“Wall of Fame“ for the CHIO

There has already been a “Walk of Fame” with the hoof prints of the horses that have written history in Aachen at the CHIO grounds at the Aachener Soers since 2011. In future, the CHIO visitors can also admire the legends of the international equestrian sport on the walls too – from Salinero, to Gigolo, through to Mr. T.



Because in a joint project between the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) and Malerinnung Aachen, trainers of the painting & varnishing trade will be decorating the walls in the Main Stadium with the names of famous horses. The team of the intercompany training workshop, Dieter Krause, who is responsible for training; Manfred Nikolai Scheilen, Director of Education; Ernst Spaltner and Michael Zirk, are delighted about the work at the Soers. “In addition to colour theory and colour design, signwriting and design techniques, practical experience on real objects outside of the training workshop is very important for the trainees, said Manfred Nikolai Scheilen. It is equally important that the young people create a lasting, visible asset that they can be proud of. In this way, the trainee Marvin Kals from Alsdorf is delighted to receive positive feedback. “I showed my girlfriend pictures of my work and now she would like me to decorate the walls of her room with the horses’ names too!” The pedagogue Scheilen would like to integrate further such projects into the training programme. “Perhaps the campaign at the Soers is just the beginning! It is therefore wonderful that we are achieving something here by adding a unique touch to the grounds.”



The project is part of the work-based education. Four groups of the third year of the training course will take it in turns to decorate two walls behind the AachenMünchener Stand. “It is a fantastic project that the famous names of horses are being eternalised here. We have been asking ourselves for some time how we could visually upgrade these walls. The trainees have done a super job!”, stated Frank Kemperman, Chairman of the ALRV.