, but in the overall classification - after the dressage, obstacle driving and Marathon - the American driver Chester Weber pipped him at the post. The 39-year-old Weber achieved a total score of 134.48 minus points with his horses Boris, Boy, Para, Splash and Uniek after the three competitions. Exell scored 135.63 minus points. As such, an era came to an end for the 41-year-old: Since 2009, the man from Down Under has won every year at the Soers. Weber managed to prevent his sixth triumph in succession, albeit with a minimal lead.

    Second place in the Marathon went to the German driver, Michael Brauchle, who won the Marathon competition last year. Followed by József Dobrovitz from Hungary in third place. Neither of the two drivers came under the top three in the individual classification. Brauchle finished eleventh overall and Dobrovitz came fourth. The Dutch driver Koos de Ronde secured third place in the individual classification with a score of 149.54.

    Tomorrow, the team classification in the Fendt-Prize will be decided by the concluding obstacle driving competition. The Dutch team, which once again currently lies clearly in front, has won the team competition successively since 2007. So, it looks like they might win their eighth CHIO title in a row tomorrow.


    19.07.2014 - Newcomer Schuttert wins

    It is the CHIO of the debutants: An extraordinary number of riders who are competing at the Soers for the first time this year have won competitions this year. A newcomer also rode to victory in the Prize of AachenMünchener: Frank Schuttert from the Netherlands was the fastest in the competition with one regular round and a winning round. Twelve horses and riders qualified for the winning by jumping clear. Schuttert crossed the finish line with his 10-year-old BWP chestnut stallion Epleaser Van’t Heike in the fastest time of 48.39 seconds. The 20-year-old left the Belgian rider Pieter Devos with Dylano (48,89) and Oranje Olympic participant Maikel Van der Vleuten with VDL Groep Verdi TN N.O.P. (49.07) trailing behind him. Germany's top rider Christian Ahlmann came fourth with his Westphalian-bred stallion Cornado II (49.57). These four riders also jumped clear over the course built by Frank Rothenberger in the winning round.

    Schuttert travelled to Aachen for the first time ever last year – just as a visitor. In 2014, the professional rider who works at Jos Lansink's stables in Limburg, Belgium has competed himself at the Soers. Epleaser Van’t Heike – an aspiring offspring of the top horse Valentina Van’t Heike, with whom Lansink competed among others at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky – has according to his rider got enormous potential. "He is sometimes a bit careful, which I had problems with at first. Then, on the other hand he is sometimes very strong in between the individual obstacles, which makes him difficult to control. But that wasn't the case today." Schuttert finds the fact that more and more young riders, especially from Belgium, are penetrating the international top level sport circuit, is a big advantage for all athletes. "We spur each other to better performances." Even in Aachen the newcomers are raking in the victories. "It is great fun. We are not frightened of facing new challenges, not even in Aachen," said Schuttert.

    Hans-Dieter Dreher, who won this competition last year with Embassy II, had to make do with 14th place with the Holsteiner stallion Colore after picking up four faults in the first round.

    19.07.2014 - Rath und Totilas win again

    His comeback becomes more impressive from ride to ride: In the Grand Prix Spécial of the CDIO-Tour Matthias Alexander Rath and the Dutch stallion Totilas danced to victory. In the MEGGLE-Prize, the "wonder horse" once again beat Valegro and the Olympic gold medallist, Charlotte Dujardin. Last year's winner Helen Langehanenberg with Damon Hill NRW and Isabell Werth with Bella Rose completed the outstanding overall German outcome, by coming third and fourth respectively.

    Monica Theodorescu was visibly delighted at her team's fantastic results. "Our four riders were simply sensational," stated the German National Coach. Particularly, the "prodical son" who was lost for two years, put in a further convincing appearance in the first-class Grand Prix Spécial. Due to injury, the pair had been out of action. The pair impressed the spectators more than ever in this wonderful setting at the Aachener Soers. After the final salute of the 29-year-old from Kronberg, the crowd jumped up from their seats. Rath kept on pointing at his stallion, as if to say: "He deserves the applause."

