Opening Ceremony at the CHIO Aachen 2023 – spectators can take part

When 40,000 pairs of eyes follow the occurrences on the “Holy Grass” on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 from 8 p.m. onwards, it will be time to clear the stage for the Opening Ceremony of the CHIO Aachen! The motto this year is: “All you need is love”. Not without good reason too, because Great Britain is the partner country of this year’s World Equestrian Festival. In addition to “stars” like the Household Cavalry, whom we are familiar with from the magnificent parades through London’s streets, following tradition many people from the region also take part in this colourful event, turning it into an experience in a class of its own! In his role as Creative Director, Uwe Brandt – himself an “Öcher” – has been supporting the CHIO Aachen team with the choreography, dramaturgy and staging of the show since 2015. “The CHIO Aachen is of international renown, but it also has deep regional roots. And this exciting combination is what makes our World Equestrian Festival so unique,” said a delighted Birgit Rosenberg, who is responsible for the show programme in her capacity as Head of Sport at the CHIO Aachen. “Lots of people from the region support their ‘TSCHIO’, in fact they are also involved, either as spectators, employees, volunteer or participants. The same applies for the Opening Ceremony.”


From Bond, to Poppins, to Potter

In terms of dance and music, Great Britain has plenty to offer, of course. Who is not familiar with Scotland’s unmistakable bagpipe music? And so the impressive instrument will naturally be played and celebrated on the evening of June 27th: Bagpipe players and dancers will be giving an impressive performance to a melody called “Drums’ n Pipes”. It will be colourful and also a bit magical when more than 100 children pay homage to the world-famous aspiring young magician Harry Potter Bunt with their choreography and whisk the crowd off into the secret world of Hogwarts. And of course the film heroine Alice in Wonderland and the musical legend Mary Poppins will also be calling in at the Aachen Soers on this special evening.


Great Britain is also well-known for its numerous horse breeds. The cute Shetland ponies are just one example. An array of typically British horse breeds from small Welsh ponies through to mighty Shire horses will canter over the “Holy Grass”. They will be joined by traditional, English-style carriages and the spectacular show of the stunt rider, Josh Clemens, who will be on a secret mission on behalf of his Majesty as James Bond. It is going to be breath-taking!


Creativity called for

Indeed this year the spectators can take on their own personal “role” during the Opening Ceremony. Because they are heartily invited to dress up in British look – whether extremely pompous or more discrete, whether as a royal, as Paddington Bear, a famous English author or artist or simply wrapped up in the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom. The creativity is set no limits! “We would be delighted if as many spectators as possible join in,” stated ALRV member of the board, Birgit Rosenberg, announcing: “The great thing is there are still tickets for the Opening Ceremony.”


The latter are available online from the ticket shop, from the hotline on +49-(0)241-9171111 or directly on-site at the CHIO Aachen grounds.


The photo shows the CHIO Aachen mascot Karli at the opening ceremony 2022. Photo: CHIO Aachen/Jil Haak

The photo shows the CHIO Aachen mascot Karli at the opening ceremony 2022. Photo: CHIO Aachen/Jil Haak