Selfie Tour

Colorful, unusual, spectacular: 14 selfie spots will be available on the CHIO Aachen grounds in 2022. First and foremost the one created by Philip Wallisfurth on the Place de la Pirouette, a so-called “anamorphosis”, a room with a 3D color installation. The CHIO Aachen logo in its seven colors and in a gaudy setting – that’s all the artist, who grew up in Aachen and now lives in Berlin, needs to create an extraordinary visual effect. Photographed from the right angle, the motif develops its very own dynamic, an amazing 3D effect.

Imposing and equally inviting for an unforgettable snapshot are also the numerous street art motifs that the Aachen artist Paul Sous alias Käpten Nobbi has sprayed on the walls, some of them larger than life, in various places. And also the selfie wall at the CHIO Aachen Fanshop, which is 3×3 meters large and equipped with colorful balloons, originates from the spray cans of the young Aachener. The carousel horse created in pink by the Cologne event styling agency BADASS in front of the Soers beer garden will certainly also be a popular point of contact. So, pull out your cell phone, smile and “click.”