    That Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas' series of wins – since returning to the competition circuit they have won each test – would just carry on an on here in Aachen, was by no means matter of course. The competition couldn't have been tougher – after all Dujardin and Valegro hold the records in all of the advanced dressage test. But once again the Germans rose above themselves. The German squad member steered the 14-year-old Gribaldi son through the dressage arena in the Deutsche Bank Stadium without hardly making a mistake. There was just a slight backwards tendency in the piaffe – which was immediately accompanied by a groan from the crowd. Straight afterwards though, the duo mustered up their entire concentration and performed the remaining exercises immaculately. The result: 84.549 percent. Dujardin, who already had slight problems with the flying changes in the Grand Prix, finished on a total score of 83.157 percent.

    Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, joint owner of Totilas together with Paul Schockemöhle, was delighted about the victory of her son-in-law: "That everything is going so smoothly for Matthias and Totilas here is fantastic. It has been a difficult two years. It is wonderful that Matthias had the staying power.“ The National Coach Theodorescu shared her opinion. "That was fabulous today. Not only Totilas, but also our other horses convinced me. All of them improved their performances compared to the Grand Prix."

    Damon Hill and Helen Langehanenberg's performance was equally convincing. The 14-year-old stallion stumbled briefly in the extended trot on the diagonal, but apart from that, the whole test was immaculate (82.078 percent, third place). Isabell Werth and her 10-year-old aspiring talent, Bella Rose, followed in fourth place (81.471). The good spirited 44-year-old made the following comment regarding the mistake in the two-tempi flying changes: "Her time will come." Isabell Werth is convinced that the future belongs to this elegant Westphalian-bred mare, a Belissimo-daughter. "Provided that she stays fit, of course."

    The Swiss rider Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven claimed fifth place with the Hanoverian gelding Don Auriello (79.039). Kristina Sprehe and Desperados, who didn't perform as well as they can in the Grand Prix, came into their own in the Spécial. The pair completed all exercises without a mistake and excelled with their elegance: 79.039 percent (sixth place).

    Tomorrow, on Sunday morning, the best 15 pairs will compete in the Freestyle. Kristina Sprehe would be entitled to compete based on her results, but unfortunately, the rules only allow three riders per nation to participate.


    19.07.2014 - Fantastic result for Germany

    The German eventers achieved a sensational result in the final test at the CHIO Aachen before the World Equestrian Games and put in the best performance possible. The team of the national coach Hans Melzer won the Nations' Cup of the DHL-Prize with 129 minus points with a clear lead ahead of Great Britain (152.4) and France (137.4). On top of that Sandra Auffarth, Ingrid Klimke and Michael Jung occupied the top three rankings in the individual classification.

    In the concluding competition of the eventing at the Aachener Soers, only three riders managed to jump clear  and cross the finish line of the 3,990- metre long course within the allowed time of seven minutes. All three came from Germany. Double Olympic gold medallist Michael Jung from Horb was the first rider to crack the time, crossing the finish line in 6 minutes and 57 seconds. As such, the 31-year-old managed to move up from fifth into third place with his 14-year-old Baden-Wurtemberg-bred La Biosthetique-Sam FBW. Ingrid Klimke was even faster. She rode through the DHL finish in the Main Stadium amid the cheers of countless visitors in a time of 6 minutes and 53 seconds – to take second place. Sandra Auffarth was one second faster. The 27-year-old from Ganderkesee and her 12-year-old chestnut gelding Opgun Louvo thus led the field in the DHL-Prize from start to finish. Last year, she missed out on the victory because she was one second too slow. This time, after a spectacular finale over the course built by Rüdiger Schwarz - created following the modern CIC format - the German squad member clearly dominated the competition and finished on a total score of just 33.80 minus points, ahead of Klimke with FRH Escada JS (40.20) and Jung (41.20).

