Featuring the Olympic gold medallist, Julia Krajewski, visits to Martin Fuchs and Dorothee Schneider and a big preview of the CHIO Aachen 2022.

Julia Krajewski rode her way into our hearts and into the history books in 2021. In Tokyo, the 33-year-old was the first women ever to win individual Olympic gold in eventing! In our magazine, she and her beloved Mandy also shone out in gold and clearly demonstrated role model qualities.


The respective photos can be seen in the “hot off the press” CHIO Aachen Magazine. The new issue not only looks ahead to the World Equestrian Festival, the CHIO Aachen 2022, it also offers exciting background anecdotes, interesting interviews and photo shootings with a “wow” effect. The team Olympic gold medallist, Dorothee Schneider, opens up the gates of her stud St. Stephan in Framersheim; the number one in the world ranking list, Martin Fuchs, reveals his secret to success and you can learn why the heart of the CHIO Aachen will also beat in the metaverse in future. In addition to this, you can experience Julia Krajewski and her Mandy as “Golden Girls” and can learn everything there is to know about the fabulous offers of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. As a special treat, the photos marked in the magazine can be scanned using the CHIO Aachen app (free in the stores) to reveal additional digital contents and stories, which didn’t fit into the printed magazine.


The magazine is published twice a year. It costs 6.50 Euros and is available from the CHIO Aachen fanshop. It is also sold at the offices of the ALRV.