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Exclusive NFTs: The CHIO HORSES

The German show jumping squad has one; the show-jumper Jennifer Gates has one; the dressage superstars Isabell Werth and Cathrine Dufour as well; the winner of the SAP Cup Sandra Auffarth and a few hundred other people too: A CHIO Aachen NFT, a “CHIO HORSE”.

NFTs are digital possessions that are specifically allocated to one owner, as such each one of them is a unique specimen. The CHIO HORSES were presented for the first time at the CHIO Aachen, they attracted huge interest and curiosity. Because the NFTs not only look fantastic, every owner automatically becomes a member of the exclusive “CHIO HORSE CLUB”. Access is strictly limited, ultimately across different intervals 10,000 pieces will be available. It is already possible to place reservations online on the website of the CHIO HORSES.

“The desire to become a member of this exclusive club is already overwhelming,” said Philip Erbers. The designated board member of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. is responsible among others for innovations. The NFTs are the next big affair at the Aachen Soers. Because via the CHIO HORSES, the CHIO Aachen team is conquering the Web 3.0 –the idea of a virtual world where the interaction takes place in real-time. The idea was jointly developed together with the specialists of the Berlin-based company, “Beyonity Deutschland GmbH”. A wide range of so-called “utilities” are connected with owning the CHIO HORSE. One of them is obtaining limited access to the CHIO Aachen Metaverse, which will go live in autumn 2022 and which will be constantly further developed.

The CHIO HORSE CLUB on the web

The German show jumping team at the CHIO Aachen 2022 with their CHIO HORSES (Photo: CHIO Aachen).

The German show jumping team at the CHIO Aachen 2022 with their CHIO HORSES (Photo: CHIO Aachen).