    "Luckily we had a lot of tailwind, which was refreshing considering the weather. The atmosphere was great. It was really good fun. I was very concentrated during my ride and made fast progress. The conditions were much better than last year, when it was very wet," said the rider, who won bronze at the London Olympics. She had a small mishap before setting off on track: "I forget to set my watch when I set off, so I didn't know how well I was in the time until I entered the stadium. Once I noticed, I was able to relax, take my time and really enjoy it. My horse had a super ride, he is very smart and helps you out. I can totally rely on him, I trust him completely.“

    National Coach, Hans Melzer, was delighted with the triple victory of his top riders. "As always it was great to be here in Aachen and this result gives us another boost of motivation. We hope to be able to call up such performances at the World Equestrian Games too. The conditions were excellent, as always. The weather was much more pleasant than last year. The heat doesn't bother the horses. They were only lightly sweated up when they entered the Main Stadium. These were ideal conditions for our discipline and a great advertisement for our sport," commented the National Coach," who is already looking forward to next year's Nations' Cup.

    For Michael Jung it was the ideal last test before the WEG in France: „My horse galopped along beautifully and was eay to ride. He is in great physical condition, we have trained for courses that last up to twelve or thirteen minutes.“ The German rider thought the tight time factor was a manageable task: „One has to let the horses really gallop in between the obstacles. It's difficult , but it is possible.“


    18.07.2014 - Isabell Werth wins

    The sun was setting over the Aachener Soers, which lent the last item on the agenda of the seventh day of the CHIO Aachen a romantic setting. Once again, the Lindt-Prize attracted a large crowd to the Deutsche Bank Stadium. One of the most successful stars of the dressage sport rode to victory: Isabell Werth triumphed with the 13-year-old bay gelding Don Johnson FRH. The dressage queen was awarded a score of 76.765 percent with her Don Frederico-son in the Grand Prix Spécial of the CDI Tour. Followed by Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, who had saddled the KWPN stallion Unee BB, in second place (74.000). All five judges placed Werth first. It was a déjà-vu experience for Bredow-Werndl – because the 28-year-old from Aubenhausen also finished second last year, behind Kristina Sprehe with Desperados at the time. Third place went to Poland: Beata Stemler was awarded a score of 72.588 percent with the Rhineland-bred gelding Rubicon D, ahead of Fabienne Lütkemeier with her Hanoverian De Niro-son, D’Agostino FRH (72.235). According to the SAP public voting, three German riders led the field. The crowd voted Werth as the winner, followed by Bredow-Werndl and Lütkemeier.


    18.07.2014 - Wesel District Association wins

    Martina Binnenbrücker, Julia Fedorczuk, Mareike Mondrowski and Petra Wolf – are the elated winners of this year's Prize of Handwerk that took place in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. The ladies from the Wesel District Association rode to victory in the national quadrille competitions with Genaro Royale M, Rocco del Nevio, Baumann's Leonardo and Don Dooley 3. Achieving a score of 9.0 for the technical performance and 9.5 for the execution and artistic presentation, they finished on an overall score of 18.5. Led by Helmi Abeck's, the team from the Bergisch Land District Association came a very close second (18,4). Tough for the Ralph Hock's team, who had to make do with second place last year. Last year's winners from the Viersen District Association – led by Marion Heitzer – finished third this time on a total score of 18.1. Mettmann (17.9), Cologne (17.8) and Aachen (17.5) occupied the rankings four to six respectively. The prerequisites for the quadrille was  a medium-level freestyle test for teams. The competition was open to the four best teams of the Rhineland Team Dressage Championships, plus the team from the Aachen District and the winners of the 2013 Aachen Quadrille Championships.

    18.07.2014 - DHL-Prize: Germany in the lead

    In the interim results after the dressage and jumping, the German eventers are currently heading the field in the DHL-Prize: On a total interim score of 124.20 points the team of national coach Hans Melzer – consisting of Sandra Auffarth, Michael Jung, Peter Thomsen and Dirk Schrade – currently lies in first place ahead of Great Britain (136.40) and France (137.40).

