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Opening Ceremony, Horse & Symphony and co.

First-class competition sport – that is what has distinguished the CHIO Aachen for years. The World Equestrian Festival wouldn’t be what it is without its special kinship to the sport, gripping emotions and the unique flair. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Soers year after year, because they share a passion – and want to spend an unforgettable time here.  So, the supporting programme is a significant part of the event. A thrilling show programme is integrated into the 10 days of top-class equestrian sport, which offers diversity and goose bump moments. The CHIO Aachen is more than an equestrian show!

Fri, Friday, 14.07.17
Deutsche Bank Stadium
Side Events

08:30 pm 

Horse & Symphony

Show programme with live music.

Sat, Saturday, 15.07.17
Deutsche Bank Stadium
Side Events

08:30 pm 

Horse & Symphony

Show programme with live music.

Sun, Sunday, 16.07.17
Show grounds
Side Events

11:30 am 

Soers Sunday

Open Day, July 10th, 2016
International Traditional Driving Event

Tue, Tuesday, 18.07.17
Main Stadium
Side Events

07:45 pm 

Official Opening Ceremony

Sun, Sunday, 23.07.17
Main Stadium
Side Events

05:00 pm 

Farewell to the Nations

Closing ceremony in the main stadium

Partner country 2017: The Netherlands

Tulips and Frau Antje, caravans and windmills: The Netherlands is the partner country of the CHIO Aachen 2017!

It is the top show before the top sport – the Opening Ceremony at the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. Together with this year’s partner country, the Netherlands, the organisers are promising a spectacular show.


Our partner country does not only spread it’s special charm at the show grounds. On monday, July 17th, at 6 p.m. a delegation of our guests from the Netherlands will be expected at the Aachen market place. There will be royal carriages, the police chapel of the Netherlands, the mounted guard, Frau Antje and several impressive Frisians.
Here you can find more information to the partner countries of the CHIO Aachen.

Horse & Symphony

Friday, July 14th and Saturday, July 15th, 2017.

Symphony Orchestra Aachen meets top class show programme in the Deutsche Bank Stadium on Friday, July 14th and Saturday, July 15th, 2017.


The concert as a request concert: This your you had the chance to name us your favourite piece of music! We will play the most popular requests during the Horse & Symphony Concert in 2017.


Tickets Horse & Symphony 2017

Soers Sunday

Open Day, July 16th, 2017.

The people from Aachen and their guests from the entire region meet up at the Soers for the “Open Day”, for which there is no admission charge. An action-packed show programme, a festive ecumenical church service in the Deutsche Bank Stadium and an entertaining supporting programme for families including face-painting for children, pony rides and many other offers turns the day into an enjoyable prelude to the second week of the event.


International Traditional Driving Event

International competition for traditional carriages (CIAT) organised by the ALRV in cooperation with "Deutscher Traditionsfahrer Verband e.V. (DTV)"

Saturday, 15th July: Presentation on the market place Aachen city
Sunday, 16th July: Distance Trip, Combined Obstacle Driving Competition with Skill Test

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony 2017

The official Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen 2017 on Tuesday, July 18th (Main Stadium) is the first colourful highlight of the event. After the huge success of the Opening Ceremony last year, the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen 2017 is also going to be a spectacular evening event.


Party at the Opening Ceremony: Friesians, Frau Antje and the Hermes House Band are coming to the CHIO Aachen

2,400 legs will be hustling into the Main Stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, on Tuesday evening, July 18th. 200 horses and 800 extras will represent the German/Dutch friendship and neighbourly relations in a breath-taking and equally entertaining way.

Because the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the partner country of the CHIO Aachen. And one of their most famous party bands is the “Hermes House Band”. Whether they will also play hits from their successful album “Champions” during the Opening Ceremony? It would definitely make sense, because after all Holland’s Jeroen Dubbeldam, who is the current World and European Champion, Olympic gold-medallist from the year 2000 and winner of the “Rolex Grand Prix” in 2001 will also be taking part in the Opening Ceremony. And you can hardly get more than a champion than that.

It is going to be a “celebration” in the true sense of the word, the visitors can look forward to 105 minutes of perfectly choreographed entertainment. There are going to be plenty of surprises, for example the question as to what a typical Dutch carriage looks like will be as creatively answered as the question as to what football and equestrian sports have in common. A still very youthful blonde celebrity is also going to be on board – even though she was already in her mid-20s in 1961: Frau Antje, the advertising icon, popular figure and passionate rider. All of this can be experienced at the Opening Ceremony, whereby despite all the teasing on the theme of German/Dutch rivalries, the horses are of course the focal point. And in the Netherlands horses primarily mean: Friesians. The proud black steeds will impress the visitors, whether presented under the saddle, in front of carriages or in the scope of a liberty dressage.

When the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein, the organisers of the CHIO Aachen, was founded in the year 1898, Queen Wilhelmina ascended the throne in the Netherlands. At the time, the population of Amsterdam came up with a magnificent gift to celebrate the occasion: The legendary “Crème Calèche”, a carriage covered in gold leaf, which is still implemented today for exceptional occasions. For example, for royal weddings, the opening of the Dutch Parliament and for the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen, accompanied by a guard of honour and the famous mounted drummers of the royal family.


Tickets for the spectacular event are available online at or from the hotline on +49-(0)241-917-1111.


The CHIO Aachen is still looking for extras for the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017. All relevant information is available here online.


Here you can download a photo of the Hermes House Band. It can be used copyright-free in connection with the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen 2017 (Photo: Hermes House Band).

(Photo: Hermes House Band)

(Photo: Hermes House Band)

Parties at the Soerser Winkel

When the sports programme is over, nightlife starts at the "Soerser Winkel"!

Days and nights at the Soers do not end with the last rider. After the sports programme celebrations continue just behind the Net Aachen Grand Stand. Here you can find the programme:


Friday,  July 14th: White Party with DJs „Art of live“ and live acts

Saturday, July 15th: Black Box Party with DJs “Art of Live”

Tuesday, July 18th after the Opening Ceremony: Live – DJ

Wednesday, July 19th starting from  8 p.m.: Frank Sinatra sung by Lothar Havenith, with the  Aubel Big Band under the direction of Alex Loiacono

Thursday, July 20th: DJ “Art of Live”

Friday, July 21st: „Wheels“ Cover Band – live

Saturday, July 22nd: DJ “Art of Live”

Sunday, July 23rd: DJ

Farewell to the Nations

The emotional closing ceremony of the CHIO Aachen on July 23th, 2017.

A tradition since 1953: Accompanied by the sounds of the German folk song “Muss I denn” and waving with white handkerchieves, participants and spectators say good-bye to each other.