Anna Siemer

An interview with Julis Eventer prior to the CHIO Aachen 2019

Today, the enchanting Anna Siemer was our guest at the CHIO Aachen digital. The eventer from North Germany competed in the SAP Cup for the first time at the CHIO Aachen 2019. We sent Juliane from Julis Eventer to visit Anna before this premiere. Of course, we also spoke to her after the competition as well. CHIO and the SAP Cup obviously made a good impression – clip number 3 is proof of that, see for yourself.

And, of course, we met up with Anna again after her ride in the SAP Cup 2019.

Anna Siemer told us she has two hidden talents: Standing in the way and rhyming something amusing together ad hoc. When she was our guest in Aachen recently, we weren’t able to confirm talent number 1, regarding talent number 2 she let us persuade her to recite the rhymes on her experiences in Aachen in 2019, which she jotted down in her truck immediately afterwards. Have fun.