    Sandra Auffarth of the host nation also ranks first at the moment in the individual classification. The 27-year-old jumped clear with Oppun Louve in the jumping competition and is clearly heading the field on a score of just 33.8 minus points. This means the young amazon from Ganderkesee sets off on the cross-country course, the spectacular concluding competition of the eventers in the modern CIC format, tomorrow morning with a good lead. The cross-country course built by Rüdiger Schwarz, which is easily reachable on foot for the spectators, is 4,000 metres long and leads over the fields of the Aachener Soers directly into the CHIO showgrounds. The finish line is in the CHIO Main Stadium.

    Closest behind Auffarth is the Australian rider, Tim Price with Wesko on a current score of 39.80 minus points. The German rider, Ingrid Klimke, who came tenth in the dressage, was able to move up into third place after a clear round in the jumping (40.20). The double Olympic gold medallist Michael Jung from Horb am Neckar fell back from second place down to sixth after picking up five faults in the jumping with La Biosthetique-Sam. Clark Montgomery from the USA also dropped from third place down to fifth with Loughan Glen after the jumping. The French eventer Thomas Carlile is currently lying in fourth place with Quiro Hoy.

    "The highlights in my dressage test today were the canter tour with the flying changes and the extensions. The jumping went very well too. Oppun Louve is a fantastic jumping horse, I enjoy riding him very much, especially in such a great stadium. Aachen is an absolute highlight every year. We coped very well with the hot temperatures. I don't think that is going to be a problem tomorrow either, because the course isn't too long and the footing is very good. The horses will cope very well with it. I am going to be very focused in the cross-country again tomorrow. The fact that I am in the lead doesn't play a role at all. For me everything always starts from zero," commented Auffarth.


    18.07.2014 - Mercedes-Benz donates 50,000€

    Top Level Sponsor Mercedes-Benz donates 50,000 Euros for a good cause

    Mercedes-Benz has been a partner of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen for 60 years. The car manufacturer used the Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup on Thursday evening as a stage for a charitable cause: Mercedes-Benz is supporting the "Riding against Hunger" initiative in aid of the World Hunger Relief Fund with a donation of 50,000 Euros. "Throughout the world around 925 million people are suffering from hunger – each single one of them is one too many. This is why the commitment of the equestrian sport community has our full support," stated the Chairman of Daimler AG, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, in the course of his visit to the CHIO Aachen yesterday. The riders in the Nations' Cup had also agreed to donate 100 Euros every time they jumped over the Mercedes-Benz obstacle clear. This brought a further 5,800 Euros in donations, so that ultimately the overall total of 55,800 Euros was raised in Aachen for the World Hunger Relief Fund. The initiative "Riding against Hunger" was initiated two years ago, among others by the Hamburg-based publisher Gudrun Bauer of the Bauer Media Group.


    18.07.2014 - Double German victory

    The young, talented German dressage riders had double the reason to cheer in the Deutsche Bank Stadium today. In the U25 Prize of Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation, Victoria Michalke from Isen in Bavaria rode her 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Dance On, to victory. The 24-year-old convinced the judges in the international Piaff Prize and they rewarded her with a total score of 70.814 percent. Nadine Husenbeth from Sottrum was close at her heels with the 15-year-old Rhineland-bred mare, Florida. The 21-year-old notched up a total score of 70.535 percent. Third place went to Spain: Juan Matute Guimon achieved an overall score of 68.442 percent with Don Diego Ymas. In total, 16 riders from seven nations took part in the competition in Deutsche Bank Stadium.

