CHIO Aachen Newsletter 2018
CHIO Aachen Newsletter 2018 Mercedes Benz Allianz Turkish Airlines Rolex
Only 24 days left

Only 24 days to go until the CHIO Aachen begins

The best riders, the best horses, the best atmosphere. Five disciplines, one place. Every year 350,000 visitors from all over the world come to the Aachen Soers to experience the World Equestrian Festival. Be there, when the best riders of the world meet at the CHIO Aachen 2017 (July 14th to 23rd).

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Party at the Opening Ceremony

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is the partner country of the CHIO Aachen 2017. And one of their most famous party bands is the “Hermes House Band”. Whether they will also play hits from their successful album “Champions” during the Opening Ceremony? It would definitely make sense, because after all Holland’s Jeroen Dubbeldam, who is the current World and European Champion, Olympic gold-medallist from the year 2000 and winner of the "Rolex Grand Prix" in 2001 will also be taking part in the Opening Ceremony. And you can hardly get more than a champion than that. A still very youthful blonde celebrity is also going to be on board – even though she was already in her mid-20s in 1961: Frau Antje, the advertising icon and passionate rider.

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Building of the CHIO Aachen-Village just started

Since two weeks now trucks roll onto the CHIO Aachen showgrounds. Let's have a look at the construction work of 2016. The whole CHIO Aachen-Village built in only 02:30.

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Frau Antje part of the Opening Ceremony

Frau Antje, the advertising icon and passionate rider will be part of the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, July 18th. We visited her and Frisian stallion "Henk".

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“Horse & Symphony” Concert: Not just a show, it is also for a good cause

Social commitment is a high priority for the CHIO Aachen. One example: The “Horse & Symphony” concert“, where the top music of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra comes together with top sport in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Traditionally a donation is handed over to a charity every year in the scope of the event, which enables concrete projects to be supported. The entire donations in 2017 are going in aid of the “Schwerkranke Kinder e.V.” Foundation in the region of Aachen (FSK). The cheque will be presented during the “Horse & Symphony” concert in the Deutsche Bank Stadium on Saturday, July 15th.


Online stars report from the “Blogger Lounge”

More than 600 journalists from all over the globe are accredited at Germany’s largest sporting event, the state-run TV channels alone broadcast over 30 hours from the Soers, which is mostly live coverage. Images from the show are transmitted to more than 140 countries and now we can add hundreds of thousands of fans and followers of selected equestrian sport bloggers to boot. Because twelve of them are going to be in the “Blogger Lounge” at the CHIO Aachen 2017 during the week of the show. “I am totally looking forward to visiting the CHIO in Aachen again this year. I can hardly wait for the Mercedes-Benz Nations’ Cup, which conjures up a very special atmosphere in the stadium year after year – you can almost hear a pin drop at certain moments!” stated the blogger Harriet Charlotte Jensen from Hamburg. She is particularly looking forward to meeting up with her colleagues, one of them is Viviane Dittmar (viviaaane_n), who is also full of joyful anticipation: “I would never have dreamt that I would be one of the CHIO Aachen bloggers. And now the event is getting underway in just a few weeks’ time, it is going to be a unique experience.”

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CHIO Aachen Newsletter 2018 Mercedes Benz Allianz Turkish Airlines Rolex