    18.07.2014 - CHIO Show and Breeding Day

    Clear the stage: At the CHIO grounds, the beautiful Baroque horses were the only ones that weren't bothered at all by the summer heat during the CHIO Show & Breeding Day at lunchtime this Friday. They merrily trotted through the Driving Stadium and impressed the countless visitors, who had gathered around the arena, with their elegance and charm. The primal breed of the Baroque horses, the Pura Raza Espanola, which of course was also reresented in Aachen, originates from Andalusia: A "hot" temperament lies in the blood of the Southern European horses, which they proved in the 30 degree heat at the showgrounds on Friday at the CHIO Aachen. With their elegant appearances and long flowing manes, the horses enchanted both young and old, not only under the saddle, but also on the long rein and in front of carriages. The elaborate presentation of the breeds demonstrated that each Baroque breed is unique: Whether Berbers, PRE, Lusitanos, Lipizzaners, Fresians, Knabstruppers, Menorquins, Warlanders, Creamhorses, Baroque Pintos, Murgese or Kladruber horses – the approx. 30 horses of the different breeds performed in an exceptional and diversified show. The riders were just as spruced up as the horses they accompanied, in some cases clad in national costumes. One of the highlights was the appearance of the top British rider, Claire Knowles and her Knabstrupper-stallion, Pendragon of Independence, who performed a medium-level freestyle. The "Copa Baroque", a sporting competition series that was presented by eight riders, demonstrated that Baroque horses not only look good, but that they are very talented sports horses with beautiful gaits. Also a feast for the eyes: The exceptional AACCPRE quadrille that was performed by 10 PREs. The grand finale consisted of all horses parading through the Driving Stadium in a lap of honour and ultimately the day's winner, one stallion or gelding per breed was distinguished with an award.

    The CHIO Show & Breeding Day was staged for the fifth time. After the NRW Draught Horses, NRW Riding Ponies, NRW Sport Horses and Gaited Horses, this year the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. had opted for Baroque Horses.


    18.07.2014 - Eckermann with a sensational ride

    After yesterday's fall Eckermann strikes back with a sensational ride in the Prize of North-Rhine-Westphalia 

    The entire rider scene in Aachen was still discussing her mistake, which led to her fall at the water ditch in the Nations' Cup the evening before, and Katrin Eckermann gave exactly the right answer in the CHIO Main Stadium during the Prize of North-Rhine-Westphalia. In the jump-off that was contested by 14 pairs, the 24-year-old from Sendenhorst near Munster put in an incredibly fast round in the 40° CHIO cauldron with the 13-year-old, Rhineland-bred, gelding Carlson and reached the finish line in 45.11 seconds. She risked everything and then immediately sought the cool shade in the stable area after her ride.

    Eckermann didn't march back to the Main Stadium until the last rider Marc Houtzager from the Netherlands entered the ring – to be congratulated briefly by her colleagues. Because none of her 13 fellow competitors was able to beat her time. Eight pairs jumped clear, but Eckermann was the fastest. "It was absolutely brilliant. Putting in such a performance after such a setback is what distinguishes a top sportsperson," commented Dr. Dennis Peiler. The Executive Director of the German Olympic Riding Committee (DOKR) has been taking an interest in Eckermann's booming career for some time already. His positive assessment: "She is a tough winner-type and she kept her cool at precisely the right moment again."

    In spite of her mistake the previous day, Eckermann had set herself a clear, ambitious goal for today's main competition. "It was clear for me from the start that I was going to give everything I'd got. After all, we are here in Aachen, where it is quite acceptable to risk all," the self-confident rider stated. She also mentioned that she had never had a problem with water jumps before. Firth Of Lorne – whom she will ride in the Rolex Grand Prix – is already in shape again. "I lunged him this morning. He is fit," the rider reported. Just like herself. "I got up this morning and I simply put my thoughts about the Nations' Cup behind me.“ For Eckermann things have come full circle. A few years ago the exceptional young talent won jumping competitions for aspiring young riders in the Albert-Vahle Arena. Now she is also beating the "big stars".

    Second place went to the Brazilian rider, Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto, who won the Prize of Handwerk two days ago. "Doda" took a second longer for the course with AD Nouvelle Europe Z than Eckermann (46.14). Daniel Deusser, who is both winner of the World Cup series and German Champion in one, had to make do with third place with First Class Van Eeckelgheim (47.44). "It was a really difficult task today and a very demanding course," commented Deusser. De Miranda Neto, who is well-known for his speed, gave everything, but still didn't manage to catch the German amazon. "I really tried everything, but I didn't have a chance today. Katrin was incredibly fast from the start to the very last second, praised the South American rider, who lives in Belgium. Doda now has AD Nouvelle Europe Z as a second option for the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. AD Bogeno is actually his first horse. "It is always good to have a reserve. I am in a very comfortable situation having two such top horses," he said.

    Last year's winner, Ludger Beerbaum, only finished 25th this year after picking up four faults in the regular round with his KWPN stallion, Chaman.

    18.07.2014 - Cool mist against the heat

    The horses at the CHIO Aachen cope well with the current hot temperatures. In an interview, Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Hanbücken, who has been accompanying the CHIO Aachen for 31 years, 16 of which in an executive role, explained why.

    Question: We humans have a lot of problems with the heat. What about the horses here at the CHIO Aachen?

    Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Hanbücken: The horses that compete at the CHIO, are well-trained athletes. Furthermore, the strain of the jumping or dressage sports is very short, higher temperatures hardly affect them at all.

    Question: Is it a different case in the eventing and driving disciplines?

    Dr. Hanbücken: In international comparison, the eventing course is relatively short and is thus not such an exceptional challenge for the horses. But, of course, the strain is higher than in the other disciplines. That is why the horses are permanently checked by vets, judges and per camera while they are on the track. This allows fast reactions should any signs of fatigue occur. The same also applies for the four-in-hand drivers. Furthermore, we have reduced the required speed and have integrated extra walk phases into the course.

    Question: Have you introduced any further measures due to the temperatures?

    Dr. Hanbücken: Naturally, we are making sure that there will be plenty of possibilities of cooling the horses down at the finish. Ice, water and big ventilators that emit a cool mist.

    18.07.2014 - Deutschland geht in Führung

    Am heutigen Freitag startete der CHIO Aachen nun endlich auch für die Vielseitigkeits-Reiter mit dem DHL-Preis. Vom frühen Morgen an bis in die Nachmittagsstunden hinein ging es für die 43 Reiter ins Dressurviereck des Deutsche Bank Stadions. Am Abend folgt die Springprüfung im Hauptstadion. Aktuell rangiert in der Einzelwertung die Deutsche Sandra Auffarth mit Oppun Louvo auf Platz eins. Die 27-jährige Bronzemedaillengewinnerin der Olympischen Spiele von London sammelte mit einer fehlerfreien Vorführung 77,47 Prozent und damit 33,80 Minuspunkte. Damit setzte sie sich an die Spitze. Ihr Mannschaftskollege Michael Jung liegt ihr mit La Biosthetique-Sam FBW dicht auf den Fersen (75,87 Prozent/36,20). Clark Montgomery aus den USA erhielt von der „Ground Jury“ 75,47 Prozent (36,80) und rangiert damit aktuell auf Platz drei. Der Australier Christopher Burton, der 2012 und 2013 in Aachen gewonnen hatte, liegt mit Graf Liberty auf Rang sechs.

    In der Nationenwertung führt Deutschland – mit Sandra Auffarth, Michael Jung und Dirk Schrade mit Hop and Skip – mit einer Wertung von 116,4, gefolgt von Großbritannien (124,4) und Frankreich (126,4).

    Heute Abend folgt ab 17.45 Uhr die Springprüfung im Hauptstadion. Am morgigen Samstag steigt das große Finale des DHL-Preises im Gelände.


    18.07.2014 - German victory

    They accomplished a clear round and were very fast: Christian Kukuk and Christoph Sandmann won the Tank & Rast-Prize 2014. In the Jump & Drive competition, the German team finished first on a time of 134.90 seconds. The 24-year-old professional rider from Ludger Beerbaum's yard in Riesenbeck and the seven-time 47-year-old German Champion from Lähden claimed the first German victory of the day.

    The team comprising of Cassio Rivetti and Jozsef Dobrovitz were indeed even faster, but they picked up four faults along the way, which brought them four penalty seconds. The Brazilian show-jumper, who rides for the Ukraine, and the Hungarian veteran driver crossed the finish line in 138.45 seconds. Third place went to the Irish rider Shane Breen and the Swedish driver Tomas Eriksson (138.74). Breen also won last year, however in 2013 he teamed up with Boyd Exell, who didn't participate this time. A team comprises of one driver and one show-jumper, whereby the rider finishes his course first before having to sprint over to the carriage, jump on and be driven to the finish line by the driver. The atmosphere at the Soers – accentuated by the frenetic cheering of the crowd – once again proved how popular the extravagant competition is with the spectators.


    18.07.2014 - French victory

    There were two French victories within the shortest amount of time today. The driver Benjamin Aillaud won and just now Julien Épaillard rode to victory in the NetAachen Prize. Two days ago, the Brazilian rider Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto narrowly beat the 36-year-old with Pigmalion Du Rozel in the Prize of the Handwerk. Today, he overcame the course comprising of eleven obstacles in the fastest time of 62.57 seconds with the same horse. Second place in the speed competition went to Germany: Hans-Dieter Dreher took 63.14 seconds with the nine-year-old Holsteiner Quiwi Dream, followed by the Belgian rider Olivier Philippaerts with Carlito (63.63). Last year, the Swiss rider Werner Muff won this competition.

    It is Épaillard's debut appearance at the Soers. He actually bought the horse Pigmalion Du Rozel for his wife Susana two years ago. He started riding the 11-year-old French gelding himself in the Sunshine Tour at the beginning of the year and already came fifth with him in the Derby in La Baule. "He has not got enough thoroughbred in him for my wife, you have to always push him on with the leg," said Épaillard. He added that the chestnut gelding was easy to ride and always keeps a level head. That is why Épaillard is going to ride him in tomorrow's hunting competition over ditches and banks. "Pigmalion Du Rozel can also put his foot down three days in a row, without getting worked up."


    18.07.2014 - Benjamin Aillaud wins

    French victory in the WARSTEINER-Prize. In the four-in-hand obstacle driving test, the second competition of the combined individual classification, Benjamin Aillaud drove clear with his horses Bartok, Bly Plain’s, Colin and Conkalina in a time of 194.64 seconds, which secured him the gold rosette. The French Vice-Champion was thus able to continue his good performances of the past weeks and months - among others coming seventh in Windsor and fourth in Saumur. Rainer Duen from Friesoythe, Lower Saxony followed in second place (195.26). The Swedish rider, Tomas Eriksson, was placed third with a time of 196.23 seconds. In total, eight drivers crossed the finish line within the allowed time. In addition to Aillaud, Duen and Eriksson, Christoph Sandmann (GER) and the Dutch driver Koos de Ronde were the only drivers with a clear round. Chester Weber followed in sixth place with 0.66 penalty points for exceeding the allowed time.

    In the interim results after the dressage and the obstacle driving test, the US American is still in the lead in the Prize of Family Richard Talbot. The 39-year-old lies up front on a score of 36.88 points, ahead of the World Champion Boyd Exell from Australia (44) and Ijsbrand Chardon from the Netherlands (45.68). The best German driver is Christoph Sandmann, who currently ranks fourth with a score of 48.49.

    In total, 25 participants from nine nations entered the Driving Stadium at the Aachener Soers in the battle for the individual title. The result of tomorrow's Marathon competition counts towards both the individual and the team classification. The team competition will be decided by a further obstacle driving test on Sunday.


    17.07.2014 - Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup

    Last year, they gave away the victory at the very last obstacle. This year, the team from Belgium took revenge and celebrated the longed-for triumph in the renowned Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup and thus secured themselves the prestigious Nations' Cup victory. Exactly 60 years ago, the collaboration between the car manufacturer and the CHIO Aachen began. In this anniversary year, the show-jumpers delivered a battle worthy of the occasion, which ended with the victory for the team of national coach, Kurt Gravemeier. Pieter Devos with Dream of India Greenfield, Olivier Philippaerts with Cabrio Van De Heffinck, Jos Verlooy with Domino and Gregory Wathelet with Conrad De Hus only picked up six faults after two rounds over the 510-metre long course built by Frank Rothenberger. Wathelet, who jumped clear twice laid the foundation for their success. The rider who is currently placed 14th in the world rankings – incidentally the only Walloon among three Flemings in the team – only bought his intentional Championship horse, Sea Coast Forlap DC, two weeks ago in the Ukraine. Now, he is can simply carry on celebrating victories with his second horse.

    "Aachen is always an exciting event, there is nothing better. Especially, when one heads the field with such a young team, that really fought hard right until the end. I am incredibly proud of the lads and I am delighted. With the World Equestrian Games in mind, we will continue working in a focused manner, but first of all we want to celebrate this victory this evening," commented the national coach, who already won in Aachen with the German team four times in the past. This was just the first stroke with Belgium. "But it won't be the last one," said Gravemeier with a grin."

    USA came second. The team comprising of Lucy Davis with Barron also jumped double clear, Reed Kessler with Cylana, Lauren Hough with Ohlala and Kent Farrington with Willow, finished on a total score of eight faults, followed by last year's winners from the Netherlands (10). The German team, who performed brilliantly in the first round - all riders jumped clear, in the second round Marcus Ehning with Plot Blue, Daniel Deusser with Cornet D’amour and Ludger Beerbaum with Chiara each picked up four faults, which meant a final score of twelve faults. Katrin Eckermann, who competed in a Nations' Cup for the first time in Aachen, made a mistake at the water ditch, which ended in a catastrophe. Just after landing, the 24-year-old took a fall with Firth Of Lorne. The accident, which led to the pair being disqualified, but fortunately the horse and rider were not seriously injured. Nevertheless, it did put an end to the dream of victory for the host nation that is trained by Otto Becker. "The most important thing is that Katrin didn't injure herself. Which is the case, thank God," the 55-year-old said. "We had a fantastic first round. People already started congratulating us, but then we had some bad luck with a lot of unfortunate mistakes," he added. Last week in Falsterbo, Sweden, his team managed to move up into first place after a moderate first round. This time it went the other way. "Of course, it would have been much better if we had succeeded in winning in Aachen. But, we didn't manage to carry it off in the end. We will have to live with that. But overall the overriding impression is that all of the horses jumped well," Becker commented. He added "Next year, we will give it another crack." Germany triumphed on home ground at the CHIO for the last time in the year 2008.
    The US coach, Robert Dover, was very happy with his riders. "It is a great privilege being able to ride here. We already had a good day yesterday and today was even better."

    The Oranje trainer, Rob Ehrens, was also pleased, rather than disappointed. "The first round went very well, but in the second round things didn't run as smoothly. But it was still wonderful in this fantastic setting and we are satisfied at coming third," the 56-year-old stated.

    The CHIO organisers were also well satisfied: In total, 50,300 visitors came to the Soers on Thursday.


    17.07.2014 - Emotional farewell for Corradina

    Carsten-Otto Nagel couldn't hold the tears back: Shortly before the Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup, the successful horse of the German show-jumper, Corradina, retired from the sport on Thursday evening in the Main Stadium. At the exact venue, where according to the national coach, Otto Becker, the "outstanding pair" excelled three years ago in the Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup with a double clear round. "I have Corradina a lot to thank. I can't even express it in words. Thank you for everything." Nagel retired "his" Corradina from the competition sport with tears in his eyes.

    What remains is the memory of great victories: Team bronze and individual silver at the European Championships in Windsor (2009), team gold and fifth place in the individual classification at the World Championships in Kentucky (2010), team gold and individual silver at the European Championships in Madrid (2011) and last year team silver at the European Championships in Herning. Six medals at four Championships – an outstanding performance.

    It was Nagel's express wish that Corradina celebrated going into retirement in Aachen, as he announced a few weeks ago: "I am grateful and pleased that the farewell ceremony of Corradina is taking place in Aachen. Because for me the best horse in the world is retiring at the best show in the world. That is fantastic! Of course, I am sad, but life goes on – a new phase begins. Corradina will be implemented as a brood mare in the future, and I am sure she will produce a few wonderful foals." Svenja Herz, Corradina's owner, also accompanied the 16-year-old mare on her last appearance in this worth setting.


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